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The following tables list charters granted in Massachusetts.


Status Meaning
Charters active under the appropriate Grand Body, in the possession of the particular body
Charters no longer active, lost, destroyed or location unknown
Charters surrendered as part of a merger


Chapter Location Status Grand High Priest Charter Date Notes
St. Andrew's Boston Organized before the Grand Chapter 08/28/1769 Active
King Cyrus Newburyport Organized before the Grand Chapter 06/28/1790 Active
St. John's (1) Groton Timothy Bigelow 10/12/1804 Unknown
Mount Vernon Portland (Maine) MAINE Timothy Bigelow 02/13/1805 Active under the GRAC of Maine as Cumberland-Mt. Vernon #1
King Solomon's Charlton Timothy Bigelow 09/17/1805 Unknown
Washington Salem James Dean Hopkins 01/09/1811 Active
King Hiram's (1) Greenwich John Abbot 06/13/1815 Unknown
Adoniram Attleboro Andrew Sigourney 06/24/1817 Active
Morning Star Springfield (Feeding Hills) Andrew Sigourney 06/10/1817 Active
Rising Sun Nantucket James Prescott 06/09/1818 Unknown
Franklin Greenfield James Prescott 12/07/1818 Now part of Morning Star
St. Paul's Boston James Prescott 01/25/1819 Active
Mount Zion Stoughton Jonathan Gage 12/12/1820 Now part of Phoenix
Thomas Princeton (now Fitchburg) Jonathan Gage 12/11/1821 Active
Mt. Lebanon Medfield (now Milford) Paul Dean 12/14/1824 Active
Northampton Northampton Paul Dean 06/25/1825 Now part of Mount Holyoke
Bethlehem New Bedford Daniel Lewis Gibbens 01/15/1826 Active
Concord Concord Daniel Lewis Gibbens 03/25/1826 Active
Mt. Horeb Lowell Daniel Lewis Gibbens 04/08/1826 Active
St. Luke Marblehead Daniel Lewis Gibbens 06/01/1826 Unknown
Sutton (1) Sutton Daniel Lewis Gibbens 09/26/1826 Unknown
St. John's (2) East Boston Stephen Lowell 12/12/1852 Now part of Cambridge
Shekinah Chelsea Stephen Lovell 12/27/1855 Now part of Tabernacle
Orient Hyannis (now Centerville) Daniel Harwood 09/09/1856 Active
Pentucket Haverhill Daniel Harwood 12/09/1856 Active
Berkshire Pittsfield (now Cummington) John McClellan 12/07/1858 Active
King Solomon's (2) Warren John McClellan 12/07/1858 Now part of Eureka
Keystone Foxboro James Kimball 06/12/1860 Now part of Rabboni
Mt. Sinai Lawrence James Kimball 09/11/1860 Now part of Mount Horeb
Pilgrim (now Satucket-Pilgrim) Abington James Kimball 12/10/1861 Active
Cambridge Cambridge Solon Thornton 12/13/1862 Active
Waverly Melrose Solon Thornton 03/10/1863 Active
Mystic Medford Solon Thornton 06/09/1863 Now part of Concord
St. Matthew's (now Neponset Valley) South Boston (now Norwood) Solon Thornton 06/09/1863 Active
Sutton (2) Lynn (now Marblehead) Solon Thornton 09/09/1863 Active
Hampden Palmer Solon Thornton 12/09/1863 Now part of Morning Star
Fall River Fall River Solon Thornton 06/07/1864 Active
St. Mark's Taunton Solon Thornton 12/13/1864 Active
Waltham Waltham Solon Thornton 12/13/1864 Now part of Newton
Corinthian Adams Solon Thornton 12/13/1864 Unknown
Mt. Vernon Roxbury Richard Briggs 03/07/1865 Now part of Newton
Mt. Holyoke Holyoke Richard Briggs 06/13/1865 Active
Doric Southbridge' Richard Briggs 12/11/1865 Active
Union Athol Richard Briggs 03/13/1866 Now part of Thomas
St. Stephen's Dorchester (now Hingham) Richard Briggs 03/13/1866 Active
Menotomy Arlington Richard Briggs 06/12/1866 Now part of Concord
Houghton Marlborough Richard Briggs 06/11/1867 Now part of Concord
Isle of the Sea Nantucket Richard Briggs 09/10/1867 Unknown
Parker Natick Henry Chickering 03/10/1868 Now part of Concord
Signet Charlestown Henry Chickering 06/08/1868 Now part of Concord
Samoset Plymouth (now Marshfield) Henry Chickering 12/08/1868 Active
Joseph Warren Provincetown Henry Chickering 06/08/1869 Unknown
Clinton Clinton Henry Chickering 09/07/1869 Unknown
Newton Newtonville Henry Chickering 08/07/1869 Active
Satucket Brockton Henry Chickering 09/07/1869 Now part of Satucket-Pilgrim/td>
Sylvester Baxter West Harwich Henry Chickering 12/07/1869 Active
Norfolk Hyde Park Henry Chickering 05/17/1870 Now part of Neponset Valley
Pentalpha East Weymouth Henry Chickering 06/07/1870 Active
Evening Star Westfield Henry Chickering 09/12/1870 Now part of Morning Star
Trinity Amesbury Henry Chickering 09/13/1870 Now part of King Cyrus
Eureka Worcester Henry Chickering 12/13/1870 Active
Somerville Somerville Henry Chickering 12/13/1870 Now part of Cambridge
William Ferson Gloucester Henry Chickering 12/13/1870 Now part of Ipswich-Ferson
Woburn Woburn Henry Chickering 12/13/1870 Now part of Concord
Miller Franklin Henry Chickering 12/12/1871 Unknown
Amity Beverly Alfred Chapman 03/12/1872 Unknown
Houlton Danvers Alfred Chapman 03/12/1872 Unknown
North Star Winchendon Alfred Chapman 06/11/1872 Now part of Concord
Reading Reading Alfred Chapman 06/11/1872 Unknown
Composite North Adams Alfred Chapman 12/27/1872 Now part of Berkshire
Walden Concord Alfred Chapman 03/11/1873 Now part of Concord
Tyrian Millbury Alfred Chapman 12/09/1873 Now part of Eureka
Monument Great Barrington Alfred Chapman 06/09/1874 Now part of Berkshire
Unity Chicopee Falls John W. Dadmun yr12/07/1875/td> Now part of Morning Star
King Hiram's (2) Attleboro Alfred Chapman 03/07/1876 Now part of Rabboni
Harmony Bridgewater Albert C. Smith 03/07/1882 Now part of St. Mark's
Hebron Norwood Albert C. Smith 06/12/1883 Now part of Neponset Valley
Crescent Orange Albert C. Smith 03/11/1884 Now part of Thomas
Tabernacle Malden (now Wakefield) Frederick T. Comee 03/09/1886 Active
St. Elmo's Whitinsville John Albert Blake 06/07/1892 Now part of Eureka
Dorchester Dorchester John Albert Blake 03/07/1893 Unknown
Winthrop Winthrop Warren B. Ellis 09/19/1899 Now part of Cambridge
Bancroft Ayer Warren B. Ellis 09/11/1900 Unknown
Wareham Wareham Baalis Sanford 09/07/1909 Now part of Adoniram
Gardner Gardner Baalis Sanford 12/07/1909 Now part of Leominster
Ipswich Ipswich Charles Dana Barrage 09/12/1910 Now part of Ipswich-Ferson
Bethsaida Everett Charles Dana Barrage 02/22/1911 Now part of Tabernacle
Rabboni North Attleboro Charles Dana Barrage 03/07/1911 Active?
Amherst Amherst Charles Dana Barrage 01/15/1912 Active
Old Colony Middleboro Eugene A. Holton 10/14/1914 Now part of St. Mark's
Mt. Wollaston Wollaston Arthur D. Prince 08/22/1918 Now part of St. Stephen's
Vineyard Vineyard Haven Arthur D. Prince 02/26/1918 Now part of St. Paul's
Henry J. Mills Saugus John J. Van Valkenburgh 12/20/1919 Unknown
Swampscott Swampscott John J. Van Valkenburgh 05/13/1919 Unknown
Webster Webster John J. Van Valkenburgh 06/03/1920 Now part of Doric
Belmont Belmont John J. Van Valkenburgh 10/13/1920 Now part of Concord
Fairhaven Fairhaven John J. Van Valkenburgh 12/07/1920 Now part of Adoniram
Wampatuck Hingham John J. Van Valkenburgh 12/24/1920 Now part of St. Stephen's
James Rogerson Easthampton John J. Van Valkenburgh 05/19/1921 Unknown
Winchester Winchester John J. Van Valkenburgh 05/20/1921 Unknown
Watertown Watertown John J. Van Valkenburgh 05/26/1921 Now part of Newton
Roslindale Roslindale John J. Van Valkenburgh 06/09/1922 Now part of Newton
Leominster Leominster Curtis Chipman 12/08/1923 Active
Kingsway West Springfield Harry G. Pollard 12/16/1926 Now part of Morning Star
Walter E. Marcy Seekonk Alexander Campbell 10/27/1952 Unknown
St. Andrew (Santo Domingo) Santo Domingo, D. R. Robert O. Thayer 01/08/1980 Unknown
Phoenix "the Attleboroughs" Dana A. Jackson 12/21/2019 Active