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Location: Cambridge; Brookline (1930); Brighton (1960); Watertown (1980)

Chartered By: Dudley M. Ferrell

Charter Date: 09/09/1925 1925-231

Precedence Date: 12/05/1924

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged into Shawmut Lodge, 12/22/1993.


  • Hugh E. Allen, 1925
  • George W. Ladd, 1926, 1927
  • Horace B. Mann, 1928, 1929
  • Harry Silverman, 1930, 1931
  • Joseph Laserson, 1932, 1933
  • Samuel H. Lewis, 1934, 1935; N
  • John Lee, 1936, 1937
  • Albert Copeland, 1938, 1939
  • Albert T. Lawrence, 1940, 1941
  • Isaac Fishman, 1942, 1943
  • Victor M. Lewis, 1944, 1945
  • Louis Goldkrand, 1946, 1947
  • Nathan Robins, 1948, 1949; SN
  • Hyman Schatz, 1950, 1951
  • Jacob K. DeHaan, 1952, 1953
  • Joseph M. Kransoff, 1954, 1955
  • Albert Lavine, 1956, 1957, 1971
  • Harry Goldrand, 1958
  • Sidney A. Salamoff, 1959
  • William N. Bullock, 1960, 1961
  • Louis A. Rosenberg, 1962
  • Philip Barsh, 1963
  • Raymund A. Mann, 1964
  • Herbert Taymor, 1965
  • Marvin I. Zimble, 1966
  • Herbert D. Lewis, 1967
  • Leon Halperin, 1968, 1988
  • Malcolm H. Flash, 1969
  • Arthur G. Schatz, 1970
  • Stanley N. DeHaan, 1972, 1975, 1991-1993
  • Martin Gantshar, 1973
  • Malcolm L. Burdine, 1974, 1983, 1984
  • Alan M. Ronkin, 1976
  • Edward M. Salamoff, 1977
  • S. Lawrence DeHaan, 1978, 1979, 1986
  • Gary R. Rachins, 1980, 1981
  • Burton J. Foster, 1982
  • Harold P. Greenberg, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990
  • Donald P. Brightman, 1989


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1924
  • Petition for Charter: 1925
  • Consolidation Petition (with Aberdour Lodge): 1979
  • Consolidation Petition (with Shawmut Lodge): 1993


  • 1950 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1975 (50th Anniversary)



1925 1931 1933 1936 1946 1949 1953 1955 1958 1962 1964 1966 1975 1979 1984 1987 1988 1989


  • 1950 (25th Anniversary History, 1950-63; see below)
  • 1975 (50th Anniversary History, 1975-182; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1950-63:

By Worshipful Harry Silverman, Worshipful John Lee, Worshipful Harry Klein.

Time marches on! The hour has arrived for United Lodge to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This is a glorious and historic event for all of us. It is a time to pause and review the work of the past; to take an inventory of the present; to observe the progress made; and to plan for the future, so that we can make the years ahead outshine those that lie behind.

Insofar as we can ascertain, there are no records available of the preliminary meetings, but fortunately, the memory of participants can supply this omission. There were many meetings in 1924, participated in by Wor. Hugh E. Allen, Wor. George Ladd, Wor. Horace B. Mann, R. W. Harrie E. Mason, Bro. Abraham Broude, Bro. Morris Bronstein, Bro. Abraham Snider, Wor. Joseph Laserson, Wor. Harry Silverman and others who became charter members. Most of those active in the formation were members of Lodges situated in Cambridge and in Boston. There was a strong feeling that the time had arrived for the formation of another Lodge, and Cambridge was considered a suitable location. Much thought and time was given to the name, but we were finally of the opinion that "United" expressed our views, our thoughts, our goal, and accordingly that name was chosen.

On December 5, 1924, a dispensation was granted by Most Worshipful Dudley Hayes Ferrell , Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, for the formation of United Lodge. We were instituted at a very impressive ceremony at Odd Fellows Hall in Cambridge on January 7, 1925, and the officers were installed by Right Worshipful Arthur E. Fisk, District Deputy Grand Master for the Second Masonic District, accompanied by Worshipful Edward F. Wallis, District Deputy Grand Marshal, and Worshipful Brother Prescott, Past Master of Columbian Lodge, as Chaplain.

The officers installed under dispensation were the following:

  • Wor. Hugh E. Allen , Master
  • Wor. George W. Ladd, Senior Warden
  • Wor. Horace B. Mann, Junior Warden
  • Bro. Abraham Broude, Treasurer
  • Wor. Jesse W. Moreland, Secretary
  • Bro. Morris Bronstein, Marshal
  • Bro. Harry Silverman, Senior Deacon
  • Bro. George E. Preble, Junior Deacon
  • Bro. Joseph Laserson, Senior Steward
  • Bro. William H. G. Higgins, Junior Steward
  • Bro. Harrie E. Mason, Sentinel
  • Bro. James E. Bagley, Organist
  • Bro. Edward T. Morgan, Tyler

On this occasion Worshipful James L. Neehan of Putnam Lodge presented to United Lodge a beautiful set of the Three Great Lights.

The Charter Members were as follows:

  • Hugh E. Allen
  • Horace B. Mann
  • Jesse W. Moreland
  • Morris Bronstein
  • Herbert M. Chase
  • Robert J. Fawcett
  • Henry S. Dunn
  • James E. Bagley
  • Leonard H. Hicks
  • Abraham Isenberg
  • Julius Snyder
  • Kevark V. Takvorian
  • Henry L. Fowler
  • Elmer E. Hodgdon
  • Alexander R. Robbins
  • John Robbins
  • Albert Grandberg
  • John D. Marks
  • William E. Moreland
  • Walter H. May
  • Edward Cohen
  • Samuel W. Prussian
  • Abraham S. Guterman
  • Louis Grandberg
  • George W. Ladd
  • Abraham Broude
  • Harry Silverman
  • Walter C. Wardwell
  • Guy H. Holliday
  • Edward F. Wallis
  • Harrie E. Mason
  • Max S. Kale
  • George E. Preble
  • Charles M. Taylor
  • Isaac J. Rosenthal
  • William H. G. Higgins
  • Harry N. Guterman
  • William Sears
  • Joseph Laserson
  • Morris Silverman
  • David A. Lourie
  • David Cobb
  • Edward T. Morgan
  • Morris Gross
  • Leon Laserson
  • Salli Hofmann
  • Abraham Snider

Our first regular communication was held on February 4, 1925, at which time R.W. Guy H. Holliday, Wor. Herbert M. Chase and Wor. Walter C. Wardwell were appointed as a committee to draw up the By-Laws of United Lodge. At this time they presented our Lodge with a beautiful gavel, suitably inscribed. Among the applications received at this first meeting was that of Wor. John Lee, our present Secretary.

Our By-Laws were approved by Grand Lodge on September 9, 1925. At this meeting there was presented to the Lodge the American Flag, the working tools and the Senior Deacon's collar. At this meeting also a Relief Fund was created, and from that time to the present, our Brethren have been most liberal in their contributions thereto. Whenever the occasion has arisen, we have drawn upon this Fund, and the purpose for which it was created has been faithfully carried out. Today our Relief and Permanent Funds are a source of pride and satisfaction.

Thus was United Lodge born! The feeling of brotherhood and friendship, the desire to cooperate and render service, have continued from our birth to the present. With these as a cornerstone, we have been able to make the progress of which we are so justly proud, and to face the challenge of the future. A special communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge was held in Cambridge on Saturday, October 17, 1925, for the purpose of constituting United Lodge. The Grand Lodge Officers present were:

United Lodge was constituted in due and ancient form with all the ceremonies of the Craft. At the conclusion of the ceremonies, M. W. Dudley H. Ferrell, assisted by R. W. Frank H. Hilton, Grand Marshal, installed the officers. On this occasion the M. W. Grand Master delivered an eloquent address and presented Wor. Hugh E. Allen with the charter of United Lodge. This was an evening that will always linger in the memories of those who were privileged to attend.

Jubilee Night was observed on Thursday, October 22, 1925, at the Hotel Somerset, Boston. M. W. Grand Master Dudley H. Ferrell and a large delegation of Grand Lodge Officers participated in the events of the evening.

In the spring of 1926 we held a Ladies' Night, and since then, this has been an annual affair. We all cherish the happy recollections of these pleasant occasions.

At our annual meetings of November 1926, 1927, 1928 and 1931, our officers were again installed by M. W. Dudley H. Ferrell, with R. W. Frank H. Hilton as Marshal. On November 1, 1944, R. W. Brother Hilton presented to the Lodge the baton used by him as Grand Marshal on the occasions of our constitution and on subsequent installations. R. W. Brother Hilton, now Grand Secretary, has always manifested a deep interest in United Lodge, and we are proud to number him as one of our Honorary Members. ^ Most of those who were members when we were instituted and constituted, as well as most of those thereafter becoming members, lived in Brighton, Allston, Brookline and Newton. There was an expressed desire among the membership that we should have our quarters in a Masonic Apartment. Brookline, it was felt, was centrally located, and Wor. Hugh E. Allen, Wor. George W. Ladd, Wor. Horace B. Mann, Bro. Abraham Snider and Wor. Harry Silverman conferred with the officers of Beth-Horon Lodge with reference to locating in Brookline. On September 3, 1930, with the permission of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, United Lodge moved to the Masonic Apartments in Brookline and became a part of the Fifth Masonic District.

During the summer, plans had been made for a gala celebration for our first meeting in the fall. But man proposes, and God disposes. Due to the serious illness of Worshipful Horace B. Mann, the plans were changed, and our first meeting in Brookiine was presided over by the then Senior Warden, Brother Harry Silverman.

On September 5, 1930, Worshipful Horace B. Mann died. A Masonic funeral was held on September 8th, Most Worshipful Rev. Dudley H. Ferrell officiating. Wor. Brother Mann was the first of those active in the formation of United Lodge to pass on. His counsel, advice and efforts contributed in large measure to our progress, and he has been greatly missed by all.

At our meeting in October, 1930, an invitation was extended to all the Masters and Wardens of the Lodges in the Brighton Fifth District, that we might become better acquainted. We have been very happy in our quarters in Brookiine and desire to express to all the members and officers of this District our thanks and appreciation for their kindness, courtesy, and cordiality extended to us in the past nigh on twenty years. Visits have been exchanged with many of our sister Lodges, resulting in a strengthening of the bond of friendship between us.

Over the years, United Lodge likewise has welcomed the opportunity and appreciated the privilege of making its small contributions to both the Masonic Home and the Masonic Hospital.

On September 15, 1932, the Supreme Architect of the Universe, in His infinite wisdom, summoned into the Celestial Lodge above Most Worshipful Dudley Hayes Ferrell. He believed and practiced simplicity and humility; he had the common touch; his kindly ways will ever be affectionately remembered.

On May 15, 1935, Worshipful Harry Silverman was honored by being installed as Master of the 34th Lodge of Instruction.

In December 1936, Most Worshipful Claude L. Allen honored United Lodge by the appointment of Worshipful Samuel H. Lewis as District Deputy Grand Master for the Brighton Fifth Masonic District, which position he filled with high distinction and great honor, both to himself and to his Lodge.

It was during the administration of Right Worshipful Samuel H. Lewis, on March 6, 1935, that Redwood Lodge No. 35 of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Worshipful S. Howard Lee presiding Master, paid a fraternal visit to United Lodge, on which memorable occasion the First Degree, according to Rhode Island ritual, was exemplified. On April 8, 1935, R. W. Samuel H. Lewis, accompanied by the officers and members of United Lodge, returned this fraternal visit to Redwood Lodge at Providence, exemplifying the Third Degree according to the Massachusetts ritual. This custom of exchange with Redwood Lodge has become an annual and rewarding event. The Masonic bond of fellowship between Redwood and United is a source of increasing mutual gratification to the officers and members of both Lodges.

On June 28, 1939, Worshipful George W. Ladd was summoned by the Almighty. With the exception of several months preceding his death, he never missed a meeting, rehearsal or function of United Lodge in fourteen years. He was in truth our pillar of strength.

On September 3, 1939, Brother Morris Bronstein, our first Marshal, passed away. He was one of the small group who first met to consider plans for the formation of United Lodge. He was an Honorary Member, who rendered outstanding services to his adopted Lodge.

On July 1, 1940, Brother Abraham Broude, who served as our Treasurer from the time of our institution until his death, passed away. "Bill" as he was popularly known, was very active in our formation, an Honorary Member, and most generous with his time and purse. He was succeeded by Brother Abraham Snider, Charter and Honorary Member, and our present Treasurer — faithful, conscientious, efficient and beloved.

On May 1, 1942, Right Worshipful Harrie E. Mason passed to the Great Beyond. From the time of its inception until his death, he was most active on all matters pertaining to United Lodge, of which he was an Honorary Member. His pleasure in life was to be of service. He had the time and the willingness to serve. As Chairman of our Relief Committee, he rendered outstanding service to our Lodge, unostentatiously and effectively.

Seventy-five of our Brethren — over fifteen per cent of our membership at the time — entered the Armed Services in World War II. During the administration of Worshipful Isaac Fishman, our Philanthropic Fund Committee outfitted and furnished rooms at the Murphy General Hospital in Framing-ham, and at Camp McKay in Boston. During the War years, this Committee provided entertainment and comforts for the boys in service at the various camps and hospitals in this area. On June 24, 1946, during the administration of Worshipful Victor M. Lewis, a just and fitting tribute was paid to those who served. Herewith is the list of those members of United Lodge who served in World War II:

  • Alford, David
  • Ansin, Herbert G.
  • Barkin, Leon S.
  • Baron, Irving L.
  • Baron, Leonard
  • Berns, Stanley
  • Bloch, Leopold M.
  • Bloomenthal, Abraham P.
  • Bloomenthal, Herbert M.
  • Bloomenthal, Leonard J.
  • Blumenthal, Eli B.
  • Braverman, Milton S.
  • Brown, Elmer
  • Cadiff, Daniel L.
  • Cohen, Albert J.
  • Cohen, Julian
  • Cohen, Robert
  • Cummins, David
  • Druker, Harold E.
  • Gelles, Sidney S.
  • Gerte, Albert
  • Ginsberg, Carleton
  • Gordon, David J.
  • Grandberg, Arnold B.
  • Halpern, Arthur C.
  • Halpern, Henry
  • Harris, Walter H.
  • Herman, Walter
  • Herwitz, William H.
  • Hyde, George
  • Isenberg, Burnett K.
  • Kaufman, Israel L.
  • Kibrick, Herbert V.
  • Kritzman, Benjamin
  • Lerman, George H.
  • Levin, Samuel
  • Levison, Arnold I.
  • Levison, Malcolm B.
  • Levy, Maurice W.
  • Lewis, Alan L.
  • Lewis, Gilbert W.
  • Mann, George S.
  • Mascott, Irving J.
  • Mazur, Robert W.
  • Meitlich, Sumner J.
  • Orenberg, George
  • Phillips, Jerome S.
  • Pinkney, Julian M.
  • Rabb, Norman S.
  • Richard, Howard J.
  • Rifkin, Julian
  • Robbins, Robert M.
  • Rosenfield, Louis I.
  • Rosoff, Stanley
  • Rovner, Barnard
  • Rubin, Allen D.
  • Rudnick, Cecil N.
  • Sacks, Samuel
  • Salmansohn, Lester I.
  • Segel, Arnold L.
  • Segel, Gerald
  • Shapiro, Morris
  • Shapiro, Samuel
  • Shorago, Maurice H.
  • Shufro, Arnold G.
  • Silverman, Bernard B.
  • Singer, Harold
  • Sinofsky, Albert J.
  • Snider, Robert N.
  • Solomon, Aaron N.
  • Srock, Moses S.
  • Stonberg, Samuel
  • Savrann, Herbert W.
  • Sweet, Joseph H.
  • Weiner, Abraham

When we were instituted, Worshipful Jesse W. Moreland, Past Master of Mount Olivet Lodge, became our Secretary. He was the right hand of every Master, at all times courteous, kind and tactful, and performed his duties most efficiently. We all regretted that for reasons of health he was unable to continue in that position. On November 3, 1948, after serving nearly twenty-four years, he became our Secretary Emeritus. Jesse still manifests a deep interest in United Lodge and attends all our meetings. We wish him many, many years of health and happiness. It was not easy to replace him, but in Worshipful John Lee, his successor, the duties of that office are being performed most creditably.

In a brief history, it is difficult to cover the numerous incidents that have occurred over the span of a quarter of a century. Nor is it a simple task to narrow down the selection of those who deserve particular recognition, since many others have in their way contributed much to our progress. But we do want to pay a just and fitting tribute to our Past Masters, each of whom has given unstintingly of himself in the service and progress of United Lodge.

  • Wor. Hugh E. Allen, 1925-26
  • Wor. George W. Ladd, 1927-28
  • Wor. Horace B. Mann, 1929-30
  • Wor. Harry Silverman, 1931-32
  • Wor. Joseph Laserson, 1933-34
  • R. W. Samuel H. Lewis, 1935-36 §
  • Wor. John Lee, 1937-38
  • Wor. Albert Copeland, 1939-40
  • Wor. Albert T. Lawrence, 1941-42
  • Wor. Isaac Fishman, 1943-44
  • Wor. Victor M. Lewis, 1945-46
  • Wor. Louis Goldkrand, 1947-48
  • Wor. Nathan Robins, 1949-50

= Deceased § = Past District Deputy Grand Master

They need no praise — their service has been their reward.

Neither time nor space will permit us to mention all our Brethren. Our charter list consisted of forty-seven members, of whom twenty-four have passed on. Our present membership is 618. During our existence, sixty-seven members have passed away.

"In life we loved them well,
And now for us they wait
Where truth and love forever dwell
Beyond the Sunset Gate."

Worshipful Nathan Robins, our presiding Master, has been conspicuous for his wisdom, ability and humility. Brother Hyman Schatz, Senior Warden, Brother Jacob K. De Haan, Junior Warden, and the remaining line of officers we know will so perform their duties that the future of United Lodge is in safe hands. No Lodge has been blessed with a more loyal and devoted group, and we shall be eternally indebted to all for their loyalty, fidelity and cooperation. Due to their liberal contributions and support, we have substantial funds in the Relief and Permanent Funds.

The seed which was planted twenty-five years ago gave birth to a beautiful adventure in friendship. We are proud of our Lodge and of our heritage. Through a labor of love it has emerged, we hope, a credit to our founders, our members and our glorious institution. Humbly we take cognizance of the responsibilities that rest upon us.

We pray God that our noble Fraternity, of which we are a part, will go forward from strength to strength in the service of our fellow men and continue to bring rays of sunshine into the lives of all of us, thereby making this a better and happier world in which to live.


From Proceedings, Page 1975-182:

History From 1950 to 1975.

In 1959 the Masonic Apartments in Brookline were sold and renovated for business purposes, this made it necessary to obtain new quarters. By permission of the Grand Master (for which we were very grateful), we moved to the Masonic Temple at 51 Boylston Street (now 186 Tremont Street), Boston, commencing with September 16, 1959. Our meetings were changed from the first Wednesday of each month, to the third Wednesday and we continued to be a part of the Brighton Fifth Masonic District.

In 1963 by permission of the Grand Master the "Brookline Masonic Building Association, Inc." was formed, to raise funds to erect, alter, rebuild, a building or buildings for the promotion of Freemasonry in Brookline, and for the accommodation of the Society of Freemasons in the Town of Brookline. After due and careful consideration, it was deemed advisable not to erect or alter a building for the aforesaid purposes, as a substantial expenditure of funds would be required.

Our first Secretary, Worshipful Jesse W. Moreland, served for twenty-four years, when he retired on account of his health. He was succeeded by Worshipful John Lee, who after serving twenty-five years, retired because of his health. They both did an outstanding job and were succeeded by Worshipful Albert Lavine, who is maintaining the high standards of his predecessors.

Our first Treasurer, Abraham Broude, served until his death on July 1, 1940 and was succeeded by Brother Abraham Snider, who served until his death on May 23, 1967. They both did an outstanding job and were succeeded by Brother Harry Klein, who is also maintaining the high standards of his predecessors.

Our meeting of January 18, 1967 was "Worshipful Harry Silverman Night". Various speakers made kind and gracious remarks about him. Worshipful Marvin Zimble presented a beautiful plaque to him in appreciation of the many years of service he rendered to United, and Brother Arnold M. Barron presented a beautiful gift to him. Worshipful Harry Silverman responded thanking all for their kind remarks; thanked Worshipful Brother Zimble for the beautiful plaque and the Brethren for their fine gift.

Our Bench and Bar Night, held on March 20, 1968 was in honor of our Senior Past Master, Worshipful Harry Silverman, and the Brethren engaged in the practice of the law. Eminent Judges and distinguished members of the Bar occupied numerous stations on the Master Mason Degree. They did an excellent job. At this meeting Worshipful Harry Silverman was presented the Fifty-year Veteran's Medal by Right Worshipful Nathan Robins. This was the first ever presented to one of our members.

Over the years United Lodge has welcomed the opportunity of making donations to the Masonic Home, Masonic Hospital, and the Grand Lodge. Our Relief Fund has served the purposes for which it was established.

On May 23, 1967, Brother Abraham Snider died. It was a great shock to all of us. He was very active in the formation of United, Charter and Honorary Member, Marshal and Treasurer for many years, and was the holder of the Joseph Warren Distinguished Service Medal. It is said that wisdom is humble because it knows so little, ignorance is proud that it knows so much. "Abe", as he was affectionately called, was always very humble. No job was too big, no job was too small for "Abe". He worked "around the clock" for United, and was conspicuous by his simplicity and modesty, and humility. His loving memory will always linger in our minds.

United Lodge suffered another great tragedy on August 16, 1970, when Right Worshipful Samuel H. Lewis died. His death saddened all. He had been our pillar of wisdom, strength and beauty and had served as

  • Master and Honorary Member of United
  • Honorary Member, Redwood Lodge No. 35 of Providence, Rhode Island
  • Charter Member of Freedom Lodge
  • Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Israel
  • Member of Board of Trial Commissioners
  • District Deputy Grand Master of the Brighton Fifth Masonic District

He was holder of the Joseph Warren Distinguished Service Medal. He had raised and installed his son, Worshipful Herbert D. Lewis, as Master of United. The "Right Worshipful Samuel H. Lewis Charitable Fund" was established in his honor; the proceeds of which are used for the purposes for which it was created. His loving memory will always be a source of inspiration.

Our meeting of October 19, 1954 was a reception to our Honorary Member, Most Worshipful Bernard B. Abedon. We were honored by a fraternal visit of Most Worshipful Whitfield W. Johnson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, who presiding in the East welcomed into the Lodge Most Worshipful Bernard B. Abedon, Grand Master of Masons in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and a large and distinguished group of Grand Lodge officers of Rhode Island. Also present was a large and distinguished suite of Grand Lodge officers of Massachusetts.

The numerous speakers made many kind and gracious remarks about Most Worshipful Bernard B. Abedon, which were justly and richly earned. At the conclusion of the remarks, Most Worshipful Brother Abedon, occupying the Oriental Chair, thanked all for their very kind and beautiful remarks, for their fine gifts, and particularly, thanked the members of United for this reception in his honor.

At our meeting on March 19, 1969, we were greatly honored again by a fraternal visit of Most Worshipful Herbert H. Jaynes, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts and a distinguished group of Grand Lodge Officers. (1969 Mass. 85-87) Most Worshipful Herbert H. Jaynes, occupying the East, welcomed into the Lodge Most Worshipful Kenneth B. Pearson, Grand Master of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and a distinguished group of Grand Lodge officers. Most Worshipful Kenneth B. Pearson introduced his suite of Grand Lodge officers. Most Worshipful Brother Pearson, occupying the Oriental Chair, expressed his thanks for the courtesies extended and made an eloquent and inspiring address which was enjoyed by all.

Worshipful Meyer S. Miller, Master of Redwood Lodge No. 35 of Providence Rhode Island, was present and worked the second section of the Master Mason degree, in accordance with Rhode Island ritual. He and his officers did an excellent job.

Worshipful Leon Halperin presented a check for $1,000 for the Masonic Home to Most Worshipful Herbert H. Jaynes, who expressed his thanks and appreciation to United Lodge for the generous donation.

At our meeting on June 18, 1975, we were greatly honored by a fraternal visit of Most Worshipful Stanley F. Maxwell, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts and a distinguished group of Grand Lodge officers. Most Worshipful Brother Maxwell, presiding in the East, welcomed into the Lodge Most Worshipful Malcolm C. Bromberg, Grand Master of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and a distinguished suite of Grand Lodge officers and officers of Redwood Lodge No. 35 of Providence, Rhode Island. The various speakers extolled the virtues of Most Worshipful Malcolm C. Bromberg. Most Worshipful Bernard B, Abedon presented to Most Worshipful Brother Bromberg an Honorary Member Plaque from United Lodge. Most Worshipful Brother Bromberg, occupying the Oriental Chair, thanked all for their kind and gracious remarks, and also expressed his thanks for the beautiful Honorary Plaque.

Most Worshipful Stanley F. Maxwell gave an interesting and inspiring address on the "Image of Masonry", which was enjoyed by all. The foregoing three meetings, at which the Grand Masters of Massachusetts and Rhode Island were present, were outstanding meetings, and they will always be remembered by those who attended.

A most unusual meeting in Masonic history occurred on May 15, 1974, when Brother S. Lawrence DeHaan received his Master Mason Degree. Worshipful Stanley N. DeHaan, his brother, presided in the East on the first section. Worshipful Jacob K. DeHaan, his father, presided in the East on the second and third sections, with Worshipful Stanley N. DeHaan officiating as Senior Deacon, and all the other stations, with the exception of one, being occupied by Right Worshipfuls and Past Masters. Worshipful Jacob K. DeHaan raised his son to the sublime degree of Master Mason and the work was brilliantly exemplified.

At the conclusion of the work, Most Worshipful Brothers Whitfield W. Johnson, Herbert H. Jaynes, Bernard B. Abedon, Right Worshipful Herbert M. Davis, our District Deputy Grand Master, and others, made beautiful remarks about the DeHaan Masonic family. Our late Brother Samuel DeHaan, father of Worshipful Jacob K. DeHaan, was a member of United Lodge for many years. Brother Samuel's father also was a member of the Craft for many years; thus, the DeHaan family have been members of the Craft for over 122 years. Abraham S. DeHaan, brother of Worshipful Jacob K. DeHaan and uncle of Worshipful Stanley N. DeHaan and S. Lawrence DeHaan, has been a member of United Lodge since 1929. His son, Michael C. DeHaan, is a member of the Craft in Memphis, Tennessee.

Our Brother, S. Lawrence DeHaan, is now our Senior Deacon. We are looking forward with great pleasure to the time in the near future when his father and brother will install him as Master of our Lodge. This will bring a further well deserved honor to the "illustrious" DeHaan Masonic family. Our Honorary members are as follows:

  • M. W. Bernard B. Abedon
  • M. W. Malcolm C. Bromberg
  • R. W. Cecil R. Crissey
  • R. W. David Stern
  • Bro. Joseph E. Jacobs
  • Bro. Harry Klein
  • Bro. Edward R. Masters
  • Bro. Albert Samick

In 1971 there was a vacancy in the office of Worshipful Master. Our Past Master Albert Lavine was persuaded to fill the office for that current year and performed outstanding service. It was a fine year for our Lodge and we again express our deep thanks and appreciation to him. The holders of the Joseph Warren Distinguished Service Medal are the following:

  • R. W. Samuel H. Lewis (deceased)
  • Wor. John Lee
  • Bro. Abraham Snider (deceased)

The holders of the Ffty-year Veteran's Medal are as follows:

  • R. W. David Stern
  • Wor. John Lee
  • Wor. Harry Silverman
  • Bro. Albert Grandberg
  • Wor. Joseph Laserson (deceased)
  • Bro. Morris Silverman
  • Bro. Charles M. Taylor
  • Bro. Benjamin Ulin

Brother Abraham Halperin and Brother Joseph E. Jacobs have been members for 49 years and will soon become eligible for this Medal.

The Past Masters who have installed their sons as Master of United Lodge are as follows: Past Master, Son:Served

  • R.W. Samuel H. Lewis, Wor. Herbert D. Lewis: 1967-68
  • Wor. Hyman Schatz, Wor. Arthur G. Schatz: 1970-71
  • Wor. Jacob K. DeHaan, Wor. Stanley N. DeHaan: 1972-73
  • Wor. Jacob K. DeHaan, Wor. Stanley N. DeHaan: 1975-76

We will always remember those outstanding meetings when our Past Masters installed their sons as Master.

Our late Worshipful Victor M. Lewis served as Senior Grand Deacon, and Worshipful Philip Barsh and Worshipful Herbert D. Lewis have served as Junior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge. We are grateful for the honors conferred on them by the Grand Lodge.

We have been most fortunate in having a group of loyal, dedicated Past Masters. Each one in his own way has contributed to our progress. We express to each and every one of them our deep thanks and appreciation.

Our membership as of August 31, 1975 was 601 members.

At our meeting on April 16, 1975, our members voted, subject to approval by the Grand Lodge, to move to the Watertown Masonic Apartments as this location is more convenient for most of our members and also the parking facilities are adequate. In June 1975, Most Worshipful Stanley F. Maxwell, Grand Master, granted permission to United Lodge to hold its meetings at the Watertown Masonic Apartments, starting with the third Monday in September. All meetings thereafter will be held on the third Monday. However, the date of our first meeting: in the Watertown Masonic Apartments had to be changed to September 9th from September 15th because of a conflict with our High Holy Day, Yom Kippur. The meeting scheduled with the Grand Master to celebrate our Fiftieth Anniversary has been changed from October 15th to October 20th. The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration at the Sheraton Boston Hotel will be held on October 18th.

Since 1930, a period of forty-five years, we have been very happy to have been a part of the Brighton Fifth Masonic District and desire to express to the officers and members of the District, and to our sister Lodges, our deep thanks and appreciation for their cordiality, friendship, and for every courtesy extended.

Our presiding Master, Worshipful Stanley N. DeHaan (also Master 1972-73), was again installed by his father at our September 9th meeting. The Grand Lodge has presented to Worshipful Jacob K. DeHaan a certificate for meritorious service which he has justly and richly earned. We also thank him for his many, many years of devoted and dedicated service. Our members have been the beneficiaries of a beautiful adventure in friendship. We are confident that our present officers will continue to conduct United Lodge with credit, distinction and honor to themselves, the Fraternity and our Lodge.

In the last fifty years there have been great changes in this world and in our Nation. It is difficult to predict what may happen in the next fifty years. In 1925 when we were constituted, World War I had come to an end. We thought there would be peace and no more wars. In 1941 came World War II. Then the United Nations was formed: a tribunal where all nations would settle their disputes peacefully and avoid wars, as wars bring anguish and suffering to all, even to the victors.

When President Ford returned from his trip to Europe in August 1975, he stated that we do not know whether or not there will be a new war in the Mid-East; that if a new war breaks out in the Mid-East, we do not know whether or not there will be another world war.

This year United Lodge celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary. The United States has commenced to celebrate its Bicentennial. The hour has arrived for a United World. We hope that the United Nations will form and create "The United World" organization so that friendship, morality and brotherly love will prevail, and where there will be peace on earth and good will to mankind in "The United World".

Brother Harry Klein
Worshipful John Lee
Worshipful Harry Silverman


  • 1930 (Petition to remove to Brookline granted, 1930-305)



From New England Craftsman, Vol. XX, No. 4, January 1925, Page 140:

A new Masonic lodge in Cambridge, the seventh, was instituted Wednesday evening, December 7, in Odd Fellows' hall. North Cambridge, under the name of United Lodge. The institution was in charge of Arthur E. Fisk. District Deputy Grand Master for the Second Masonic District, with Edward F. Wallis as Grand Marshal.

The officers Installed were: Worshipful Master, Hugh B. Allen: Senior Warden, George W. Ladd; Junior Warden, Horace B. Mann; Treasurer, A. Broude; Senior Deacon, Barry Silverman; Junior Deacon, George Preble; Senior Steward, Dr. Joseph Laserson; Junior Steward, William Higgins; Inside Sentinel, Harry F. Mason; Organist, James E. Babley; Tyler, Edwin F. Morgan; Chaplain, the Rev. George Jarvis Prescott.



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