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From Liberal Freemason, Vol. XII, No. 2, May 1888, Page 58:

The Masonic Hall Building standing at the corner of Main street and Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming, Mass., was erected about twenty-one years ago by a body of Masons incorporated as the Wyoming Masonic Hall Association. Its original cost was $60,000, and it was burdened with a very heavy mortgage. Other deficiencies swelled the indebtedness nearly $30,000. The Wyoming Lodge a few years ago bought the property from the association, and by judicious management the amount owed upon the building has been reduced from $27,200 to $10,000, a payment made this week reducing it to the latter sum. A new Hoard of Trustees was also elected at the same time, consisting of Messrs. Levi S. Gould, Daniel Norton, Daniel Russell, W. P. Sargent, Harry Hunt, Washburn Emery and S. H. Buttrick. It is hoped that by the exertions of the new board, the Hall will within a few years be entirely free from debt.



  • 12/27/1866: VII-138; Corner-stone laying, reported in the Grand Master's Address at the Feast of St. John. (held 02/12/1866). This followed the fire that caused Wyoming Lodge to relocate temporarily to Malden.
    • 12/27/1867: VII-210; Hall dedication reported in the Grand Master's Address at the Feast of St. John. (held 04/24/1867).