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Deputy Grand Master, 1952


From Proceedings, Page 1980-158:

Right Worshipful Harold Wentworth Sprague was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on October 7 ,1887, the son of George W. Sprague and Susie Furbush Sprague, was educated at Thayer Academy, Braintree, Massachusetts and graduated from Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire in 1910. He was a Mayflower descendant, both from his father's and his mother's side. On his father's side of direct descent from William Sprague of Duxbury, Massachusetts, 1609-1675, and on his mother's side from the Adams family of Quincy, Massachusetts.

In October 1927, he married Olive M. Flemming of Cambridge, Massachusetts from which union were born three children, two boys and a girl, all of whom died in infancy. He was a member of the Porter United Church of Christ in Brockton from 1909 until his death and was a former member of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Deacons.

His early professional career began with the former Nesmith Shoe Company in Brockton of which he was treasurer from 1912 to 1936. From 1919 to 1959, he was President and Treasurer of Kimball Brothers and Sprague, Inc. manufacturers of last making and tack making machinery in Brockton. During the 1930's he patented three devices in his name.

He was a charter member and first Treasurer of the University Club of Brockton, a former member of the Commercial Club, a past president and honorary member of the Brockton Rotary Club, a former corporator and trustee of the Brockton Savings Bank, a former executive of the Brockton Y.M.C.A., and a member of its Board of Investment. His service as an executive of Squanto Council of Boy Scouts, the Boy Scout Troop of the porter Church and Ousamequin Chapter of DeMolay demonstrated his interest in the young men of his day. He served in the U.S. Navy during the 1st World War from May 24, 1917 to January 1919 with the rank of Lieutenant (J.G.) at its close. He held the rank of Lieutenant in the Naval Reserve from March 19, 1931 until he entered the Honorary Retired List on March l, 1940.

His career in Masonry was extensive. A 33° Mason, he was raised in Bezaleel Lodge No. 100 in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1909. He demitted in 1912 to affiliate with Paul Revere Lodge in Brockton. He became a Charter Member of Baalis Sanford Lodge in 1917 and served as its Worshipful Master in 1927-1929. He was a life member of Paul Revere Lodge, Baalis Sanford Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. He was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the Brockton 29th Masonic District in 1931-1932 and received the appointment as Grand Representative of the York Grand Lodge of Mexico in 1931. He received the Henry Price Medal in 1936. In 1952, he served as Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge by appointment of Most Worshipful Thomas Sherrard Roy. He was a former member of the Board of Masonic Relief, a member of the Past Masters' Association of Southeastern Massachusetts and a former President of the Brockton Masonic Temple Association.

He was a life member and trustee in each of the York Rite bodies in Brockton. Becoming a member of Satucket Royal Arch Chapter in 1911, he served as Excellent High priest in 1923-1925. After serving as Grand Captai4 of the Hosts of Grand Chapter in 1928-1929, he was elected Grand King in 1930 and in 1947,he served as Grand Treasurer. He was a member of the Massachusetts Order of High Priesthood and received the Paul Revere Medal of Grand Chapter in 1951. In the Cryptic Rite he became a member of Brockton Council Royal and Select Masters in 1913, was Recorder from 1913-1917 and Illustrious Master in 1931-1933. In Grand Council he was elected Grand Principal Conductor of the Work for 1937 and was appointed Grand Representative of the Grand Council of lllinois. He received the Order of the Temple in Bay State Commandery in Brockton in 1911, and advancing through the line became Eminent Commander in 1922. Following this service he was appointed to the line of Grand Commandery and became the Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar and the Appendant Orders of Massachusetts and Rhode Island in 1935-36. He was an honorary member of several Commanderies. He was the Senior Past Grand Commander for several years prior to his death. He served as Acting Grand Treasurer in 1934 and was a Trustee of the Educational Foundation in 1942. He was appointed Grand Representative of the Grand Commandery of State of Washington near the Grand Commandery of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He was a life member of the Past Commanders Association of Massachuietts and Rhode Island, and was Secretary-Treasurer of the Grand Commanders Association of New England in 1938.

He was a member of the Scottish Rite Bodies in the Valley of Boston, receiving his degrees in Boston I.afayette Lodge of Perfection; Giles F. Yates Council, Princes of Jerusalem; Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix and Massachusetts Consistory in 1913. He was appointed to the officer line in Mount Olivet Chapter and was elected Most Wise Master in 1940 serving three years in that office. He was also District Representative of Massachusetts Consistory and served as Assistant Master of Ceremonies from 1930 to 1940. He was honored by being elected to receive the 33o, Honorary Member of the Supreme Council at the session in Chicago in 1941 and received the degree in Boston on September 23, 1942. He became a member of Aleppo Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. in 1912 and a life member in 1915.

He was also a member of other Masonic Rites locally and nationally, including Massachusetts College Societas Rosicruciana, IX Degree; Bay State Conclave Red Cross of Constantine, Massachusetts Priory Knights of the York Cross of Honor and Damascus Tabernacle No. XXVI, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests.

Our Illustrious Brother was relieved of his earthly duties on November 9, 1980. A pillar of Strength to our institution has gone from out midst, one whose industry, skill and integrity are worthy of emulation through future years. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, November 12 at the Sampson Funeral Home in Brockton with a host of friends present.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas A. Booth
Albert F. Fitzpatrick
Raymond E. Allen
John F. Dettrick



From Proceedings, Page 1951-311:

Most Worshipful Grand Master, Distinguished Guests and my Brethren:

First of all, I wish to say to you, Most Worshipful Sir, how greatly I appreciate the high honor which you have conferred upon me in appointing me as your Deputy for the coming year. I have known personally and intimately many Brethren who have served in this office, going back to R. W. William H. Emerson, who was Deputy Grand Master by appointment of M. W. Baalis Sanford, for whom my Lodge in Brockton is named. My responsibilities in trying to maintain the high standard set by these illustrious predecessors in the office I fully realize. I pledge to you, Most Worshipful Sir, and to the Craft, my best endeavors to perform the duties which you will assign to me to the utmost of my abilities.

Through recent years there have been several members of the legal profession and two clergymen who have held this office. And of course there have been insurance men, notably my fellow townsman, M.W. Roger Keith. All of these are trained in the use of the spoken word. I am a machinist and not trained as they have been. My experience has been in listening.

We send some of our machinery to countries outside of the United States. Occasionally some of these customers come to this country, and on occasions, I have visited them. Some of my most pleasant business acquaintances and friendships are with these so-called "foreigners." At times we have our difficulties with language, with customs regulations, with permits and with currency exchange, but when these things are overcome and we really get acquainted, we find the basis for real friendships.

I recall an evening spent with a customer in Mexico City. This man, so far as I knew, spoke no English; and, although I can read simple sentences in Spanish, I make no claim to speak that language. I had invited the customer to dinner at the Hotel Reforma and at the last minute my interpreter found that because it was All Saints' Day he had to be with his family and couldn't be with us. The result was that with my little Spanish and a few words of English from the customer, but with very much sign language by us both, we got along and have become good friends as a result.

If business contacts can do this, how much better can the Masonic friendships which we make build a more friendly and better world. Perhaps understanding and the Christmas message of "peace on earth to men of good will" may not come in our time, but each of us, in his own sphere of activity, can contribute his part toward this greatly-to-be-desired goal.

I fully understand that there is an array of speakers here this evening, and I have no desire to attempt to compete with them even if I could. I believe that I have been presented at this time as Exhibit "A" of the appointments for the coming year that those present at this Feast of St. John may see who the new Deputy Grand Master is and hear his voice. This has now been accomplished.

May I express the hope that this has been a Merry Christmas Season for each of you and wish you a Happy New Year! (Applause)

Distinguished Brothers