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Location: Brookfield; North Brookfield ( )

Chartered By: William Parkman

Charter Date: 09/14/1864 VI-514

Precedence Date: 11/05/1863

Current Status: Active


Need living PMs

  • Martin B. Sanborn, 1863-1869
  • Sumner Holmes, 1870-1873
  • Charles B. Carpenter, 1874, 1875
  • Joseph Gates, 1876-1878
  • John W. D. Fifield, 1879, 1880
  • Abner C. Smith, 1881
  • Edwin Wilbur, 1882, 1883
  • Charles Ludden, 1884
  • William F. Hayden, 1885-1887
  • George H. Coolidge, 1888, 1889
  • Walter G. Mandell, 1890
  • J. Edwin Moulton, 1891
  • Lawrence T. Newhall, 1892
  • Sumner Holmes, 1893
  • Henry W. Rice, 1894
  • William E. Cook, 1895, 1896
  • William L. Walsh, 1897
  • Lucius E. Estey, 1898
  • Arthur F. Butterworth, 1899, 1900; N
  • Walter B. Mellen, 1901
  • Asa V. Snow, 1902
  • John G. Shackley, 1903, 1904
  • Chessalden L. Ellis, 1905
  • Willie C. Bemis, 1906, 1907
  • Albert H. Bellows, 1908, 1909
  • Robert G. Livermore, 1910
  • Edward B. Phetteplace, 1911
  • Elmer A. Churchill, 1912, 1913; Mem
  • Harold Chesson, 1914, 1915
  • William W. MacLaurin, 1916
  • John MacLaurin, 1917
  • Charles A. Allen, 1918
  • Frederick W. Farrell, 1919, 1920
  • Edwin V. Lawrence, 1921, 1922
  • H. Burton Mason, 1923
  • William H. A. Hanson, 1924, 1925
  • Albert J. Balcom, 1926
  • Frank B. Clark, 1927, 1928
  • George P. Eaton, 1929
  • Lee Boyce, 1930; N
  • George A. Putney, 1931
  • John Morrill, 1932
  • Albert D. Hooker, Jr., 1933
  • Horace J. Terry, 1934
  • Lester Priest, 1935
  • Clarence O. Goff, 1936
  • Clifford E. Gadaire, 1937
  • Horace L. May, 1938
  • Sidney E. May, 1939
  • David H. H. Holmes, 1940, 1941
  • Frederick W. DeWitt, 1942
  • Charles S. Hall, 1943
  • Roy L. Moulton, 1944
  • Clair C. Sheldon, 1945
  • George Herbert, Jr., 1946
  • Kenneth H. Bergstrom, 1947
  • Roy E. Clark, 1948
  • Clarence R. Crooks, 1949
  • Edward Carliell, 1950
  • Robert L. Flander, 1951
  • Barker D. Keith, 1952
  • John W. Beebe, 1953
  • William L. Ayers, 1954
  • Harold J. Kenneway, Jr., 1955
  • Herbert L. Batchelder, 1956, 1975
  • Albert W. Surprenant, Sr., 1957
  • Arthur A. Wentzell, 1958
  • Irving K. Carlson, 1959
  • Harry E. Manchester, 1960
  • Raymond S. Haire, 1961
  • Walter N. Cutler, 1962
  • Joseph C. Miller, 1963
  • Cedric G. Lindley Jr., 1964; SN
  • Chester E. Vik, 1965
  • Gordon E. Hitchcock, 1966, 1969
  • Roland W. Wilson, 1967
  • Edward J. Malynowski, 1968
  • Arthur A. Lewis, 1970
  • Kenneth L. Gates, 1971
  • Harvey E. Bressette, 1972
  • Alpheus W. Curtis, 1973
  • Raymond F. Bennett, 1974
  • Harvey E. Bressette, 1976, 1984
  • Auguste P. Valley, 1977
  • Robert Farmosa, 1978, 1988
  • Kenneth R. Crevier, 1979, 1985, 1986
  • John H. Woodard, 1980
  • John E. Nolan, 1981
  • Dan S. Curtis, 1982
  • Kenneth W. Henderson, 1983, 1987; PDDGM
  • William D. Malloy, 1989, 1991, 1992
  • Robert J. Smith, 1990
  • Kenneth L. Gates, 1993-1995
  • Roy P. Preston, Jr., 1996
  • Joseph F. Malloy, 1997
  • Edward T. Trepanier, 1998, 1999
  • Paul R. Valley, 2000, 2001
  • Matthew Kunesch, 2002
  • George Reeve, 2003-2006
  • Daniel E. Violette, 2007
  • Robert A. Belcher, 2008, 2009, 2012
  • Kenneth W. Henderson, 2010, 2011



  • 1938 (75th Anniversary)
  • 1963 (Centenary)



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  • 1938 ("Largely extemporaneous" 75th Anniversary history; not in record, mentioned 1938-422)
  • 1963 ("History of Freemasonry in the Brookfields", 1963-233; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1963-233:

by Bro. Roland W. Wilson.

The late R. W. Arthur F. Butterworth, having searched the records of Grand Lodge, compiled and wrote the history of Masonry in the Brookfields, and read same at the 50th and 75th anniversaries of Hayden Lodge. The following data are excerpts from his work:

The records of Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication of September 13, 5797, M. W. Paul Revere, Grand Master, show the following: "A Petition received from Cheney Reed and others, praying for a Charter to hold a Lodge at Brookfield by the name of Meridian Sun; and being properly recommended, it was voted that the petition be granted."

On the 12th inst. the Meridian Sun Lodge at Brookfield was publicly consecrated, and its officers installed by R.W. Isaiah Thomas, Esq. (who has a deputation to visit, instruct, etc. the Lodges in the three western Counties of Massachusetts). A sermon was preached on the occasion by the Chaplain of Grand Lodge on "The Importance of Illustrating our Profession by our Example" and an instructive and interesting charge was given by the officiating Grand Master.

Of this old Lodge, tradition is almost silent. It failed to weather the anti-masonic gales that swept over the country in the early thirties, and it is believed that it never held a meeting after 5834. In 5857 R. W. Henry Earl of Worcester, D. D. G .M. of the 6th Masonic District, reported to M. W. John T. Heard, Grand Master, in regard to Meridian Sun Lodge at Brookfield: "Agreeable to your instructions, I visited Brookfield and found the Charter and Records of the Lodge in the hands of Bro. Rufus Dodge, a worthy farmer 84 years of age, who was the last Secretary. On showing Bro. Dodge my authority, he very readily placed them in my hands, and I have deposited them in the Office of the Grand Treasurer." Bro. Earlealso reported that the District is composed of seven Lodges, four of which have not held a meeting for more than twenty years. The four referred to are: Eden of Ware, Doric of Southbridge, Harris of Templeton, and Meridian Sun of Brookfield.

However, unknown to R. W. Bro. Butterworth, there existed the Treasurer's records of Meridian Sun Lodge, beginning November 27, 5797, kept by Amassa Blanchard, Treasurer, during the existence of said Lodge thru 5833. This Treasurer's record is now in the hands of the descendants of Bro. Blanchard along with two diplomas issued to Dexter Blanchard (1806) and Parlay Blanchard (1824), brothers of Amassa Blanchard. These records are interesting; one entry in the early 20's states, "Expense for St. John's Sunday, $134.00." The Grand Lodge Report of the Quarterly Communication of June 14, 5820 states: "R. W. James F. Robbins of Templeton, D. D. G. M. of the 6th Masonic District, reports that there are ten Lodges in his district, four of which are deserving praise. Among these four, Meridian Sun Lodge is not mentioned, and he goes on to say: "To the others not much credit can justly be awarded. In Meridian Sun Lodge at Brookfield, more attention is paid to refreshments than to the objects of its institution."

R.W. Bro. Butterworth stated that he had heard in regard to the old Lodge here, on ceasing to hold their meetings in 5833, the brethren divided up the furniture and property of the Lodge among themselves. The Master's Chair was for sometime in the old Lewis Mansion in this Town, but not too long ago it disappeared. The Charter and Records were destroyed in the Temple fire of 5864.

On February 15, 5800, Funeral Honors were paid by the troops stationed at Oxford to the memory of the illustrious leader, General George Washington. In the procession on that occasion were brethren of Meridian Sun Lodge, together with those of Fayette Lodge of Charlton, Morning Star of Worcester, and Olive Branch of Millbury.

Several members of Meridian Sun Lodge are mentioned in the Records of Grand Lodge: R. W. Francis O. Clark, Master of Meridian Sun, was appointed D. D. G. M. in 5814; R. W. Otis Hayden appointed D. D. G. M. for the 6th Masonic District in 5826.

Oxford Lodge was constituted September 27, 5826; Doric Lodge of Southbridge was constituted October 18, 5826; R.W. Otis Hayden was present on both occasions. It is assumed that R. W. Otis Hayden was Worshipful Master at some time of Meridian Sun Lodge. He was a storekeeper, a Justice of the Peace and a sort of Country Squire who made deeds, wills and other legal papers. He accumulated a considerable sum of money. He, with Mr. Bannister, gave the Gate-way at our Brookfield Cemetery. He also served the Town on the Board of Selectmen.

The Records of Hayden Lodge show that the first meeting under dispensation was held November 25, 5863. Where the first three meetings were held is not stated in the Records. The fourth meeting was held on February 3, 5864, in their hall (presumed to be the hall in the "new hotel").

Worshipful Martin B. Sanborn was the first Master of Hayden Lodge and served from 5863 to 5869. The first man made a Mason in Hayden Lodge was Bro. Emmons E. Chapin. The brethren who formed Hayden Lodge were most of them, if not all, made in Quaboag Lodge of Warren. Quaboag is therefore the "Mother Lodge" of Hayden, and from Hayden originated Spencer Lodge of Spencer in 5871; Meridian Sun of North Brookfield in 5893; and Bay Path Lodge of West Brookfield in 5923.

The early records of Hayden Lodge were very brief: the date of meeting is given, but no list of Officers nor place of meeting is given. They merely opened, closed, and listed the Candidates worked at the meeting. The meetings were held in various places: a shoe factory on Maple Street, the old hotel, the engine house, the Unitarian Lecture Room, the Masonic Hall in Worcester, and later in the Town Hall.

In 5876 and again in 5880 attempts were made to have Hayden Lodge moved to North Brookfield, where a good many of the brethren lived. Members journeyed to Brookfield by trolley car, but the meetings would many times end late, the trolleys had stopped running for the night and they had to walk home to North Brookfield. On one occasion a favorable vote was taken on certain conditions so severe that there was no removal.

On the evening of October 26, 5887 the Lodge tendered a complimentary banquet to Worshipful Bro. Bonum Nye "The oldest Mason in New England." Worshipful Bro. Bonum Nye was initiated October, 5816 and raised December 31, 5816, presumably in Meridian Sun Lodge, as he was a member of the Lodge. There were over 100 Masons present: the [http://www.masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=GMEndicott Grand Master and Suite from Grand Lodge and visiting brethren from all over Worcester County. At the time of the banquet Worshipful Bro. Nye was 92 years of age. Wor. Bro. Nye was a Mason at the time when the feeling against Masons ran high, and it has been said that he was waited upon by a deputation of fellow citizens and called upon by them to renounce Masonry, which he refused to do. It is also said that during this period, 5833 to 5863, he drove his horse quite often to Boston and there visited prominent members of the Craft, who entrusted to him such Masonic intelligence as they desired spread in this vicinity. Bro. Nye on returning home would rest his horse, then start out spreading his news among the Brethren as far away as Northampton.

Wor. Bro. Nye was made an Honorary Member of Hayden Lodge, August 27, 5877. On September 27, 5890, Bro. Nye, then 95 years of age, was present, and R.W. Edward B. Dollover, D. D. G .M. of the 18th Masonic District spoke at length of Bro. Nye, and from his remarks it was learned that Bro. Nye was made in Meridian Sun Lodge and that he was at one time Wor. Master of the same.

On September 4, 5902, Hayden Lodge was again visited by fire, the Town House in which it was located being totally destroyed. The Lodge lost all its property and furniture, except its Charter and Records. After this fire the next two meetings were held in Livermore's Block in Brookfield.

On October 22, 5902, under dispensation, a Special Meeting was held in Masonic Hall, Spencer, at which meeting the Lodges in Worcester presented Hayden Lodge with its present Officers' Jewels, Collars and Aprons; and Bro. George A. Warren of Brockton in behalf of himself and other Brockton Masons presented the Lodge with a solid Silver Square and Compasses. The meeting in November was held in the High School Building; another meeting in Livermore's Block; then in the Masonic Hall in Warren, December 10, 5902; the Grand Army Hall in West Brookfield from January 7, 5903 thru April 27, 5904.

On May 10, 5904, our present Masonic apartments were dedicated by M. W. Baalis Sanford, Grand Master. Copy of the agreement with the Board of Selectmen for the Town of Brookfield is in the record of the meeting of September 30, 5903 relative to use of Town Hall by Hayden Lodge, and stating the yearly fee for their use. Also arrangements were made for Hayden Lodge Officers to lay the corner-stone for the New Town Hall. The Lodge also voted to furnish two lamps at the East Entrance to the New Town Hall. Wor. Bro. Coolidge presented the Ashlers; Bro. Gass, a Book Mark; Bro. Conway presented the Stewards' and Deacons' Rods; Bro. Shackley presented the letter "G."

On November 5, 5903, a Special Communication of Hayden Lodge was held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hayden Lodge. About 90 brethren were present at a turkey dinner. The history of Masonry in Brookfield, covering the original Meridian Sun Lodge and Hayden Lodge, was given by R.W. Arthur F. Butterworth. Guests included the Wor. Masters of Mt. Zion Lodge of Barre, Quaboag of Warren, Meridian Sun of North Brookfield and others. The 75th Anniversary of Hayden Lodge was held November 5, 5938, Wor. Horace L. May, Master. A supper was served in the Banquet Hall of the Town Hall, 150 brethren present at the 5.30 supper. Lodge called to Labor in the Congregational Church in Brookfield at 8 p.m. There were 16 Past Masters of Hayden Lodge present who formed a Committee to wait upon the Rt. Wor. T. Frederick Brunton, Senior Grand Warden, Acting Grand Master and Suite, composed of M. W.Frederick W. Hamilton, Grand Secretary; R. W. Charles F. Ramsay, Grand Treasurer; R. W. Frank Carroll, D. D. G. M. of the Brookfield 21st Masonic District; R.W. Charles F. Dingman, D. D. G. M. of the Palmer 19th District; R. W. Earl W. Taylor, Grand Marshal; Wor. and Rev.John C. Breaker, Grand Chaplain; Wor. Willard C. Munday, Jr., Grand Steward; and Wor. Laurence M. Jackson, Grand Sword Bearer.

The history of Masonry in the Brookfields was given by R.W. Arthur F. Butterworth, dating from 5797 to 5938. R. W. Bro. Brunton addressed the gathering, as did M. W. Bro. Hamilton and Wor. and Rev. Bro. Breaker. There were selections by a quartette, and an Organ Recital by Wor. Bro. Rich of Mt. Zion Lodge of Barre.

On perusing the Records, it appears that Hayden Lodge has been fortunate in having had among its members many distinguished brethren in one way or another, in addition to R. W. Bro. Otis Hayden and Wor. Bro. Bonum Nye. Three of the brethren have been appointed District Deputy Grand Masters: R. W. Bro. George H. Coolidge for the 18th District in 5896-5897; R.W. Bro. Arthur F. Butterworth for the 20th District in 5916; and R.W. Bro. Lee Boyce for the Brookfield 21st Masonic District, 5936-5937. Seventy-three brethren have served as Wor. Master; the Lodge has had during the past 100 years many Secretaries. In the early years it is quite evident that the Records were kept with a quill pen. It should be mentioned in this connection that the records kept by Wor. E. J. Moulton 5885-5887 are outstanding for neatness and superior penmanship. A sheet of paper on which notes for the meeting of January 16, 5878, had been kept, was found between the leaves of the records. These notes were made by Bro. F. G. Morris, Secretary, in Isaac Pitman Shorthand, which can be readily read today by anyone familiar with the system.

The Treasurer's station has been in the hands of but few men: Bro. J. C. Gibbs, who served 9 years, 5868-5877; Bro. Claude H. Laflin, 19 years, 5913-5932; and Wor. Bro. George P. Eaton, present Treasurer, who has served 31 years. Several brethren served for short terms. In 100 years, 692 members have signed the By-Laws of Hayden Lodge.

From its inception, Hayden Lodge has answered the call of a distressed worthy Brother, as evidenced by the reports of Wor. Bros. Gibbs and others. In late years, the Lodge has been very fortunate in having received bequests from deceased Brethren: Wor. John G. Shackley, Wor. William W. McLaurin, and Bro. George F. Upham; the principals of which have been put into permanent funds under the name of the donor. The interest from the first two mentioned can only be used upon vote of a Board of Trustees elected by the Lodge. The interest from the Upham Fund, held in trust by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts for Hayden Lodge, in the language of the Will, "Shall be used for the Relief of the Poor, not necessarily Masons." During the past 30 years the Service and Relief Committees have endeavored to spend this money for the relief of the distressed and unfortunate, who have come to their attention, regardless of color, race or creed, however, never assuming the responsibility of any welfare or other Relief Agency. Thousands of dollars have been used. The Committee has furnished artificial limbs, eye glasses, hearing aids, food, clothing, made contributions for families left homeless in cases of fire, and assisted in payments for funerals, and surgical operations. Made a contribution to the Grand Master at the time of the Worcester Tornado, also a contribution to the Grand Master's "Rainy Day Fund." In one case a horse was purchased for a poor farmer, who was unfortunate in losing his.

For 166 years, Masonry in the Brookfields has stood for what is just, good, and true; its members have contributed to the growth of the community in many ways. Its members have been, and are, respected by all with whom they have come in contact. The members of Hayden Lodge may well feel proud of having been a member of Hayden Lodge, a bulwark of Masonry for the past 100 years and may look forward to another hundred years of brotherhood.




1863: District 6

1867: District 10 (Springfield)

1883: District 18 (Worcester)

1911: District 20 (Southbridge)

1927: District 21 (Brookfield)

2003: District 25


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