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JOHN A. SULLIVAN 1848-1925


Junior Grand Warden, 1923


From Proceedings, Page 1925-205, from Grand Master's Address:

Our other Brother who has left this Masonic Company so long honored by his presence is R,.W. John A. Sullivan, of Northampton. A Past Grand 'Warden of this Grand Lodge, an honorary member of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, 33°, he stood among his Brethren with no arrogance of spirit so easily engendered by position achieved and honor conferred but with the quiet dignity and lofty purpose of one who translated the possession of privilege into the demand of responsibility. We never had a member of the Craft who loved it more. or tried more earnestly to carry out its purposes.

We shall miss him for he symbolized the brotherhood whose joys we are seeking to make real; but for him, always, there will be a special place in the memory of his Brethren.

From Proceedings, Page 1925-412:

On July 11. 1925, the Hand of the Lord took from our midst one of the most beloved officers of the Grand Lodge, Right Worshipful John A. Sullivan. Through many years of faithful service in Masonic bodies he had long been a familiar and loved figure throughout the District. His qualities of heart, warm friendliness and open kindliness, endeared him to his associates; his qualities of mind, well balanced judgment and shrewd insight, conferred upon him the capacity for leadership; his qualities of will, patient fulfillment of obligations and persistent attendance to duties, made him one to whom high office could, be entrusted; and his qualities of soul, deep faith in God his Creator and love for God his Father, made him the embodiment of the holiest Masonic Principles. Therefore, his fellows delighted to honor him.

He was born in Waterbury, Conn., April 6, 1848, later moving to Coliinsville, Conn. IIe came to Northampton, Mass., in 1871, where the active part of his life was lived. His city honored him as much as he would allow it, making him Town Clerk from 1879 to 1888. His Church, Edwards Congregational Church, honored him, making him a Director. Masonic bodies honored him. IIe became a member of Jerusalem Lodge, of Northampton, March 20, 1875, and was made the Master of the Lodge in 1881 and 1882. He also held membership in Republican Lodge, Greenfield, and Mountain Lodge, Shelburne Falls. On June 4, 1889, he became a Royal Arch Mason. Great interest was given by him to Northampton Commandery, of which he was Eminent Commander in 1894. He entered the Council on December 5, 1895. In 1898 he was made District Deputy Grand Master for the old Thirteenth District, and in 1910 was elected to the Board of Masonic Relief. In 1919 he entered the Bethlehem Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, and in 1920 was made patron. In 1921 he took his place in the Lodge of Perfection, Springfield, being raised to the Princes of Jerusalem, March 12, Rose Croix, April 7, and Consistory, April 28. He was made Junior Grand 'Warden of the Grand Lodge 1923. The crowning honor of his Masonic career came to him September 24, 1924, when he was made a 33° Mason.

The Masonic Fraternity has suffered deep loss in the passing of this loyal friend and Brother, whose purposes and tastes and delights were all swept under the control of his joy in Masonry.

A bend in the road hides him, but he remains of our company, a little in advance of the rest, as he passes into the enjoyment of that eternal Temple for which he labored diligently and well.

Robert Gillette,
I. W. Davis,
Harold L. Ames,

Distinguished Brothers