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The Grand Marshal position is an appointed office in the 1792 Grand Constitutions and after; this list includes all persons installed in that office beginning in 1792 (but does not include pro tem officers). Beginning in 1878, the Grand Marshal generally served the three years of a Grand Master's term, and the outgoing Grand Marshal was elected to Senior Grand Warden without opposition (with the exception of M. W. Richard J. Stewart, who was elevated to Grand Master). With one exception (Erwin D. Hill, who died in office in 1991), Grand Marshals have served the entirety of a Grand Master's term. Subsequent to this time two Grand Marshals, R. W. Robert J. McKechnie and M. W. Whitfield W. Johnson, served for two different Grand Masters, and R. W. Charles E. Phipps served three Grand Masters.

Living Past Grand Marshals are in italic.
Grand Marshals who served as Grand Master are in BOLD CAPS.

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