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From Proceedings, Page 1974-200:

The Association's Charter is dated February 11, 1922. Its purpose is to provide and maintain facilities for the association and accommodation for societies of Free Masons and other charitable or social bodies of like character and purpose, and for the establishment and maintenance of a place for reading rooms, libraries and social meetings.

This Association was endowed by certain dedicated Masons who made contributions to the association for its original capital. While the Directors were considering the building of a Masonic Temple, a Mr. George M. D. Legg invited the Association to consider leasing space at his new building located in Uphams Corner, Dorchester, Mass. As a result the upper floor of the new building was constructed to accommodate Masonic Bodies. At the time the five bodies interested in using the Apartments formed an auxiliary association with each body to have three members called the Directors of the Masonic Apartments. It was their function to represent their organization in the operation of the Masonic Apartments.

During the last ten years of the Association under the leadership of Bro. Ralph Lowe, Jr., its President, the Association has had to contend with the deterioration of the neighborhood, as well as the lodge room itself, and it became evident that a change had to be made.

A Residence Committee was appointed by Bro. Lowe with Rt. Wor. Earl Leake as Chairman to see what could be done: renovate present quarters, build a temple, find another location or disband.

The Committee finally contacted the Mattapan Baptist Church, whose members indicated an interest in having the Masons share their building. Under the direction of Bro. Frank Crimp, who acted as the architect, the Minister of the Church, Rev. Bro. Everett A. Sherwood, and his deacons, these magnificent Masonic quarters have been constructed.

With the help of the Creator of the Universe, the Church and the Association of the Masonic Bodies, there will evolve a social relationship that will be second to none.