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Location: Dorchester

Chartered By: Everett C. Benton

Charter Date: 03/12/1913 1913-44

Precedence Date: 06/06/1912

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with West Roxbury Lodge to form West Roxbury-Dorchester Lodge, 06/01/1990.


  • William F. Schallenbach, 1912; N
  • George M. Rogers, 1913
  • William B. Rand, 1914, 1915
  • Charles A. Leavitt, 1915-1917
  • Fred A. Wright, 1918
  • Charles W. Stiles, 1919
  • Rutherford E. Smith, 1920
  • Harry Jerome Baker, 1921
  • William T. H. Salter, 1922; Mem
  • Lawrence S. Bearse, 1923; SN
  • J. Arthur McCoy, 1924
  • Raymond E. Bolles, 1925
  • J.W. Harris Wright, 1926
  • W. Eugene Bolton, 1927
  • Adrian E. Borden, 1928
  • Edwin J. Owen, 1929
  • Frank W. Prescott, 1930
  • Everard D. Steeley, 1931
  • Charles D. M. Bishop, 1932
  • Henry L. Freeman, 1933, 1934
  • Milo O. Bolton, 1935
  • Charles W. Hull, 1936
  • Abbott R. Cox, 1937
  • Irving B. Fraser, 1938
  • Adna H. Armstrong, 1939
  • Harold J. Owen, 1940
  • Paul R. Cyphert, 1941
  • Norman W. Hay, 1942
  • William M. Campbell, 1943
  • Robert R. Lee, 1944
  • Charles Tarvizian, 1945
  • James R. Spear, 1946; N
  • T. Edwin Peterson, 1947
  • Chester E. Borden, 1948
  • James W. Campbell, 1949
  • Leonard T. Reid, 1950
  • Kenneth C. Marr, 1951
  • Donald R. McClelland, 1952; SN
  • Endicott Smith, 1953
  • James K. Beith, 1954
  • John A. Buzzard, 1955
  • Alexander G. Ritchie, 1956
  • Edward M. Arslan, 1957
  • Iver T. Jacobsen, 1958
  • Elias N. Ede, 1959
  • George S. Ritchie, 1960, 1970
  • Walter B. Cavagnaro, Jr., 1961
  • Stephen Baker, Jr., 1962; N
  • Richard A. Hatch, 1963
  • William E. Blackham, 1964
  • Thomas A. Holmberg, 1965
  • Elia P. Sielinski, 1966
  • Duncan R. Campbell, 1967
  • John A. Zampine, Jr., 1968
  • Fred M. Campbell, 1969
  • Frederick C. Walsh, 1971
  • John A. Zampine, Jr., 1972
  • Ronald E. Hoeft, 1973-1975
  • Leonard H. Pinaud, 1976, 1977; N
  • Frederick C. Walsh, 1978, 1979
  • George J. Pillsbury, 1979
  • Everett Lipham, 1979-1982
  • Duncan R. Campbell, 1983
  • Royal C. Lincoln, 1984
  • Everett Lipham, 1985
  • George Archilles, 1986-1989
  • A. Richard Merrill, 1990



  • 1937 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1962 (50th Anniversary)



1919 1923 1933 1937 1939 1940 1949 1951 1956 1966 1968 1971 1973 1978 1987 1988


  • 1937 (25th Anniversary History, 1937-55; see below)
  • 1962 (50th Anniversary History, 1962-87; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1937-55

By Bro. Arthur H. Merritt

Inasmuch as the history of Dorchester Lodge for 1912 to 1921 has been most thoroughly covered by the printed volume by Rt. Wor. Frank M. Weymouth, it is not the writer's intention to re-write in any way the history of the first 10 years, but as we have so many members today who were not members of the Lodge during the first 10 years, and who perhaps have never owned or read the history of that period, it is interesting and instructive for all on this, the twenty-fifth anniversary to review some of the important incidents of the first 10 years.

The excuse for this history on our twenty-fifth anniversary can best be made if we quote from the preface of Rt. Wor. Bro. Weymouth's records, which says: "This history has been compiled for the purpose of perpetuating the story of the activities of Dorchester Lodge so that in future years those who follow in our footsteps will continue the work which we are doing, and prepare a similar story of the progress of the Lodge." It is in this spirit that your historian presents to you an outline of the activities of our Lodge covering the years 1912 to 1936 inclusive.

In March, 1912, Wor. E. P. Starbird, Presiding Master of Union Lodge, and Rt. Wor. Frank M. Weymouth, then Past Master of Union Lodge, discussed the advisability of forming a new Lodge. As an outcome of this and other discussions, a committee of organization was formed, consisting of Brothers Schallenbach, Rand, Weymouth, and George M. Rogers. Practically every day from April 1, 1912 to June 6, 1912, this committee met at 1 o'clock, and your historian first made the acquaintance of these Brothers at one of these meetings. A petition for a new Lodge was prepared, and although no particular person was solicited to join, one hundred signers quickly placed their names on the petition, and it was then decided to limit the Charter members to one hundred. Union Lodge endorsed this petition on April 9, 1912. The consent of the majority of the Lodges was obtained, which was rather interesting in view of the fact that nowhere in the immediate vicinity of Boston had a new Lodge been formed for over twenty years, and none of the Brothers knew exactly what should be done.

The Grand Master, Most Wor. E. C. Benton, decided to issue the Dispensation on Monday night, leaving short time for sending out the invitations for Thursday night of that same week. At eight o'clock on the evening of June 6, 1912, Most Wor. E. C. Benton and distinguished associates Instituted Dorchester Lodge, and the officers of the new Lodge were seated by the Most Wor. Grand Master and his Suite. An interesting feature of this meeting was the presentation by Most Wor. Bro. Benton of a gavel made from cedar from the forests of Lebanon. The logs were felled and prepared for conveyance by sea to Boston, passed through Customs and conveyed to the shop to the workman who was to make the gavel, but at no time during this process were they out of the hands of the Masonic Fraternity. This interesting gavel is still one of our most prized possessions.

The first business meeting of Dorchester Lodge was held on that evening, June 6, 1912, and the important business was the receiving of three applications, the first being Frank Albert Buck and the third William Alfred Sampson, the second application not being in Masonic order. The first line of officers was as follows:

  • Worshipful Master, Rt. Wor. Wm. F. Schallenbach
  • Senior Warden, Wor. Geo. M. Rogers
  • Junior Warden, Wm. E. Rand
  • Treasurer, Wor. Robert G. Wilson
  • Secretary, Rt. Wor. Frank M. Weymouth
  • Marshal, Frank T. Knowles
  • Senior Deacon, Chas. A. Leavitt
  • Junior Deacon, Fred A. Wright
  • Senior Steward, Chas. W. Stiles
  • Junior Steward, Harry J. Baker
  • Inside Sentinel, Rutherford E. Smith
  • Tyler, Alexander G. McDonald (Still tyler in 1937)

On Sept. 5, 1912, Dorchester Lodge held its first regular communication when two of the candidates were elected and initiated, the honor of initiating the first candidate, Frank Albert Buck, being conferred by Rt. Wor. Schallenbach upon Rt. Wor. Frank M. Weymouth.

At the second meeting, held October 3, 1912, a formal visit was received from Wor. Bro. Starbird and seventy-five members of Union Lodge, who presented Dorchester Lodge with a full set of officers' collars and aprons.

On November 8, 1912, occurred the first death of a member of our Lodge, Brother Edward Everett Estabrook, a Charter member.

On December 5, 1912, Dorchester Lodge worked its first third degree, and the honor of raising the first candidate in Dorchester Lodge was conferred by Rt. Wor. Bro. Schallenbach on the Senior Warden, Wor. George M. Rogers, who raised Frank Albert Buck.

On February 6, 1913, a committee, one of whom was Rt. Wor. Rutherford E. Smith, presented a code of by-laws, which were presented and accepted. As the Most Wor. Grand Master decided to constitute Dorchester Lodge in May, 1913, this left the brief period between then and August 31st without a Master. Bro. Geo. M. Rogers was elected to serve for this short time, consisting of two meetings, May and June, 1913, and Wor. Bro. Rogers made this a most active period.

May 1, 1913, the night of the constitution, a total of sixty-five members and two hundred and forty visitors were in attendance. The Grand Lodge proceeded to the Lodge-room, and occupied the several stations, and the Charter members of Dorchester Lodge were formed in column on the north and south sides of the hall. The proclamation was made by Rt. Wor. Bro. Thacher; this marks our real beginning. The officers were installed by the Most Wor. Grand Master and his Suite, in due and ancient form, and a striking feature of the evening was the reading by the Grand Secretary of a charge to a new lodge written in 1795 by Grand Master Paul Revere, but just as applicable to Dorchester Lodge in 1913 as it was at the time written.

It is well for us to record the Past Masters of Dorchester Lodge who have so faithfully served us through their respective administrations:


  • Rt. Wor. William V. Schallenbach (U.D.), 1912 †‡
  • Wor. George M. Rogers, 1913
  • Wor. William B. Rand, 1914-15*
  • Wor. Charles A. Leavitt 1916-17*
  • Wor. Fred A. Wright, 1918
  • Wor. Charles W. Stiles, 1919
  • Rt. Wor. Rutherford E. Smith, 1920 †‡
  • Wor. Harry Jerome Baker, 1921
  • Rt. Wor. William T. H. Salter, 1922 †*
  • Rt. Wor. Lawrence S. Bearse, 1923 †
  • Wor. J. Arthur McCoy, 1924
  • Wor. Raymond E. Bolles, 1925
  • Wor. J. W. Harris Wright, 1926
  • Wor. W. Eugene Bolton, 1927
  • Wor. Adrian E. Borden, 1928
  • Wor. Edwin J. Owen, 1929
  • Wor. Frank W. Prescott, 1930
  • Wor. Everard D. Seelv, 1931
  • Wor. Charles D. M. Bishop, 1932
  • Wor. Henry L. Freeman, 1933—4
  • Wor. MiloO. Bolton, 1935
  • Wor. Charles W. Hull, 1936
  • Symbols: *=Deceased; †=District Deputy; ‡=Deputy Grand Master, 1932

More or less routine but happy meetings of the Lodge were held during the following years, and on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918, we find that thirty-eight out of approximately two hundred and twenty-five members of Dorchester Lodge had been or were actively serving with the colors, this representing a higher percentage of membership than that of any other Lodge of which Wor. Bro. Weymouth had knowledge. At this meeting, Wor. Bro. William B. Rand instituted what became known as the Dorchester Lodge Medal, a replica of the seal of the old town of Dorchester; this was designed to be presented to any Brother who served Dorchester Lodge in an unusual way. Your historian prizes most highly one of these medals presented later by Wor. Bro. Salter.

Aug. 31, 1921, when the record was slightly over nine years old, it is well for us to consider just how successful Dorchester Lodge had become. In that short period of less than ten years the Lodge had gained from degree work two hundred and seventy-one, from membership twenty-eight, a total of two hundred and ninety-nine. Death had taken fifteen, thirty-five had dimitted, a total of fifty removals. In nine years and a little more, the Charter membership of one hundred had increased to a total of three hundred and forty-nine members on August 31, 1921, and on the tenth anniversary, May 31, 1922, the membership was three hundred and seventy-two, the total number who hail signed the by-laws up to that time were four hundred and twenty-five.

At the end of the first year Dorchester Lodge had only $57.16 balance, and balance August 31, 1921 was $1144.99. The permanent fund was $1,700.99, a charity fund of over SI 526.93, and a building Fund of S300 showed that these three funds were well on their way, and the total Lodge funds on September 21, 1921 were §4,672.91.

In 1917-18 the Most Wor. Grand Lodge was raising a fund called "Massachusetts Masonic War Relief Fund" and Dorchester Lodge with its two hundred and nineteen members raised S849 for that fund. The Grand Lodge raised about $150,000, of which the eleven Lodges in the Fourth District raised over $20,000.

In 1921 Dorchester Lodge was asked to join with other Lodges in Massachusetts in contributing to the sums of SI per member to the expenses of a memorial to George Washington as a Mason. Membership was then three hundred and eight, and $308 was raised in a few months by a committee headed by Rt. Wor. Bro. Schallenbach, giving Dorchester Lodge members the satisfaction of knowing that their Lodge was one of the first in the District to raise its full quota.

It will be seen by these figures that besides a little property of its own during the nine or ten years to the amount of nearly $5,000, Dorchester Lodge had paid over to the Grand Lodge officially almost $3,000; unofficially $1,100 on top of that, a most creditable showing.

Rt. Wor. Frank M. Weymouth closed his remarkable record of the first ten years by stating, "The writing of the future history of Dorchester Lodge is in the hands of these men now coming into power, and all of us who have seen the beginnings and the continuance thus far are satisfied that the ideals of the original settlers of Dorchester, so eloquently expressed upon their shield, written into the history of this body, not only by the adoption as our seal, but by the efforts and accomplishments of the last ten vears will ever be the ideals of those who shape the future policy of this body, and thus will its success be assured." It is in this spirit and in the appreciation of such men as Rt. Wor. Frank M. Weymouth who so accurately and interestingly recorded the doings of the first ten years, that your historian is now endeavoring for our twenty-fifth anniversary to give a brief record of the last fifteen years, thus completing the story of the first quarter of a century of success.


September. At the end of the first ten years Dorchester Lodge had fifty-seven Charter members still on the rolls, twenty-one had affiliated, and three hundred and three were raised, a total membership of three hundred and eighty-one. At this meeting Union Lodge officers of 1908 were present as guests, and worked the Master Mason degree.

November. The visitors' book for that evening showed Brothers present from Connecticut, Vermont, Kentucky, Washington, D.C., Saskatoon, Canada, and Hyannis, Mass.


January. The officers and escort of St. Omar Commandery, were the guests of Dorchester Lodge and participated in the work.

February. The first Masonic Service meeting was held on February 7. The ladies night on February 21 had the large attendance of two hundred and ninety-five present.

April 5. Fees were raised to eighty-five dollars from seventy-five dollars, and life membership was raised to one hundred and twentv-five dollars from one hundred dollars.

June 9. A very happy fraternal visit was paid by Dorchester Lodge to Pilgrim Lodge, of Harwich, Mass.


March 6. Brotherhood Lodge was created on this date.

May 1. This was the eleventh anniversary of the Constitution of the Lodge and was made memorable by the five-hundredth name being signed to the bv-laws.

July 8. Our members were called to perform the sad duty of conducting the funeral service of Wor. William B. Rand, who had given many years of hard work to, and enthusiastic interest in our Lodge.

June 4. The records show that Dorchester Lodge Chorus gave the members an extra fine entertainment, under Bro. Manson.


March 4. Was observed as Military Night, with one hundred and fifty-nine members present, two hundred and nine visitors or a total attendance of three hundred and sixty-eight. (Where did they put them all?) The Master Mason degree was conferred on Bro. Albert Murray Austin, by a fellow officer of his company, Wor. Fred G. Bauer.

May. The Most Wor. Grand Master was present as a guest. The petition for Brotherhood Lodge was presented and favorably reported on, and at this same meeting in May, our own Wor. Bro. Bearse was highly complimented for shooting a man who attempted robbery at his bank. By a coincidence our guest speaker that evening had already chosen for his subject "Crime and its Causes."

June. Rt. Wor. Bro. Salter gave a most interesting anniversary address.


September. The September annual meeting report showed that the Lodge then had five hundred and one members and the total invested funds had reached nearly $12,000.


September. The auditor's report showed the net worth of Dorchester Lodge to be $14,319.31.

November 5. This meeting reported the death of Wor. Bro. Charles H. Stiles.


March 7. Your historian had the pleasure of giving his first lecture before Dorchester Lodge under the subject "The National Parks of the United States and Canada," this beginning a series of annual lectures which he had been pleased to contribute for the good of the lodge.

June. This was Past Masters night, and they raised the last candidate, according to custom.

November 2. Occurred the death of one of our most highly respected and loved members of Dorchester Lodge, Rt. Wor. William T. H. Salter. At the funeral services on November 5th, the highest tributes were paid to this Brother, who had built himself into the life and work of Dorchester Lodge. In memory of his death most beautifully engrossed pages of our records were set aside as a tribute to this wonderful life. Your historian might state at this time that with the exception of the above memorial pages all the other pages in our records have been beautifully decorated and engrossed by our Charter member, Bro. George B. Smith.

November 7. The Secretary's records showed that $1035 had been contributed to the Masonic Hospital Fund.

December. The regular communication was practically devoted to a memorial service to our late Rt. Wor. Brother Salter, and was a most wonderful tribute to this Christian gentleman, and Masonic Brother who had given his best to the work he loved in both church and Lodge.


June. This was a red letter night in the history ot Dorchester Lodge as our guests were the Mayor of Dorchester, England, and four other citizens who accompanied him to be in Dorchester, Mass., for the Tercentenary of our own Dorchester. Ninety-three members and one hundred and twenty-one visitors or a total of two hundred and fourteen persons were present and enjoyed the speeches and greetings.

September. The annual report showed the net worth of the Lodge had now risen to SI6,780.70.


March. Ladies' night that month brought out one hundred and ninety-two members and ladies for a most happy evening.

September. Your historian having just returned from a 14,000 mile trip through the great northwest, brought the fraternal greetings to Dorchester Lodge from Tanana Lodge No. 162, of Fairbanks, Alaska, and at the annual meeting the Master called the attention of the members to the fact that the historian's lecture on Alaska that fall had raised enough funds to purchase a complete set of new aprons and collars for the Lodge.

December. The records show that the funds were sufficient so that SI,000 was voted for the charity fund, and $484 for the building fund.


February. Deputy Grand Master's Jewel was presented to Rt. Wor. Bro. Rutherford E. Smith, with the well wishes of our members.

May. The roll of Charter members called at this meeting showed ten present which was rather remarkable for the twentieth anniversary. Wor. Bro. Weymouth gave an intensely interesting historical address.

November. The members were shocked to receive the notice of the death of Most Wor. Leon M. Abbott, P. G. M., a man who had given long years to Masonry, and who is still missed by those who knew him.


June. The June meeting brought out the usual Past Masters Night, with a fine attendance and sixty-four visitors, or a total of one hundred and forty-four present.

September. The annual meeting reports showed the Lodge now had a net worth of $23,670.80.

November. New by-laws were offered, safeguarding the funds of the Lodge and after discussion these were adopted at the December meeting.


September Wor. Bro. Henry L. Freeman was presented with a wrist watch in appreciation of the fine year of service he hail given our members in spite of the distressing depression condition.


January. Among the guests at dinner at this meeting were a group of members of Mystic Valley Chapter No. 90, National Sojourners. Capt. Gay and his associates royally entertained the Lodge, and, in addition, contributed ten dollars to our Charity Fund.

March. A delightful evening by the choir of Christ Episcopal Church of Quincv under the direction of Bro. Edw. B. Whittredge.

May. Our Lodge was honored by having as our guest Wor. Bro. Malcolm E. Nichols, ex-Mayor of Boston, who, with the members, enjoyed the work of the Past Masters who worked the Master Mason degree.

September. The membership had been reduced, due to business conditions to four hundred and eight, but the net worth of the Lodge had risen to $26,876.48.

October. After the regular meeting Bro. Whittredge presented his Glee Club for a most excellent concert. On October 27, Dorchester Lodge joined with other Lodges of the vicinity, for religious services at the First Parish Church, Meeting House Hill. Wor. Bro. Frank M. Weymouth delivered a most impressive address to the large congregation that was present.


February 22. This was another red letter night for the social side of the Lodge, when the Sodality Club put on a ladies' night and minstrel show. Two hundred and forty persons were present.

May. An amendment was submitted at this meeting and adopted at the June meeting, decreasing the fees to sixty-five dollars from eighty-five dollars. After the regular meeting, an informal ladies' night was held with entertainment by Brother Whittredge's choir.

September. The annual meeting developed the fact that the membership was now three hundred and ninety-four, but that after twenty-four years there were still twenty-four Charter members living and on the books, also that the net worth of the Lodge had risen sharply to $27,664.63.

November 24. This was one of the saddest days in the history of Dorchester Lodge, when the funeral service was held for Rt. Wor. Bro. Frank M. Weymouth, who from the first committee meeting when Dorchester Lodge was suggested to the day of his death, gave unstintingly to the service of Masonry and the benefit of Dorchester Lodge in particular. His sudden going from our midst was a great shock to every Mason in Dorchester. Like a golden thread woven into a beautiful garment, the life of Bro. Frank M. Weymouth has been woven into the work of Dorchester Lodge from the first committee meeting to the present. "He being dead, yet liveth" can be said of this worthy Mason.


Your historian would close this twenty-fifth anniversary review by again quoting from him what was said fifteen years ago, "All of us who have seen the beginnings and the continuance thus far are satisfied with the ideals of those who shape the future policy of this body, and thus will its success be assured." In the spirit of that prophecy, may we each one go into the second quarter century of Dorchester Lodge, firm in the resolution to give it our continued support, and the best we have shall be none too good.

Year Ending
Aug 31
Raised Membership Death Demit Suspension Grand Lodge
Total Membership
Charter 100
1913 13 0 2 111
1914 14 8 5 128
1915 28 1 2 155
1916 18 2 2 6 167
1917 31 2 1 8 191
1918 28 5 3 2 219
1919 28 1 1 2 245
1920 64 7 3 5 308
1921 47 2 3 5 349
1922 36 0 1 3 0 0 381
1923 40 1 3 1 0 0 418
1924 32 1 5 5 1 0 440
1925 39 4 4 3 0 0 476
1926** 22 1 4 7 1 0 487
1927 23 1 3 4 1 2 501
1928 14 0 5 8 3 0 499
1929 22 2 8 4 0 2 509
1930 13 2 7 8 7 3 499
1931 8 0 6 4 3 0 494
1932 8 0 7 3 7 0 485
1933 1 0 4 9 18 10 445
1934 2 0 6 1 12 13 415
1935 3 1 2 5 4 0 408
1936 1 0 4 2 9 0 394
May 1, 1937 0 0 5 2 4 0 383
TOTALS 535 41 89 104 70 30


Signed ByLaws / Years in Masonry

  • l † R.W. William F. Schallenbach* / 47
  • 2 Wor. George M. Rogers / 39
  • 5 Wor. Edward P. Starbird* / 36
  • 7 Wor. Harry J. Baker / 37
  • 8 Alexander G. McDonald* / 37
  • 9 R.W. Rutherford E. Smith* / 30
  • 30 Wor. Robert G. Wilson / 38
  • 32 Chas. H. Holmes* / 30
  • 33 Walter Adlard / 36
  • 35 Ernest E. Erickson / 34
  • 41 Herbert L. Kelley* / 41
  • 44 Walter B. Grant* / 59
  • 45 Park A. Melville
  • 55 Bliss W. Robinson / 27
  • 57 Arthur Henry Merritt / 28
  • 61 Wor. Fred A. Wright / 47
  • 66 George B. Smite / 39
  • 68 E. Richard Payzant / 39
  • 70 Hiram W. Colton / 39
  • 87 Frank W. Witcher* / 55
  • 89 Rov E. Moilton / 33
*=[ Union] Lodge

Original number of Union Lodge Members: 36.


by Wor. Alexander G. Ritchie

The History of Dorchester Lodge for the past twenty-five years has been compiled to bring the records up to April 1962. This will be in addition to the excellent work of R.W. Frank M. Weymouth, whose writings covered the first ten years of our Lodge, and also the chronicle of Bro. Arthur H. Merritt, which recorded incidents from 1922 to the end of 1936. (See 1937 Mass:55-68)

It is in the same spirit that your historian presents an outline of the activities of Dorchester Lodge covering the years from 1937 to 1962, and which when combined will give a reasonable amount of knowledge of the half century of our Lodge's existence.

At this point I will record the names of the Past Masters who have served their respective terms up to the present date.

  • Rt. Wor. William F. Schallenbach
  • Wor. George M. Rogers
  • Wor. William B. Rand
  • Wor. Charles A. Leavitt,
  • Wor. Fred A. Wright
  • Wor. Charles W. Stiles
  • Rt. Wor. Rutherford E. Smith
  • Wor. Harry Jerome Baker
  • Wor. William T. H. Salter
  • Rt. Wor. Lawrence S. Bearse
  • Wor. J. Arthur McCoy
  • Wor. Raymond E. Bolles
  • Wor. J.W. Harris Wright
  • Wor. W. Eugene Bolton
  • Wor. Adrian E. Borden
  • Wor. Edwin J. Owen
  • Wor. Frank W. Prescott
  • Wor. Everard D. Steeley
  • Wor. Charles D. M. Bishop
  • Wor. Henry L. Freeman
  • Wor. Milo O. Bolton
  • Wor. Charles W. Hull
  • Wor. Abbott R. Cox
  • Wor. Irving B. Fraser
  • Wor. Adna H. Armstrong
  • Wor. Harold J. Owen
  • Wor. Paul R. Cyphert
  • Wor. Norman W. Hay
  • Wor. William M. Campbell
  • Wor. Robert R. Lee
  • Wor. Charles Tarvizian
  • Rt. Wor. James R. Spear
  • Wor. T. Edwin Peterson
  • Wor. Chester E. Borden
  • Wor. James W. Campbell
  • Wor. Leonard T. Reid
  • Wor. Kenneth C. Marr
  • Wor. Donald R. McClelland
  • Wor. Endicott Smith
  • Wor. James K. Beith
  • Wor. John A. Buzzard
  • Wor. Alexander G. Ritchie
  • Wor. Edward M. Arslan
  • Wor. Iver T. Jacobsen
  • Wor. Elias N. Ede
  • Wor. George S. Ritchie
  • Wor. Walter B. Cavagnaro, Jr.
  • Wor. Stephen Baker, Jr.,

Dorchester Lodge has been fortunate in having charter members and others in serving the Lodge with distinction for many years, such as Bro. Charles H. Holmes, who was Secretary for 38 years; Bro. Willett F. Casey, 20 years as Treasurer; Bro. Alexander G. MacDonald was our Tyler for 28 years; R.W. Rutherford E. Smith who, since he affixed his signature to the Lodge petition in 1912, has been an ardent and active Mason in the interests of Dorchester Lodge. These are but a few of the names of Masons that our Lodge can be proud of.

At the end of our first 25 years, we had 21 charter members and now as our 50th anniversary approaches, the number has dropped to two.

  • March 4: A memorial to our late Brother R.W. Frank M. Weymouth is read in the Lodge and a copy is sent to his Widow.
  • September 2: At this annual meeting, the Lodge accepted with regret the resignation of Bro. Willett F. Casey, who had served as Treasurer for 20 years, and Bro. J. Duncan R. Campbell was elected to fill the vacancy.
  • October 7: Bro. Casey is presented to the East to receive a gold watch and chain, suitably inscribed, from R.W. Rutherford E. Smith, on behalf of the Lodge, in appreciation of his work.
  • April 10: Union, Rabboni and Dorchester Lodges hold a joint special communication for the purpose of attending evening service at the Pilgrim Congregational Church.
  • May 5: Dorchester Lodge holds its first Father and Sons night in the banquet hall at the completion of the Lodge work. The lobster dinner and the entertainment is thoroughly enjoyed by all present.
  • December 1: The members are entertained in the banquet hall with vocal selections by the Glee Club of Fraternity Lodge of Newtonville. Later in the Lodge the Worshipful Master is presented with an ivory and ebony gavel, the gift coming from business associates.
  • January 5: Our past Treasurer is conducted to the East to receive a bouquet of flowers in recognition of his 80th birthday.
  • March 2: This was Past Masters' Night and they raised the last candidate in their usual fine manner.
  • April 30: A special communication was held at the request of the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Joseph Earl Perry, for the purpose of attending divine service in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington as our first president.
  • June 1: This was the 27th anniversary of the Lodge and the officers and members of Union Lodge paid a fraternal visit and completed the work of the evening. At the conclusion of the work, R.W. Rutherford E. Smith gave an interesting talk.
  • June 6: The Fellowship Players of Fellowship Lodge of Bridgewater present a Masonic play entitled A Rose upon the Altar. The company rendered a fine performance and their efforts were greatly appreciated by the Brethren.
  • December 5: The Kilwinning Club of Boston, clad in their traditional Scottish garb, raised the candidate, after which our Treasurer, Bro. J. D. R. Campbell, gave a very impressive charge.
  • June 5: This is the night for our annual lobster dinner, and afterwards members of the Wollaston Choral Group, under the direction of our Organist, Bro. Edward W. Whitredge, gave a very enjoyable concert.
  • December 4: An informal Ladies' Night was held in the banquet hall with a total of 100 at the dinner.
  • January 2: At this meeting the death of Bro. Alexander G. MacDonald, our Tyler for so many years, is reported. A memorial is read to his memory by R.W. Rutherford E. Smith.
  • March 5: This was Past Masters' Night with 15 Past Masters present to raise the candidate, and at this meeting, the D.D.G.M., R.W. James C. Kellsey, paid a fraternal visit.
  • September 3: The annual meeting reports show that the Lodge had 309 members and that the invested funds were over $30,000.
  • April 1: R.W. Paul G. Weden, D.D.G.M., pays a fraternal visit to our Lodge, accompanied by two other District Deputy Grand Masters and a large group of Past Masters of other Lodges. He spoke of the work done by the Masonic Service Committee.
  • November 4: The Lodge voted to remit the dues of members serving in the Armed Forces and to include those in the Merchant Marine during this World War.
  • May 4: This was Past Masters' Night, with a father raising his son. A very impressive charge was given the candidates by R.W. Ralph Lowe, Jr., Past Deputy Grand Master. R.W. William F. Schallenback was welcomed in the Lodge after an absence of several years.
  • February 1: An honor roll is dedicated with the names of the Brethren of Dorchester Lodge now serving in the Armed Forces, followed by the reading of the Bible and a prayer by Bro. J. D. R. Campbell.
  • May 12: The annual Ladies' Night was held in the banquet hall with 245 members and guests present. A concert and a dance completed an enjoyable evening.
  • December 6: The Lodge is saddened to learn of the death of Wor. Fred A. Wright, a Mason for fifty years and the 61st member to sign the By-Laws. R.W. Rutherford E. Smith has been honored by the conferral of the 33rd Degree, and tribute is paid by the Lodge and a host of friends and well-wishers.
  • The Lodge has contributed $1218 to the Masonic Military Activities and that amount exceeded our quota.
  • May 2: The Crafts Club of the B & A Railroad raise a fellow worker with a large attendance of friends present.
  • September 5: The Lodge assets are now over $32,000. The downward trend of membership has stopped and an increase of eight members over the previous year is noted.
  • December: The first Children's Christmas Party is held in the banquet hall.
  • January 2: The last candidate was raised in full form by members of the Jewelers' Degree Team, composed of Past Masters of various Lodges.
  • March 6: The Sodality Club of the Lodge raised the last candidate. The Sodality is composed of side line members of the Lodge and they usually confer the Fellow Craft Degree, but this was the first occasion of working on the Third.
  • September 4: The Lodge's worth is still on the increase, as well as our membership. However, this is being offset by the number of members being called to the Celestial Lodge above. From its original 100 Charter Members, the membership rose to 509 in 1930, to have a drop to 299, and now we have struggled up to a membership of 316. May the rise continue.
  • May 6: This is the 35th anniversary of the Lodge. A very interesting address is given by R.W. Edwin Childs, Past Deputy Grand Master. A group of distinguished Masons are in attendance as well as eight Charter Members being present.
  • June 3: The last candidate is raised by the Rule and Line Club, composed of employees of the Boston Herald and Traveler.
  • September 2: The sacred scrolls are read for Brothers Hiram W. Colton, Carl R. Smith, Orin F. Jones, and R.W. William F. Schallenbach, the first Master (U.D.) of our Lodge.
  • December 18: The third annual Children's Christmas Party is held and is a huge success, with eighty children present with their parents and grandparents.
  • February 3: The Lodge is honored by having one of our Past Masters appointed to the office of District Deputy Grand Master. R.W. James R. Spear is presented the jewel of his office by Wor. George M. Rogers on behalf of the Lodge.
  • April 7: Brother Charles H. Holmes is presented a Masonic jewel and a check from the Lodge. The inscription on the back of the jewel reads: "Presented to Bro. Charles H. Holmes — April 7, 1949 — by the members of Dorchester Lodge, A.F.&A.M., for 37 years of faithful service."
  • November 10: The annual Masonic service is held in the First Parish Church and is attended by members of the Lodges in the 4th Masonic District and members of Crusader Chapter Order of DeMolay, who act as ushers.
  • February 2: A bequest of over $3000.00 from the estate of our late first Worshipful Master is accepted by the Lodge and is to be known as "The William F. Schallenbach Charity Fund".
  • September 7: Our Secretary, Bro. Charles H. Holmes, declines to return to the office he has filled so faithfully for 38 years. "Charlie", now 80 years old, is eulogized in the Lodge by R.W. Rutherford E. Smith, and on a vote of the Lodge, the office of Secretary Emeritus is created for him and accepted.
  • December 7: This was Charles H. Holmes Night. Present were twenty Past Masters, eighteen of whom escorted "Charlie" into the Lodge. R.W. James Keltie, D.D.G.M., of the Fourth Masonic District in 1912, when Bro. Holmes became Secretary, was also present. After speeches by various Past Masters, he was presented with a testimonial plaque, a check donated by members of the Lodge, and a hearing aid donated by his friends. To the strains of Auld Lang Syne, "Charlie" was escorted around the Lodge and to a seat in the East by R.W. Rutherford E. Smith and R.W. James Keltie.
  • December 16: Our annual Christmas Party for the children was held, and with 103 children and 150 elders present, was most successful.
  • The By-Laws of the Lodge are amended so that members failing to pay their annual dues by May 31st shall be subject to suspension. In the banquet hall the annual "Fathers and Sons Night" took place. After dinner a very enjoyable program of entertainment was in store, which delighted all present.
  • September 6: Wor. T. Edwin Peterson reads his first and last annual report, after having served as Secretary for one year. Ill health is the cause of his resignation. The Sodality Club of the Lodge is disbanded, due to lack of interest, after having been active for many years.
  • December 6: Wor. Norman W. Hay is elected Secretary of the Lodge by dispensation on this date.
  • March 6: A Fraternal Visit of the D.D.G.M., R.W. Joseph Zottoli. The last candidate is raised in long form by fellow workers, a group of distinguished Masons working for the National Shawmut Bank.
  • June 5: The sacred scroll of Bro. James Duncan Ross Campbell is read. He was Treasurer of the Lodge for 15 years, he lived his Masonry, and gave a charge to the candidates that was an inspiration to all who heard it. A tribute to Brother Campbell was ordered to be drawn up and spread upon the records and a copy to be given to his family.
  • May 4: This is our annual Past Masters' Night. In the banquet hall after dinner, a large cake decorated with a Masonic emblem, is presented to Wor. George M. Rogers, our oldest Past Master, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his being Master of Dorchester Lodge.
  • September 3: At our annual meeting, the reports of the various appointed committees are read. The reports of the membership and finance committees are discouraging and our Secretary, Wor. Norman W. Hay, calls attention that nine more of our members have been called to the Celestial Lodge above.
  • January 7: After the Lodge is closed, the members are privileged to see Crusader Chapter Order of DeMolay exemplify their second degree.
  • April 1: This is a red letter day for your historian, having the pleasure of occupying the East for the first time to confer the first degree.
  • April 25: Divine Service is held in the Pilgrim Congregational Church by all the Lodges and other Bodies occupying the apartments. The procession, led by the band of Aleppo Temple Shrine, marched to the Church, where they were welcomed by the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Whitfield W. Johnson, and the Pastor of the Church.
  • June: The annual Communion Breakfast is held and is attended by the combined membership of the Lodges of Instruction. At this gathering, the sum of $3200.00 is turned over to the Grand Master as a contribution of the Lodges to purchase a walk-in freezer for the Masonic Home in Charlton. Dorchester Lodge contributed its share of this money.
  • October 7: The sacred scroll is read for Brother Charles H. Holmes, who died at the age of 84, after a long career as an outstanding example of the teachings of Masonry. A large number of Masons attended the funeral service which was held on September 12th.
  • The By-Laws are amended so that the annual election of officers will be held in June. This will permit the incoming officers more time to form their committees prior to the installation in September.
  • April 22: Avery successful "Ladies' Night" was held in the banquet hall with a large turnout. After a delightful dinner by Codman Caterers, and entertainment, the tables were cleared away and the rest of the evening was devoted to dancing.
  • November 3: This was "George Rogers Night", and with an Official Visitation by the District Deputy Grand Master, there was a large turnout. Wor. George M. Rogers was conducted to the East where the Worshipful Master recounted the many Masonic achievements of our senior Past Master and his service to the many Masonic bodies to which he belonged, after which he was presented a sum of money on behalf of the officers and members of the Lodge. Brother Herbert Linwood Kelley was then presented to the East to receive the well-merited applause of the Brethren. Bro. Kelley is a Charter member of Dorchester Lodge and 91 years old.
  • December 1: The Aleppo Temple Degree Team, with Wor. John Mick in command, performed outstanding work in raising Bro. Thomas A. Holberg in long form. The work was highlighted with a full Fellow Craft Team which had not been seen in Dorchester Lodge for several years.
  • March 1: The Secretary announced that two checks for a large sum of money had been received from the estate of our former Secretary, Bro. Charles H. Holmes. Action was to be postponed on the gifts until a later date.
  • April 5: This was "Sodality Night", with the Senior Warden in the East and sideline members occupying the other stations, and the work of the Fellow Craft Degree was completed in a commendable manner. Our Secretary was ill in the hospital and the Master took care of the paper work while Bro. J. Kirke DeHaro occupied that station in the Lodge.
  • June 7: The Lodge is gratified that our Secretary, Wor. Norman W. Hay, can attend the Lodge again after a painful three months' sojourn in the hospital. With the Worshipful Master in the East, the last candidate is raised by a degree team composed of former members of the Order of DeMolay. A very fine charge to the candidates is given by Wor. William E. McLemon of Algonquin Lodge.
  • November 1: Our Secretary is back in business again after another spell of illness which confined him to the hospital and his home for a good part of the summer months.
  • December 6: This evening was designated as DeMolay Commandery K.T. Night. Wor. John Mick occupied the East while Wor. "Bob" Fraser acted as Senior Deacon. The third degree was conferred on the last candidate in a most impressive manner and was enjoyed by the many present.
  • May 2: Wor. Irving B. Fraser is presented a Service Medal by the Worshipful Master in recognition of serving the Lodge faithfully for 35 years, a Medal that was richly deserved.
  • June 6: The Grand Master, Most Worshipful Andrew G. Jenkins, accompanied by a large Suite of distinguished Masons, paid a fraternal visit to the Lodge, and at the conclusion of the work, presented to R.W. Rutherford E. Smith a Veteran's Medal, emblematical of his great service to Masonry during the past fifty years. The Grand Master, District Deputy Grand Master and Worshipful Master all spoke eloquently of his service to the Craft. It was a stirring moment in the history of Dorchester Lodge to see our beloved Past Master so honored.
  • December 5: Wor. Arthur Glackin, Jr., Past Master of Starr King Lodge in Salem, with a degree team from Sylvania Electric Corporation, raised a fellow worker.
  • December: The 12th annual Children's Christmas Party is held and as usual is a success and enjoyed by all present.
  • March 6: Bro. Joseph Wesley Burford is presented a fifty-year medal on behalf of the Grand Lodge by R.W. Charles W. Hunter, D.D.G.M. Wor. George M. Rogers has now reached his 60th year as a Mason.
  • May 1: A group of singers from St. Andrew's Church in Boston (Ukranian) entertain the Lodge in the banquet hall and later in the Lodge, raise a friend and member in short form in an impressive ceremony.
  • November 6: The Lodge accepts the Past Master's Jewel of our late Brother J. W. Harris Wright from his daughter, and it is voted that the Secretary send a letter of thanks from the Lodge.
  • January 1: The Lodge was opened today, the first day of the year, with only the officers present. The records of the last regular communication were read, and there being no further business on this Holiday, the Lodge was closed in form.
  • March 5 : The District Deputy Grand Master paid a Fraternal Visit to the Lodge. The work of the evening consisted of the Master's lecture in the Fellow Craft Degree. After closing, the members were privileged to watch an exemplification of the second degree by members of Crusader Chapter, Order of DeMolay.
  • September 3: The elected and appointed officers are installed at a public ceremony with a large attendance.
  • November 5: The District Deputy Grand Master pays an official visit to the Lodge and during the evening Bro. Leon Mincher, an active member in Lodge affairs, is conducted to the East and presented a Veteran's Medal.
  • February 4: One candidate is raised in short form by associates, all of whom are former members of the Order of DeMolay. Our Secretary is on the sick list and the minutes of the previous meeting are not read.
  • March 3: Six members manage to reach the apartments in spite of the severe blizzard raging, and the Lodge is opened in form at 8:15 p.m. with Wor. James W. Campbell, Past Master, in the East, and Bro. Harry Doyle at his usual post as Tyler. The Lodge is closed in form at 8:25 p.m.
  • December 1: After dinner, Herbert A. Philbrick, former counterspy for the FBI and author of the book I Led Three Lives, gave a most stirring talk which was enthusiastically received by the extremely large audience present. The 14th annual Children's Christmas Party is as usual a success.
  • February 2: Dorchester Lodge is again honored in having the office of District Deputy Grand Master filled by one of our Past Masters. R.W. Donald R. McClelland is escorted to the East, and on behalf of the Lodge, is presented the jewel of his office by R.W. Rutherford E. Smith.
  • June 1: The report of the nominating committee is read and accepted at the annual meeting and the nominees are balloted upon. This being Past Masters' Night, all the offices are occupied by the Lodge Past Masters, with Wor. George M. Rogers in the East and assisted by Wor. Irving B. Fraser. This is to be George's last appearance in the Lodge as the Brethren are saddened to hear of his death later in the summer.
  • September: The Sacred Scroll is read for Wor. George 11. Rogers, who died at the age of 86. He was the first Master of Dorchester Lodge, Past Master of Belmont Lodge, and Past Master of Milton Lodge, a Master Mason for 65 years, and was active in the affairs of the Lodge.
  • December 16: The annual Children's Christmas Party is held on this date.
  • April 5: The Kilwinning Club, in their colorful Scottish costumes, raise the candidate in long form, and at the conclusion, an impressive charge is given. Two of our Past Masters are on this team.

I should like to close this review of the history of the first half century of Dorchester Lodge with the hope that each and every member will do his utmost in the interest of our Lodge and give it his continued support.


  • 1936 (Reduction of fees)



From New England Craftsman, Vol. VIII, No. 8, May 1913, Page 272:

WilliamSchallenbach.jpg WilliamBRand.jpg GeorgeMRogers.jpg
William Schallenbach; William B. Rand; George M. Rogers

Dorchester Lodge, Dorchester, Mass. was constituted Thursday, May 1st, in the presence of the largest number of Masons ever assembled on any similar occasion in Massachusetts. Several causes contributed to this result, among others the fact the the Worshipful Master who was to be installed was already a popular Past Master of a sister lodge, a member of still another and a brother-in-law of the Grand Master, who officiated. There was also the general popularity of the half hundred or more of petitioners for the charter and lastly the good fellowship and cordial goodwill of all the other brethren of the vicinity; so there is no wonder that the Masonic Apartments on this occasion was filled to overflowing by interested Masons who wished a hearty success for the new enterprise.

Following the opening of the lodge a banquet was served at which 350 seats were filled. The Grand Master and members of the Grand Lodge, with invited guests, occupied the head table. Worshipful William F. Schallenbach, the Master under dispensation, presided. A substantial supper was served during which music was furnished by an orchestra.

Officers of the Grand Lodge were: Everett C. Benton, Grand Master; William H. L. Odell, as Deputy Grand Master; Melvin M. Johnson, as Senior Grand Warden; Charles W. Schuler, Junior Grand Warden; Charles H. Ramsay, Grand Treasurer; Thomas W. Davis, Recording Grand Secretary; Rev. E. A. Horton, Grand Chaplain; George C. Thacher, Grand Marshal; and many of the District Deputy Grand Masters of the State, with other appointed officers; Past Grand Masters: Charles T. Gallagher, J. Albert Blake, Dana J. Flanders; Past Deputy Grand Masters: Harvey N. Shepard, Henry A. Belcher, J. Gilman Waite; Past Wardens: James M. Gleason, Dr. Horace E. Marion, John A. McKim, Frank W. Mead, Charles I. Litchfield, Henry G. Jordan, Samuel Hauser, Walter F. Medding, Charles E. Phipps, Albro A. Osgood, Edward G. Graves, Harry P. Ballard and Herbert F. French.

There were also of the suite Most Illustrious Edgar W. Evans, grand master of the Grand Council, R. & S. M.; Most Excellent Eugene A. Holton, Grand High Priest of the Grand R. A. Chapter; R. Walter Hilliard, a former District Deputy; Oscar F. Allen of the Grand Lodge auditing committee and Past Master Leonard G. Roberts of St. John's Lodge.

When the Grand Lodge officers had assumed their stations Grand Sec. Davis read the charter with the names of the original petitioners, and the ceremony of constitution took place in accordance with ancient usages of the craft, Acting Deputy Grand Master Odell, Acting Senior Grand Warden Johnson and Junior Grand Warden Schuler officiating in the libations of corn, wine and oil. The invocation was by Grand Chaplain Horton and there was special music by a quartet.

The proclamation that the lodge had been duly constituted was made by the Grand Marshal.

The officers were installed as follows: George M. Rogers, WM; William B. Rand, SW; Charles A. Leavitt, JW; Robert G. Wilson (PM), T; Charles H. Holmes, S; Rev. W. E. Clifton Smith, C; Charles M. Estabrook, M; Fred A. Wright, SD; Charles W. Stiles, JD; Harry J. Baker, SS; Rutherford E. Smith, JS; A. J. A. Hamilton, IS; William W. Chute (PM), Organist; Alexander G. McDonald, Tyler.

Grand Sec. Davis read, as the charge to the officers, the same one that was delivered by Grand Master Paul Revere in his day.

An unusual incident marked the exercises. Samuel T. Rogers, father of the incoming master and a member of Benton Lodge, Guildhall, Vt., was called to a seat beside the grand master in the East, and permitted to see his son installed in the chair of a second lodge in the course of his Masonic career.

Two testimonials were bestowed on Past Master William F. Schallenbach, who has presided over Dorchester Lodge while under dispensation. As a mark of appreciation from the officers who have been associated with him, Worshipful Master Rogers presented an elegant emblematic diamond ring, while as evidence of regard fom the lodge, Past Master Frank M. Weymouth gave a Past Master's jewel ornamented with a diamond.

Worshipful Master Rogers presented Grand Master Benton a check for $5 as a contribution to the Masonic Home Maintenance Fund and the Grand Master returned his thanks for the donation. He also tended his congratulations to the lodgt predicted for it a brilliant career.

Among the popular members of the lodge is Brother P. A. Melville widely known as the writer of Masonic news for the Boston Globe. Brother Melville needs no introduction in any Masonic body anywhere within our knowledge. His genial comradeship makes every one his friend.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XIX, No. 4, January 1924, Page 126:

Dorchester Lodge put over another capacity meeting on Thursday, December 6, when the guests of the evening were Ihe Police Square Club of Massachusetts. The gathering at dinner preceding the meeting numbered in excess of 200, and the brethren were particularly gratified to hear an address by Rt. Wor. Edward C. R. Bagley, District Deputy Grand Master for the Third District. Comp. J. Arthur McCoy, Master of the Lodge, is to he congratulated on the splendid attendance and the remarkably fine work which was done by his own officers and the visitors on this occasion. Lieut. John M. Anderson, of the Boston Police Department, received his Third Degree at the hands of his associates in police work, and he, as well as the visiting members, had an evening which will long be remembered.

On Thursday, December 13, in Dorchester Lodge. Ex. Comp. George M. Rogers installed Raymond E. Bolles, Senior Warden; Rev. Norman J. Raison, Chaplain; Frank W. Prescott, Junior Steward: E. Deane Seely. Inside Sentinel, and Edward B. Whittredge, Organist. He was assisted by Bro. Fulton H. Parker as Marshal.




1912: District 4 (South Boston)

1927: District 4 (Roxbury)


Massachusetts Lodges