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Location: Somerville; Arlington (1971)

Chartered By: Samuel H. Wragg

Charter Date: 12/10/1947 1947-415

Precedence Date: 02/26/1947

Current Status: unknown; merged with Moses Michael Hays Lodge, 09/14/1999.


  • Seward E. Nichols, 1947; N
  • John A. Daniels, 1948; N
  • Robert W. Young, 1949; N
  • Louis Stone, 1950
  • Walter M. Cobe, 1951
  • Nathan N. Cohen, 1952
  • Arthur B. Savel, 1953; N
  • Albert M. Rudman, 1954; N
  • Oscar Turran, 1955
  • Herbert W. Rosen, 1956; N
  • Irving I. Shneider, 1957
  • Taft Sandler, 1958
  • William E. Kepnes, 1959, 1981
  • George Schwartz, 1960
  • Herbert D. Abramson, 1961
  • Ira B. Gordon, 1962
  • Burton Gilman, 1963, 1975
  • Leon W. Freeman, 1964
  • Jacob Gold, 1965
  • Paul F. Rubin, 1966, 1973, 1980, 1990
  • Herman Newburg, 1967
  • Nathanlel L. Lenson, 1968
  • Lawrence S. Kepnes, 1969
  • Morris Rosenberg, 1970
  • Stanley M. Finkelstein, 1971
  • Eliot A. Tanner, 1972
  • Joseph Revis, 1974
  • Mark I. Locke, 1976, 1977, 1982, 1989; PDDGM
  • Robert L. Baker, 1978
  • Martin D. Miasserian, 1979
  • Alan M. Linick, 1983
  • Robert O. Rittenberg, 1984
  • Murray L. Ehrenberg, 1985
  • Robert D. Levinson, 1986
  • Paul L. Kepnes, 1987, 1991
  • Jason S. Orlov, 1988
  • J. Daniel Ehrlich, 1993
  • Garabed M. Kazezian, 1994
  • Edward B. Needell, 1995-1998



  • 1972 (25th Anniversary)



1949 1952 1953 1957 1958 1963 1967 1971 1975 1983 1988 1990 1991 1994


  • 1972 (25th Anniversary History, 1972-81; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1972-81:

By Right Worshipful Albert M. Rudman.

In December of 1946 a group of Master Masons met at the home of Bro. Dr. Charles Dickerman in Somerville, Massachusetts, under the direction of R. W. Seward E. Nichols and Bro. Louis Stone. The idea of forming a new Lodge in Somerville, Massachusetts, brought this group together, and the thought was thoroughly discussed with complete unaninimity and enthusiasm. It was agreed that our main purpose would be channeled so that all in the area of Somerville and surrounding cities and towns who expressed a desire to become members of the craft could do so in complete confidence of unbiased consideration.

This original group was expanded in size and subsequently discussed all ramifications of forming of a new Lodge, the responsibilities involved both present and future, that devolved on each member and the financing of the Lodge. At this subsequent meeting it was suggested that the Lodge be named "Freedom Lodge".

A further organizational meeting was held under the direction of R. W. Seward E. Nichols, who outlined the basic reasons why it was felt that it was necessary to consider a petition for a new Lodge. All present enthusiastically endorsed the idea and pledged to support the proposed petition.

On Thursday, January 23, 1947 at 8 P.M. at the Gilman Square Masonic Apartments, Somerville, Massachusetts, a formulating meeting of the Lodge was held and all those Master Masons seeking charter membership were invited to be present and sign the petition to the Grand Lodge. The petition was signed by many Master Masons. Requests continued to come in from Masons who desired to be included as charter members as the inspiration and interest increased for the proposed new Lodge. A meeting of charter members was held on February 6, 1947 and the petition was signed by 148 Masons.

While waiting for approval of the petition for dispensation, considerable time was devoted to the selection of potential officers who were thoroughly advised in advance of the obligation they would assume, and in due time a tentative line was agreed upon contingent upon our petition being granted. A period of intense activities culminated in the institution of Freedom Lodge U. D. on March 6, 1947 in the Gilman Square Apartments, Somerville, Massachusetts. Many invited guests were present from all the Lodges in the Somerville and Arlington 6th Masonic District as well as many from the Metropolitan Boston Area.

R. W. Austin C. Woodside, District Deputy Grand Master for the Somerville 6th Masonic District read the dispensation from Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg, Grand Master, giving the petitioners authority to hold a Lodge in Somerville, Massachusetts, under the name of "Freedom" and to make Freemasons therein according to the Ancient Customs with R. W. Seward E. Nichols as Master; R. W. John A. Daniels, Sr. Warden; and Wor. Robert W. Young as Jr. Warden.

R.W. Bro. Woodside asked the petitioners if they still concurred with their original selection of officers as read and they readily agreed. The District Deputy Grand Marshal was then directed to conduct the Worshipful Master and Wardens to their stations. The Worshipful Master announced his appointments and they with the elected Treasurer and Secretary assumed their respective stations. The Marshal then made the official proclamation and Freedom Lodge came officially into being. The officers designated to serve were: R.W. Seward E. Nichols, Master; R.W. John A. Daniels, Senior Warden; Wor. Robert W. Young, Junior Warden; Bro. George Davis, Treasurer; Wor. Donald H. Hatheway, Secretary; Bro. Louis K. Wrolff, Chaplain; Bro. Oscar Turran, Marshal; Bro. Louis Stone, Senior Deacon; Bro. Walter M. Cobe, Junior Deacon; Bro. Nathan N. Cohen, Senior Steward; Bro. Arthur B. Savel, Junior Steward; Bro. Albert M. Rudman, Inside Sentinel; Bro. Harold O. Phelan, Organist; Bro. Warren D. Russell, Tyler. This meeting was full of excitement and was closed at 10:10 P. M.

Thf ensuing weeks and months were busy ones for the new line of officers in preparing themselves to the aspirations and goals set by our Charter Members. Weeks of study and rehearsal by a devoted line of officers took place culminating in the reception of the first class for the Entered Apprentice Degree. On April 16, 1947 our first Special Communication was held with R. W. Seward E. Nichols presiding in the East. Brothers Kenneth Lawrence Dickerman, Sherman Earle Levinson, Benjamin Blesoff and John Yale Hodos were initiated Entered Apprentices.

At our fourth Regular Communication on June 5, 1947, it was recommended that an Anniversary Fund be established for properly celebrating the 25th anniversary of Freedom Lodge and that the sum of $100 be set aside each year until the anniversary is observed. This recommendation was unanimously passed. As a result of this fund, tonight we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary.

The first class of Master Masons was raised at our third Special Communication on June 19, 1947 and the charge given to the candidates was by R. W. William R. Gilman, Past Master of Mt. Scopus Lodge and District Deputy Grand Master of the Maiden 7th Masonic District. We had a turnout of 222 brethren at this meeting. It was one to long remember.

At our sixth Regular Communication under dispensation our Worshipful Master announced that Freedom Lodge was to be constituted on December 22, 1947, this date having been chosen by the Most Worshipful Grand Master. Committees were appointed to arrange for the constitution of the Lodge and the By-Laws Committee submitted a complete draft of the proposed By-Laws of Freedom Lodge, this draft previously being sent to all members. After much discussion the By-Laws were adopted as the By-Laws of Freedom Lodge subject to the approval of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge. The Lodge selected as its seal, subject to the approval of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, a round seal having as its center motif the "torch of freedom" borne aloft by an uplifted hand.

R. W. Seward E. Nichols had Brothers Louis Bresnick, Harry Ordesky and Benjamin Rabinovitz presented to the East and expressed appreciation for their helpful suggestions and artistic labors in preparing the design for the proposed seal of Freedom Lodge. The proposed By-Laws of Freedom Lodge as adopted November 6, 1947 had been approved by the Committee on Charters and By-Laws of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge.

During the under dispensation year from March 6, 1947 to December 22, 1947 fourteen applicants for the degrees were accepted and eight raised. The average attendance while under dispensation was ninety-two for each meeting. During this period we had four affiliations.

December 22, 1947 was a marvelous day in the annals of Freedom Lodge, as this was the day that the Lodge was constituted. The ceremonies of the evening were preceded by a dinner attended by the Grand Lodge Officers and many guests. (1947 Mass. 453-457) Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, was accompanied by a distinguished Suite of Grand Lodge Officers and invited guests comprising a total of 28. The Most Worshipful Grand Master and his Suite entered the Lodge-room at 8:00 P.M., passing through the ranks of charter members and officers who had assumed their stations. The charter and the names of each charter member were read by R. W. Frank H. Hilton, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge. In a solemn and beautiful ceremony the Lodge was constituted according to the Ancient usages of the craft. The installation ceremony was concluded by a reading of Most Worshipful Paul Revere's charges by R.W. Frank H. Hilton. The Lodge was closed at 10:00 P.M. Attendance 307.

On January 5, 1948 R. W. Seward E. Nichols was nominated for honorary membership, he being the first Brother of Freedom Lodge to receive this honor.

The Lodge was privileged on January 29, 1948 to participate in a special meeting to honor R. W. Eugene B. Hamilton, a charter member of Freedom Lodge and Past Master of John Abbot Lodge who had been appointed Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge for the ensuing year. This meeting was held in conjunction with John Abbot Lodge. Special guests of the evening were Most Worshipful Roger Keith, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, and a distinguished group of Grand Lodge Officers. On behalf of the officers and members of Freedom Lodge and John Abbot Lodge, the Deputy Grand Master's Jewel was presented to R. W. Eugene B. Hamilton. The Most Worshipful Grand Master on behalf of the Grand Lodge pinned the Henry Price Medal for outstanding achievements in Masonry on the breast of R. W. Brother Hamilton.

The year passed along and on February 5, 1948 honorary membership in Freedom Lodge was granted to Brother Seward E. Nichols. At this meeting a petition was presented to the Lodge nominating M. W. Samuel Holmes Wragg, R.W. Eugene B. Hamilton, R.W. John A. Daniels, Wor. Robert W. Young, Wor. Donald H. Hatheway and Bro. Warren D. Russell for honorary membership in recognition of their assistance in the instituting of the Lodge. At subsequent meetings all were elected to Honorary Membership in the Lodge.

During this year the first death occurred in the ranks of Freedom Lodge members; Bro. Benjamin Sorrel, a charter member, passed away on April 28, 1948.

At the June 3, 1948 meeting we were privileged to have our first Fraternal Visitation by R. W. Robert J. Scott, District Deputy Grand Master of the Arlington 6th Masonic District, accompanied by Wcr. Currier M. Thompson, District Deputy Grand Marshal and Wor. Robert J. Ray, District Deputy Grand Secretary, and a distinguished Suite. On this occasion he was escorted into the Lodge by R.W. Samuel H. Lewis as Chairman. Also at this meeting the Nominating Committee's report was accepted and R.W. John A. Daniels was elected Master for the ensuing year.

It must be said that R.W. Seward E. Nichols guided the Lodge through its first busy year with a steady, experienced hand, instilling confidence in the officers by patient and sincere leadership. The Membership Committee was carefully guided in their work and were admonished to maintain a high standard of character in their recommendations.

With the passing of our year under R.W. Seward E. Nichols, on September 2, 1948 R.W. John A. Daniels was installed Master under the direction of R. W. Samuel H. Lewis and assisted by Wor. Leo Stiglitz as Installing Marshal. Under the new Master the Lodge began to strengthen its roots. Membership applications continued in great numbers and the Lodge flourished with a new life under the diligent work of the officers and committees.

Fraternal visitations by the Master and Wardens to local and metropolitan Lodges further cemented relations between the established Lodges and the new one.

Many notable communications were enjoyed during 1948, each of which shared equally in achieving the aspirations of the new Lodge. As his term drew to a close, R. W. John A. Daniels noted with pride the excellent ritualistic progress made by the officers who two short years previously were on the side lines of their mother Lodges.

The installation of R. W. Robert W. Young on September 29, 1949 was highlighted by R. W. Norman A. Ray, Past District Deputy Grand Master for the Arlington 6th Masonic District as Installing Master and R. W. Seward E. Nichols as Installing Marshal. This year was somewhat unusual as our Worshipful Master was not only Master of Freedom Lodge, but at the same time District Deputy Grand Master for the Arlington 6th Masonic District.

On February 2, 1950, at our third degree raising, the newly installed electrically illuminated emblem was used. After the work was completed, Bro. Arthur B. Savel was escorted to the East and R. W. Robert W. Young thanked him for the many things he had done for Freedom Lodge; the presentation of the emblems being the most recent gift. In response Brother Savel extended to the other Lodges occupying the Apartments the privilege of using the emblem in their work. R. W. Robert W. Young's year was full of great activity. The membership continued to rise and many special meetings were held during the year. The programming for each meeting was excellent. It was an ambitious year for our Worshipful Master.

With the installation of Bro. Louis Stone on September 27, 1950, the first lower line officer from the original designated line of Freedom Lodge became its Master. By this event the Lodge truly felt it became of age. The period of stewardship by the original Master and Wardens had been ably and sincerely served. From that time on the Lodge was on its own.

The sacred trust was resolutely kept, and the months that followed were outstanding. Many distinguished Masons signed the visitors' register that year. Some came to be honored and others to speak or perform degree work. Bro. George Fingold, a former Assistant Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts honored the Lodge on December 20, 1950 by his presence. Our first Past Masters Night was held on January 4, 1951 under the capable direction of R.W. Seward E. Nichols. It was an evening long to be remembered by all.

On May 3, 1951 Wor. Leo Stiglitz was nominated for Honorary Membership and elected on June 7, 1951. This was a year of overwhelming activity. The applications for new membership continued to rise and as we closed the year on August 31, 1951 we had an average attendance at our regular Communications of 170 and at the Special Communications of 70 and a membership of 3 11. Wor. Louis Stone guided the Lodge to further heights in local Freemasonry.

The Past Masters who followed Wor. Louis Stone during the past quarter century are: Wor. Walter M. Cobe, 1951; Wor. Nathan N. Cohen, 1952; Wor. Arthur Savel, 1953; R.W. Albert M. Rudman, 1954; Wor. Oscar Turran, 1955; R.W. Herbert W. Rosen, 1956; Wor. Irving I. Shneider, 1957; Wor. Taft Sandler, 1958; Wor. William E. Kepnes, 1959; Wor. George Schwartz, 1960; Wor. Herbert D. Abramson, 1961; Wor. Ira B. Gordon, 1962; Wor. Burton Gilman, 1963; Wor. Leon W. Freeman, 1964; Wor. Jacob Gold, 1965; Wor. Paul E. Rubin, 1966; Wor. HermanNewburg, 1967; Wor. Nathaniel Lenson, 1968; Wor. Lawrence Kepnes, 1969; Wor. Morris E. Rosenberg, 1970; Wor. Stanley M. Finkelstein, 1971.

To these men Freedom Lodge owes a debt of gratitude for their devotion and dedication during their respective terms as Master. Each contributed substantially to the continuous growth of our Lodge and his leadership invariably left a standard of accomplishment that his successor strived to maintain and build upon. Each Master to date has left his stamp of accomplishment by which Freedom Lodge became richer each year in Masonic and moral strength. The bonds that tie our Lodge to the craft in general and to our neighbors in particular are firm and unyielding.

We have been blessed with visits from many outstanding Masons: M. W. Samuel H. Wragg who honored us by accepting Honorary Membership in Freedom Lodge; M. W. Roger Keith; M. W. Whitfield W. Johnson; M. W. Thomas S. Roy; M. W. Andrew G. Jenkins and M. W. Thomas A. Booth; as well as Masters of local and metropolitan Lodges over the past quarter century.

The succeeding years demonstrated the growth and confidence which enrich our record of accomplishments. As each Master assumed the East he played a notable part in the history of Freedom Lodge in cementing friendship and fellowship with our fellowmen. Their accomplishments and the honors bestowed upon Freedom Lodge over the years were many. If I were to write them all they would be too numerous to mention. However, I would be remiss in my duties if I did not mention some of the highlights. In 1951 we enjoyed many speakers of note, among whom was Hon. Bro. Elijah B. Adlow, Chief Justice of the Municipal Court of the City of Boston; Wor. Walter M. Cobe will not be forgotten because each charge he gave to the candidate was a masterpiece of Masonic lore. The following year Freedom Lodge members were privileged to hear as our guest speaker the Hon. John F. Kennedy, then Congressman from Massachusetts. We are all aware he became the 35th President of the United States. He was cut down in the midst of his usefulness as our President on November 22, 1963.

The year 1953 witnessed the first public installation when Wor. Arthur B. Savel was installed. During this year our seventh anniversary was celebrated. Each regular meeting during the year was dedicated to a Past Master of Freedom Lodge.

For the records it must be noted that each Brother who attended Wor. Brother Arthur's meetings well knew that when he announced before the degree work that the meeting would close at a certain time, it was invariably closed at that time.

In 1954 under R. W. Albert M. Rudman some of the regular communications were dedicated to "Medford Night", our eighth anniversary and charter members' night. It was during this year that further honor was bestowed upon a member of Freedom Lodge. Bro. David B. Nissenbaum was appointed Clerk of the District Court of Somerville by the Honorable Governor, Brother Christian A. Herter.

It was a year of accomplishment by our gift of blood to the Masonic Blood Bank. Under the leadership of Bro. Albert H. Barr more than 300 pints of blood were donated by our Brethren. A record never equalled. As this year closed, it also ushered out the original line of officers elected into office at our institution. As 1955 rolled out, R. W. Albert M. Rudman went out as Master of the Lodge and became the second Secretary of the Lodge.

When Wor. Oscar Turran assumed the East, it brought in a new era as he was the first officer to be appointed by a Master of Freedom Lodge. Under the regime of R.W. Herbert W. Rosen the year of 1956 saw Perfection Lodge No. 486 F. & A.M. of Detroit, Michigan pay Freedom Lodge a Fraternal Visitation. They exemplified the first and second section of the Master Mason degree in Due and Ancient Form in full regalia. This was an evening never to be forgotten. It was also during this year that Freedom Lodge celebrated its tenth anniversary. This year closed the first decade of Freedom Lodge. The contributions made by the men who served during the first ten years made a permanent impact on the life of our Lodge. Their outstanding efforts have blazed a trail in the Masonic life of our community.

Wor. Irving I. Shneider was the first Brother to assume the East, in 1957, who was raised in Freedom Lodge. His ritual was outstanding and he was a delight to watch and hear.

The years continued to pass as each succeeding Master of the Lodge devoted his time and energy to the building of Freedom Lodge. In 1959 Wor. Taft Sandler raised his two sons, Brothers Harris Sandler and Louis Sandler, to the degree of Master Mason. It was an evening of joy not only to Wor. Bro. Taft, but to every member of the Lodge.

When Wor. William E. Kepnes assumed the East he brought about many new innovations, such as a new type of Communication, a weekend away and social events that previous Masters never thought of. His was a year full of vibrant activity pointing toward the younger element of our Lodge. Of course, our old-timers enjoyed every minute of it.

The year 1960 was further honored by our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Laurence E. Eaton, when he appointed R. W. Herbert William Rosen, District Deputy Grand Master for the Arlington 6th Masonic District. He was received in Freedom Lodge on his first Fraternal Visitation on February 2, 1961, accompanied by Wor. John L. MacGregor, District Deputy Grand Marshal and R. W. Albert M. Rudman, District Deputy Grand Secretary. R.W. Bro. Rosen was the first District Deputy Grand Master appointed from Freedom Lodge.

In 1960 Wor. George Schwartz was installed Master and even though there were very few candidates during his regime, he contributed much to the building of Freedom Lodge.

As the second decade of Freedom Lodge was rapidly passing, Worshipful Brothers Herbert D. Abramson, Ira B. Gordon, Burton Gilman, Leon W. Freeman, Jacob Gold, Paul F. Rubin, Herman Newburg and Nathaniel Lenson, all young and full of vitality, assumed the East of Freedom Lodge and produced many interesting meetings and social functions. They, in their inimitable way, contributed much to the glory of Freedom Lodge.

They set out to show and prove that Freedom Lodge stood out like a beacon of light to our brethren and at all times inculcating in their brethren the true spirit of fellowship and brotherhood.

It was during 1967 that Wor. Herman Newburg appointed a committee known as "Historic Committee" to make plans for the 25th anniversary. This year shows the culmination of the efforts of this committee.

In 1968 great tragedy struck Freedom Lodge; on April 5 R. W. Herbert William Rosen passed suddenly to the Celestial Lodge above. He will long be remembered by all the members of our fraternity.

Further honors were bestowed on a member of Freedom Lodge when Wor. Albert M. Rudman, who was also a Past Master of Perfection Lodge of Framingham, Massachusetts, was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the Marlboro 24th Masonic District by Most Worshipful Herbert H. Jaynes, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts in 1969.

Tragedy struck in the summer of 1969 when fire destroyed our Masonic Temple in Gilman Square, Somerville, Massachusetts. All Lodges occupying the Temple had to find new meeting quarters. The Arlington Temple Association looked with favor in having Freedom Lodge meet in the Arlington Masonic Temple at 19 Academy Street, Arlington, Massachusetts.

Through the hard work of Wor. Lawrence Kepnes, Freedom Lodge received dispensation from the Grand Lodge to meet in Arlington beginning September 1, 1970. The change in venue required changing our regular meeting night to the first Wednesday of the month. All things augured well that year and Wor. Lawrence Kepnes had a fantastic year.

We recall this year with some regret as the Lodge was informed by Bro. Israel Swirsky, our Treasurer for more than twenty (20) years that he would not assume the office of Treasurer for the ensuing year.

September 12, 1970 saw the Installation of Wor. Morris E. Rosenberg as Master of Freedom Lodge and Wor. Paul F. Rubin as the third Treasurer. During this year many meetings
were held with the Arlington Temple Association concerning permanent quarters in the Temple for Freedom Lodge. It was during the regime of our present Master, Wor. Stanley M. Finkelstein, that Freedom Lodge has seen the fruition of its labors. On December 8, 1971 the Grand Lodge voted unanimously to allow Freedom Lodge to meet in the Arlington Temple changing our charter from the City of Somerville to the Town of Arlington and to change our seal and meeting night to fully conform to our activities. Also in this twenty-fifth year, Freedom Lodge honored its charter members by granting them Life Membership in the Lodge with all the rights and privileges thereto pertaining. Freedom Lodge is about to enter upon a new era of accomplishment.

We now come to the present moment in the history of Freedom Lodge. Time waits for no man; it is temporary and elusive. As we glance back over the past quarter century with humility we remember the pleasant memories of the past; the instructive and interesting meetings expounding the beautiful lessons taught in Masonry; the initiation of new Brothers into our mysteries, adding link after link to the chain of Brotherhood.

But now our faces turn to new horizons and new opportunities to serve the craft and our fellow-man. And so too, as we look back, we remember the sad occasions in which we paid our last farewell to those of our Brethren who have been called to the Celestial Lodge above. These afford serious and solemn thoughts to the rational and thinking mind and to stimulate us to perfect ourselves for the work which they have begun.

It is our fervent hope that in the next twenty-five years those who follow us will continue our earnest efforts to build a Temple on a firm foundation and- will accept their heritage as a guide for their own future and history. Thus ends the first quarter century on this the third day of May, 1972, being the twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Institution of Freedom Lodge, A.F. & A.M., in Arlington, Massachusetts.

MASONIC HISTORICAL DATES: Southbridge and Vicinity
  • 1796 — March 14 — Fayette Lodge, Charlton, First Masonic Lodge in this vicinity granted a charter.
  • 1799—January 10 — Fayette Lodge granted permission by Grand Lodge to meet annually by rotation in Charlton, Sturbridge, and Dudley, parts of which became Southbridge in 1816.
  • 1826—June 14 — Doric Lodge Charter granted. The Lodge met in the hotel which stood at the corner of Main and Central Streets. (This charter was later returned to Grand Lodge and was destroyed in the fire of 1864).
  • 1859 — December 7—Dispensation granted to S. A. Drake and others to organize Quinebaug Lodge.
  • 1859 — December 13— First meeting of Quinebaug Lodge held.
  • 1860 — January 2 — First regular communication of Quinebaug Lodge. The lodge-room for the Hrst year was on the second floor of the Thimblin Block, now known as the Costa Building.
  • 1860 — December 12—Charter granted to Quinebaug Lodge by M. W. Winslow Lewis, Grand Master.
  • 1870 — November 2—Lodge moved to rooms in Whitford Block.
  • 1905 — March 14 — Lodge-rooms in the Masonic Building at 284 Main Street were dedicated by M. W. Baalis Sanford, Grand Master.
  • 1934 — December 3 — 75th anniversary of Quinebaug Lodge observed.
  • 1953 — May 15 — Visitation by M. W. Thomas Sherrard Roy, Grand Master.
  • 1960 — May 7 — 100th anniversary observed at Tantasqua Regional High School.
  • 1960 — May 8 —The Masonic Building having been sold, the Lodge vacated its quarters and began looking for a site to build a Temple. Meetings were held in basement of the Central Baptist Church in the interim.
  • 1960 — October 13 — First meeting held at Ashland Avenue Building.
  • 1970 — Lodge moved into new quarters on Ashland Avenue. Work of renovation, building and refurbishing begun.
  • 1972 — April 29 — Dedication of Temple by M. W. Donald W. Vose, Grand Master.




1947: District 6 (Arlington)


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