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James Dean Hopkins, Grand High Priest
Henry Fowle, Deputy Grand High Priest
John Abbot, Grand King
Henry Purkitt, Grand Scribe pro tem


ANNUAL SESSION, 09/14/1813

Meeting held at Mason's Hall, Newburyport (ChI-105):

The Grand Chapter opened.

Grand Chapter voted as follows:

  • To review the accounts of Treasurer and Secretary and fix their compensation.
  • To accept the bona fides of a particular Companion.
  • To permit the committee on suspensions and expulsions to continue to sit.
  • To modify Article 2 of the Regulations, establishing three regular meetings a year in June, September and December, with the annual meeting in September.
  • To create a committee to consider the printing of the Grand Chapter proceedings.

The meeting elected and appointed the following officers for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter for the ensuing year:

  • John Abbot, Grand High Priest
  • Henry Fowle, Deputy Grand High Priest
  • Samuel L. Knapp, Grand King
  • Andrew Sigourney, Grand Scribe
  • Thomas Jackson, Grand Treasurer
  • Edward Horsman, Grand Secretary
  • John B. Hammatt, Grand Marshal
  • Asa Eaton, Grand Chaplain
  • James Thompson, Grand Chaplain
  • Seth Johnson, Grand Steward
  • Jonathan Chadwick, Grand Steward
  • Benjamin Whitmore, Grand Steward
  • Nicholas Pierce, Jr., Grand Steward
  • Richard Hunnewell, Grand Tyler
  • Ebenezer Oliver, Grand Tyler

STATED MEETING, 12/14/1813

Held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-110):

The Grand Chapter opened.

The Grand Chapter voted:

  • To suspend the report of the committee on printing the proceedings.
  • To discharge the committee on the form of installations, and the committee on the Order of High Priesthood.
  • To appoint Companions Fowle, Sigourney and Hammatt as a committee to consider "the propriety of a revision to the Regulations of this Grand Chapter."
  • To appoint Companions Sigourney and Hammatt as a committee to "have the Breast Plate repaired . . . [or] to procure a new one."

Companion Fowle resigned as Deputy Grand High Priest, and Thaddeus Mason Harris was appointed to that position.

Companion Horsman resigned as Grand Secretary, and Companion John Loring was appointed.

STATED MEETING, 06/14/1814

Held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-102):

The Grand Chapter opened.

A new Breast Plate was presented to the Grand Chapter.

The Grand Chapter voted to accept the report of the committee on compensation for the Secretary.

A report from Companion Fowle indicated that Rev. Comp. Richard Carrique had received the Order of High Priesthood.




Location Chapter Precedence Date Notes
Boston St. Andrew's 08/28/1769
Newburyport King Cyrus 06/28/1790
Groton St. John's 09/20/1803
Portland (Maine) Mount Vernon 02/13/1805
Charlton King Solomon's 09/17/1805
Salem Washington 01/09/1811

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