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Grand Steward, 2001
Grand Marshal, 2002-2004
Senior Grand Warden, 2005



From TROWEL, Spring 2002, Page 9:


Right Worshipful Donald R. Denning of Shirley was installed Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge, which means he immediately gathers road maps and site locations of the many Masonic meeting places across the Commonwealth. As is the usual custom. Bro. Denning will be the Grand Master"s trusted confidant, guide, and chauffeur. With emphasis on the latter. Their shared experiences in the next three years will last them a lifetime.

Bro. Denning served as a Grand Steward in 2001, and was on the Masonic Awareness Committee. Raised in Hiram Lodge, Arlington in 1993, he was Worshipful Master in 1998-2000. He is the Lodge proxy and a trustee, and is also an affiliated member of Major General Henry Knox Lodge and Norfolk Lodge. He is a graduate of the Masonic Leadership Institute, Pioneer Class.

Born in Medford on September 4, 1964, he graduated from Arlington High School in 1982. He attended Hofstra University, where he studied electrical engineering. He is employed by Compaq Computer Corporation at their Cambridge Research Laboratory, and currently serves as a member of the United States Army Reserve.

Our Grand Marshal is very active in both the York and Scottish Rites. He is a member of Thomas Royal Arch Chapter in Fitchburg; Harris Council of Royal and Select Master Masons in Gardner, where he served twice as the Illustrious Master; Jerusalem Commandery #19 in Fitchburg: and St. Bernard Commandery #12 in Boston. He is an affiliated member of many Chapters and Councils across the State, and is currently serving Grand Council as Grand Captain of the Guard.

Bro. Denning is a member of the Scottish Rite Valleys of Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts. He currently serves Massachusetts Consistory as Assistant Master of Ceremonies, and is a degree worker in Giles F. Yates Council, Princes of Jerusalem. He is the Director of the the Advancement Program for the Valley of Boston, a position previously held by many Masons of distinction, including M. W. Donald W. Vose and M. W. J. Philip Berquist.

Grand Marshal Denning is also active in numerous appendant bodies and organizations, including Massachusetts College. S. R. I. C. F.; King Philip York Rite College #160: Aleppo Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.: the Arlington Masonic Building Association: the Massachusetts Police Square Club: and the Sixth District Past Masters Association. He is a founding member of Paul Revere Council. Allied Masonic Degrees.


From TROWEL, Winter/Spring 2005, Page 5:

Our former Grand Marshal may just be able to log some sitting time this year. Rt. Wor. Donald R. Denning, Jr., a resident of Shirley, who stepped down from his role as the Grand Marshal for Most Wor. Donald Gardner Hicks, Jr. in December, is the Grand Lodge’s new Senior Grand Warden. Massachusetts Masonic tradition dictates that a retiring Grand Marshal immediately take the Grand Lodge seat in the West. Grand Lodge continued that tradition, rewarding Bro. Denning for his service to Massachusetts Masonry.

This marks Bro. Denning’s fifth year as a Grand Lodge officer. In addition to serving as Grand Marshal in 2002–2004, he served as a Grand Steward in 2001. As Grand Marshal, Bro. Denning logged innumerable miles, walking around various Lodge rooms in and outside of Massachusetts. He was also the ‘unofficial chauffeur’ for Grand Master Hicks. Now he’ll be able to sit a bit — but he will most likely still be logging miles as he travels around the state.

Rt. Wor. Donald Denning was born in Medford in 1964. He graduated from Arlington High School in 1982. Following high school, he attended Hofstra University on Long Island, where he studied electrical engineering. Today, he is employed by computer maker Hewlett-Packard, and he is an active member of the U.S. Army Reserves.

Bro. Denning was raised in Hiram Lodge in Arlington in 1993. He served as Master of that Lodge in 1998–2000 and is now the Grand Lodge Proxy and a trustee for the Lodge. He is also a member of Norfolk and Major General Henry Knox Lodges.

In addition to his work in blue lodges, Bro. Denning is also a member of Thomas Royal Arch Chapter in Fitchburg, Harris Council of Royal and Select Master Masons in Gardner, Jerusalem Commandery No. 19 in Fitchburg, and St. Bernard Commandery No. 12 in Boston. He is also a member of the Scottish Rite Valleys of Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts. In addition, the Senior Grand Warden is a member of Massachusetts College, SRICF; King Philip York Rite College No. 160; Aleppo Temple, AAONMS; the Arlington Masonic Building Association; the Massachusetts Police Square Club; the Sixth District Past Masters’ Association; and Paul Revere Council, Allied Masonic Degrees.

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