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Location: Longmeadow

Chartered By: Herbert W. Dean

Charter Date: 03/09/1932 1932-43

Precedence Date: 04/13/1931

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Charles C. Spellman Lodge to form The Meadows Lodge, 05/31/2007.


  • Nedd W. Brown, 1931, 1932
  • Raymond L. Combs, 1933
  • Harold H. Jensen, 1934
  • Harry L. Roberts, 1935
  • F(rank) George Jensen, Jr., 1936
  • Louis E. Combs, 1937
  • Richard H. Harper, 1938
  • Clarence White, 1939
  • Howard C. Newhouse, 1940; N
  • George A. Dusenberry, 1941
  • John A. Reynolds, 1942
  • Howard G. Herrschaft, 1943
  • Justin L Budington, 1944, 1946
  • Richard G. Burke, 1945
  • Allen B. Pomeroy, 1947
  • Raymond E. Mermet, 1948
  • Hilmer Ackerman, 1949; N
  • James A. Pool, 1950; N
  • Edgar J. Lake, 1951
  • Donald A. Methven, 1952
  • Lewis L. Huston, 1953
  • Burton W. Johnson, 1954
  • Robert E. Samble, 1955
  • George B. Shawn, 1956
  • Albert A. Ledger, 1957
  • J. Harry Postel, Jr., 1958
  • Robert Stewart, 1959
  • Robert M. Tippett, 1960
  • Frederick W. Drinkwater, 1961
  • Joseph E. Kaufman, 1962; N
  • Frederick T. Pitkat, 1963
  • Robert D. Watts, 1964
  • Elmo E. Falkenberg, 1965
  • Russell H. Webster, 1966
  • James Climo, 1967, 1982
  • Norman T. Maagero, 1968
  • Andrew W. Biggerstaff, 1969
  • John F. Martin, 1970
  • Kenneth L. Hower, 1971
  • Sverre N. Maggero, 1972
  • Frederick W. Drinkwater, 1973
  • Wayne D. Vangsness, 1974, 1997, 2004; PDDGM
  • William C. Ross, 1975
  • Barry R. Heath, 1976
  • Joseph M. Dennis, 1977
  • Merwin Jabri, 1978
  • Wendell W. Ritchie, 1979
  • John P. Leshure, 1980, 1997-1999
  • W. Douglas Spingler, 1981
  • James T. Harrelson, 1983
  • David C. Climo, 1984
  • Phil Kardos, 1985
  • David K. Ritchie, 1986, 1990
  • Stephen H. Burrall, Jr., 1987
  • F. Carey Miller, Jr., 1988, 1994, 2003; PDDGM
  • David R. Terrell, 1989, 1993
  • Scott J. Charney, 1991
  • Thomas J. Stewart, 1992
  • Robert H. Marshall, 1995, 1996
  • John P. Leshure, 1997
  • James K. Bradford, Sr. 2000
  • Paul E. Schack, 2001
  • Gregory L. Burt, 2002
  • George R. Sachs, 2005; PDDGM
  • Edwin F. Lyman, 2006
  • Raymond J. Kallaugher, 2007; PDDGM

1931NeddBrown.jpg 1933RaymondCombs.jpg 1934HaroldJensen.jpg
Nedd Brown 1931-1932, Raymond Combs 1933, Harold Jensen 1934

1935HarryRoberts.jpg 1936FGeorgeJensen.jpg 1937LouisCombs.jpg
Harry Roberts 1935, George Jensen 1936, Louis Combs 1937

1938RichardHarper.jpg 1939ClarenceWhite.jpg 1940HowardNewhouse.jpg
Richard Harper 1938, Clarence White 1939, Howard Newhouse 1940

1941GeorgeDusenberry.jpg 1942JohnReynolds.jpg 1943HowardHerrschaft.jpg
George Dusenberry 1941, John Reynolds 1942, Howard Herrschaft 1943

1946JustinBudington.jpg 1944RichardBurke.jpg 1946JustinBudington.jpg
Justin Budington 1944, Richard Burke 1945, Justin Budington 1946

1947AllenPomeroy.jpg 1948RaymondMermet.jpg 1949HilmerAckerman.jpg
Allen Pomeroy 1947, Raymond Mermet 1948, Hilmer Ackerman 1949

1950JamesPool.jpg 1951EdgarLake.jpg 1952DonaldMethven.jpg
James Pool 1950, Edgar Lake 1951, Donald Methven 1952

1953LewisHuston.jpg 1954BurtonJohnson.jpg 1955RobertSamble.jpg
Lewis Huston 1953, Burton Johnson 1954, Robert Samble 1955

1956GeorgeShawn.jpg 1957AlbertLedger.jpg 1958HarryPostel.jpg
George Shawn 1956, Albert Ledger 1957, Harry Postel 1958

1959RobertStewart.jpg 1960RobertTippett.jpg 1961FrederickDrinkwater.jpg
Robert Stewart 1959, Robert Tippett 1960, Frederick Drinkwater 1961

1962JosephKaufman.jpg 1963FrederickPitkat.jpg 1964RobertWatts.jpg
Joseph Kaufman 1962, Frederick Pitkat 1963, Robert Watts 1964

1965ElmoFalkenberg.jpg 1966RussellWebster.jpg 1967JamesClimo.jpg
Elmo Falkenberg 1965, Russell Webster 1966, James Climo 1967

1968NormanMaagero.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg 1970JohnMartin.jpg
Norman Maagero 1968, Andrew Biggerstaff 1969, John Martin 1970

1971KennethHower.jpg 1972SverreMaggero.jpg 1973FrederickDrinkwater.jpg
Kenneth Hower 1971, Sverre Maagero 1972, Frederick Drinkwater 1973

1974WayneVangsness.jpg 1975WilliamRoss.jpg 1976BarryHeath.jpg
Wayne Vangsness 1974, William Ross 1975, Barry Heath 1976

1977JosephDennis.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg 1979WendellRitchie.jpg
Joseph Dennis 1977, Merwin Jabri 1978, Wendell Ritchie 1979

1997JohnLeshure.jpg 1981DouglasSpingler.jpg 1982JamesClimo.jpg
John Leshure 1980, Douglas Spingler 1981, James Climo 1982

0000NoPhotograph.jpg 1984DavidClimo.jpg 1985PhilKardos.jpg
James Harrelson 1983, David Climo 1984, Phil Kardos 1985

1986DavidRitchie.jpg 1987StephenBurrall.jpg 1994CareyMiller.jpg
David Ritchie 1986, Stephen Burrall 1987, Carey Miller 1988

1993DavidTerrell.jpg 1990DavidRitchie.jpg 1991ScottCharney.jpg
David Terrell 1989, David Ritchie 1990, Scott Charney 1991

1992ThomasStewart.jpg 1993DavidTerrell.jpg 1994CareyMiller.jpg
Thomas Stewart 1992, David Terrell 1993, Carey Miller 1994

1995RobertMarshall.jpg 1996RobertMarshall.jpg 1997JohnLeshure.jpg
Robert Marshall 1995, Thomas Stewart 1996, John Leshure 1997-1999

2000JamesBradford.jpg 2001PaulSchack.jpg 2002GregoryBurt.jpg
James Bradford 2000, Paul Schack 2001, Gregory Burt 2002

2003CareyMiller.jpg 2004WayneVangsness.jpg 2005GeorgeSachs.jpg
Carey Miller 2003, Wayne Vangsness 2004, George Sachs 2005

2006EdwinLyman.jpg 2007RaymondKallaugher.jpg
Edwin Lyman 2006, Raymond Kallaugher 2007



  • 1941 (10th Anniversary)
  • 1956 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1981 (50th Anniversary)
  • 1991 (60th Anniversary)



1936 1940 1944 1948 1949 1953 1962 1971 1977 1982 1985 1994 2000 2005


  • 1941 (10th Anniversary History, 1941-88; see below)
  • 1956 (25th Anniversary History, 1956-146; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1941-88:

By Worshipful Harry L. Roberts

Ten years—an eternity or a mere atom of time.

Ten years ago Longmeadow Lodge was instituted. It may seem an eternity or as yesterday.

On Thursday evening, March 12, 1931, eleven Master Masons, all residents of Longmeadow, met in the home of Worshipful Nedd Brown for the purpose of organizing a Lodge of Masons in Longmeadow — Worshipful Nedd W. Brown, Worshipful Harold H. Jensen, Worshipful Raymond L. Combs, Bernard E. Graves, Daniel B. W. Alexander, Joseph C. Cooper, Herbert G. Cronk, Winfield S. H. Seybolt, George D. Nalkasian, Harry I. Steele, and Harry C. Lapham. They were honored at that meeting by the presence of Deputy Grand Master Edwin L. Davis of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Worshipful Nedd Brown called the meeting together and appointed Brother Lapham to act as Secretary. After stating the business of the meeting, Right Worshipful Brother Davis was asked to instruct the gathering on procedure.

At this meeting a name for the Lodge was chosen; the date of regular meeting was decided upon (it being the first Thursday of each month except during July and August); and the first three officers were unanimously nominated—Worshipful Nedd Wallace Brown, Worshipful Master, Worshipful Raymond L. Combs, Senior Warden, and Worshipful Harold H. Jensen, Junior Warden. The petition for dispensation was then drawn up and signed by those present.

Their efforts on that occasion were fruitless because it was felt by the Grand Master that certain features concerning the inception of Longmeadow Lodge were not in keeping with the best interests of Freemasonry. Therefore a second meeting was called and held on April 2, 1931, for the purpose of hearing the findings of the Grand Master. On this occasion thirteen Master Masons were present, those who attended the first meeting, except Brother J. C. Cooper, and in addition, Worshipful Wesley E. Monk, Brother Franz George Jensen, Jr., and Brother Harry L. Roberts. The necessary changes in the original proposals were made, the result of which it was felt would be satisfactory to the Grand Master.

This proved true because on April 13, 1931, a Dispensation was issued to Worshipful Nedd W. Brown and twelve others to form Longmeadow Lodge. As a result of this, Longmeadow Lodge, A.F. & A.M., was instituted on the evening of May 7, 1931, by R.W. Raymond H. Beach, District Deputy Grand Master for the 33d Masonic District, assisted by Worshipful James Matthew, Worshipful Frank P. Beardsell, R.W. Edwin L. Davis, R.W. Roy P. Miles and fifty Master Masons.

The Dispensation from Most Worshipful Herbert W. Dean, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, was read, appointing Wor. Nedd W. Brown, Worshipful Master, Wor. Raymond L. Combs, Senior Warden, and Wor. Harold H. Jensen, Junior Warden. After the reading of the Dispensation, the usual proclamation was made by the District Deputy Grand Marshal, at the request of the District Deputy Grand Master.

The first three officers having been escorted to their respective places, the Lodge was opened in form on the Third Degree. The Worshipful Master then read the names of the following Brethren and they were escorted to their respective stations:

  • Frank G. Jensen, Jr., Marshal
  • George D. Malkasian, Chaplain
  • Harry L. Roberts, Senior Deacon
  • Daniel B. W. Alexander, Junior Deacon
  • Winfield S. H. Seybolt, Senior Steward
  • Louis E. Combs, Junior Steward
  • Harry I. Steele, Inner Sentinel
  • George U. Van Train, Tyler

Thus Longmeadow Lodge was born and on this day, May 7, 1931, became empowered to work under dispensation.

The first order of business was the election of a Treasurer and a Secretary and Worshipful Harris A. Colwell and Worshipful J. Bushnell Richardson were elected to these offices respectively. It was then voted to change the meeting night from the first to the second Thursday in the month.

Longmeadow Lodge was unique in that the three senior officers were members and Past Masters of Hampden Lodge in Springfield. They had all been most successful Masters, were still active there, and were highly respected by the Craft in general. It was due to this fact that Longmeadow Lodge enjoyed a grand start — a very helpful "pat on the back" to a young Lodge from its older and well established associates. The other officers held memberships in the two other Springfield Lodges, Roswell Lee and Springfield, and in Lodges elsewhere in Massachusetts, New York and Nova Scotia.

Longmeadow Lodge is further unique in that its membership comprised many Brethren living in our town who had lost touch with active Masonry and the establishment of this Lodge provided the necessary impetus to satisfy their Masonic interests.

Good will towards our three senior officers; their ability to produce results; the interest of all Masons, normally active or otherwise, towards a new Lodge; and finally the curiosity of many regarding our progress, combined to give this Lodge a bright and enthusiastic start.

There were seventy-four Charter Members and we enjoyed a very successful, instructive and happy first year.

On May 5, 1932, at a special communication, the Grand Lodge officers, with Most Worshipful Grand Master Curtis Chipman presiding, Constituted Longmeadow Lodge in Ample Form, and installed:

  • Wor. Nedd W. Brown, Worshipful Master
  • Wor. Raymond L. Combs, Senior Warden
  • Wor. Harold H. Jensen, Junior Warden
  • Wor. Harris Colwell, Treasurer
  • Wor. J. Bushnell Richardson, Secretary
  • Bro. George D. Malkasian, Chaplain
  • Bro. Marshall Mott, Associate Chaplain
  • Bro. Harry L. Roberts, Senior Deacon
  • Bro. Daniel B. W. Alexander, Junior Deacon
  • Bro. Winfield S. H. Seybolt, Senior Steward
  • Bro. Louis E. Combs, Junior Steward
  • Bro. Harry I. Steele, Inner Sentinel
  • Bro. Alan R. Kirk, Organist
  • Bro. George U. Van Train, Tyler

Two hundred and seventy-five Master Masons attended the Constitution.

This Lodge enjoyed two prosperous years under the guidance or Worshipful Nedd Brown, and each succeeding year has been successful in its own right.

Those Masters who followed Brother Brown and have been instrumental in the continued prosperity of Longmeadow Lodge are:

  • Wor. Raymond L. Combs, 1933
  • Wor. Harold H. Jensen, 1934
  • Wor. Harry L. Roberts, 1935
  • Wor. Franz G. Jensen, Jr., 1936
  • Wor. Louis E. Combs, 1937
  • Wor. Richard H. Harper, 1938
  • Wor. Clarence White, 1939
  • Wor. Howard C. Newhouse, 1940
  • Wor. George A. Dusenberry, 1941

The help of the Secretaries, Treasurers, Chaplains, Marshals, Organists, Tylers, and all other officers and members must not be omitted, for their help and support lightened the burden of every Master.

This span of time from 1931 to 1941 has included years of financial stress and embarrassment for some, and sufficient uncertainty for others, who therefore have found it impossible to interest themselves in Freemasonry. Too, until recently our dues have been sufficiently high to scare off those to whom Masonry seemed only of secondary importance. In spite of all these deterrents, during ten years Longmeadow Lodge has initiated thirty-one and has accepted thirty by affiliation. Ten members have been lost through death, among them our first and beloved Master, whose loss was a sincere shock to all Masons who knew him. Thirteen members have dimitted and it was found necessary to suspend six from membership, leaving to date an active membership of one hundred ten.

The work of Longmeadow Lodge, comprising ordinary meetings, interesting programs, degree work, official visitations, Lodge visits to and from other Lodges, exemplifications, ladies nights, and last, but not least, the many hours of social intercourse following the many meetings, some with collation and some without, all remains in the minds of those who were privileged to attend, as a happy and pleasant memory.

Longmeadow Lodge has enjoyed the reputation of radiating true fraternal cordiality and of extending to all the right hand of fellowship. This has been made possible by our small and more informal organization.

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary in this, the same room in which Longmeadow Lodge was both instituted and constituted. Ten years ago we were honored by the late Most Worshipful Grand Master Curtis Chipman and his suite who Constituted this Lodge. Tonight, the second time in these ten years, we are honored by the presence of another Grand Master, Most Worshipful Albert A. Schaefer, and his suite of Grand Lodge officers. The stimulus of their presence, the success and happiness of these last ten years, together with the hope for the future, and sense of security in Freemasonry should imbue us all with a conscientious endeavor to carry on against any and all odds, and with a renewed faith promote Freemasonry to new and greater triumphs in the years to come. May God bless this and all Masonic Lodges.


From Proceedings, Page 1956-146:

By Worshipful Louis E. Combs and Worshipful Harry L. Roberts.

Tonight it is the privilege of the members of the Longmeadow Lodge to proudly reflect upon twenty-five years of existence, twenty-five years of Masonic service and many years of happy associations. Longmeadow Lodge continues to be one of the very successful Lodges in this jurisdiction, the credit for which lies in the spirit, enthusiasm, and cooperation of its officers, present and past, and the Brethren.

At a meeting of Grand Lodge April 13, 1931, a special warrant was issued to Worshipful Brother Nedd Brown to form Longmeadow Lodge. As a result, Longmeadow Lodge, A. F. & A. M., was instituted May 7, 1931, by R.W. Raymond H. Beach, District Deputy Grand Master of the 33rd Masonic District, assisted by Worshipful Brothers James Matthew, Frank B. Beardsall, Edwin L. Davis, Roy P. Miles and fifty other Master Masons.

The dispensation from Most Worshipful Grand Master Herbert W. Dean of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts was read and Worshipful Brother Nedd Brown was appointed by the Grand Master to be the first Master, Worshipful Brother Raymond L. Combs to be the first Senior Warden, and Worshipful Brother Harold H. Jensen to be the first Junior Warden.

The usual proclamation was then made by the District Deputy Grand Marshal, after which the first three officers were conducted to their stations, and Longmeadow Lodge was opened on the Third Degree in form.

The appointed officers then took their respective stations. They were:

  • George Malkasian, Chaplain
  • Franz G. Jensen, Jr., Marshal
  • Harry L. Roberts, Senior Deacon
  • D. B. W. Alexander, Junior Deacon
  • W. S. H. Seybolt, Senior Steward
  • Louis E. Combs, Junior Steward
  • Harry I. Steele, Inside Sentinel
  • George V. Vantrain, Tyler

Brothers Harris A. Colwell and J. Bushnell Richardson were then elected Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

We like to reflect upon the original three senior officers of this Lodge, men devoted to Masonry and untiring in their efforts to have this Lodge prosper Masonically. Their dreams and ambitions were fulfilled. Two of these men were called to the Celestial Lodge above and their memories are revered by those who were privileged in any way to be associated with them.

During the first ten years the Lodge proceeded to build the good will and respect of our sister Lodges, officers and members, and many unattached Masons living in our town found haven here.

This Lodge was constituted on May 5, 1932, by Most Worshipful Curtis Chipman, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts, and his suite of Grand Officers.

In addition to the original group of appointed and elected officers, Reverend Brother Marshall Mott was installed as Associate Chaplain.

There were seventy-five Charter Members and during the first ten years thirty-one Brothers were raised, thirty more accepted by affiliation, and twenty-five lost through death, demits, and suspension. When this Lodge celebrated its tenth anniversary, it proudly possessed one hundred and eleven members.

It seems but a short time ago that many of us gathered in this same lodge-room to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Longmeadow Lodge. We were honored that night by the presence of Most Worshipful Albert A. Schaefer, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, and his suite of twenty-four Grand Lodge Officers. That was May 8, 1941. Better times, renewed interest in Freemasonry, and an enthusiastic and active group of officers have carried this Lodge on to new and envious heights.

This Lodge has the reputation of being a friendly one, and at most of the meetings a good number of Past Masters are on the side lines to encourage the officers and fraternize with members and visitors.

To be sure, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary in the same room in which this Lodge was both instituted and constituted, but much has happened within the body of this Lodge during the last fifteen years. Three of our members have served Grand Lodge. They are Worshipful Reverend Marshall Mott as Grand Chaplain, and Right Worshipful Brothers Howard Newhouse and Hilmer Ackerman as District Deputy Grand Masters.

Our Lodge has been very active in fraternizing with Lodges in adjacent locations and playing host to those Lodges in Long-meadow. This has been a most pleasant and instructive practice and should continue to be a very profitable and happy experience. Such, too, was our privilege a few years ago when the Police Square Club of Massachusetts exemplified the Master Mason Degree to a highly enthusiastic audience.

Three members have been awarded Veterans' Medals, having been Master Masons fifty years. They were: Brothers Horace Phelps, Charles H. Bump, and John DeMeyer.

Members have contributed most willingly to the Masonic Blood Bank, a constituent of the American Red Cross, which has served many of our members in time of need and has proved of great help to members of families. This has been a true Masonic service and the recipients have been truly grateful to you who have contributed.

There were seventy-five Charter Members; 152 have been raised and admitted since 1931, and 58 affiliated; of the Charter Members, 23 have died, 12 demitted, 4 dropped, leaving 36; of the affiliated members, 9 have died, 12 demitted, 1 dropped, leaving 36. Our total membership now is 207. Our honorary membership, which includes all of the Past Masters of Long-meadow Lodge, numbers 26. Eleven of a total of 37 honorary members have died.

Tonight we are greatly honored by the presence of Most Worshipful Whitfield W. Johnson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, and his suite of Grand Lodge Officers.

May this Lodge continue to prosper in Masonic service to all mankind and to its Brethren in Freemasonry.

The late Worshipful Brother Harold H. Jensen, a member of the committee preparing this history, contributed valuable assistance in its preparation.

May God bless this and all Masonic Lodges.


  • 1936 (Petition for reduction of dues refused, 1936-130; granted, 1936-248)




1931: District 33 (Springfield)

2003: District 28


Massachusetts Lodges