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Timothy Bigelow, Grand High Priest
Benjamin Russell, Deputy Grand High Priest
Gilman White, Grand King
Abraham Perkins, Grand Scribe


ANNUAL SESSION, 09/17/1805

Meeting held at Mason's Hall, Newburyport (ChI-42):

The Grand Chapter opened.

Grand Chapter voted as follows:

  • To grant a charter for King Solomon's Chapter, Charlton.
  • To audit the accounts of the Treasurer and Secretary, which were found correct. A committee was appointed to ascertain compensation for those officers.
  • To create a new committee to examine the Constitutions, consisting of Companions Bigelow, Fowle, A. Sigourney. and Fowle.
  • To direct the Secretary to communicate with the Grand Chapters in the Northern States.

The meeting elected the following officers for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter for the ensuing year:

  • Timothy Bigelow, Grand High Priest
  • Benjamin Russell, Deputy Grand High Priest
  • David Coffin, Jr., Grand King
  • Samuel A. Otis, Grand Scribe
  • Andrew Sigourney, Grand Treasurer
  • Edward Horsman, Grand Secretary
  • Asa Eaton, Grand Chaplain
  • Henry Purkitt, Grand Marshal
  • William Learned, Grand Steward
  • Thomas Redman, Grand Steward
  • Jacob Perkins, Grand Steward
  • James Locke, Grand Steward
  • William Tompkins, Grand Inside Sentinel
  • William Eaton, Grand Tyler


Held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-46):

The Grand Chapter opened and voted as follows:

  • For a new committee on diplomas
  • For a committee to "make such repairs and additions to the Robes of the Grand and Deputy Grand High Priest and Scribe, as they may deem expedient."
  • That a committee be appointed, consisting of Companions Bigelow, Fowle and Gage to "consider the expediency of altering the regulations of this Grand Chapter so as to allow the constituting within this jurisdiction a Mark Master's Lodge only in any case."
  • For a committee rejecting a particular applicant.



Held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-44):

The Grand Chapter opened, and received a set of revisions for the By-Laws. Copies were directed to be printed and distributed.

The Treasurer and Secretary were voted compensation, and the Treasurer was authorized to borrow money for the use of the Grand Chapter.


Location Chapter Precedence Date Notes
Boston St. Andrew's 08/28/1769
Newburyport King Cyrus 06/28/1790
Groton St. John's 09/20/1803
Portland (Maine) Mount Vernon 02/13/1805
Charlton King Solomon's 09/17/1805 Petition granted 09/17/1805

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