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Location: Norton; Attleboro East Parish (1811); North Attleboro (1892)

Chartered By: Paul Revere

Charter Date: 06/12/1797 V-264

Precedence Date: 06/12/1797

Current Status: Active


At the 125th Anniversary in 1922, an excellent history was presented (beginning on Page 1922-150 of the Proceedings). It indicates that the lodge was in the 3rd Masonic District (though this is probably an error - should be the 5th District) "as late as 1846", that records (with one exception) are missing from 1832 to 1859, and suggests that the charter was surrendered some time after 1846 and restored in 1859.

In Grand Master Heard's address in December 1857 (Page 1857-36 in the original Proceedings), it was noted: "Having received information that Bristol Lodge, in the town of Attleboro, had held but one meeting since its Charter was restored, December 13, 1854, and that during this period it had made no returns or payments required by our regulations, I ordered, in August last, D. D. Grand Master Taber to take possession of its effects. This duty was promptly performed, and the Charter, records and jewels, have been placed in the keeping of the Grand Treasurer. As the delinquency of this Lodge to make returns and payments has continued for three years, its Charier, foods and regalia should be declared forfeited to the Grand Lodge, according to our Constitutions, Part 4th, Article 1, Sec 4."


From Vocal Companion and Masonic Register, Boston, 1802, Part II, Page 20:

  • R. W. Ephraim Raymond, M.
  • W. Ebenezer Tyler, S. W.
  • W. Benjamin Billings, J. W.
  • William Veny, Sec.
  • George Gilbert, Tr.
  • Jonathan Willmarth, Deacon.
  • Silas Cobb, Deacon.
  • Hezekiah Tucker, Steward.
  • Daniel Knap, Steward, Tiler.
  • Daniel Gilbert, Marshal.
  • W. Laban Wheaton, Rep. to the M. W. G. Lodge.

No. of Members, 40.


  • Seth Smith, 1797
  • Laban Wheaton, 1798, 1799, 1807
  • Ephriam Raymond, 1800, 1801
  • Ebenezer Tyler, 1802, 1803
  • William Verry, 1804, 1805, 1806
  • Abiathar Richardson, Jr., 1808-1814, 1816, 1817, 1825; SN
  • Edward Richardson, 1818, 1819
  • Moses Richardson, 1820-1823
  • George W. Robinson, 1824
  • Danial Babcock, 1826-1829
  • Williard Blackinton, 1830; 1859
  • Samuel G. Bates, 1831
  • George B. Richards, 1832
  • gap in records and loss of charter
  • William Cutting, pro tem 1838
  • Samuel S. Ginwood, 1860-1863
  • Charles E. Smith, 1864, 1865; SN
  • John B. Maintein, 1866-1868
  • Thomas A. Sandland, 1869, 1870
  • Obed C. Turner, 1871, 1872
  • Frank S. Fairbanks, 1873, 1874
  • Samuel H. Bugbee, 1875, 1876
  • Arthur E. Codding, 1877, 1878
  • Edward R. Price, 1879, 1880; Memorial
  • James A. Codding, 1881, 1882
  • Theodore B. Hazzard, 1883, 1884
  • Walter E. Barden, 1885, 1886
  • Elton I. Franklin, 1887, 1888
  • Fred B. Byram, 1889, 1890
  • George E. Hawes, 1891, 1892
  • Owen B. Bestor, 1893, 1894
  • Leo A. Heilborn, 1895, 1896
  • Henry H. Curtis, 1897, 1898
  • William H. Pond, 1899, 1900
  • William S. Metcalf, 1901, 1902
  • Charles E. Stainley, 1903, 1904
  • William F. Maintein, 1905, 1906
  • Arthur E. Coding, 1907, 1908
  • Edwin E. Hale, 1909
  • H. Alton Hall, 1910
  • Arthur T. Parker, 1911
  • Harry E. Litchfield, 1912; N
  • Charles S. Parker, 1913
  • Silas H. Dyer, 1914
  • Ernest T. Upham, 1915
  • Fred I. Gorton, 1916
  • Harlie H. Thompson, 1917
  • George E. Osgood, 1918
  • Edmund G. Flint, 1919
  • Winthrop F. Barden, 1920
  • Byron S. Gardiner, 1921
  • George A. Livingston, 1922
  • Henry B. Cornell, 1923
  • John A. Clarner, 1924
  • William H. Beckman, 1925
  • David Sinclair, 1926
  • Lee R. Higgins, 1927; N
  • A. Victor R. Chevers, 1928
  • John L. Thompson, 1929
  • John H. Paton, 1930
  • Frank Batchelder, 1931
  • John A. Gilchrist, 1932
  • Edward P. Bennett, Jr., 1933
  • David G. Hayes, 1934
  • James Donaldson, 1935
  • Clarance F. Telford, 1936
  • John H. Peckham, Jr., 1937
  • George Lincoln, 1938
  • Edward E. Osterholm, 1939
  • William H. Ryder, 1940
  • Benjamin Armstrong, 1941
  • Albert B. Totten, 1942
  • Gerald E. Riley, 1943, 1944; N
  • Ovid A. Davington, 1945
  • Edwin W. Cheney, 1946
  • A. Gilbert Weller, 1947
  • Donald F. Austin, 1948
  • Ralph B. Johnson, 1949
  • Leroy C. Linnekin, 1950
  • Earl C. Batchelder, 1951
  • William Budlong, Jr., 1952
  • John D. Cruickshank, 1953
  • Albert Kanadarian, 1954
  • Eugene E. Hawkins, 1955; N
  • Horace E. Darling, 1956
  • Lawrence E. Zilch, Jr., 1957
  • Robert J. Gillespie, 1958
  • Leon G. Carpenter, 1959
  • Reginald B. Keyes, 1960
  • Albert K. Welton, 1961
  • Samuel B. Robinson, 1962
  • Stanley C. Welton, 1963
  • Ralph H. Hemmingsen, Jr., 1964
  • Harold H. Chace, 1965
  • Frank E. Manchester, 1966
  • William H. Riley, 1967
  • Anthony F. Ferreira, 1968
  • L. Raymond Wyatt, 1969
  • Robert B. Chamilliard, 1970
  • John F. Burke, 1971
  • Mowry E. Tennant, 1972
  • Ronald C. Hobbs, 1973
  • Louis A. Harmon, 1974
  • Blaine Emery, 1975
  • Herbert M. Tinkham, 1976; N
  • Damon J. Swistak, 1977
  • Edward A. Dyer, 1978
  • Herbert A. Cote, 1979
  • Neal B. Emerson, 1980
  • Markeith E. Host, 1981
  • Damon J. Swistak, 1982
  • John H. Nelson, 1983, 1988
  • David L. Thibault, 1984
  • Charles A. Currie, 1985
  • Louis A. Lasker, 1987
  • Richard F. Grant, 1989
  • Clifford H. White, 1990
  • Conrad A. Morel, 1991
  • Lawrence E. Williams, 1992; PDDGM
  • David L. Beane, 1993
  • William E. Taylor, 1994
  • James W. Halliday, 1995
  • Herbert A. Prew, Sr., 1996
  • David S. Tinkham, 1997; PDDGM
  • Michael E. Rench, 1998
  • Alfred H. Erdos, Jr., 1999
  • Todd O. Galarneau, 2000
  • Oliver J. Galarneau, 1986, 2001
  • Douglas R. Lovett, 2002
  • Gerald L. Brookbush, 2003
  • Donald M. Ryng, 2004, 2011
  • Richard D. Cathcart, 2005
  • Emil J. Kashouh, 2006, 2009
  • Herbert A. Prew, Jr., 2007
  • Frederick C. Parastatides, 2008
  • Lawrence E. Thomas, 2010
  • David R. Brecken, 2012
  • James S. Fontaine, 2013


  • Petition for Charter: 1797
  • Petition to Restore Charter: 1854; 1859


  • 1897 (Centenary)
  • 1922 (125th Anniversary)
  • 1947 (150th Anniversary)
  • 1972 (175th Anniversary)
  • 1997 (200th Anniversary)



1870 1871 1902 1908 1920 1923 1926 1953 1954 1957 1962 1970 1973 1976 1993 1994 1998 2001 2003 2004 2008


  • 1922 (125th Anniversary History, 1922-150; see below)
  • 1947 (150th Anniversary History, 1947-217)
  • 1972 (175th Anniversary History, 1972-132)


From Proceedings, Page 1922-150:


Charter of Bristol Lodge was granted June 14, 1797.

Lodge to be holden at Norton, Mass.

Which Charter is now in the custody of Bristol Lodge, in excellent condition.


June 26. The Bristol Lodge first opened June 26, 1797, at which time Seth Smith, Jr., Job Gilbert, Samuel Morey, Jr., Daniel Gilbert, Joshua Pond, Samuel Day, George Gilbert, George Palmer, and Ira Smith were present.


February 19. Bros. Wheaton, Raymond, and Parker appointed a committee to enquire and report with respect to the establishment of a Lodge in the Town of Rehoboth. Treasurer instructed to furnish 6 chairs, 6 candlesticks and 2 pair andirons.

May 7. Consent given to the establishment of a Lodge in the Town of Rehoboth.

April 4. Voted that the Master shall sign an approbation for the Brethren from Taunton to be separate Lodge.


June 20, 5798. The Bristol Lodge was then Constituted and Installed at Norton in Ample Form and with the Usual Ceremonies by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Most Worshipful Josiah Bartlett presiding as Grand Master, and the following Officers were Installed viz:

  • Right Worshipful Seth Smith, Jr., Master
  • Brother Daniel Gilbert, Senior Warden
  • Brother Joshua Pond, Junior Warden
  • Brother Laban Wheaton, Treasurer
  • Brother Samuel Morey, Jr., Secretary
  • Brother Samuel Day, Senior Deacon
  • Brother William Augustus Crocker, Junior Deacon
  • Brother Silas Cobb, First Steward
  • Brother Elisha Hodges, Second Steward
  • Brother John Balkom, Tyler

On this occasion when the Lodge was opened in Ample Form and a regular procession being made, they walked from Masons Hall to the Meeting House. When the Reverend Pitt Clark addressed the Grand Master of the Universe by prayer. An elegant and well adapted discourse was then delivered by the Reverend Brother John Eliot. A sublime and learned oration was also delivered by Brother Laban Wheaton and a concluding prayer by the Reverend John Eliot.

The whole concluded by a congratulatory and truly Masonic address by the Grand Master, after which they proceeded to the place of entertainment where an elegant dinner was provided and the afternoon was spent in social and rational festivity.

It might be interesting to quote for the benefit of present day members from the original By-Laws of Bristol Lodge.

    • Sec. 2. This Lodge may consist of forty members and no more, unless a majority shall think it expedient to alter the number.
    • Sec. 5. If convenient a lecture shall be given by the Master or his appointment every lodge night, during which no one shall be admitted into the room, nor shall any be suffered to go out and the strictest attention shall be given.
    • Sec. 6. No liquors shall be brought into the lodge room except by order of the Master.
    • Sec. 7. No brother shall quit the lodge during lodge hours without permission of the Master.
    • Sec. 8. Any brother, whether a member of this lodge or not, who shall, while in lodge, or in the house where the lodge is held (if he came with an intent of visiting the lodge), be guilty of any quarrelling or fighting, shall use abusive, profane language, or behave in any manner derogatory to or inconsistently with the character of a good Mason, either during the time of the Lodge being opened or within thirty minutes after the close shall for the first offense be publickly called by name and admonished by the Master, either the same evening or the next time he appears in Lodge; and for the second offense (if a member of this Lodge) shall be expelled from the same.
    • Sec. 9. The stewards shall furnish the tables when desired thereto by the Master, and on the evening of the choice of Officers they shall exhibit in writing to the Master an inventory of all the

utensils and furniture belonging to the Lodge which shall be delivered to the new Stewards, and a copy of the inventory to the Secretary for record.

    • Sec. 3. Every brother who desires to be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason shall be examined before the Lodge respecting the proficiency he has made in his former degrees; after which, and obtaining the unanimous consent of the members present, he shall receive that degree; paying the usual fees, and no brother shall be initiated, crafted or raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at Lodge specially called for that purpose unless he pays the expense of the evening beside the usual fees.
    • Sec. 2. Any member who shall mention to any person not a brother the name of any person negatived in this Lodge shall be publickly reprimanded the first time he appears in Lodge.
    • Sec. 1. Every candidate made a Mason shall pay for being initiated and passed $10.00.
    • Sec. 2. Every brother not made in this Lodge who shall be passed a Fellowcraft shall pay $3.00.
    • Sec. 2. Every brother raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason if initiated in this Lodge shall pay $4.00.
    • Sec. 4. Every brother who was not initiated in this Lodge who shall be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason shall pay $4.00.
    • Sec. 5. Whenever the breach of any of the By-Laws shall come to the knowledge of the Secretary, he shall inform the Lodge of same under penalty of paying $4.00 to the Lodge Chest each time he neglects.

August 15. The Lodge received a communication from King David's Lodge of Taunton requesting the attendance of Bristol Lodge at the Installation of that Lodge on Wednesday the 28th inst.


February 5. Received the communication from the Grand Lodge respecting the funeral honors of our illustrious deceased Brother George Washington and directed the Secretary to answer the same.

March 6. Voted that no refreshments should be brought into the Lodge in future except wine or spirits, and that the expense should be paid out of the funds.

July 3. Voted that Brother Knap buy two pair of candle snuffers for the use of the Lodge, and that the Steward provide bread and cheese the next Lodge night.

August 28. Voted that the Lodge should for the future open precisely at 5 o'clock and close at 9 o'clock.


May 21. Voted that 12 1-2 cents be paid by each Brother present, every Lodge night for refreshments.


April 7. Voted that the Secretary draw a subscription paper for the purpose of purchasing Discourses, Illustrating and Defending Masonic Institutions by Brother Thaddeus Mason Harris.


April 2. Voted that the Secretary send notices to every member of this Lodge informing them that it is motioned that this Lodge be removed to Attleborough and their attendance is earnestly requested the next Regular Lodge.

April 15, 16. Lodge met at 9 A. M. for the purpose of lecturing and instruction.

April 21, 22, 23. Met and attended to the instructions of Brother Benjamin Gleason, the Grand Lecturer and Instructor.

May 2. Voted that the further consideration of the removal of Bristol Lodge from Norton to Attleborough be postponed until the first Monday in June next.

June 26. Voted that the Lodge make a present of eight dollars to Brother Benjamin Gleason to pay his stage fare, etc. Voted to choose a committee to wait on Reverend Pitt Clark to express the thanks of this Lodge for his polite attention to Bristol Lodge and make a present to him of three gallons of wine.

August 28. Voted to accept the report of the committee viz., that the motion of removing the Lodge from Norton to Attleborough should subside for the present, and for the future the Lodge meet but once in three months.


February 23. Made choice Noah Clanin, Geo. Gilbert, Thomas Stanley, a committee whether it is proper to enlarge the number of members in this Lodge and to consider the mode or the sum, to be paid by such as are admitted members, if not made in this Lodge.

April 27. Committee chosen to report respecting the propriety of admitting more than forty members in this Lodge. Committee chosen to inquire into the circumstances of the widows and orphans of our deceased Brethren to see who are entitled to charity.


November 8. Chose Brother Jacob Balkom, Brother Zebulan White and Brother Amos Sweet for a committee to wait on the Reverend Nathan Holman to express the thanks of Bristol Lodge for his polite attention to the Lodge and make a present to him of five dollars' worth of wine.


November 28. A petition was read for removal of Bristol Lodge to the East Parish in Attleborough. Chose Brothers John Richardson and Wm. Verry a committee to enlarge the number of members of Bristol Lodge.

December 5. Committee reported to alter the By-Laws respecting the number of members and to enlarge said number to eighty members. Voted that the petition for the removal of Bristol Lodge be immediately forwarded to the Grand Lodge for approbation. Chose Brother Jabez Newell for agent for the purpose.


January 23. Read the Order from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts for the removal of Bristol Lodge to the East Parish in Attleborough. Closed the Lodge until Thursday next preceding the full moon in February, then to meet at the Franklin School House in the East Parish in Attleborough, precisely at one o'clock P. M.

January 30. Special meeting of Bristol Lodge at Attleborough East Precinct. Received the petition of Mr. Sylvanus Tingley to become a member of this Lodge.

February 27. Regular meeting of Bristol Lodge holden at Attleborough Bast Parish. Initiated Mr. Sylvanus Tingiey into the first Degree of Masonry. Raised Brother Artemas Reed to the sublime Degree of Master Mason, received petitions of Peter Fales, Jr., and James Warren to become members of this Lodge.


January 14. Chose Brothers Abiathar Richardson, Jr., Jabel Ingraham, and Amos Sweet a committee to build a Hall.

Feburary 11. Made choice of Brothers Jabel Ingraham, Lemanuel Arnold, and Luther Cobb a committee to agree with Brother Benjamin Balkom on a certain sum of money to be loaned to him for the purpose of assisting in building a Hall and to report in due time. The above committee for agreeing with Brother Balkom on a certain loan returned and reported, (to wit.): That Brother Balkom would build a Hall and lease it to Bristol Lodge, providing said Lodge would loan him $500 which money he, the said Balkom, would return at the end of 14 years.


November 3. Bristol Lodge met at 9 o'clock for the purpose of dedicating their new hall. Opened a Lodge of Entered Apprentices and as the Grand Lodge did not appear, dedication was omitted. The Brethren (about 120 in number) formed procession, followed by a band of music, marched to the meeting house, where an appropriate discourse was delivered by Brother John Holroyd.

The procession then returned to the hall again, where they partook of an excellent repast, and after wine, toasting and singing the Lodge was closed.

(Note the lapse of time before Grand Lodge did appear to dedicate the building).


June 24. A special meeting of Bristol Lodge convened at 9 o 'clock A. M. for the purpose of celebrating the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist, and also of dedicating the new Masonic Hall. Right Worshipful William Fisher in the chair opened a Lodge of Entered Apprentices for the dispatch of business; the Worshipful Master appointed a committee of five to wait upon the most Worshipful Grand Lodge (who had recently convened in an adjoining room) and introduced them into the hall.

The committee consisted of Brothers Jacob Balkom, Manning Richards, Luther Cobb, Otis Robinson, Elihu Daggett, Jr.

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge accordingly attended and the hall was dedicated in ample form. A procession was then formed and marched to the Meeting House where a very excellent and appropriate discourse was delivered by Reverend Brother Barnabas Bates of Bristol. The procession was again formed and marched back to the hall. The officers of Bristol Lodge having taken their seats (officers of the Grand Lodge on the right) committees were chosen to tender the sincere thanks of the Lodge to the Grand Lodge for their polite attendance on this occasion, also to the orator of the day for his appropriate and sentimental discourse. The Brethren then repaired to the dining table where a splendid entertainment was provided by Brother Benjamin Balkom.

After regaling themselves with food, the Brethren drank to a number of very sentimental toasts.

There were present at this meeting Most Worshipful Grand Master Benjamin Russell, Grand Marshal Michel Roulstone, with two other officers of the Grand Lodge, Brethren from Eastern Star Lodge, King David Lodge, Rising Star Lodge, Montgomery Lodge, most of the Brethren from Bristol Lodge with many from Providence, Pawtucket and elsewhere.


April 11. At a regular meeting of Bristol Lodge Past Right Worshipful Eben Tyler in the chair, opened a Lodge of Entered Apprentices in due form. The doors of the hall were then opened to spectators and an oration (previously prepared) was delivered by Right Reverend Brother Richard Carigue. Brothers Benjamin Balkom, and Obed Robinson were chosen a committee to wait on Brother Carigue and present him the grateful thanks of the Lodge for his discourse delivered this day.

May 9. Voted that every man indebted to Bristol Lodge by note of hand, be called upon for the payment previous to the 20th day of May current, and if not complied with by the debtors within three days from the said 20th day of May, that all those notes be commenced in a suit of law at June court.

October 31. Received an address of a committee from Adoniram Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, requesting the indulgence for the said Adoniram Chapter to use the furniture belonging to this Lodge. Voted to raise a committee to confer with the committee from Adoniram Chapter relative to their request. Brothers Benjamin Balkom and William S. Robinson were appointed said committee. The committee attended to that business and reported as follows, viz.—That said Adoniram Chapter shall pay to said Bristol Lodge for the use of their furniture one year, six dollars, and make good all damage which may happen by their means to the same. Report accepted.


June 12. Voted that Adoniram Chapter have the privilege of using this hall on the 24th of this month, and that this Lodge meet in the Franklin School house on that morning.

June 24. Installation of Adoniram Chapter, Bristol Lodge joining Adoniram Chapter (with neighbouring Lodges) in the celebration of the annual festival or Nativity of St. John the Baptist. The Lodge met in the Franklin School House (the Chapter using the hall) and from thence were invited to the hall, from whence the procession was formed and marched to the meeting house where the consecration of its officers was publicly performed by the M. E. Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts.

After which a very beautiful and appropriate discourse was delivered by the Grand Chaplain Reverend Paul Dean. The procession returned to Brother Balkom's and partook of a sumptuous dinner prepared by him for the occasion.


April 16. Received a communication from a number of Brethren in Wrentham, praying for our consent to the establishment of a Lodge in that town. • Voted to give orir full consent and assistance agreeably to their progress.


September 21. On motion made and seconded voted to act on the petition of ____. Proceeded and balloted for _____ and the ballot was unanimous against the candidate.


June 4. Voted to dispense with all spiritous liquors for the future.


January 4. Voted to take refreshment down stairs and that the Secretary pay the bill and pass it over to the Treasurer as so much money.

May 7. Voted that the Treasurer be instructed to purchase a few pounds of mould candles and 1-2 dozen brass candlesticks for the use of the Lodge.

June 3. On motion made and seconded a Committee of Charity were chosen and impowered to draw on the Treasurer for the sum of four dollars if found necessary, for the relief of any distressed Brethren, and any one of said committee allowed to draw from the funds, one dollar for the purpose aforesaid.


February 8. Chose Brothers A. Richardson, Jr. and E. Daggett a committee to make sale of our land on Cuttings Plain so called, within two months.

March 22. Voted to sell our glasses, etc. to the highest bidder, which sale amounted to $0.47.


February 12. Chose a committee of three to consult Moses Richardson and see what he will charge Bristol Lodge per year for the use of the hall. Preston Draper, Joseph Blanchard and Edward Richardson were chosen. The committee returned and reported that they had attended to their duty and could have the hall at $20 per year commencing the 6th of June, 1828.


August 13. Voted to petition the Grand Lodge to amend the Charter of Bristol Lodge by erasing from it the words East Precinct.


May 6. Voted to move the furniture of Bristol Lodge to the Farnum House in the West Parish in Attleborough, and appointed Brothers Edward Richardson, and Ira Richards a committee to attend to the same.


March 24. George B. Richards and Ira Richards chosen a committee to purchase the Farnum Estate if it can be bought at about eight hundred dollars. Voted in case the said estate is bought, that the committee dispose of as much of the same as they may think will be to the interest of the Lodge.

June 6. Chose Ira Richards and George B. Richards a committee to confer with the committee for the subscribers to the contemplated Academy to ascertain on what terms the Lodge can have a room in said Academy (if it should be built) and report to the Lodge at our next meeting.

June 24. Voted to subscribe for twelve shares in the Attleborough Academy and Masonic Hall, provided it can be built for twelve hundred dollars. Shares at twenty-five dollars each.

September 24. Voted that the Treasurer of Bristol Lodge, secure to the Attleborough Academy and Masonic Hall the amount of their subscription to the said Academy, by turning out notes to the amount of the same. Voted that the land on Cuttings Plain belonging to Bristol Lodge be sold at public auction. Chose G. B. Richards a committee to sell said land.


June 4. A regular meeting of Bristol Lodge held at Masons Hall. It being the annual meeting, officers were elected.

This is the last meeting recorded in the Record Book; it is presumed that, owing to the Anti-Masonic times, the meetings were not regularly held, and the records being kept on separate sheets have been lost or destroyed, with the exception of the following:


April 5. At a regular meeting of Bristol Lodge held at Masons Hall, proceeded to business as follows; Opened a Lodge of Entered Apprentices for the dispatch of business. Present:

  • Jonathan Ames, District Deputy Grand Master of West Bridgewater,
  • William Cutting, Master pro tem
  • G. B. Bichards, Senior Warden pro tem
  • Elihu Daggett, Junior Warden pro tem
  • Willard Robinson
  • Virgil Blackinton, Secretary pro tem
  • S. O. Draper
  • Carlos Barrows
  • Ira Richards
  • Ephraim Dean
  • Preston Draper
  • Milton Holmes
  • George Ellis

Voted to adjourn till our next regular communication the Thursday next proceeding the full moon in May. Closed without ceremony.

The records of the Grand Lodge do not show when the Charter was surrendered.

The Lodge appears in the List of Lodges, in the 3rd Masonic District as late as 1846, but does not appear after that date. So no doubt the Charter was surrendered about that time.


October 31. Willard Robinson, S. O. Draper, Willard Blackinton, Rufus P. Barrows, Bphraim Dean, Daniel Babcock, Edward Richardson and Noah Clafiin, original members of Bristol Lodge, F. & A. M. and petitioners to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts for the return of said Bristol Lodge Charter held a meeting at Odd Fellows' Hall. Brother Willard Robinson presided. Voted to restore to membership Brothers George Bacon, Milton Holmes, George B. Richards, Chester Bugbee, George W. Horr, Elkanab Briggs, Thomas D. Sadler, and Obed Robinson.


December 28. Voted to change night of meeting from Thursday evening to Tuesday evening.

December 17. Voted to establish quarterly communications at the regular meeting in June, September, December, and March. Voted that the members pay quarterages to the amount of $4.00 per year.

Voted to exempt those who were members prior to the restoration of the Charter from paying any quarterages.


June 10. Voted to appoint a committee to consider the propriety of procuring and furnishing a hall for the use of Bristol Lodge.


March 3. Voted to exempt the members of Bristol Lodge who are in the United States service, fighting for their country, from quarterages.

April 28. Voted to hire Howard Hall at a rental of one hundred dollars per year, and a committee was appointed to furnish the hall.

October 1. Public installation of the officers of Bristol Lodge at Howard Hall. The Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, William Parkman with his suite officiated.

November 24. Voted to change by-laws so that the officers shall be elected on the first Monday of December instead of June annually.


January 19. Voted that Bristol Lodge take a lease of the Hall for five years of Brother Samuel S. Ginnods.

March 30. Presentation of a Bible by the Ladies of North Attleborough to Bristol Lodge, Wednesday evening, March 30, 1864, at the Universalist Church.


  • 1st, Voluntary
  • 2d, Singing by the Choir
  • 3d, Prayer by Rev. J. D. Pierce
  • 4th, Singing by the Choir
  • 5th, Introductory remarks by Brother Gardner Clark
  • 6th, Presentation of Bible by Miss Cora Price; Replied to by Brother Simeon Bowen
  • 7th, Singing by the Choir
  • 8th, Presentation of Past Master Jewel to Wor. Bro. Samuel S. Ginnods.
  • 9th, Singing by the Choir
  • 10th, Benediction

(Miss Price's speech of presentation is on file with Lodge records.)

April 19. The Lodge formed a procession in Masonic order, and proceeded to the Universalist Church to hear an address by the Reverend J. D. Pierce on the death of the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.


February 12. Voted to purchase bonds of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to the amount of $500.

March 19. Voted to appropriate one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) from the funds of the Lodge for the purpose of procuring a banner.

June 24. The officers and members of Bristol Lodge numbering sixty (60) men visited Boston today, by invitation of the Grand Lodge, to assist in the dedication of the new Masonic Temple.

July 16. Voted that the thanks of this Lodge be presented to Tilton, Didlee & Co., 18 & 20 Franklin St., Boston, for the generous use of their .store June 24, 1867.


February 15. A communication was received from Brother George F. Bicknell and 23 other members of Bristol Lodge, asking permission, to ask the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts for a dispensation to form a new Lodge at East Attleborough.

May 10. Worshipful Master Thomas G. Sandland presented to Brother John T. Bates, Secretary, a gold watch in behalf of the members of Bristol Lodge. Inscribed as follows: Presented to John T. Bates, Secretary, by Bristol Lodge of P. & A. M., May 10, 1870.

November 8. Voted that Brother Frank S. Draper be a committee to procure two swords to be used at Masonic funerals and a sword and belt for the Tyler of the Lodge.


June 27. Voted to grant demits to the following named members of Bristol Lodge, who have received a Charter for Lodge of Free Masons at East Attleborough, known as the Ezekiel Bates Lodge of Free Masons:

  • D. H. Smith
  • George E. Bicknell
  • A. E. Crosby
  • James H. Sturdy
  • John N. Daggett
  • Charles E. Bliss
  • Edward Corbett
  • K. A. Chatterton
  • John Baxter
  • Daniel K. Capron
  • William E. Reed
  • Thomas S. Nye
  • John W. Luther
  • Oscar S. Thayer
  • Alfred Chatterton
  • Charles S. Cummings
  • Edwin L. Crandall
  • C. H. Wetherell
  • Benjamin J. Angell
  • John C. Cummings
  • Orville Balcom
  • Walter W. Smith
  • Fred S. Marcy
  • Emory A. Perrin

October 25. Voted to donate to the sufferers of the late Chicago conflagration two hundred dollars from the funds of the Lodge.


May 21. Voted that a committee of five be appointed to make arrangements to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Bristol Lodge, June 14, 1872; Worshipful Brothers Charles E. Smith, Thomas G. Sandland, John B. Maintien and Brothers Edward A. Luther and Arthur E. Codding.

June 14. The Lodge met for the purpose of celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the date of the Charter of the Lodge and to assist the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in laying the corner-stone of Grace Church in North Attleborough. Bristol Commandery of Mansfield, St. Alban's Lodge, of Foxboro, St. James Lodge, of Mansfield, Ezekiel Bates Lodge, of East Attleborough were present by invitation of Bristol Lodge.

After the ceremonies were concluded at the church and the corner-stone laid in the usual Masonic ceremony, the members and their ladies of the various Masonic institutions, present, proceeded to the Wamsutta Hotel and partook of a sumptuous dinner prepared for the occasion.


January 27. The officers were publicly installed by R. W. Wyzeman Marshall, assisted by Worshipful Brother Benjamin Hersey.

November 2. Official visitation of D. D. Grand Master George L. Rhodes, of Norwood. The Brethren about this time finding that the accommodations of the Masonic Hall were not sufficient for the rapidly growing Lodge, determined to have a larger and better appointed Lodge-room if possible. Several committees were appointed at different times to interview the owner of the hall, Worshipful Brother S. S. fiinnods, but not being able to make satisfactory arrangements, it was determined to buy the hall and enlarge it.

The following Brethren were appointed a committee to bring plans and specifications, also to formulate a plan by which the expenses could be met: Brothers Charles B. Smith, Frank S. Fairbanks, H. G. Bacon, Thomas G. Sand-land, Oscar M. Draper, Harvey Clap.

The plans having been submitted and approved, it was proposed to issue stock in the new building at $25 per share, but pending the sale of the stock, the following committee was appointed to purchase the property and proceed to remodel it, which was accordingly done. Committee: Brothers O. M. Draper, A. B. Codding, S. S. Ginnods, Charles E. Smith.

Arrangements were made with the committee to rent the Lodge-room until such time as the Lodge could purchase the same, the committee in the meantime to be the virtual owners. The Lodge-room was furnished under the direction of the following committee: Brothers S. H. Bugbee, A. Codding, Jr., B. F. Bronson, T. B. Hazzard, H. G. Bacon.

The new organ was procured by Brother Frank I. Barden, who was appointed a committee for that purpose. During the alterations the Lodge met in a hall over Hancock's store.


February 9. Dedication of the new Masonic Hall by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Lodge opened at 12 o 'clock M.


  • Samuel H. Bugbee, Worshipful Master
  • Arthur E. Codding, Senior Warden
  • Charles E. Smith, Junior Warden
  • James A. Codding, Treasurer
  • Thomas G. Sandland, Secretary
  • Rev. J. D. Pierce, Chaplain
  • E. D. Sturtevant, Marshal
  • Edward E. Price, Senior Deacon
  • Theo. B. Hazzard, Junior Deacon
  • A. M. Sperrt, Senior Steward
  • William H. Lull, Junior Steward
  • Frank I. Barden, Organist
  • Abel B. Block, Tyler

About 100 members and visitors were present.

Lodge was opened in due form, for the reception of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, consisting of:

together with Past Grand Masters Coolidge and Parkman and Past Grand Wardens Lovell and Wyzeman Marshall.

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge then proceeded to dedicate the hall to the uses and purposes of Masonry in due and ancient form. At two o 'clock the Brethren with their ladies repaired to the Banquet Hall, where a sumptuous repast provided by the ladies was partaken of, after which speeches were made by several of the Grand officers and other Brethren. Reverend Brother Joseph D. Pierce officiating as Toast Master.

In the evening the Brethren with their ladies and friends assembled in the Lodge-room where speaking, interspersed with singing, enlivened the occasion while in the Banquet Hall above was spread a bountiful supply of refreshments.

At a seasonable hour the social Lodge was closed, all who had participated in the exercises and enjoyments of the day agreeing that the ceremonies attending the dedication of the Masonic Hall were a perfect and complete success.


February 27. Masonic Hall burned at about 12 o'clock at night, soon after the Brethren left the hall.

March 27. A communication was read from Ezekiel Bates Lodge, F. & A. M. expressing their sympathy for us, for the loss of our Lodge-room by fire, and tendering to us the use of their own, until we could repair our loss.

August 21. This was the first meeting held in Masonic Hall after the fire. Bristol Lodge held ten (10) meetings in Odd Fellows Hall while the Masonic Hall was undergoing repairs. Voted that the Lodge tender a vote of thanks to Aurora Lodge of Odd Fellows for their kindness in our adversity.

November 20. Voted to establish a fund for the care of the sick.


December 23. Voted that the dues of the Lodge be $8.00 per annum, payable quarterly.


January 25. Public Installation—performed by Worshipful Master Edward R. Price, assisted by Worshipful Brother Thomas G. Sandland as Marshal. Past Master Edward R. Price presented a Jewel.

March 15. On motion it was voted that the Worshipful Master appoint a collector for Bristol Lodge with compensation fixed at 5 per cent.


September 18. Bristol Lodge acted as escort to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts at the laying of the corner-stone of the First Universalist Church.


January 30. Public Installation of Officers by Right Worshipful Wyzeman Marshall, Past Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, assisted by Worshipful Brother Edward R. Price, as Grand Marshal.

Past Master James A. Codding presented a Jewel.


December 30. Brother Walter E. Barden elected Worshipful Master.


February 3. Public Installation of Officers by Worshipful Brother A. E. Codding, assisted by Worshipful Brother Edward R. Price, as Marshal. Past Master Theodore B. Hazzard presented a Jewel.

December 15. Worshipful Brother Walter E. Barden re-elected Worshipful Master.


September 7. Brothers A. T. Parker, F. B. Byram, Worshipful Brother S. H. Bugbee, Brother B. I. Franklin, Worshipful Brother W. B. Barden and Brother E. T. Guild were appointed a committee to locate the tract of Real Estate owned by Bristol Lodge.

Voted for the future to have a memorial page in the book of records for each deceased Brother and that his Masonic history be inscribed thereon in place of drafting a set of resolutions.


April 7. Twenty members attended a District Deputy's Lodge of Instruction at Taunton.

June 14. Voted that the Trustees of the Lodge be instructed to sell the Masonic Hall.

November 29. Voted to make the dues six dollars per annum from December 1, 1887.


April 5. Bristol Lodge met the other Lodges of the 23rd Masonic District at Masonic Hall, Attleborough. Worked second degree. The Grand Lecturer pronounced the exemplification as nearly perfect as it could be.

September 18. Brother A. T. Parker informed the Lodge that in looking over the old papers of the late Brother James Hamilton he had discovered the old records and papers of Bristol Lodge.


August 6. Communication received from the Most Worshipful Grand Master inviting Bristol Lodge to be present and assist him in laying the corner-stone of a new Court House in the City of Fall River on Thursday, the 8th day of August, 1889.

Voted to accept the invitation provided forty Master Masons will agree to go to Fall River.


December 23. Brother George E. Hawes elected Worshipful Master.


April 30. Voted that the Lodge donate to the Lodge at Bradford, Vt., such of our Regalia as the Lodge does not use.


June 7. Voted that the word "North" be placed upon the Banner before the word "Attleborough."


December 19. Presentation to the Lodge by Josiah E. Draper of an Ancient Masonic Pitcher, which had been dug out of the ruins of a fire at Nantucket some 40 years ago.


February 13. Voted to light the Lodge-room by electric lights.

June 16. Special communication for the purpose of assisting the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, in the laying of the corner-stone of the Richards Memorial Library.

The Grand Lodge on their arrival from Boston on the 1.26 train were met by a committee of the Past Masters of Bristol Lodge, headed by Worshipful Brother B. R. Price, and escorted to the Lodge-rooms.

The members of the Grand Lodge were as follows:

* R. W. William H. H. Soule, Acting Deputy Grand Master

The Lodge having been opened by Worshipful Brother Owen B. Bestor, Worshipful Master, received the Grand Lodge.

A few minutes after 2 o'clock the various organizations began to form in line on Washington St. between Bank and Chestnut Streets. As soon as possible the line was formed and moved in the following order to the site of the Memorial Library.

Squad of Police.
Hedley's National Band of Providence.
Bristol Commandery, Knights Templars, of North Attleboro.
King Hiram Royal Arch Chapter, of Attleboro.
Ezekiel Bates Lodge, of Attleboro.
St. James Lodge, of Mansfield.
Bristol Lodge, of North Attleboro.
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

As soon as the line reached the corner of Grove and Washington Streets the Craftsmen formed on two sides of the stone, while the Grand Officers ascended to the platform upon which were already seated members of the Richards family and a large number of specially invited guests.

The exercises began with an overture by the band. Then a hymn appropriate to the ceremony about to be performed was sung by the Temple Quartette of Boston.

A formal request was then made to the Grand Master by the Chairman of the Trustees of the Public Library, E. R. Price, for the laying of the stone, after which the stone was laid with the usual Masonic ceremonies by the Grand Lodge.

After the ceremonies the Grand Lodge was escorted to the Maples where a banquet was partaken of.

The visiting Lodges were entertained at Wamsutta Hall.


April 9. Committee appointed to formulate a plan for celebrating our Centenary in June, 1897.

May 7. Report of Centennial Committee received and the plan as a whole, including list of centennial committees adopted.


June 14. Celebration of 100th Anniversary under H. H. Cuites, Worshipful Master.


February 18. Final action taken by Lodge on establishment of Permanent Fund.


December 23. Installation of George E. Hawes, Secretary.


January 5. Installation of E. E. Hale as Worshipful Master.

During this year a very fine-toned pipe organ was installed in the Lodge-room, the expense being borne by the members and its installation by the Lodge. The organ added greatly to effectiveness of the degree work and was greatly enjoyed by all, remaining in service until the fire of March 12, 1915.


December 30. S. H. Dyer installed Worshipful Master by Grand Lecturer Putnam of the Grand Lodge.


March 12. About midnight the Lodge building was visited by fire originating in the Old Academy building adjoining. Banquet Hall floor completely ruined, Lodge suffering loss of all furniture on that floor which included chairs, tables, storage, etc. Fortunately the recently purchased crockery was saved with the exception of about 60 pieces and many of these, it is understood, disappeared as souvenirs. The Lodge-room was drenched with water, but the Brethren managed to remove all regalia, pictures, and small articles together with banners. Carpet was spoiled, and the organ badly wet although the fire did not get into that.

With the usual courtesy of good fellowship Aurora Lodge of Odd Fellows opened their doors to us and did all possible to make our position as easy as possible. Ezekiel Bates Lodge also offered us use of their quarters and one meeting was held at Attleborough.

March 30. W. R. Barden presented the Lodge with gavel and baton made from timber taken from Paul Revere House, Boston. Paul Revere as Grand Master having signed our Charter, made the gift very appropriate.


May 27. Lodge laid corner-stone to new P. O. Building. Most Worshipful M. M. Johnson, Grand Master and Grand Officers presiding, assisted by visiting Lodges, Bristol Commandery, and King Hiram Chapter. Cost $470.00. Receipts $470.00.


January 17. G. A. Livingston installed Master, he being the 49th Master of Bristol Lodge.

May. Appointment of Bristol Lodge Building Fund Committee.

June 10, 11. Celebration of 125th Anniversary.

Opened with dinner at Red Man's Hall at 6:00 P. M.— Lodge meeting at 8:00 P. M. in I.O.O.F. Hall where Grand Master A. D. Prince and suite were received and the Grand Master delivered an address.

Sunday following Lodge met I. O. O. F. Hall and proceeded to Methodist Episcopal Church and were addressed by Past Grand Master Melvin M. Johnson.

  • 1797. Bristol Lodge organized in Norton, Mass.
  • 1812. Bristol Lodge moved to Attleborough meeting in hall in Balkom's Tavern, corner South Main and Park Street.
  • 1816. Adoniram R. A. Chapter, now of New Bedford, organized in Balkom's Tavern.
  • 1868. Forty Brothers, all but one, members of Bristol Lodge, secured dispensation for Ezekiel Bates Lodge at Attleborough, the Charter being dated April 9, 1870. First meeting recorded April 13, 1870. Bristol Commandery, No. 29, K. T., chartered at North Attleborough.
  • 1876 March 6. King Hiram, R. A. C, chartered at Attleborough.
  • 1908 April 16. Angle Stone Chapter, No. 118, 0. E. S., chartered at North Attleborough.
  • 1912 March 7. Rabboni, R. A. C, chartered at North Attleborough, Mass.


  • 1798 (Withdrawn petition, II-120)
  • 1811 (Petition to remove to Attleboro granted, II-508)
  • 1812 (Remonstrance on removal, II-526; II-539)
  • 1821 (Report on delinquency, III-341)
  • 1830 (Petition to remove to Attleboro East Parish granted, IV-182)
  • 1836 (Communications, IV-412)
  • 1838 (Communications, IV-451)
  • 1843 (Communications, IV-589)
  • 1892 (Endorsement of charter, 1892-102)
  • 1935 (Petition to reduce fees granted, 1935-316)



From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XXIV, No. 5, April 1865, p. 182:

This old Lodge celebrated its 68th anniversary on the 28th of January last, by a public Installation of its officers, a supper, &c. The ceremonies of Installation took place in the neat and convenient hall of the Lodge, and in the presence of as many ladies as could possibly be accomodated. They were performed by the M. W. Grand Master in his usual happy and impressive manner. At the conclusion of which, he addressed the Lodge at some length on the general purposes of the Institution, and its importance as a means of great good, not only to its own members, but to the community in which it exists.

The Lodge was then closed, and the Brethren, with their ladies, formed in procession and marched to the vestry room of one of the neighboring churches, where tables were bountifully spread for about three hundred persons. After supper, the company were entertained with speeches by several of the Brethren person, but the great feature of this part of the entertainment was the music, and we have not on any similar occasion ever been more gratified, or known it to be excelled. The singing was surprisingly excellent, and the piano was handled with great skill and beauty. We are happy to state that the Lodge is in excellent condition, and is composed of a fine class of members. The following officers were installed: -

  • Charles E. Smith, W.M.
  • John B. Maintein, S. W.
  • John Stanley, J. W.
  • Abial Codding, Jr., Treas.
  • John T. Bates, Sec.
  • Thomas A. Sandland, S. D.
  • James W. Foster, J. D.
  • A. W. Sperry, Marshal
  • Gardner Clarke, Chap.
  • Chas. A. Blake, S. S.
  • James A. Hodges, J. S.
  • William H. Heath, Tyler.



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1878: District 13 (Dedham)

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