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Location: Boston; Newtonville (1993)

Chartered By: Everett C. Benton

Charter Date: 09/26/1912 1912-129

Precedence Date: 12/11/1911

Current Status: unknown; merged into The Consolidated Lodge, 12/02/2008.

United Lodge merged into this Lodge, 12/22/1993.


  • Edward N. West, 1911, 1912
  • Arthur A. Sondheim, 1913, 1914; N
  • Alexander M. Berger, 1915, 1916
  • Joseph Schmidt, 1917, 1918
  • Louis Papp, 1919, 1920
  • Benjamin A. Levy, 1921, 1922
  • Benjamin F. Levy, 1923, 1924
  • David Stern, 1925, 1926
  • Philip J. Aronson, 1927, 1928
  • Harry Smith, 1929, 1930
  • Isaac Gordon, 1931, 1932
  • Ira M. Daniels, 1933, 1934
  • Louis Joseph, 1935, 1936
  • Louis S. Blackstone, 1937, 1938
  • Solomon Stern, 1939, 1940; N
  • P. Kervin Goldman, 1941, 1942
  • Harry W. Felz, 1943, 1944
  • Louis Hamburger, 1945, 1946
  • Jacob A. Cushner, 1947, 1948
  • Myer M. Channen, 1949, 1950
  • Sumner S. Goldman, 1951
  • Saul B. Levitan, 1952
  • Alfred I. Novick, 1953, 1954
  • Stuart L. Stern, 1955, 1956
  • Sidney Aranoff, 1957
  • Leonard I. Cushner, 1958, 1959
  • Laurence S. Guiness, 1960, 1985-1987
  • Melvin B. Miller, 1961
  • Harvey Weiss, 1962
  • Howard J. Wolfe, 1963
  • Bernard Kalman, 1964
  • William L. Greene, 1965
  • David P. Mittell, 1966
  • Stephen Green, 1967
  • Donald Rosenberg, 1968
  • Lewis P. Aronson, 1969
  • Merrill I. Hassenfeld, 1970
  • Edwin Guiness, 1971
  • Harold L. Suvalle, 1972, 1974
  • Bertram R. Martinson, 1973, 1978
  • John E. Reiss, 1975, 1979, 1980
  • Alan J. Suvalle, 1976, 1977
  • Edward D. Trachtenberg, 1981-1983, 1988
  • Lawrence H. Cohen, 1984
  • Richard L. Rose, 1989, 1990
  • Herbert M. Shapiro, 1991-1994
  • Stewart L. Brandt, 1995
  • S. Lawrence DeHaan, 1996, 1997
  • Harold P. Greenberg, 1998, 2005, 2006
  • Neil D. Silverman, 1999, 2000
  • Howard I. Wilgoren, 2001, 2002
  • Robert H. Brown, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008



  • 1962 (50th Anniversary)



1913 1919 1920 1923 1924 1925 1926 1929 1930 1932 1933 1940 1948 1957 1978 1979 1982 1985 1988 1994 1996 1997 2005



From New England Craftsman, Vol. VIII, No. 1, October 1912, Page 30:

Shawmut Lodge, Boston, which has been working under a dispensation issued during the administration of Grand Master Dana J. Flanders, was duly constituted Thursday, September 26th, by Most Wor. Everett C. Benton, Grand Master, assisted by officers of the Grand Lodge. The ceremony was preceded by a banquet in the Temple which was attended by many representatives of other lodges. Grand Master Barrett of Kentucky, a guest of Grand Master Benton, was among those present. The organization of the new lodge is as follows:

Edward N. West, WM; Arthur S. Sondheim, SW; Alexander M. Berger, JW; Paul G. Coblenzer (PM), T; Albert H. Lamson (PM), S; Right Worshipful Samuel Hauser (PGW), C; Edmund S. Young (PM), AS; John R. Griffin (PM), M; Joseph Schmidt, SD; Louis Papp, JD; Fred Nurenberg, SS; David Stern, JS; Emerich Thern, I ; Charles S. Johnson, Organist; Edward F, Jacobs, Tyler.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. X, No. 9, June 1915, Page 325:

M. W. Melvin M. Johnson, Grand Master, accompanied by Officers of the Grand Lodge and a number of distinguished Brethren, paid a fraternal visit to Shawmut Lodge, the youngest Lodge that meets in the Masonic Temple, Boston, Thursday, May 27. The Lodge was opened at 3.45 P. M. when the F. C. degree was conferred on five candidates, after which the Lodge held its business meeting. At 6 o'clock W. M. Arthur A. Sondheim escorted the M. W. Grand Master and Suite to the Banquet Hall, where the members and guests to the number of 300 had preceded them. The tables were decorated with flowers and a small silk American flag was at each plate, which each guest pinned to his coat. Bro. Alexander's Orchestra furnished excellent music and Rt. Wor. Roscoe Pound, Deputy Grand Master, delivered an eloquent address, which was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

At 7.45 the Lodge again convened and Wor. Wm. M. Farrington, Grand Marshal, announced that the M. W. Grand Master was in an adjoining apartment, ready to pay the Lodge a fraternal visit. The W. M. Master named the Charter Members of Shawmut Lodge with Rt. Wor. Samuel Hauser, P. G. W., as Chairman, a Committee to retire and escort the Grand Master to the Lodge. Bro. Hauser introducing the M. W. Grand Master, said that the Masonic Fraternity in this Jurisdiction was fortunate in having so able and conscientious a leader as the present M. W. Grand Master; that his scholarly attainments, his thorough knowledge of the principles of Freemasonry, his eloquence of speech eminently fit him to guide the Brethren aright. W. M. Sondheim extended a most cordial and fraternal welcome to the M. W. Grand Master and his distinguished Suite to which the Grand Master responded. The Lodge then proceeded with the work, completing the ceremonies of the M. M. degree. Rev. Bro. Edward A. Chase then delivered a beautiful charge to the five candidates which was richly applauded.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master then delivered a most interesting address. He stated that he enjoyed a most pleasant evening and was pleased with the spirit in which the officers rendered the work. He complimented and congratulated the Lodge at the success they have attained and glad to say that Shawmut Lodge enjoys a most enviable reputation in the fraternity.

The Grand Master and Grand Marshal were each presented with handsome bouquets. Though Corinthian Hall was filled with Brethren it was very gratifying to note that all remained until the departure of the Grand Master.

Wor. Bro. Edward N. West is entitled to great credit for the able manner in which he trained the officers in the floor work. He was the first Master of Shawmut Lodge aiui the Marshal of the Lodge since W. L, Sondheim succeeded him as Master.

The Committee of Charter Members who introduced the Grand Master were: R. W. Samuel Hauser, Chairman; W. Edward N. West, Marshal; R. W. Leon M. Abbott, W. Paul G. Coblenzer, W. Albert H. Lamson, W. Clifton Jones, Samuel Friedlander, Leon Newman, Edward Anthony, Maurice Hanauer, Wor. Julius A. Zinn.

ArthurASondheim.jpg AlexanderMBerger.jpg JosephSchmidt.jpg
Arthur A. Sondheim; Alexander M. Berger; Joseph Schmidt
Worshipful Master; Senior Warden; Junior Warden


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XI, No. 8, May 1916, Page 258:

The officers and members of Shawmut Lodge, to the number of seventy-eight, assembled at the corner of Commonwealth and Harvard Avenues, Allston, on Patriots' Day, April 19th ult., and at 8.50 A. M. started in sixteen automobiles for the Masonic Home. They arrived in Worcester about 11 A. M., and proceeded to the new Hotel Bancroft, where dinner, which had been arranged for, was served.

After dinner the brethren started for the home where they arrived in good season.

Wor. Alexander M. Berger

At the request of Wor. Alexander M. Berger, the Master of the Lodge, Most Wor. Melvin M. Johnson had granted a Dispensation for a Special Communication to be held by Shawmut Lodge in the Chapel of the hom.> and the brethren assembled, where, after the lodge was duly opened, the fellow craft degree was conferred on five candidates, in an able and most impressive manner. The following named officers participated:

Wor. Alexander M. Berger, Master; Bro. Joseph Schmidt, Senior Warden; Bro. Louis Papp, Junior Warden; Wor. Paul G. Coblenzer, treasurer; Wor. Albert H. Lamson, secretary; Rev. Bro. Edward Abbot Chase, Chaplain; Bro. Alexander L. Golden, Marshal; Bro. Benjamin A. Levy, Senior Deacon; Bro. Benjamin F. Levy, Junior Deacon; Bro. Solomon Basch, Senior Steward; Bro. Philip J. Aronson, Junior Steward; Bro. Aaron Feinberg, organist; Bro. Edward F. Jacobs, tyler.

Seated in the East were Most Wor. J. Albert Blake, Relief Commissioner; Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim, Jr., Grand Steward; Wor. Wm. C. Crane, Master of Zetland Lodge; Wor. Wm. F. Pinkham, Master of Joseph Webb Lodge; Wor. Charles Thoman, Master of Germania Lodge, and Wor. James G. Brown, P. M. of The Massachusetts Lodge. The Masonic residents of the Home, and Bro. Lillibridge, Supt., attended the ceremonies and all were pleased with the beautiful work of this degree.

Rev. Bro. Edward Abbott Chase, who is also Chaplain of The Massachusetts Lodge, delivered the charge to the candidates, which was so instructive, that the impression made will be remembered by all who ha1' the privilege of hearing the same.

Most Wor. J. Albert Blake, on behalf of the residents of the home, tendered thanks to Wor. Brother Berger, and to the officers and members of Shawmut Lodge, for the interest shown by him and them for the home and complimented them for the able work performed by them.

The brethren were then afforded an opportunity to inspect the home, the buildings and grounds, and all were delighted with the management of the place and expressed their appreciation for the grand and noble work, as carried on by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, in providing a home and giving comfort to those of our brethren and their widows, who are worthy and unable to provide for themselves.

The party returned and arrived in Boston about 7.30 P. M., meeting with no accident and all who had the good fortune to visit the home, will remember a day well spent.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XII, No. 3, December 1916, Page 99:

Shawmut Lodge celebrated its fifth anniversary by holding a Ladies' Night in the Masonic Temple on Thursday, Nov. 23, in which 300 participated. An informal reception was held in Corinthian Hall at 6 o'clock, and there was an organ recital by Bro. R. Franz Reissmann, the organist of the Lodge. The Wor. Master, Alexander M. Berger, in well chosen words, extended a most cordial welcome to the ladies, brethren and guests, and expressed the wish that one and all would enjoy a most pleasant evening.

At 7 o'clock the members, with their ladies, proceeded to the banquet hall, followed by the guests, who were accompanied by the officers of the Lodge. The special guest on this occasion was Most Worshipful Grand Master Melvin M. Johnson, who, as he entered the hall, was greeted with loud cheering and applause, which continued until he reached the chair which had been reserved for him. A fine banquet was served, at the conclusion of which the Most Wor. Grand Master was introduced, and he delivered a most interesting, instructive and eloquent address, holding his hearers spellbound from the beginning to the end, and his words have made an everlasting, good impression on all who had the good fortune to hear him.

Each lady received a handsome silver vanity box, and to each man was given a seal leather cigar case filled with cigars.

Other guests were Wor. William M. Farrington, G. M.; Wor. George W. Chester, G. T., and Presiding Masters of Lodges meeting in the Temple. Another distinguished guest was Rt. Wor. Howard M. North, D. D. G. M. of the First Masonic District.

At 8.30 a concert was given in Ionic Hall by a male quartet, assisted by Mrs. Hunting, celloist; Mrs. Simonds, pianist, and Mr. Mason, humorist.

At the conclusion of the concert there was dancing in Gothic Hall until 12 o'clock. The music was furnished by Bro. Alexander's orchestra.

The committee, which consisted of Wor. Alexander M. Berger, Master; Joseph Schmidt, S. W., and Louis Papp, J. W„ are entitled to much credit for the able manner in which they arranged this festival. The programme was beautiful and contained excellent photographs of the first three officers of the Lodge.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XII, No. 6, March 1917, Page 206:

The officers of Shawmut Lodge, at the invitation of Wor. Alexander M. Berger, Master of the Lodge, assembled at 2 P. M. on Thursday, February 22nd for the purpose of having a group photograph taken. At 3 o'clock the Regular Communication was held and the F. C. degree was conferred on four candidates. The members and guests then proceeded to the banquet hall and enjoyed the supper which had been provided. Returning to the lodge room the members held a business meeting and at its close, the E. A. degree was conferred on five candidates.

In honor of the day, a large, framed picture of the immortal Bro. George Washington, which was draped with the American flag, was placed on an easel in the northeast corner of the Lodge, and beneath it a beautiful basket of flowers, which was sent by one of the members to Wor. Master Berger, was placed. On the right of the Master was the flag of our country and on the left the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Bro. Benjamin A. Levy, the Senior Deacon, was then introduced and delivered a most interesting lecture on the life of Most Wor. Moses Michael Hays, who was Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts in the years 1788-1792. Bro. Levy is entitled to much credit, for the time he must have devoted in studying the history pertaining to the career of this illustrious Mason and philanthropist. All who had the privilege of hearing the lecture, which had been so carefully prepared, enjoyed the same and were deeply impressed.

On April 19th the members, accompanied by their ladies, will make their annual visit to the Masonic Home. The trip will be made in automobiles. Arriving in Worcester, the party will dine at the "Bancroft" and then proceed to the Home, where the residents will be entertained by a nice concert, which will be given by talent, engaged for the occasion, followed by an address by Rev. Bro. Edward Abbot Chase, the Chaplain of the Lodge.

The members of Shawmut Lodge were so well pleased with the Home, its beautiful surroundings and able management, when they visited the Home last year, that they were anxious to have the ladies accompany them this time. No pains will be spared to give the residents of the Masonic Home a good time.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XII, No. 7, April 1917, Page 235:

Shawmut Lodge, proud of the fact that Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts and Rt. Wor. Edward N. West, the Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge are charter members of the Lodge, tendered to these distinguished brethren a reception on Thursday, March 22, ult. It was a happy event and the arrangements made were successfully carried out.

Worshipful Alexander M. Berger, the Master of the Lodge, had planned to make this reception the most interesting and most important function of his administration, and he looked forward to the evening designated for the reception, with much pleasure. But, alas, a fortnight before that time, Wor. Bro. Berger was obliged to submit to a surgical operation, which made it impossible for him to carry out all that he so much desired to do. He felt the disappointment keenly, but greater was the disappointment to the members and guests and at the banquet, which followed the closing of the Lodge, each speaker expressed sympathy for the absent Master and praised him for his sterling qualities, kind heart and faithful service in the cause of Masonry.

The Lodge met at 4.45 P.M. and Brother Joseph Schmidt, the Senior Warden, acted as Master and acquitted himself with great credit. The F- C. degree was conferred on five candidates and at 6.15 Rt. Wor. Edward N. West, Grand Marshal, appeared and announced that the M. W. Grand Master was in an adjoining apartment of the Temple and awaits the pleasure of the Lodge. The acting master appointed the charter members of the Lodge with Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim as chairman, to retire and escort the Most Wor. Grand Master and the Rt. Wor. Grand Marshal to the Lodge room. The committee attended to that most pleasant duty and when the Grand Master entered the hall he was greeted with applause which continued until Wor. Brother Sondheim introduced him to the acting Master. Bro. Schmidt extended to both, the Grand Master and Grand Marshal, a most cordial and fraternal welcome. The Grand Master expressed heartfelt thanks for the kind reception given him by the members and for the kind sentiments expressed by the acting Master, in his address of welcome. A hearty welcome was then extended to Rt. Wor. Edward N. West, Grand Marshal, Bro. Schmidt saying that Shawmut Lodge delights to honor Bro. West who had been so faithful and had brought honor to the Lodge, and added that it was just five years ago this evening, that Rt. Wor. Bro. West raised him to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Shawmut Lodge and little did he then think, that after so brief a period of time, he would have the honor of presiding in the East and the great honor and pleasure of receiving the Most Wor. Grand Master and Rt. Wor. Grand Marshal, as special guests of the Lodge. He regretted, however, that Wor. Master Alexander M. Berger was not able to be here to extend the welcome, as he had intended. The Grand Marshal, expressing his gratitude for the words of praise showered upon him, said that all will agree that when he raised Bro. Schmidt he did a good job. The emblem of authority was then presented and the Master's chair resigned to the Grand Master, who ac- | cepted both, but arising in a minute, said that he had taken the seat, so that it may be recorded that the Grand Master had occupied the Oriental chair in Shawmut Lodge this evening. He returned the gavel to the acting master, who resumed the chair and closed Lodge. The special guests were accompanied by Rt. Wor. Moses C. Plummer, Deputy Grand Master; Rt. Wor. William M. Farrington, Sr. Gr. Warden; Rt. Wor. Charles H. Ramsay, Gr. Treasurer; Rt. Wor. Howard M. North, D. D. G. M.; Wor. Percy W. Witherell, Jr., Gr. Steward.

Rt. Wor. Edmund S. Young then arranged a procession, which was led by the Gr. Master and acting Master, followed by the guests, charter members, visiting brethren and members of the Lodge and the party proceeded to the banquet hall, where the exercises took place, which consisted of an excellent banquet, fine music furnished by Brother Alexander's Orchestra, and speeches. Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim officiated as toastmaster and he was complimented for the eloquent and witty manner in which he introduced each speaker. He read a telegram, which had just been received, from Wor. Bro. Alexander M. Berger, extending his felicitations and best wishes to the special guest and the brethren. Rt. Wor. Edmund S. Young offered a toast to Wor. Master Berger with wishes that he may soon be restored to perfect health.

At the conclusion of the banquet, Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim announced that the Post-Prandial exercises were now in order and that though his appointment as toastmaster came to him rather late, he esteemed it an honor and a privilege to introduce the distinguished brethren who are to be the speakers of the evening.

He said that the first speaker is a Past Dist. Dep. Grand Master, Past Sr. Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge and is a charter, as also an honorary, member of Shawmut Lodge. He introduced Rt. Wor. Samuel Hauser who was accorded a cordial reception by the brethren. Bro. Hauser said that few men have wielded so wide an influence in the cause of Masonry as has Most Wor. Leon M. Abbott, Grand Master, and that his services merited the honors that had been bestowed upon him. He spoke of Rt. Wor. Edward N. West as a man held in high esteem by all who know him, ever alert for anything that may be interesting or beneficial to any Masonic body with which he is connected and that the Shawmut Lodge is justly proud that these two distinguished brethren are charter as well as honorary members of the Lodge. The orchestra played and the brethren, standing, sang the Star-Spangled Banner. The next speaker was Wor. Percy W. Witherell who succeeded Wor. Bro. Sondheim, as Jr. Gr. Steward. Bro. Witherell's speech was interesting and generously applauded. The toastmaster said that the next speaker, Rt. Wor. Edward N. West, is hailed as the Adonis and sometimes Apollo of the Lodge, and he spoke feelingly of the warm friendship existing between him and Bro. West. When Bro. West arose, the brethren stood up and applauded heartily, for which the speaker expressed his thanks, and said that he appreciated the words of praise spoken in his behalf and that he was glad to do whatever he could, at any and all times in the interest of Shawmut Lodge He felt highly honored in having been appointed Grand Marshal by so good and distinguished a Mason as our Grand Master. Rt. Wor. Howard M. North, D. D. G. M., was next called upon and he was followed by Rt. Wor. Charles H. Ramsay, Gr. Treasurer, each expressing great pleasure in being present and participating in the reception given to the Grand Master and Grand Marshal. Rt. Wor. Wm. M. Farrington, Sr. Gr. Warden, was next introduced and he told the brethren that he had called on Wor. Bro. Berger and found him feeling as comfortable as could be expected under the circumstances. His speech, laudatory of the special guests, was heartily applauded. Rt. Wor. Moses C. Plummer, Dep. Gr. Master, received a rousing welcome when he arose as the next speaker. He caused much merriment when he said that alter he had been appointed to the office he now holds, he was desirous of being assigned to attending Ladies' Nights, while the M. W. Grand Master would attend all other functions, and this evening he expected to attend a Ladies' Night in Dorchester and so stated to the Grand Master, But the Most Wor. said: 'You will go with me to Shawmut Lodge', "and here I am with my ambition sidetracked. But he was glad to be here and take part in the exercises." His speech was witty and thoroughly enjoyed by the brethren. When he resumed his seat the orchestra played, Good-bye Girls, I'm Through.

When Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott, Grand Master, was introduced, the brethren rising, applauded and the hearty reception given him in the Lodge room, was repeated. The Grand Master tendered grateful acknowledgments for the cordial greeting extended to him and for the kind sentiments that had been expressed by the speakers. Me was glad to be a member of Shawmut Lodge, which has earned and enjoys a most enviable reputation in the fraternity. He regretted that he had been unable to attend meetings of the Lodge.

Most Worshipful Bro. Abbott said that he had accepted the office of Gr. Master, feeling that the unanimous call to duty, which came to him unsolicited, could not be declined and he appreciates the loyalty and devotion shown him. He is satisfied that if the duties of the office were faithfully performed, the Brethren throughout the jurisdiction will stand behind him. He was glad to observe that there is greater interest in Masonry than ever before. While the fraternity during the last year was successful and prosperous, the increase in membership being considerably larger than in previous years, there were issued since September last to this time, 362 more diplomas than in the corresponding period of the year before. The speech of the Gr. Master was eloquent, interspersed with anecdotes and at its conclusion, all rising, applauded and three hearty cheers were given this distinguished brother. The orchestra played, the brethren united in singing "America" and this reception, reflects great credit to the officers and members of Shawmut Lodge. A number of past and presiding masters of other lodges were present and enjoyed the exercises of the evening.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XIV, No. 7, April 1919, Page 225:

Worshipful Master Joseph Schmidt of Shawmut Lodge introduced something new for a social evening that many lodges cannot imitate, in deciding to honor the charter and honorary members by inviting them to the communication on Friday, March 28, and have the officers, who served during the first year after the lodge was constituted, occupy the stations which they then filled. He also invited as special guests, officers of the grand lodge, presiding and past masters of lodges, Bros. Channing Cox, Lieut.-Governor of Massachusetts, Andrew J. Peters, Mayor of Boston, E. T. McKnight, President of the Senate, and H. C. Attwill, Attorney-General.

At 6.30 Wor. Bro. Schmidt escorted the mayor, charter and honorary members and special guests to the banquet hall and were received by the brethren assembled there with vigorous applause. The hall was decorated tastily with flowers, etc., and a huge bouquet, the gift of Wor. Bro. Julius A. Zinn. Music was furnished by Brown Brothers, members of St. Cecile Lodge of New York. At the conclusion of the feast, Wor. Master Schmidt introduced the Mayor as the first speaker. Bro. Peters lauded the brethren of Shawmut Lodge and advised them to take an active part in public affairs. He was pleased to accept the invitation extended, and was glad to be present, knowing that the brethren were his friends. His speech was eloquent. As the Mayor, owing to other engagements, had to leave, the Master appointed Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim and Wor. Alexander M. Berger to escort him and all present rising, cheered the departing guest. Bro. Samuel Markell, just returned from overseas, was introduced as the next speaker and got a fine reception. His speech was very interesting and well delivered. Speaking of Bolshevism, he said that the publicity given it is to be deplored, as it certainly does considerable harm. Bro. Markell was cheered. The W. M. read a letter from Bro. Lieut.-Gov. Cox, expressing regrets that, on account of other engagements, he could not be present. Bro. McKnight, president of the Senate, and Bro. Attwill, Attorney-general, also sent regrets.

At 8 o'clock a committee, with Most Wor. Dana J. Flanders, the Grand Master that granted the dispensation for the organization of Shawmut Lodge and who is an honorary member of the lodge, as chairman, proceeded to the Grand Master's room, where the following named Charter and Honorary Members had assembled and escorted them to the lodge room: Most Wor. Leon M. Abbott, Grand Master; Rt. Wor. Edward N. West, Grand Marshal; Rt. Wor. Samuel Hauser, Rt. Wor. Edmund S. Young, Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim, Wor. W. Clifton Jones, Wor. Alexander M. Berger, Wor. Frank E. Buxton, Wor. Philip T. Nickerson, Wor. Nathan B. Basch, Wor. James G. Brown, Wor. Paul G. Coblenzer, Wor. Albert H. Lamson, Wor. Julius A. Zinn, Bro. Edward Anthony and Rev. Bro. Edward A. Chase. When the procession reached the East, Most Wor. Bro. Flanders addressing the Worshipful Master, stated that he was glad that he granted the dispensation for this lodge. He had no reason to regret the course he ha i pursued, for the result was beyond his expectations and Shawmut Lodge enjoy, an excellent reputation. He was not expected to introduce the charter members but did introduce just one. Most Wor. Leon M. Abbott, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.

Wor. Joseph Schmidt tendered the thanks of the lodge to M. W. Bro. Flanders for the kindly sentiments expressed and assured him that the members of Shawmut Lodge will ever hold him in grateful remembrance and by being as careful in the future as it has been in the past, will never give him regret his having granted the dispensation which made Shawmut Lodge possible.

The Oriental chair was then surrendered to Rt. Wor. Edward N. West, who was the first Master of the Lodge and he called all who had served under him during the year when the Lodge was constituted, to take the stations they then held. The present Master was Senior Deacon. The second and third sections of the M. M. degree was then conferred in a most dignified and impressive manner and Rt. Wor. Bro. West delivered the historical lecture with all his old time vigor. Rev. Bro. Chase, Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge delivered, an interesting and instructive charge to the candidate. Most Wor. Grand Master Abbott presented to Rt. Wor. Bro. West a Henry Price jewel, in recognition of his meritorious work in the interest of Masonry. Bro. West accepted the gift in a neat speech. Both donor and recipient received the applause of the brethren.

Wor. Master Schmidt next stated that earlier in the evening having had the pleasure of introducing the leading citizens of Boston, he now has the honor of presenting the leader of the Masonic Fraternity in Massachusetts, M. W. Leon M. Abbott. The grand master was accorded a royal reception and his speech was eloquent and instructive. The same is also true of Rt. Wor. Frederick W. Hamilton, Grand Secretary, who was the next speaker.

Wor. W. Clifton Jones, grand steward, who was treasurer of the lodge while under Dispensation, a valuable present to the lodge, namely the original design, of the head of Shawmut, the Indian, which design was made for Wor. Bro. Jones and subsequently adopted for the seal of the lodge, as well as for the notices and Past Masters' jewels. Bro. Jones in his presentation speech said that in 1623 Wm. Blackstone settled in Mushauwomuk, the Indian name for Shawmut. In Gov. Winthrop's time the name was changed to Trimount and on September 7, 1630 to Boston.

The original design, with a card bearing the name of the donor, date of presentation, etc., was handsomely framed and the yf. M. accepted the same in well chosen words. On motion of Most Worshipful grand master, a vote of thanks was given Bro. Jones for his gift. The entire arrangements of the evening were perfect and successfully carried out. It was a great night for Shawmut Lodge.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XV, No. 5, February 1920, Page 154:

Louis Papp

Shawmut Lodge celebrated its eighth anniversary, by holding a Ladies' Night on January 22d ult. About two hundred Masons made up the male side, while the wives, mothers, sisters, sweethearts and friends of members comprised the "better half" of the Masonic gathering and made merry at this long-to-be-remembered celebration. The exercises opened at 6 o'clock with an informal reception and at 6.30 a banquet was served, during which Bro. Alexander's Orchestra furnished the music.

At 8.30 the Boston Symphony Ensemble gave a concert in Ionic Hall, the selections being excellent. Bro. Augusto Vannirii was the director, J. Theodorowicz concert master, Mrs. Alice H. Stevens soprano. Charles Bennett bass. Other popular artists were Alexander Ribarsch violin, George Miquelle, violincello, Oscar Ludwig contrabass, C. DeMailly flute, N. Forlani clarinet, G. Mager trumpet, A. DeVoto pianoforte and Bro. Robert F. Reissmann, organist.

At the banquet Wor. Louis Papp, the master of the lodge, greeted M. W. Grand Master Arthur D. Prince, the guests and the large number who had the good fortune of being present. The Grand Master was introduced and all rising, he was given a most hearty applause. In his address, the M. W. Grand Master spoke of the excellent situation which Shawmut Lodge enjoys, the success the lodge had achieved and wishing it continued prosperity. The address was witty and eloquent and was enjoyed by all. Wor. Master Louis Papp, Sr. Warden Benjamin A. Levy, Jr. Warden Benjamin F. Levy, Wor. Alexander M. Berger, chairman Reception Committee, Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim, master of ceremonies, who had charge of the arrangements for this celebration, are to be congratulated upon its success.

Shawmut Lodge is known for the great care it is taking in the selection of its members, and for the impressive manner in which the ceremonies are performed. Visitors received a hearty and fraternal welcome and are made to feel at home. The lodge deserved all the nice things said about it.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XV, No. 9, June 1920, Page 279:

Shawmut Lodge, Boston, tendered a reception to its charter members at the regular communication, May 27th ult. The lodge was opened at 3.30 p. m. and five candidates were advanced to the second degree, after which the first section of the M. M. degree was conferred on five fellowcraft. At 6.30 the brethren, to the number of three hundred, enjoyed a social hour at the banquet, returning to the lodge room and resuming work at 7.45.

Wor. Julius Kreidel and officers of Germania Lodge were guests and assisted the W. M. in the work, in a most creditable manner.

There was a large attendance of members; about 135 visitors were present. Wor. Master Louis Papp caused the charter members to assemble at the altar, and as he introduced them one by one each was greeted with applause. The officers who had been installed when the lodge was constituted in 1911 were escorted to the stations they occupied at that time and invited to work the second and third sections of the M. M. degree. These ceremonies were performed by those officers in a creditable and impressive manner. The organization was as follows:

Master, Rt. Wor. Edward N. West; Senior Warden, Wor. Arthur A. Sondheim; Junior Warden, Wor. Alexander M. Berger; Treasurer, Wor. Paul G. Coblenzer; Secretary, Wor. Albert H. Lamsou; Chaplain, Rt. Wor. Samuel Hauser; Associate Chaplain, Rt. Wor. Edmund S. Young; Marshal, Wor. J. R. Griffin; Senior Deacon, Wor. Jos. Schmidt; Junior Deacon, Wor. Louis Papp; Senior Steward, Fred Nurenberg; Junior Steward. David Stern; Inside Sentinel, Emerich Thern; Tyler, Edward F. Jacobs.

During the exercises Wor. Master Louis Papp approached the seat occupied by Rt. Wor. Brother Samuel Hauser and address him in a neat and clever speech, presented him, on behalf of the members of Shawnmt Lodge with a leather folder which, he said, contained a valuable piece of paper and which he hoped the recipient would enjoy. Bro. Hauser was taken by surprise. The brethren arose and greeted him with applause; he was visibly affected and assured the brethren that notwithstanding the large membership of Shawmut Lodge, he had not received the least inkling that he was to be the recipient of a gift, or of any special honors. He expressed his grateful acknowledgments for what the Wor. Master said was a valuable paper, and the nature of which he did not, as yet. know. Before the lodge was closed Rt. Wor. Bro. Edward N. West approached Rt. Wor. Bro. Hauser and on behalf of Shawmut Lodge presented him wi a large bouquet of roses. The presentation speech of Bro. West was in his usual eloquent style and alluded to the services rendered by Bro. Hauser at the time Shawmut Lodge was being organized. Bro. Hauser responding, said that he did not think that he was deserving of all the praises; that others were entitled to credit for the service which was rendered at the time referred to especially Rt. Wor. Bro. West, who worked so hard and made such sacrifices, laboring by day and night in the interest of Shawmut Lodge, not only until success was achieved, but continuing his excellent and valuable work in and for the Lodge, and he hoped that Bro. West would be spared man happy years and continue his usefulness to the Craft. Bro. Hauser closed by wishing Shawmut Lodge continued prosperity, and by invoking God's blessing upon each and every member of the lodge.

The exercises of the evening were were arranged and successfully carried out. Shawmut Lodge is composed of a fine set of men, among whom there are no feelings of malice or uncharitableness or envy or other feeling not in keeping with the teachings of the lodge. The kindly spirit, the sentiment, the emotion of heart which leads us up with pity, tenderness and love, and prompts us to do good for the love of doing it, and of being just and generous, prevails in this lodge.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XV, No. 12, September 1920, Page 370:

Shawmut Lodge held its annual meeting on September 23. It was a "Members' Meeting," and it was gratifying to see so large an attendance, all, without any exception, remaining until the Lodge was closed. The annual reports of the Trustees, Treasurer and Secretary were read, showing that the Lodge was in excellent financial condition. Wor. Master Louis Papp prepared and submitted an address which was a masterpiece, and many praises were showered upon him for the pains he had taken to give to the Brethren a full and intelligent report of the work of the Lodge during the past year. The election of officers was held and Rt. Wor. Edward N. West presided during the election for Master Wor. Louis Papp was re-elected and a committee of the Past Master and charter members of the Lodge escorted the Master-elect into the Lodge room. The loud applause with which he was greeted continued for several minutes. Wor. Bro. Arthur A. Sondheim introduced and Rt. Wor. Edward N. West welcomed the reelected Master, with speeches that were eloquent and appreciated by all present. Wor. Bro. Papp tendered his grateful acknowledgments for the continued confidence which the Brethren reposed in him. All of the present officers were re-elected and re-appointed.

Wor. Alexander M. Berger installed the officers in a most pleasant and impressive manner. He was assisted by Wor. Joseph Schmidt, who made the proclamation at the close of the ceremonies, and received the plaudits of the Brethren. Each of the installing officers w'as presented with a large, beautiful bouquet of flowers.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XVI, No. 7, May 1921, Page 213:

Shawmut Lodge, Boston, added another important event to its history, May 7, when the lodge was honored with a visit by a New York Lodge.

True Craftsman's Lodge, No. 651, by virtue of a dispensation granted through the courtesy of M. W. Arthur D. Prince, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, and M. W. Robert H. Robinson, Grand Master of Masons in New York, authorizing said lodge to confer the Degree of Master Mason in New York form on five of its Fellow Crafts, at a special communication in Masonic Temple, Boston, Saturday, May 7, left New York Friday, May 6. There were 64 in the party. On arrival they were met by a committee headed by W. M. Louis Papp and escorted to the Copley-Plaza Hotel, where a luncheon was served to one hundred and fifty, eighty-five members of Shawmut Lodge having joined the party. The visitors were then taken by motor to places of historic interest and the residential Sections about Boston.

At six o'clock Shawmut Lodge was opened and the visiting brethren, guests and members were entertained at dinner. While enjoying this part of the exercises, the brethren were entertained with songs, monologues, etc., by artists from the Orpheum Theatre, supplied through the courtesy of the manager, Brother Victor Harris, a member of Shawmut Lodge. A unique souvenir was presented to each one present, consisting of a lambskin apron, one-quarter the usual size, upon which was printed: "Reception tendered by Shawmut Lodge, A. F. & A. M. of Boston, Mass., to True Craftsman's Lodge, No. 651, A. F. & A. M., of New York City, at Masonic Temple, Boston, Mass., Saturday, May 7, 1921." On the left was the seal of Shawmut Lodge with the names of Louis Papp, Wor. Master; Benjamin A. Levy, Sr. Warden; Benjamin F. Levy, Jr. Warden; Paul G. Coblenzer, Treas.; Albert H. Lamson, Sec. On the right the seal of True Craftsman's Lodge, with the names Lewis F. Glaser, Wor. Master; Henry Steinberg, Sr. Warden; Joseph Harvis, Jr. Warden; Leo Lewinson, Treas.; Morris Doublin, Sec. Between the two, the menu was printed.

At 7.45 Shawmut Lodge was reconvened and Wor. Master Papp appointed a committee to escort the visiting officers and members of True Craftsman's Lodge to the Lodge room. Wor. Bro. Sondheim in his usual happy manner, and with well chosen words, introduced Wor. Lewis G. Glaser of New York City. Wor. Master Papp extended a cordial welcome, referring to the visit which officers and members of Shawmut Lodge paid to True Craftsman's Lodge in June, 1920, when it was agreed that each of the lodges should set aside one day in each year to visit each other alternately, thus cementing more closely the bonds of friendship that had been formed between these two lodges. Wor. Master Glaser responded in a witty speech and at the invitation of the W.M. assumed the Oriental chair. He directed the officers of his lodge to take their respective stations and proceeded with the work. The candidates advanced to the degree of Master Mason were: Reginald F. Isaacs, Louis H. Schwartz, Maxwell A. Cantor, Percy I. Elias, and Nathan Rosenberg. The work was performed in an interesting and impressive manner, those who had the privilege of witnessing the conferring of the degree in New York form being highly pleased. The officers taking part in the ceremonies were warmly congratulated. Several officers and permanent members of the Grand Lodge, presiding and past masters, and members of a number of lodges filled Corinthian Hall and enjoyed the work by W.M. Glaser and his officers, and especial mention must be made of the well trained team that took such a very important part. The exercises were well arranged, and successfully carried out.

Wor. Master Glaser, before leaving the chair, tendered the thanks of True Craftsman's Lodge for the cordial reception given to the officers and members accompanying them.

May 8th at nine o'clock, officers and members of Shawmut Lodge appeared at the hotel with automobiles and the entire party, numbering 150, rode along the several beaches to Marblehead, where dinner was served. Returning, the visitors were escorted to the boat and sailed to New York at 5 p. m.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XVI, No. 8, June 1921, Page 244:

Shawmut Lodge held a Charter Members' night, May 26th. The lodge was opened at 3.30 p. m. At 6 p. m. W. M. Louis Papp with guests and members enjoyed dinner, returning to the lodge room at 7.10. A committee, with Wor. Joseph Schmidt, as chairman, retired and escorted charter members to the lodge room. The chairman presented these organizers of the lodge and they were warmly welcomed by W.M. Papp. Next came memorial service, which the lodge observes annually. The charter members gathered around the altar; the chaplain, Rev. and Wor. Edward A. Chase, grand chaplain of the Grand Lodge, offered an invocation and Secretary Albert H. Lamson read the names of the brethren who had passed to the Great Beyond. The quartette sang and Rev. Bro. Chase delivered an address, appropriate to the occasion.

The lodge then proceeded with the work, officers who served during the first year occupying the stations. Rt. Wor. Edward N. West presided and conferred the M. M. degree. A number of presiding and past masters of other lodges were present.

The annual outing of Shawmut Lodge will take place at Paragon Park, Nantasket Beach on June 28th.




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