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Location: East Longmeadow

Chartered By: Arthur D. Prince

Charter Date: 03/08/1922 1922-45

Precedence Date: 04/12/1921

Current Status: Merged with Longmeadow Lodge to form The Meadows Lodge, 05/21/2007.


  • Allen Robb, 1921
  • Irving W. Arnold, 1922
  • Lewis E. Whitaker, 1923
  • John M. Carto, 1924
  • Warner P. Jackson, 1925
  • Cyril R. Wood, 1926
  • Harrie E. Handy, 1927
  • James E. Shaw, 1928
  • Seabury R. Colby, 1929
  • Clarence B. Cooley, 1930
  • Frederick W. Cope, 1931; SN
  • Raymond W. Iles, 1932
  • Edward Reld, 1933
  • Joseph E. Metcalf, 1934
  • Roy Longueil, 1935
  • James W. Teel, 1936
  • Ray S. Jones, 1937
  • Halstead R. Gordon, 1938
  • Gustave R. Suhm, 1939
  • Phillip N. Knowlton, 1940
  • David H. Albertson, 1941
  • Charles H. Steele, 1942; N
  • James M. Longwill, 1943
  • Thomas A. Tyrer, 1944
  • Everett G. Priest, 1945
  • Arthur W. Johnson, 1946
  • John A. Dearborn, 1947
  • Carl W. McNeilly, 1948
  • Rolland H. Congdon, 1949
  • Harold E. Potter, 1950
  • Gordon L. Crapser, 1951
  • Ben F. Libby, 1952
  • Leonard D. Austin, 1953
  • John R. Lundgren, 1954; N
  • Charles M. Fuller, 1955
  • Robert S. Barker, 1956
  • Frederick H. Enos, 1957
  • Russell E. Watkins, 1958
  • Rollyn H. Hatch, 1959; PDDGM
  • Donald T. Heenan, 1960
  • Granville B. Hubbard, 1961; SN
  • Donald H. Washburn, 1962
  • Lewis Howarth, 1963
  • Everett C. Hutchinson, 1964; N
  • Charles F. Packard, 1965
  • Ronald D. Brown, 1966
  • Robert L. Falk, 1967
  • George A. Michael, 1968
  • Merrill H. Amsden, 1969
  • James S. Plowman, 1970
  • Kenneth E. Falk, Sr., 1971
  • Henry J. Vagts, 1972
  • Harry C. Jernstrom, 1973
  • Clifford J. Silas, 1974
  • Gilbert Hunter, 1975
  • Warren B. Hutchinson, 1976
  • Kenneth R. Fagerquest, 1977
  • Kenneth P. Barry, Jr., 1978
  • John A. Maruca, 1979
  • Raymond R. Leger, 1980
  • Walter J. Benoit, Jr., 1981
  • Kenneth P. Barry, Jr, 1982
  • George W. Bailey, 1983
  • James J. Garvey, 1984, 1985
  • David A. Feldman, 1986, 1990
  • Ramon LaPointe, 1987
  • Warren D. Hutchinson, 1988
  • Joseph N. Wescott, 1989, 1992, 1998; PDDGM
  • Paul D. Ramey, 1991, 1999; N
  • John H. Parker, 1993, 1996
  • Stanley H. Peritz II, 1994, 1997
  • Stanley Brown, 1995
  • Donald Hollister, 2000
  • Robert R. Blakeslee, 2001
  • Anthony M. Langone, Sr., 2002
  • Richard D. Wellspeak, 2003, 2004
  • Terrence R. Garner, 2005
  • Robert W. Allard, 2006

1921AllanRobb.jpg 1922IrvingArnold.jpg 1923LewisWhitaker.jpg
Allan Robb 1921, Irving Arnold 1922, LewisWhitaker 1923

1924JohnCarto.jpg 1925WarnerJackson.jpg 1926CyrilWood.jpg
John Carto 1924, Warner Jackson 1925, Cyril Wood 1926

1927HarrieHandy.jpg 1928JamesShaw.jpg 1929SeaburyColby.jpg
Harrie Handy 1927, James Shaw 1928, Seabury Colby 1929

1930ClarenceCooley.jpg 1931FrederickCope.jpg 1932RaymondIles.jpg
Clarence Cooley 1930, Frederick Cope 1931, Raymond Iles 1932

1933EdwardReid.jpg 1934JosephMetcalf.jpg 1935RayLongueil.jpg
Edward Reid 1933, Joseph Metcalf 1934, Ray Longueil 1935

1936JamesTeel.jpg 1937RayJones.jpg 1938HalsteadGordon.jpg
James Teel 1936, Ray Jones 1937, Halstead Gordon 1938

1939GustaveSuhm.jpg 1940PhilipKnowlton.jpg 1941DavidAlbertson.jpg
Gustave Suhm 1939, Philip Knowlton 1940, David Albertson 1941

1942CharlesSteele.jpg 1943JamesLongwill.jpg 1944ThomasTyrer.jpg
Charles Steele 1942, James Longwill 1943, Thomas Tyrer 1944

1945EverettPriest.jpg 1946ArthurJohnson.jpg 1947JohnDearborn.jpg
Everett G. Priest 1945, Arthur W. Johnson 1946, John Dearborn 1947

1948CarlMcNeilly.jpg 1949RolandCongdon.jpg 1950HaroldPorter.jpg
Carl McNeilly 1948, Roland Congdon 1949, Harold Porter 1950

1951GordonCrapser.jpg 1952BenLibby.jpg 1953LeonardAustin.jpg
Gordon Crapser 1951, Ben Libby 1942, Leonard Austin 1953

1954JohnLundgren.jpg 1955CharlesFuller.jpg 1956RobertBarker.jpg
John Lundgren 1954, Charles Fuller 1955, Robert Barker 1956

1957FrederickEnos.jpg 1958RussellWatkins.jpg 1959RollynHatch_2.jpg
Frederick Enos 1957, Russell Watkins 1958, Rollyn Hatch 1959

1960DonaldHeenan.jpg 1961GranvilleHubbard.jpg 1962DonaldWashburn.jpg
Donald Heenan 1960, Granville Hubbard 1961, Donald Washburn 1962

1963LewisHowarth.jpg 1964EverettHutchinson.jpg 1965CharlesPackard.jpg
Lewis Howarth 1963, Everett Hutchinson 1964, Charles Packard 1965

1966RonaldBrown.jpg 1967RobertFalk.jpg 1968GeorgeMichael.jpg
Ronald Brown 1966, Robert Falk 1967, George Michael 1968

1969MerrillAmsden.jpg 1970JamesPlowman.jpg 1971KennethFalk.jpg
Merrill Amsden 1969, James Plowman 1970, Kenneth Falk 1971

1972HenryVagts.jpg 1973HarryJernstrom.jpg 1974CliffordSilas.jpg
Henry Vagts 1972, Harry Jernstrom 1973, Clifford Silas 1974

1975GilbertHunter.jpg 1976WarrenHutchinson.jpg 1977KennethFagerquest.jpg
Merrill Amsden 1969, James Plowman 1970, Kenneth Falk 1971

1978KennethBarry.jpg 1979JohnMaruca.jpg 1980RaymondLeger.jpg
Kenneth Barry 1978, John Maruca 1979, Raymond Leger 1980

1981WalterBenoit.jpg 1982KennethBarry.jpg 1983GeorgeBailey.jpg
Walter Benoit 1981, Kenneth Barry 1982, George Bailey 1983

1984JamesGarvey.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg
James Garvey 1984-1985, David Feldman 1986, Ramon LaPointe 1987

0000NoPhotograph.jpg 1989JosephWestcott.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg
Warren Hutchinson 1988, Joseph Westcott 1989, David Feldman 1990

1991PaulRamey.jpg 1989JosephWestcott.jpg 1993JohnParker.jpg
Paul Ramey 1991, Joseph Westcott 1992, John Parker 1993

0000NoPhotograph.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg 1993JohnParker.jpg
Stanley Peritz 1994, Stanley Brown 1995, John Parker 1996

0000NoPhotograph.jpg 1989JosephWestcott.jpg 1991PaulRamey.jpg
Stanley Peritz 1997, Joseph Westcott 1998, Paul Ramey 1999

0000NoPhotograph.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg
Donald Hollister 2000, Robert Blakeslee 2001, Anthony Langone, Sr. 2002

0000NoPhotograph.jpg 0000NoPhotograph.jpg 2006RobertAllard.jpg
Richard Wellspeak 2003-2004, Terrence Garner 2005, Robert W. Allard 2006-2007


This lodge is named for Rt. Wor. Bro. Charles C. Spellman, whose biography was presented at the constitution of the Lodge in 1922 (1922-94).


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1921
  • Petition for Charter: 1922
  • Consolidation Petition (with Longmeadow Lodge): 2007


  • 1971 (50th Anniversary)
  • 1996 (75th Anniversary)



1927 1930 1932 1937 1939 1950 1954 1958 1959 1962 1968 1972 1973 1978 1981 1982 1991 1993 2000 2003 2004 2005


  • 1971 (50th Anniversary History, 1971-416)


From Proceedings, Page 1971-416:

By Worshipful Lewis Howarth.

Charles C. Spellman Lodge had its origin in the minds of the members of a local Masonic Social Club that was organized in East Longmeadow in the summer of 1920. The then Bro. Irving W. Arnold's advocacy of the formation of a new Lodge met with enthusiastic response from his fellow brethren and later that year a corporation was formed to purchase a Lodge hall. This was the original Masonic Temple on Shaker Road which is now owned by the Town of East Longmeadow and is used as headquarters for the East Longmeadow Recreation Association.

The Lodge owes much of the success in this important undertaking to the wise council, generosity and energetic efforts of the then Bro. Lewis E. Whitaker and his hearty cooperation with Bro. Arnold and Wor. Allen J. Robb was an inspiring influence in the promotion of the Lodge itself.

Consequently, in the spring of 1921, a petition was presented to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in Boston and a Dispensation for the establishment of Charles C. Spellman Lodge was granted by Most Worshipful Arthur D. Prince, Grand Master. His appointments were: Wor. Allen J. Robb, Worshipful Master; Irving W. Arnold, Senior Warden; and Lewis E. Whitaker, Junior Warden.

The Lodge was instituted in the Town Hall of East Longmeadow on May 2nd, 1921, by Rt. Wor. Hiram Dillenback, then presiding District Deputy Grand Master for the Chicopee 18th Masonic District. Thirty-three of the original petitioners were present and eighteen petitions for the degrees were received at that time.

During the following summer the upper story of our first Masonic Temple was completely remodeled by the members of the Lodge and the resulting Lodge room and adjoining apartments were testimony to their superior skill and scientific workmanship. A credit indeed to their labor of love.

The Charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts on March 8th, 1922, and the Lodge constituted on April 21, 1922. (1922 Mass. 92-97)

At this point it seems appropriate to interject that in keeping with the tradition of devoted membership, the beautiful Lodge room we enjoy today, and in fact much of the whole Temple, can only be described as a labor of love. The superior skill and scientific workmanship is self evident.

In 1935 the Lodge was honored by the appointment of Rt. Wor. Frederick W. Cope as District Deputy Grand Master for the Chicopee 18th Masonic District and, in 1946, received a similar honor when the same appointment was made of Rt. Wor. Charles H. Steele.

The 25th anniversary of the Lodge was observed on May 4th, 1946 with a banquet, the guest of Honor being Rt. Wor. Charles H. Steele who was received in Lodge by Wor. Everett G. Priest, presiding Master. The work of the evening was the Master Mason Degree conferred on one candidate, namely Bro. Frederick Charles Samble, by the Past Masters of the Lodge. The Lodge was further honored in this particular year by the award of the Distinguished Service Medal or Joseph Warren Award to Wor. Lewis E. Whitaker our third Master.

This honor was repeated in 1950 with a similar award to Bro. Walter C. Chandler who faithfully served the Lodge as Secretary for nineteen years.

The Lodge was again honored in 1958 by the appointment of Rt. Wor. John R. Lundgren as District Deputy Grand Master for the Chicopee 18th Masonic District and yet again in 1966 by the appointment of Rt. Wor. Granville B. Hubbard to the same position. Also in 1966 the Lodge was both gratified and honored by the award of the Distinguished Service Medal to Wor. Charles M. Fuller, presiding Master for the years 1955-1956. Wor. Bro. Fuller has served the Lodge as Chaplain for eighteen years and has filled the same office at the Fifth Lodge of Instruction for fifteen years.

The lapse of time and the effects of the New England climate eventually took their toll of the Temple on Shaker Road and in 1965 meetings were held to weigh the estimated cost of restoring the Temple to its original condition versus the complexities involved in a new building. After much discussion and debate the latter course was chosen and, through the efforts of Rt. Wor. John R. Lundgren, land was obtained at the present site on Chestnut Street. Ground was broken for the new Temple on October 22nd, 1966, Wor. Charles F. Packard representing the Lodge and Mrs. Carolyn Paige, Worthy Matron, representing Corona Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star.

The first meeting to be held in our new building was our regular communication on September 5th, 1967, but, due to the rate of construction being slower than had been anticipated, it was necessary to meet in the basement or what is now the banquet hall. Wor. Ronald D. Brown presided in the East.

As previously mentioned, the present Temple may well be considered a labor of love on the part of the Brethren in much the same manner as that shown by the founder members in the old Temple on Shaker Road. Since 1967 the Brethren have laboriously, brick by brick and board by board, completed almost 90% of the building themselves.

While the success of any organization depends on the cooperation of all the individuals in that organization, nevertheless it must be noted that the following spent many, many hours actively engaged in the construction of the building: Rt. Wor. John R. Lundgren, Wor. Bros. Robert S. Barker, Merrill H. Amsden, Donald H. Washburn and Robert L. Falk, Bros. Ray Hindes, Charles R. Melville, John A. Ferranti and Paul E. J. Johnson and the members of Brownstone Chapter of the Order of DeMolay.

Thanks must also be given to the ladies from Corona Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star and the members of Assembly #74, Order of Rainbow for Girls.

The first meeting to be held in the present Lodge room was on May 24th, 1971, Wor. James S. Plowman, presiding. This was on the occasion of a Fraternal Visit by Rt. Wor. Gomer E. Bowen, presiding District Deputy Grand Master of the Chicopee 18th Masonic District. Following a banquet at which Rt. Wor. Bro. Bowen was guest of Honor, the Past Masters of the Lodge performed the work of the evening, namely the Entered Apprentice Degree on one candidate, Joseph Franklin Place. This was very appropriate in as much as the first degree to be conferred in the old Temple was the Entered Apprentice Degree.

On St. John's Sunday June 20th, 1971 a public cornerstone laying ceremony was performed under the direction of Rt. Wor. Gomer E. Bowen. This event was preceded by a breakfast in the banquet hall followed by attendance at East Long-meadow Methodist Church where Wor. James S. Plowman and Wor. Charles M. Fuller participated in the Worship Service. The cornerstone ceremony opened with an invocation by Rev. Bro. P. Dale Neufer, Pastor of the Methodist Church and speakers included Wor. James S. Plowman, Rt. Wor. Granville B. Hubbard, Rt. Wor. John R. Lundgren and Rt. Wor. Charles H. Steele. As Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Rt. Wor. John R. Lundgren represented the Town of East Longmeadow; Corona Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, being represented by Mrs. Constance Paulson, Worthy Matron.

Prior to the laying of the cornerstone by Wor. Bros. Donald S. Washburn, Merrill H. Amsden and Robert S. Barker, a copper box, containing among other things, a 1921 silver dollar, a 1921 English half-penny, two 1971 half dollars and a Master's lapel pin for the presiding Master at such time as the box is opened, was cemented into the aperture.

The closing benediction was given by the Lodge Chaplain, Wor. Charles M. Fuller.

As we add the closing chapter to the Lodge's distinguished history at this point in time, we note with some pride that from that modest beginning of thirty-four charter members, our membership has grown to over four hundred. As we dedicate our new Temple and celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are also sincerely gratified that we still have with us five of the original Charter Members. They are Wor. and Rev. Irving W. Arnold, Wor. Warner P. Jacobson, Wor. Roy S. J. Longueil, Wor. Cyril R. Wood and Bro. Raymond W. Wood.

We are also pleased to extend our sincere and fraternal congratulations to our 50-year medalists, three of whom were raised to the Sublime Degree in Charles C. Spellman Lodge in our first year.



1921: District 18 (Springfield)

1927: District 18 (Chicopee)

2003: District 28


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