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Location: Orleans

Chartered By: Leon M. Abbott

Charter Date: 06/13/1918 1918-117

Precedence Date: 08/31/1917

Current Status: Active


  • Anthony F. Brier, 1917-1919
  • John Kenrick, 1920, 1921
  • Charles F. Nichols, 1922, 1923
  • Everett W. Perry, 1924, 1925
  • Richard H. Hopkins, 1926, 1927
  • Albert T. Nelson, 1928, 1929
  • Elnathan E. Eldridge, Jr., 1930, 1931
  • Cyril W. Downs, 1932, 1933; N
  • Roy S. Rogers, 1934, 1935
  • Thomas B. R. Crowell, 1936
  • Roger F. Smith, 1937, 1938; N
  • Herbert B. Mitchell, 1939, 1940
  • John H. Walsh, 1941, 1942
  • Albion H. Besse, 1943, 1944
  • Arthur J. Young, 1945, 1946
  • Reuben S. Hopkins, 1947, 1948
  • Emerson B. Wentworth, 1949
  • Carl H. Handel, 1950
  • Everett I. Young, 1951
  • Cecil R. Mayo, 1952
  • Clyde L. Becker, 1953
  • Herbert F. Wilcox, 1954, 1955; N
  • Gordon R. Forsberg, 1958, 1979
  • George A. Higgins, 1959, 1960
  • Alfred E. Holler, 1961, 1962
  • Joseph L. Putnam, 1963
  • James S. Philbrick, Jr., 1964, 1965
  • Ernest C. Borso, 1966, 1967
  • Kenneth E. Sanderson, 1968
  • Lawrence R. Leonard, 1969, 1970; N
  • Roger A. Young, 1971
  • Howard C. Sinclair, 1972, 1973
  • Frederick J. Morell, 1974
  • Emery S. Loud, 1975
  • Leon Earl Sylver, 1976
  • Alan W. Estabrook, 1977, 1978
  • David A. Schofield, 1980, 1981; PDDGM
  • Gordon C. Templeton, 1982
  • Robert J. Walther, 1983-1985
  • H. Russell Sheely, 1986
  • Robert A. Dalpe, 1987, 1988
  • Vartkes A. Perperian, 1989-1991, 1999
  • James C. Killian, 1992
  • Hughes H. Wagner, 1993
  • Herbert B. Kinney, 1994; PDDGM
  • Donald V. Kochka, Jr., 1995, 2009
  • Truman Henson, Jr., 1996; PDDGM
  • Eric M. Reed, 1997
  • William F. Reade, Jr., 1998
  • Glen A. Southwick, 2000, 2001
  • Donald L. Haden, 2002
  • Clarence B. Whichard, III, 2003, 2004
  • Randall L. Gifford, 2005
  • William Darin Krum, 2006, 2007; PDDGM
  • William H. Amaru, 2008
  • Randall L. Chow, 2011, 2012
  • Robert E. Felt, 2013


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1917
  • Petition for Charter: 1918


  • 1932 (15th Anniversary)
  • 1942 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1967 (50th Anniversary)
  • 1992 (75th Anniversary)



1926 1927 1932 1949 1958 1965 1972 1976 1979 1980 1981 1982 1985 1986 1989 1992 1994 1995 1998 2003 2008 2013 2015


  • 1932 (15th Anniversary History, 1932-84; see below)
  • 1942 (History 1932-1942, 1942-109; see below)
  • 1967 (50th Anniversary History, 1967-403; see below)
  • 1974 (History at hall dedication, 1974-216; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1932-84:

By R. W. John Kenrick.

Someone has said "Let who will write the history of a country, if 1 may write its songs" which may be interpreted to mean something like this — that it is easier, more interesting, more pleasing, perhaps, to the listener to talk, to write, to deal in glittering generalities — songs, than to present in an interesting manner hard, dry, historical facts, and while we may not aspire to be song writers, I think all appreciate this phase of the quotation, "Let who will write the history of a country if I may write its songs."

The question might reasonably be asked why this historic town of Orleans chartered in 1797 (or, speaking in the language of this Bi-Centennial year, eight years after Washington's first inauguration as President) should have continued one hundred and twenty years without a Masonic Lodge. This question may have been answered in part by the Orleans school boy who in an essay on Cape Cod began something like this —"Cape Cod resembles the human arm, we of Orleans live at the elbow and the other towns cluster around." Geographically, the boy's statement has some element of truth — Chatham with St. Martin's Lodge borders Orleans on the south, Harwich with Pilgrim and Mt. Horeb Lodges invites us from the west, and Adams Lodge, of Wellfleet, contrary to a Masonic landmark, shines upon us from the north.

Undoubtedly the nearness and availability of these four Lodges afforded ample outlet for Masonic ambitions and aspirations in Orleans for a long term of years, but the urge for a Masonic Lodge in Orleans was here though dormant, and became active about 1908 when a number of resident Masons gathered at the Nauset Inn and discussed the forming of a Lodge in Orleans. A committee was appointed to consider the matter and confer with Grand Lodge, but the illness and subsequent death of one of the committee discouraged further effort. Eight years later on Friday evening, April 14, 1916, a group of Masons, citizens of Orleans, assembled in Mechanics Hall and organized under the name of "The Gentlemen's Club of Orleans" Joseph H. Cummings was chosen Chairman, George W. Geers, secretary, and Charles F. Nichols, treasurer.

A constitution and by-laws were adopted at the next meeting. Article 1 of the Constitution provided that the name of the Club should be Mayflower Club and its object the social intercourse of its members; that the officers should be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Joseph H. Cummings was elected President, James F. Eldredge, Vice-President, George W. Geers, Secretary, and Elnathan E. Eldredge, Treasurer.

Article 1 of the by-laws provided that only Master Masons in good and regular standing should become members by election, signing the by-laws, and paying a fee of two dollars.

Penalties were imposed for violation of the rules of the Club. Non-payment of dues brought suspension, and improper conduct calculated to bring the Club into disrepute involved expulsion, nor were the wants of the inner man forgotten for Article 11 of the by-laws provided that refreshments should be served at each meeting, each member partaking to pay fifteen cents.

The meeting of May 15 voted thanks to Brother Elisha Robbins, of Wellfleet, for oysters presented to the Club.

The only public appearance of Mayflower Club was its attendance at the Methodist Episcopal Church of Orleans, on Sunday, June 24, 1916, for the observance of St. John's Day, on invitation of the pastor, Rev. Bro. William T. Carter, of Paul Revere Lodge, of Brockton, Mass. From careful search and inquiry the writer can learn of no earlier St. John's Day observance in Orleans.

Although the early records of Mayflower Club show no discussion relative to forming a Masonic Lodge in Orleans, the care exercised in the formation of the Club, the keeping of its records, the receiving of members, and the following of Masonic precedent and teachings in the framing of its constitution and bylaws, show conclusively that here was being laid the foundation for a Masonic Lodge in Orleans.

The first recorded discussion came at the meeting of May 19, 1916, when it was voted to have President Cummings confer with the Grand Lodge relative to instituting a Masonic Lodge in Orleans. From this date events, so far as Mayflower Club was concerned, moved rapidly.

At the meeting of June 16th President Cummings reported that the Masonic jurisdiction of Orleans was vested jointly in four lodges, viz. Adams, of Wellfleet, St. Martin's, of Chatham, and Pilgrim and Mt. Horeb, of Harwich, and that the assent of these Lodges to a petition to the Grand Master to form a Masonic Lodge in Orleans was necessary.

The meeting of June 23rd instructed its President to draw up a petition to the Grand Master for a Masonic Lodge in Orleans and to secure the necessary signatures and the Secretary was instructed to notify all Masons in Orleans, Eastham, and Brewster that the meeting of June 30th would choose the first Master, the first Senior Warden, and the first Junior Warden of the proposed Lodge.

At that meeting Wor. Bro. Anthony F. Brier was chosen first Master, Bro. John Kenrick, first Senior Warden, and Bro. Thomas P. Consodine, first Junior Warden.

It was voted to name the proposed Lodge Joseph H. Cummings Lodge by a vote of 14 to 1 in recognition of Bro. Cummings' untiring efforts to secure a Masonic Lodge for Orleans. This action was later reconsidered and the name Universal substituted. (The naming of Lodges for living persons is not permitted). The meeting of July 14 attested to the rapidity with which Mayflower Club was seeking to accomplish its ambition by completing the organization of the proposed Lodge as follows —

  • Treasurer, Thomas Downs
  • Secretary, George W. Geers
  • Chaplain, Joseph H. Cummings
  • Marshal, Clifford L. Harris
  • Senior Deacon, Edgar H. Upham
  • Junior Deacon , Charles F. Nichols
  • Senior Steward, Everett W. Perry
  • Junior Steward, Richard H. Hopkins
  • Tyler, James Boland

That Mayflower Club built a sound Masonic structure is shown by the fact that at the institution of Universal Lodge exactly fourteen months later, no change was made in its organization.

The petition addressed to the Grand Master to form a Masonic Lodge in Orleans to be named Universal Lodge was signed by Wor. Bro. Anthony F. Brier, Bros. John Kenrick, Thomas P. Consodine, and thirty-nine others; of these twenty-one came from Pilgrim Lodge, Harwich, five from St. Martin's Lodge, Chatham, three from Adams Lodge, Wellfleet, two from Mt. Horeb Lodge, Harwich, and one from each of the following Lodges — King Hiram, of Provincetown, Hyatt No. 205, of Brooklyn, N. Y., Middlesex, of Framingham, Macedonian, of Milton, Union, of Pawtucket, R. I., Palestine, of Everett, Lodge of Stirling, of Maiden, Wyoming, of Melrose, Richmond No. 63 of Richmond, Me., Rural, of Quincy — a total of forty-two names.

The petition was presented to the Grand Master on December 13, 1916, with the following signatures:

  • Anthony F. Brier
  • John Kenrick
  • T. P. Consodine
  • F. Bourne Lake
  • George Southward
  • W. W. Wixon
  • Everett W. Perry
  • George W. Geers
  • Charles F. Nichols
  • Gardner V. Fuller
  • Joseph H. Cummings
  • George W. Higgins
  • Edward F. Hopkins
  • Orville W. Crosby
  • James Boland
  • Hiram M. Malchman
  • Edgar H. Upham
  • George R. Marquet
  • Harry M. Young
  • Clifford L. Harris
  • Richard F. Rich
  • Richard H. Hopkins
  • Frank A. Besse
  • Archie R. Ryder
  • Charles I. Schofield
  • George C. Ellis
  • Thomas Downs
  • Solon S. Rich
  • William M. Knowles
  • N. N. Baker
  • Francis H. Perry
  • Franklin B. Crocker
  • John E. Brier
  • John A. Consodine
  • L. A. Crocker
  • J. F. Eldredge
  • Charles F. Poor
  • Elnathan E. Eldredge
  • Herbert H. Burr
  • Willard L. Potter
  • Herbert D. Stewart
  • Warren Edwards

Adams Lodge assented to the petition Aug. 19, 1916, Pilgrim Lodge on Oct. 5, 1916, St. Martin's Lodge on Nov. 6, 1916, and Mt. Horeb Lodge gave its assent Dec. 6, 1916.

The movement to form a Masonic Lodge in Orleans received a fresh impetus when the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott was pleased to visit Orleans in August, 1917. The Grand Master was escorted to the Town Hall by a committee of Mayflower Club where were assembled R. W. Everett I. Nye, D. D. G. M. for the Thirty-second Masonic District, officers and members of Mayflower Club, and others.

The Grand Master carefully went over the ground and by questions and suggestions brought out the salient features of the situation and while no promises were made the meeting dissolved with a decided feeling of optimism on the part of the Masons of Orleans.

A Dispensation was granted to form a Masonic Lodge in Orleans named Universal Lodge on Aug. 31, 1917, with Wor. Bro. Anthony F. Brier as Master, Bro. John Kenrick as Senior Warden, and Bro. Thomas P. Consodine as Junior Warden. The Dispensation was sent to R. W. Everett I. Nye, D. D. G. M. for the Thirty-second Masonic District for delivery on Aug. 31, 1917. With its usual foresight Mayflower Club secured Odd Fellows Hall as a meeting place for the new Lodge at its Institution. With its ambition achieved, its work done, Mayflower Club passed into history leaving with us unbounded love and admiration for its founder and its first and only President, Bro. Joseph H. Cummings, from whose tireless energy and ceaseless endeavor LJniversal Lodge was born, and who was its first Chaplain, holding that office at intervals for over four years and up to within a few months of his death.

At the constitution of Universal Lodge, the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott, was pleased to present Brother Cummings with a Henry Price Medal for his faithful service to the Craft and his efforts to establish Universal Lodge. Bro. Cummings was a Charter member of Universal Lodge. He was raised in Pilgrim Lodge, Harwich, June 1, 1867, and was a member of Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter, of Harwich and of DeMolay Commandery, Boston.

He died at his home in Orleans on May 22, 1922, at the ripe age of eighty-two years. His funeral was held in the First Universalist Church, Orleans, which he had always attended and which his father helped to found nearly one hundred years ago. His funeral, strictly Masonic at his request, was conducted by Universal Lodge, the Wor. Master of Pilgrim Lodge assisting, with Rev. Bro. Thomas Cross, of Messalonskee Lodge, of Oakland, Me., and pastor of the church, acting as Chaplain. The first regular communication of Universal Lodge U.D. was held in Odd Fellows Hall, Orleans, on Friday evening, Sept. 14, 1917. The Dispensation was read and the following officers seated by R. W. Everett I. Nye, D.D.G.M. of the 32nd Masonic District —

  • Master, Anthony F. Brier
  • Senior Warden, John Kenrick
  • Junior Warden, Thomas P. Consodine
  • Treasurer, Thomas Downs
  • Secretary, George W. Geers
  • Chaplain , Joseph H. Cummings
  • Marshal, Clifford L. Harris
  • Senior Deacon, Edgar H. Upham
  • Junior Deacon , Charles F. Nichols
  • Senior Steward, Everett W. Perry
  • Junior Steward, Richard H. Hopkins
  • Tyler, James Boland

The second Friday of each month was made the regular meeting night of the Lodge. The fee for degrees was made $30 and the yearly dues $5. William Mortimer Higgins and Arnaldo Natino were recommended for initiation and membership. Votes of thanks were extended to St. Martin's Lodge, of Chatham, for the use of their officers' aprons, to King Hiram's Lodge, of Provincetown, for the loan of officers' jewels, to Junior Warden Brother Thomas P. Consodine for the gift of a Holy Bible, square and compasses, to Bros. Perry and Hopkins for the gift of an altar, to Bro. Malchman for his contribution for aprons, and to Fraternal Lodge I. O. O. F. for the use of its hall for the evening; and the Secretary was instructed to purchase officers' jewels and all necessary regalia, books,etc. for Lodge use. At the second regular communication on Oct. 12th, it was voted to rent I. O. O. F. Hall for one year at $3 a night when used and the Lodge continued to occupy that hall until it removed to its present quarters.

During the year following institution, Universal Lodge busied itself in perfecting its officers in the Masonic ritual, increasing its membership, and responding as promptly and fully as it was able to all requests and demands made upon it by the Grand Lodge in its endeavor to erect a sound Masonic structure worthy to be chartered.

A Charter was voted by the Grand Lodge June 14, 1918, and delivered December 2, 1918. This delay of nearly six months was caused by the following reasons—the illness of the Master, Wor. Bro. Brier; the ban put upon all public gatherings by local and state boards of health on account of the influenza epidemic; and the Government objection to public meetings on account of the World War. Universal Lodge was constituted December 2, 1918.

The Grand Lodge record of this event is as follows:

December 2, A.L. 5918

A Special Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was held in the town of Orleans on Monday, the second day of December, A.L. 5918, A.D. 1918, for the purpose of Constituting Universal Lodge.


  • M. W. Leon M. Abbott, Grand Master
  • R. W. Myron L. Keith, Deputy Grand Master
  • R. W. William L. Johnson, Senior Grand Warden
  • R. W. Edmund S. Young, Junior Grand Warden
  • R. W. Charles H. Ramsay, Grand Treasurer
  • R. W. Frederick W. Hamilton, Grand Secretary
  • R. W. Thomas H. Nickerson, D.D.G. Master, Dist. No. 32
  • W. Rev. R. Perry Bush, D.D., Grand Chaplain
  • R. W. Edward N. West, Grand Marshal
  • W. George T. Wiley, Senior Grand Deacon
  • R. W. Edward Kendrick, Past D. D. G. Master, Dist. 28
  • R. W. Oliver H. Linnell, Past D. D. G. Master, Dist. 28
  • R. W. Henry B. Hart, Past D. D. G. Master, Dist. 32
  • R. W. J. Hayden Higgins, Past D. D. G. Master, Dist. 32
  • R. W. Everett I. Nye, Past D. D. G. Master, Dist. 32

On account of lack of space in the Lodge-room the Lodge was constituted in the town hall of Orleans which was properly prepared and duly tyled for the ceremony.

The Grand Lodge was opened in Ample Form in a convenient apartment at five minutes before eight o'clock in the evening. Request for Constitution having been duly made by the Master and Wardens designate of Universal Lodge and assent having been given by the Grand Master, the Grand Lodge proceeded to the main hall. The officers of the Grand Lodge having assumed their stations, Universal Lodge was Constituted in due and ancient form with full ceremonial.

The Grand Master addressed the Brethren in memorable words of cheer, exhortation, and congratulation. The address of Constitution was delivered by Worshipful and Reverend R. Perry Bush, D.D., Grand Chaplain. His eloquent and interesting address was listened to by the Brethren with evident delight. Addresses were also made by R. W. Frederick W. Hamilton, Grand Secretary, and by Reverend Brother George W. Clark, Chaplain of Pilgrim Lodge, whose eloquent and inspiring words fully justified the high regard and esteem felt for him by all the Brethren in the Thirty-second Masonic District.

Due proclamation having been made by the Grand Marshal, the Grand Lodge returned to the room in which it was opened and was closed in Ample Form at thirty-five minutes past ten o'clock.

A true abstract of the record.
Attest: (Signed) FREDERICK W. HAMILTON Grand Secretary


  • Wor. Anthony F. Brier, Master
  • John Kenrick, Senior Warden
  • Thomas P. Consodine, Junior Warden
  • James F. Eldredge, Treasurer
  • George W. Geers, Secretary
  • Rev. Arnaldo Natino, Chaplain
  • Clifford L. Harris, Marshal
  • Edgar H. Upham, Senior Deacon
  • Charles F. Nichols, Junior Deacon
  • Warren Edwards, Senior Steward
  • Herbert D. Stewart, Junior Steward
  • James Boland, Tyler


  • Anthony F. Brier
  • John Kenrick
  • Thomas P. Consodine
  • James F. Eldredge
  • George W. Geers
  • Edgar H. Upham
  • Charles F. Nichols
  • Everett W. Perry
  • Richard H. Hopkins
  • James Boland
  • Thomas Downs
  • Clifford L. Harris
  • George W. Higgins
  • Joseph H. Cummings
  • William W. Wixon
  • Herbert D. Stewart
  • Warren Edwards
  • Hiram M. Malchman
  • Edward F. Hopkins
  • Archie R. Ryder
  • Solon S. Rich
  • George Southward
  • Charles F. Poor
  • Frank A. Besse
  • Orville W. Crosby
  • Elnathan E. Eldredge
  • Gardner V. Fuller
  • Louis A. Crocker
  • Willard L. Potter
  • Herbert H. Burr
  • John E. Brier
  • Charles I. Schofield

At the regular communication of Universal Lodge on April 11, 1919, Most Wor. Leon M. Abbott was elected an honorary member and at the regular communication on October 14, 1921, the Lodge made a permanent record of Most Wor. Bro. Abbott's preferment to the office of Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33°. To both of these expressions of love and admiration from his Brethren of Universal Lodge Grand Master Abbott was pleased to respond with most fraternal and appreciative words to the great delight ot his Orleans Brethren.

While the desire for a permanent home for U/niversal Lodge was ever present in the minds of its members, the first recorded discussion came at the meeting of Sept. 9, 1921, when it was voted that the notice of the next regular communication should bear a motion to set aside 50% of the Lodge's surplus funds as a building fund for a Masonic Temple. That meeting voted to set aside for that purpose two-thirds ot the Lodge's surplus funds. The earliest personal contributions to the building fund were made at the communication of Nov. 11 when Brother Edward A. W. Hammatt, of Belmont Lodge, of Belmont, Mass., presented his check for $25 and Wor. Bro. John Kenrick offered to contribute a building site for the proposed Temple. At this meeting the Master appointed Brothers Joseph L. Rogers, Elnathan E. Eldredge, and Joseph R. Rogers a building committee. Later this committee was empowered to finance the building operations. From this date progress was rapid and worthy of Universal Lodge's forbear Mayflower Club, although it soon became evident to the most enthusiastic that the vision of a Masonic Temple completed involved a vaster effort than the institution of a Lodge.

Contributions to the building fund continued to be made, Universal Club contributed $291, Brothers Willard L. Potter and James B. Steele each offered a building site. With three building sites proffered for the proposed Temple a building site committee was appointed by the Master, as follows — Brothers Joseph R. Rogers, Albert T. Nelson, Arthur L. Sparrow, Joseph L. Rogers, and Joseph W. Sherman.

Various sites and buildings were considered when sentiment finally crystallized in October, 1922, in the purchase and interior remodeling of the building which is today the home of Universal Lodge. The property was formerly the Calvin Snow estate built about 1875 and was for a long time one of the show places of Orleans. The magnificent American elms which tonight tower above us were planted by the founder.

The title was taken over in the names of John Kenrick, James B. Steele, and Joseph L. Rogers, trustees, and comprised about twelve acres with dwelling house and other buildings.

The price paid was $5500 representing a first mortgage of $3500 and a second mortgage of $2000. The second mortgagor offered to discharge his mortgage for $1500. Sixty-four members of Universal Lodge contributed $1400, $100 came from other sources, and the second mortgage was cancelled. The main building and about two acres of land were retained by the Trustees and the remainder of the estate sold, realizing $1200 which was applied to the reduction of the first mortgage. In the fall of 1927 the Trustees in a final drive to wipe out the mortgage resting upon the Temple, then $2800, issued and sold mainly to the members of Universal Lodge two hundred and eighty $10 non-interest bearing notes dated October 17, 1927, and payable in fourteen years, signed by Joseph L. Rogers, Charles F. Nichols, Everett W. Perry, Trustees. Of these, twenty-five notes have been contributed, sixty-three paid, and one hundred ninety-two are outstanding.

At the one hundred nineteenth regular communication of Universal Lodge held on July 13, 1928, the mortgage was burned in the presence of an enthusiastic gathering of the Brethren by Wor. Master Albert T. Nelson.

The first meeting of Universal Lodge in this Temple was on June 8, 1923, it being the fifty-eighth regular communication, Worshipful Master Charles F. Nichols, presiding.

Eight names of candidates for initiation and membership were presented at this meeting. A rising vote of thanks was given Brother James B. Steele for his efforts in furnishing the Lodge-room. Brother Steele, a trustee of Universal Lodge, was a vital factor in the preparation of this Temple as a home for Universal Lodge from the time of its purchase to the completion of the last detail of its furnishings. Considerable of the decorating of the walls which we view tonight was the work of his hands. All the furniture and equipment of the Lodge-room were contributed by members, or friends and relatives of deceased members at Brother Steele's suggestion and solicitation and all were of his selection, each piece being marked by a brass plate with the donor's name. At a public installation of the officers of Universal Lodge on December 7, 1924, Brother Steele gave a most interesting and instructive talk covering the period from the inception of this Temple to its completion. The report of this meeting records another most interesting feature. The gathering was most delightfully entertained at a banquet which followed by the Rev. Hazel I. Kirke, a former pastor of the First Universalist Church of Orleans, with a talk on Japan and its people from her five years' residence in Tokyo as a missionary. She was most enthusiastically received and applauded by the Brethren not only for her eloquent address but also as the sister of a Brother Mason.

The Temple was dedicated on October 5, 1923, by Most Worshipful Dudley H. Ferrell, Grand Master, and suite. The Grand Lodge record of this event is as follows:

October 5, A.L. 5923

A Special Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was held in the town of Orleans on Friday, the fifth day of October, A.L. 5923, A.D. 1923, for the purpose of dedicating a Masonic Temple.



The Grand Lodge was opened in Ample Form in a convenient apartment of the Temple at quarter before eight o'clock in the evening, and thereafter proceeded under proper escort to the principal Lodge-room where it was received in due form by the officers of Universal Lodge there open. The Grand Officers assumed their stations and the Orleans Temple was dedicated in full form with all the ceremonies of the Order. The address of the Grand Master was highly complimentary to the accomplishments of this young Lodge and full of encouragement for the future. Addresses were also made by the Deputy Grand Master and the Grand Secretary.
At the conclusion of the ceremonies the Grand Lodge withdrew and was closed in Ample Form at quarter before ten o'clock.
A true abstract of the record.
Attest: (signed) FREDERICK W. HAMILTON Grand Secretary

Universal Lodge entertained the Grand Officers at dinner previous to the ceremonies in a most hospitable manner. The Lodge has purchased and remodeled a roomy private residence and built a commodious Lodge-room in the rear. Many beautiful gifts of furniture and equipment have been presented to the Lodge, and each is properly marked with an inscribed plate. Universal Lodge deserves high praise for its efforts and may well be congratulated on its success.

The first gathering of Masons in this building, then the Hotel Southward, was on the evening of December 8, 1916, when Mayflower Club held a banquet here with after-dinner speaking. He would have been a bold prophet who had predicted at that banquet that six and a half years later the dream of Mayflower Club would be realized and this building become the home of a Masonic Lodge.

The first public appearance of Universal Lodge of record, was its observance of St. John's Day on June 22, 1919, at the First Universalist Church, Orleans, on the invitation of the pastor, Rev. Brother Roderick J. Mooney, D. D. The Lodge assembled at the Town Hall and with visiting Brethren from other Lodges in the thirty-second District proceeded to the church and listened to an eloquent address by the pastor.

The first funeral conducted by Universal Lodge was that of its Senior Warden, Brother Thomas P. Consodine, at the First Unitarian Church in Brewster, Mass., on November 21, 1920. The Masonic burial service was conducted by Wor. Bro. John Kenrick, Master of the Lodge, and Rev. Bro. Ernest A. Chase as Chaplain, Pilgrim Lodge of Harwich, assisting.


In addition to the presentations previously enumerated various gifts have been presented to the Lodge from time to time. On December 14, 1917, a gavel appropriately inscribed was presented by Pilgrim Lodge, of Harwich, in token of friendly and fraternal relations.

On February 13, 1920, a Low Twelve was presented by former Junior Warden, Edgar H. Upham.

On February 13, 1925, Brother Henry A. White presented a United States flag. A rising vote of thanks was given Brother White for this patriotic and Masonic gesture. At a later date Brother White made the gift of a safe.

At the eighty-fifth regular communication held on September 11, 1925, R. W. John Kenrick in behalf of Orleans Chapter No. 201, O. E. S., presented a Massachusetts State flag. The Master, Wor. Bro. Perry, accepted the gift with most eloquent and appreciative words. The ladies of Orleans Chapter have placed a piano in the Lodge room with the consent of Universal Lodge. Wor. Bro. Harvey S. Hartwell, a Past Master of Isaac Parker Lodge, of Waltham, and Secretary for one year of Universal Lodge, presented the Three Lesser Lights.

In May, 1927, a Masonic chart was presented to the memory of Brother Edward A. Drown, of Horace Chase Lodge No. 72, Penacook, N. H.

There were thirty-two members at the Institution of Universal Lodge. One hundred forty-three more have been raised and affiliated. Twenty have deceased. Thirteen have demitted.

The present membership is one hundred thirty-eight. The records show one hundred sixty-five regular and sixty-rive special communications have been held. Eight masters have served. Seven are living.

Wor. Bro. Anthony F. Brier, the first Master of Universal Lodge and a Charter member, served as Master one year, two months, and eighteen days under Dispensation and one year under the Charter. He was raised in Pilgrim Lodge, Harwich, April 17, 1883 and served that Lodge as Master in 1897-8-9. He deceased April 3, 1924.

Universal Lodge has had one District Deputy Grand Master for the thirty-second District, serving in 1924 and 25, R. W. John Kenrick.

An exemplification of the work and lectures of the three degrees for the nine Lodges in the thirty-second District was held in this Temple on May 24, 1924.

Universal Lodge joined the Fifteenth Lodge of Instruction on July 13, 1928. The Lodge of Instruction for the six Lodges in the thirty-second Provincetown District meets in this Temple the third Tuesday of each month.

Three Grand Masters have visited Universal Lodge since Institution. At the regular communication held on Friday, May 13, 1932, M. W. Curtis Chipman, Grand Master, was elected an honorary member. The Grand Master's response to this fraternal gesture was most enthusiastically received by the Brethren of Universal Lodge.

The World War made no inroads in the membership of Universal Lodge. In that great conflict its members responded to every call to duty in the spirit of patriotic service.

As an example of how those stirring times affected Lodge activities, it is interesting to note that the present Master, Wor. Bro. Downs, was entered in Universal Lodge on May 11, 1918, left for active service the following day, and received his Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees in Escambia Lodge No. 15, Pensacola, Florida, July 18th and August 1, 1918, respectively.

In the preparation of this history I am deeply indebted to the Secretaries and officers, past and present, of the Lodges in this district and especially am I grateful for the helpful suggestions of the Grand Secretary, R. W. Bro. Hamilton, under whose care and guidance Universal Lodge has grown and prospered.

As we near the close of this summing up of the activities of the past fifteen years in the life of Universal Lodge, let us pause for a moment as we pay loving tribute to those of its founders "who became weary for a moment, lay down by the way-side and using their burden for a pillow passed into a dreamless sleep." Of that glorious galaxy few lived to see the Temple completed, but their indomitable spirit abides with us. It is for us who remain to see that the coming years in the life of Universal Lodge record the fulfillment of their cherished hopes — an adequate banquet hall and those additions and adornments which were their dream and their aspirations. May their tireless application, their ceaseless activity, their dynamic energy crystallize in us in the virtuous of that magic word — Labor.

Amid the ruins of a vast monument of antiquity on which the utmost exertions of human genius had been employed, amid tools and implements of architecture and mystic Masonic symbols, was discovered a rude tablet bearing hieroglyphics which on being freely translated read, "Nothing without labor."

When this building has reached the acme of Masonic perfection, when from its highest facade are displayed those mystic Masonic symbols crowned with the unerring square of Almighty God, when from its loftiest pinnacle is flung to the breeze the glorious banner of Freemasonry above all and over all and surmounting all, let there be written in letters of living light — "Labor conquers all things."

HISTORY 1932-1942, MAY 1942

From Proceedings, Page 1942-109:

By Right Worshipful Cyril W. Downs

Webster tells us that a historian is "one who searches into history for facts," and in that sense, I am not a historian tonight, for I do not have to search for things that have happened in Universal Lodge during the past ten years. They have been an integral part of my very life, so I am just going to relate briefly a few of the outstanding occurrences.

A historian, in preparing the history of a Lodge, usually experiences great difficulty in learning the real facts about the formation and organization of his Lodge, but here Universal Lodge is most fortunate, for on the occasion of our fifteenth anniversary ten years ago, our esteemed Brother, R.W. John Kenrick, in faultless English and with complete accuracy, wrote a most comprehensive and detailed history of our Lodge, telling of its conception, its formation and of its accomplishments during its first fifteen years. This history was given by Brother Kenrick on May 27, 1932, when we were honored by the presence of the then Grand Master, the late M.W. Curtis Chip-man, and suite, when we celebrated our fifteenth anniversary. An account of this is spread upon our records, as well as in the records of the Grand Lodge, and I commend this document to all the Brethren of Universal Lodge as one well worth studying.

So I can pass over the first fifteen years which found us a growing Lodge, located in our own home, our mortgage burned, and with no financial Worries — receiving many applications for degrees, and leading a very busy existence. This I know, as it was my privilege to be its presiding Master during 1932 and 1933.

Perhaps the outstanding feature of the year 1933 was our trip to the Masonic Home at Charlton on Saturday, April 8th, when thirty-one members of Universal Lodge motored there and that evening conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on two Brothers from our Lodge, Brother Lloyd Coggeshall and Brother Charles Ellis. M. W. Curtis Chipman, Grand Master, paid Universal Lodge a fraternal visit at the Home in Charlton that night. We stayed overnight near by, returning to the Home Sunday morning, where Brother John Kenrick, in a style all his own, conducted a most impressive religious service in the chapel, which was enjoyed by all the guests at the Home, both men and women. Sunday afternoon we visited the Hospital at Shrewsbury and then journeyed home.

Worshipful Brother Roy S. Rogers succeeded to the East in 1934 and continued as its leader through 1935, and under his guidance, we continued to be very active. Early in the year 1934, our Lodge proposed the name of R.W. John Kenrick as a candidate for Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge at the Annual Communication in December. The District gladly and wholeheartedly endorsed our Brother and an announcement of the candidacy was mailed to all members of Grand Lodge. It was with a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure to us and to our District that R. W. Brother Kenrick was elected on the first ballot. We all remember the party at the Hotel Statler afterwards, when all the Cape members joined Brother Kenrick to help celebrate his election. He served the Grand Lodge with distinction, traveling the length and breadth of our Jurisdiction to be present at all Grand Lodge functions. He succeeded in keeping our then Grand Master, M.W. Claude L. Allen, fooled in regard to his ability as a speaker, and begged off from speaking until the Grand Master and his suite paid Universal Lodge a fraternal visit May 24, 1935, to participate in the reception being tendered to R.W. Brother Kenrick. At this time, Brother Kenrick, after being presented with a.Junior Grand Warden jewel from our Lodge and a Henry Price Medal from the Grand Master, responded with his masterful possession of the English language. Grand Master Allen was taken by complete surprise and realized that he had been underestimating Brother Kenrick's ability. During the balance of the year, however, Brother Kenrick paid dearly for having concealed his talents. It was my happy experience to serve the Grand Lodge this same year as a Grand Pursuivant, by the appointment of M.W. Brother Allen.

Worshipful Brother Thomas Crowell succeeded to the East in 1936 and broke a precedent in our Lodge, as he was only able to serve one year. This year brought more applications and the customary problems, the latter being dealt with in a most efficient manner. Among the outstanding things that Brother Crowell had to contend with that year was the appointment of a District Deputy Grand Master for the Provincetown 32nd District from our Lodge, one who was continually wanting something. It was my happy privilege to serve as Deputy for our District by appointment of M.W. Brother Allen, and I was happy to have associated with me Worshipful Brother Elnathan E. Eldredge as Marshal, Worshipful Brother Roy S. Rogers as Secretary and Right Worshipful John Kenrick as Chaplain. I do not need to read our records to recall the happy experiences of those two years. Among them, and outstanding in my memory, are the reception tendered us by Adams and Universal Lodges in Orleans in May, 1935, our trips each year by the District to the Masonic Home and Hospital, and the climax of a happy administration when I, as Deputy, paid my final official visitation to my home Lodge, Universal, in November, 1937. To quote from the Secretary's records, which will not sound so vain, it was "an outstanding Visitation, over forty Lodges in the Jurisdiction represented, a suite of seventy-five, including many District Deputy Grand Masters from other Districts, and many visitors as well as members. Truly an outpouring of brothers on a night that literally poured rain from the heavens." There are several present tonight in the Grand Master's suite who were present on that occasion.

The years 1937 and 1938 record a splendid administration of Worshipful Brother Roger F. Smith, when many candidates knocked at our door for admission. Worshipful Brother Albert Nelson, having retired as Secretary after many years of fine service to our Lodge was succeeded by Worshipful Brother Roy S. Rogers. It was during Brother Smith's administration that the Committee, headed by Brother Arthur Young, raised money to place individual seats for members in our Lodge. Also, our records tell of a fraternal visit by M.W. Claude L. Allen, Past Grand Master, on May 13, 1938, to "his" Lodge, he having been elected to Honorary Membership in 1935.

In 1939, Worshipful Brother Herbert B. Mitchell succeeded to the East, serving the customary two year term. His administration was another busy and successful one, raising many to the sublime degree of Master Mason, and serving our Lodge in a most dignified manner. In October, 1940, during Brother Mitchell's administration, our Lodge sponsored a birthday card shower for Right Worshipful Brother John Kenrick on the occasion of his 83rd birthday. Grand Lodge members joined us in this token of respect, and the memory of it is one of Brother Kenrick's choicest possessions.

Worshipful Brother John H. Walsh is now completing his second term as Master, and being a railroad man, he was installed as Master of our Lodge by Right Worshipful Brother Henry A. Snow and a suite of railroad men from the District. He, too, has had a busy and effective administration. Brother Walsh came to the East from the South, as Brother Lloyd Ellis who had served the Lodge as an officer since 1934, working up through the Chairs, felt that because of personal business, he must relinquish his Chair — a fact that was regretted very much by the Lodge.

Universal Lodge has continued to receive many gifts and this past year we received our organ, presented to us by Miss Gertrude Belcher, through the courtesy of our Brother John Hagan.

In concluding, I want to record this happy evening, our twenty-fifth anniversary, and the presence of our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Albert A. Schaefer, who is now a member of Universal Lodge, and his suite. Our Lodge is honored by the membership of all the Grand Masters who have visited Universal Lodge officially.

May He who in His wisdom gave the founders of our Lodge foresight and courage at a time when the world was at war, give us strength and courage to carry on, taking advantage of the opportunities presented us, and handing on to posterity our institution, not only unimpaired, but rather improved by its having been in our possession for a little while.


From Proceedings, Page 1967-403:

By R. W. Roger F. Smith.

An organization that publicly celebrates the anniversary of its birth must be proud of its accomplishments. That you may better understand why we celebrate tonight let us, for a few moments, delve into the history of Universal Lodge. As our history was written and recorded in 1932 by R. W. John Kenrick on the occasion of our fifteenth anniversary and again in 1942 by R. W. Cyril W. Downs when we celebrated our twenty-fifth birthday, both documents being compiled in a most excellent manner, we will touch but briefly in the first quarter century of our existence.

It was in 1917 that thirty-two brother Masons after the usual preliminary work succeeded in having Universal Lodge instituted by Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott, our Grand Master at that time. Of those thirty-two pioneers of Universal Lodge, one is living tonight, Bro. Frank A. Besse.

Dr. Besse is 92 years of age and not able to be with us tonight, but we sincerely hope he lives to see many more of our anniversaries.

During our fifty years of teaching a universal brotherhood we have enjoyed the services of twenty-nine Worshipful Masters, ten of whom have laid down the working tools and affiliated with our Supreme Master's Lodge. We shall always be grateful for their devoted service to Universal Lodge.

Worshipful Bro. Elnathan E. Eldredge is our senior living Past Master and we are happy that he is with us on this occasion.

Our first twenty-five years were highlighted by the appointment of R. W. John Kenrick as our District Deputy Grand Master, the first from our young Lodge to be so honored. In 1937 R.W. Cyril W. Downs also received this recognition. Both Brothers Kenrick and Downs were subsequently elected wardens of our Grand Lodge where they served with distinction.

The last twenty-five years have seen the slow but steady growth of our Lodge until we now have approximately two hundred and fifty members.

One event that occurred during this period that we will always remember was the pilgrimage to our Masonic Home that we made in April of 1956. Traveling by bus we planned to return that same night. To our amazement we were caught in an unpredicted snow storm that blocked the roads and we were forced, or I should say privileged, to spend that night and the following day at the home with our genial host, Bro. Mark Ball. This was really a great experience as it gave us an opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted with the Home and the wonderful work it is doing.

Universal Lodge was honored during the last quarter century by having two more of its members appointed District Deputy Grand Master: R. W. Bro. Roger Smith, who served in 1947 and 1948, and R. W. Bro. Herbert Wilcox, who served in 1959 and 1960.

This period also saw the formation of Nauset Chapter Order of DeMolay. Originally sponsored by the Lodges of the Provincetown Thirty-second District, it is now sponsored solely by Universal Lodge.

Numerous events have occurred during the last twenty-five years that might be mentioned here, but space does not permit.

Suffice it to say that we have grown and prospered during our first half century and look to the coming years confident that by our own endeavors and the blessing of Almighty God, we will continue to make Universal Lodge more and more an agency for good among men.


From Proceedings, Page 1974-219:

Brief History of Universal Lodge

The origin of Universal Lodge A.F. & A.M. began April 14, 1916, when a group of Masons from Orleans, Eastham and Brewster assembled and planned the organization of the Mayflower Club, a group of dedicated Masons gathered together under the leadership of the following: President, Joseph 'H. Cummings, Vice President, James F. Eldredge, Secretary, George W. Geers, and Treasurer, Elnathan E. Eldredge.

The first and only public appearance of the Mayflower Club was at the Methodist Episcopal Church of Orleans on Sunday, June 24, 1916 to observe St. John's Day on the invitation of the pastor Rev. Bro. William T. Carter of Paul Revere Lodge of Brockton, Mass. On June 23, 1916 at a meeting of the Mayflower Club it was voted to draw up a petition to the Grand Master for a Masonic Lodge in Orleans, and to notify all Masons in Orleans, Eastham, and Brewster that a meeting would be held June 30 to choose officers for the Lodge. At that meeting Wor. Bro. Anthony F. Brier was chosen Master, Bro. John Kenrick, Senior Warden, and Bro. Thomas P. Consodine, Junior Warden.

It was first voted to name the proposed Lodge, Joseph H. Cummings Lodge. This action was later reconsidered and the name Universal substituted. The naming of Lodges for living persons was not permitted. The petition signed by forty-two Masons was presented to Grand Lodge on December 13, 1916. In 1917, Grand Master M. W. Leon M. Abbott visited Orleans and following certain recommendations of the Grand Master a Dispensation was granted August 31, 1917.

The first regular communication of Universal Lodge U.D. took place Friday, September 14, in Odd Fellows Hall and the proper officers were seated by R.W. Everett I. Nye, D. D. G. M. of the 32nd Masonic District. The second Friday of each month was adopted for the regular meeting night. At the second regular communication it was voted to rent Odd Fellows Hall for one year at $3.00 per night, when used.

The Charter was voted by Grand Lodge June 14, 1918 and delivered December 2, 1918. The delay was caused by the illness of the Master and the ban on public gatherings due to the influenza epidemic. On December 2, 1918 a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge to constitute Universal Lodge was held in the Town Hall, as the Lodge chambers were inadequate. (1918 Mass. 231-234) In October, 1922 Universal Lodge purchased and remodelled the Calvin Snow estate which was built about 1875. Cost of this estate was $5,000 financed by two mortgages. On July 13, 1928, the final mortgage was burned in the delighted presence of the brethren. It was principally financed by $10.00 non-interest bearing notes some of which were contributed, some paid, and some are still outstanding.

The first meeting in the new temple occurred June 8, 1923. Much of the furniture and equipment needed was donated by members. Bro. James B. Steele did much of the work in remodelling the existing private home. On October 5, 1923, the dedication of the Temple by the Grand Lodge completed this important phase in our history. (1923 Mass. 357-359) Universal Lodge joined the 15th Lodge of Instruction July 19, 1928.

On April 8, 1933, thirty-one members of Universal Lodge motored to the Masonic Home in Charlton, where they conferred the Fellow Craft Degree on two Brothers.

An outstanding event for Universal Lodge occurred when R. W. John Kenrick was elected Junior Grand Warden in 1934. In 1937-38 during the term of Wor. Bro. Roger F. Smith, individual seats were installed. Chairman of the committee for this project was Bro. Arthur Young.

An interesting installation was that of Wor. Bro. John H. Walsh, himself a railroad man, by R.W. Bro. Henry A. Snow and a suite of railroad men from the district.

The last twenty-five years have seen the slow but steady growth of our Lodge until now we have 243 members.

Universal Lodge has been honored during the last quarter century by having three of its members appointed District Deputy Grand Master. R. W. Bro. Roger F. Smith, 1947-48, R. W. Bro. Herbert F. Wilcox, 1959-60, and R. W. Bro. Lawrence R. Leonard, 1973-74.

This period also saw the formation of Nauset Chapter, Order of DeMolay. Originally sponsored by the Lodges of Provincetown Thirty-second District, it is now sponsored solely by Universal Lodge.

Our last big step occurred during the term of Wor. Bro. Howard C. Sinclair, when it was decided to undertake the building of a new Temple. This "Hope ended in fruition" when on September 13, 1974, the first meeting was held in that beautiful edifice.


From TROWEL, Summer 1993, Page 24:

Bro. Joel C. Reed; the Grand Master; Bro. McMinn N. Reed; Bro. Eric M. Reed; and Wor. Vartkes A. Perperian, who was presented the Joseph Warren Distinguished Service Medal; the Grand Master.

Participating in the cutting of the anniversary cake are: Bro. Carl G. Peterson; Wor. Hughes H. Wagner, Master; Bro. McMinn N. Reed; Bro. Kenneth E. Jorgensen; and M. W. Edgar W. Darling.

At the recent 75th Anniversary of Universal Lodge in Orleans, the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts presented honors to several of its members. Bro. McMinn N. Reed received his 65-Year Pin. On hand to offer their congratulations were his son, Bro. Eric M. Reed and his grandson, Bro. Joel C. Reed.

Also, at the 75th Anniversary, the Grand Master presented 50-year Veteran's Medals to two members of Universal Lodge, Bro. Carl G. Peterson and Bro. Kenneth E. Jorgensen. Present as an invited guest was State Representative Robert C. Lawless. He presented to Universal Lodge, through the then Grand Master, a resolution from the Massachusetts House of Representatives, offering congratulations to Universal Lodge on this auspicious occasion and sending "best wishes to the membership for continued success."

There were 157 members, friends and guests present for the occasion. All enjoyed a delicious dinner prior to the event, prepared by members of Fraternal Lodge, Centerville and served by members of Orleans Assembly No. 90, Rainbow Girls.

During the ceremonies, brief remarks were made by the Grand Master, who also called upon R. W. Paul Rolston, Senior Grand Warden; R. W. James A. Vytal, Junior Grand Warden; M. W. Albert T. Ames, Past Grand Master; M. W. Arthur Melanson. Past Grand Master; M. W. Donald W. Vose, Past Grand Master; and R. W. William R. Hammatt, District Deputy Grand Master Provincetown 32nd Masonic District.

A highlight of these remarks was probably something mentioned by M. W. Vose, who commented, "at my age, I am glad to be part of the history of anything."


  • 1924 (Participation in Hyannis temple dedication, 1924-371)



From TROWEL, Spring 1986, Page 23:

Universal Lodge Greets Grand Master Richardson

Universal Lodge of Orleans had the pleasure of a Fraternal Visitation by Grand Master David B. Richardson when he helped the Lodge celebrate the tenth anniversary of the dedication of their Temple on Main Street.

During the evening the Grand Master presented Certificates of Meritorious Service to R. W. Alfred H. Kirkpatrick and Wor. Clifford C. Kaufmann. He awarded the Joseph Warren Distinguished Service Medal to R. W. Lawrence R. Leonard. These three Brothers were cited for their exemplary work as the original building committee some years before. They also served as a committee for the tenth anniversary observance.

Also present for the occasion were M. W. Whitfield W. Johnson, P. G. M., and M. W. Donald W. Vose, P. G. M., who served as Grand Master at the dedication of the Temple in 1974. Honorary Memberships were bestowed on Bros. Richardson and Vose, both of whom joined Bro. Johnson who had previously received the honor.




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