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Location: Montague

Chartered By: Sereno D. Nickerson

Charter Date: 09/10/1873 V-264

Precedence Date: 09/12/1872

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Mechanics’ Lodge into Harmony Lodge, 11/17/2004.


  • Isaac Chenery, 1872
  • C. Orville Sawyer, 1873
  • William E. Dudley, 1874, 1884, 1888
  • Daniel Field, 1877, 1878
  • Dwight C. Bangs, 1879, 1880
  • Seymour Rockwell, 1875, 1876, 1881; SN
  • Miner C. Dudley, 1882
  • Norris S. Henry, 1883, 1885, 1886
  • George A. Paull, 1887
  • William K. Lamson, 1889-1891
  • J. Sumner Ball, 1892, 1893
  • Lucius S. Field, 1894
  • John A. Taggart, 1895-1897; Mem
  • George G. Henry, 1898, 1899
  • Frank A. Dean, 1900, 1901
  • John S. Hunt, 1902, 1903
  • Robert H. Hamilton, 1904, 1905
  • Arthur D. Smith, 1906
  • William W. Mathewson, 1907, 1908; Mem
  • William M. Stebbins, 1909, 1910
  • Herbert J. Leland, 1911-1913
  • George H. Richards, 1914
  • Luey E. Billings, 1915
  • Richard H. Billings, 1916, 1917
  • Walter H. Eddy, 1918, 1919
  • Earle A. Brown, 1920, 1921; N
  • John D. Payne, 1922, 1923
  • Walter E. Clark, 1924
  • Charles W. Parsons, 1925, 1926
  • Robert Dykes, 1927, 1928
  • Raymond E. Colburn, 1929
  • Donald E. Mathewson, 1930, 1931; N
  • Abram Rosberry, 1932
  • Whitfield Moretti, 1933, 1934
  • Lewis H. Haskins, 1935, 1936
  • Robert L. Bartlett, 1937, 1938
  • Arnold D. Pierce, 1939, 1940
  • Ralph R. Bitzer, 1941, 1942
  • Lawrence A. Comins, 1943
  • Arthur E. Fiske, 1944
  • Nelson A. Spring, 1945
  • Alvin F. Newton, 1946, 1947
  • Archie M. Dunham, 1948
  • Robert M. Ripley, 1949
  • Everett S. Martin, 1950-1952; N
  • Glenn C. Gillette, 1953
  • Wallace C. Stebbins, 1954, 1955
  • George P. Felton, 1956, 1957
  • Sherman W. Sadler, 1958
  • Clifford H. Blinn, 1959
  • Allen O. Fiske, 1960
  • William H. Ingalls, 1961
  • Robert R. Campbell, 1962
  • Warren N. Welch, 1963; N
  • Robert A. Washer, 1964, 1965
  • William T. Reade, Jr., 1966
  • Joseph N. LaClaire, 1967, 1968
  • Arnold E. Cutler, 1969, 1970
  • Wilton F. Stone, 1971, 1972
  • Harry S. Norwood, 1973, 1974
  • Roy A. LaClaire, 1975, 1976
  • Robert G. Billings, 1977
  • Roland S. Packard, 1978, 1979
  • Stephen A. Blinn, 1980, 1981
  • Duane E. Jenks, 1982, 1983
  • Robert W. Jenks, Jr., 1984, 1985
  • Jonathan Rastallis, 1986, 1987
  • Daryl S. Jenks, 1988, 1989
  • Albert W. Welch, 1990, 1991
  • Thomas C. Kurtyka, 1992, 1993, 1998, 1999
  • Graydon W. Mundell, 1994
  • Richard G. Podlenski, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001
  • Douglas H. Meattey, 1997; N



  • 1922 (50th Anniversary)
  • 1947 (75th Anniversary)
  • 1972 (Centenary)



1884 1885 1896 1908 1912 1926 1931 1933 1942 1946 1953 1963 1964 1972 1974 1992


  • 1922 (50th Anniversary Historical Sketch, 1922-128; see below)
  • 1947 (75th Anniversary History, 1947-103; see below)
  • 1972 (Centenary History, 1972-285; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1922-128:

By Brother Austin M. Lawrence.

For some years prior to 1872 there were several Masons living in Montague who belonged to Republican Lodge, of Greenfield, and Harmony Lodge, of Northfield. In 1870 the Millers Falls Company had started their tool works at Grout's Corner (now Millers Falls), bringing together members from different Lodges who began casting about for a Lodge home.

Turners Falls, then a small village, was similarly situated, neither place having adequate buildings for Lodge purposes. The Montague contingent, appreciating the situation, and all business pertaining to town government being transacted here, regarded it an opportune time to form a Masonic Lodge.

No records of preliminary procedure are extant. The building in the rear of the town hall, built and used by Elisha Wright for a wagon shop, and later by Bates Brothers, now of Athol, for a wallet shop, was fitted up with a Lodge-room on the second floor and rented at one hundred dollars per year from its owner, R,. Bruee Chamberlain, who later became a member of the Lodge.

On September 12, 1872, the following Brethren were granted a Dispensation by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, authorizing and empowering them to form and open a Lodge after the manner of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

Under this Dispensation the Lodge held regular and special communications for one year, a Charter being granted dated September 12, 1873.

No reeords are to be found between the above date and January 8, 1872, when a new record book was started, in which fifty blank pages appear - apparently left for the purpose of copying the first proceedings of the Lodge.

Following is a verbatim aecount of the first meeting reported, during Dispensation :


Bay State Lodge, Montague, was organized. at seven-thirty o'clock p.m. for the purpose of opening with:

  • Worshipful C. O. Sawyer, Master
  • J. W. Dugan, Senior Warden
  • I. Chenery, Treasurer
  • S. Rockwell, Senior Deacon
  • Rev. David Cronyn, Chaplain
  • G. A. Clapp . Senior Steward
  • Albert Hunter, Junior Warden
  • C. P. Wright, Secretary
  • A. F. Cobb, Junior Deacon
  • G. A. Moore, Marshal
  • H. H. Taylor, Junior Steward
  • J. S. Pierce, Tyler

The Lodge was opened on the 3d degree in due form.

By-Iaws of Republican Lodge read by secretary. Motion was made by Brother Rockwell, and seconded by Brother I. Chenery, that a committee of three be appointed for the purpose of revising these By-Iaws for the government of Bay State Lodge.

No further business appearing, Lodge was closed in due form.

  • Members present: Brothers G. F. Richardson, J. S. Richardson, Fay, and Dudley.
  • Visitors: Brothers 'Watson, Marvel, Whitney, and Alexander.

Attest: C. P. WRIGHT, Secretary.

On Oetober 30, 1873, Bay State Lodge was duly Constituted, its officers installed, and its first building Dedicated, by Most Worshipful Grand Master Sereno D. Nickerson. Lodge was opened at 11.30 a.m. and elosed in due form at 2 p.m.

As the Lodge increased in membership it became apparent that larger quarters were necessary, and various plans were discussed from time to time and investigations made, one being the enlargement of the original building, and another reconstruction of the H. J. Day building opposite Montague Inn. Finaiiy the present building, known as "the old shoe shop," was purchased of George A. Clapp for $1,000, and fitted up for Lodge purposes, under direction of a committee named by Worshipful Master William E. Dudley, consisting of Seymour Rockwell, Georgb A. Clapp, F. O. Johnson, E. L. Bartlett, and Isaac Chenery, and on November 19, 1884, the builcling was Dedicated by officers from the Grand Lodge, Most-Worshipful Nickerson and suite.

This Lodge-room, regarded as ample and well appointed for the time, served until June, 1920, when a committee was elected consisting of Austin M. Lawrence, Walter E. Clark, and Worshipful William M. Stebbins, to reconstruct the place, making such alterations as in their judgment might seem best.

At this time labor and required material were at the limit of high cost. As an offset to this condition, however, interest and enthusiasm looking to a restored Lodge home were on a still higher plane, and when on the opening night it was known that the expense of restoration amounting to $3,600, was assured, enthusiasm and congratulations were "free for all."

Hand in hand with the oversight of the work was the management of the financial interests by Worshipful Master Earle A. Brown, Brother Walter E. Clark, and Worshipful Brother William M. Stebbins whose report, rendered at a regular communication November 14, was accepted and ordered spread upon the records, and a rising vote of thanks accorded the committee for their faithful and efficient service.

The spirit of giving for restoration seemed almost phenomenal. Contributions came in ranging from "the widow's mite," to that from one family which contributed $215; from twelve of the Brethren gifts aggregated $700; .with small amounts grading up from $5, the fund went "over the top." We gather from reports of former times that charity began at home.

The altar, still in use, was given by Brother Edgar L. Bartlett, who is the "unknown brother" who donated the wiring of the building when electric lighting was installed. Other furniture of the second lodge-room was donated by Brothers I. Chenery, C. T. Lanphair, C. A. Martin, F. F. McCue, L. M. Davis, Wm.McCoy, Frank Loveland, James Ryan, N. M. T:[enry, William H. Ward, G. A. Paull, Dr. A. F. Cobb, J. H. White, and Arthur Caswell.

Brother George A. Clapp is said to have donated one hundred dollars when the building was purchased, eleven hundred dollars being the price. Its foundation could not be put in for that sum at the present time.

There are three charter members of Bay State Lodge now living: Gilman A. Moore and J. H. Dugan of Montague, and James S. Richardson of San Diego, Cal. An interesting coincidence in connection with these men, seventy-five, seventy-six, and seventy-seven years of age, respectively, is that they resided when boys within speaking distance on Central Street in Montague.

Bay State is unusual among country Lodges in possessing among its members a thirty-third and last degree Brother, Past Master William Watson Mathewson, Past District Deputy Grand Master; King, Franklin Chapter Royal Arch Masons; Deputy Master, Titus Strong Council, R. and. S. M.; Past Commander, Connecticut Valley Commandery, Knights Templars; Past Thrice Potent Master, Greenfield Lodge of Perfection; Most Wise Master, Greenfield Chapter, Rose Croix.

Past Master Earle A. Brown is credited with having governed his Lodge with the most equal regularity during his two years' administration. A record number of candidates were received into the Lodge, including the father.of the Master, and both father and son have since been made thirty-second rlegree Masons.

A goodly number of Bay State members are members of the higher bodies convening in Greenfield and Springfield - Greenfield Lodge of Perfection, exemplifying the Scottish Rite degrees, being regarded as most sublime and instructive.

As a fitting tribute at this time to the late Worshipful Brother C. Orville Sawyer, who was a leading spirit in the formation of Bay State Lodge and its first Master, we append the memorial lines placed upon the records.

"Inasmuch as C. Orville Sawyer, a beloved Brother and honorary member of our Lodge, was taken away December 30, 1920, we offer this in memoriam:

"By his decease one of the four Charter members has been taken from our midst. Though a citizen of another town, his relations with us for many years were so intimate and loyal that in this loss we feel an acute and personal bereavement.

"As one of the founders of Bay State Lodge of Masons, its first Master, and one of its most loyal supporters, he deserves a conspicuous place in the annals of its illustrious members.

"He was ahvays devoted to its interests and most noble principles. His fine rendition of ritualistic work and the eloquent appeal of his inspiring talks will never be forgotten.

"As the first principal of Montague High Schooi he endeared himself to both pupils and townspeople by the faithful and intelligent performance of his cluties in that position.

"He exemplified the high principles of our Order in his family relations and his business career. His life in its fulfillment expressed the beauty and majesty of its teachings.

"To his family we extend. heartfelt sympathy. We desire that this memorial be placed upon our records and a copy be sent to the widow of the departed, trusting that she may be comforted and sustained by our Heavenly Father.

John A. Taggart,
Robert A. Hamilton,
Austin M. Lawrence,

We remember today our many true and faithful Brothers who have gone to the Celestial Lodge above. They are broadcasting to us good cheer and best wishes for the future.

Bay State Lodge has been honored by membership among the clergy, from its founding, ancl it is seldom at visitation time but that one or more attend from Lodges in the district.


From Proceedings, Page 1947-103:

By Worshipful Lewis H. Haskins.

Due to some of our early records being missing, much of the information relative to the inception of Bay State Lodge has been taken from the brochure written by our late Brother Austin M. Lawrence on our Fiftieth Anniversary.

For some years prior to 1872, there were a number of Masons living in Montague and Grout's Corner (now Millers Falls) who were members of Republican Lodge of Greenfield, Harmony Lodge of Northfield and Lodges in Vermont. These Brothers regarded it an opportune time to form a Masonic Lodge in Montague. On September 12, 1872, the following Brethren were granted a dispensation by the Most Worshipful Grand Master authorizing and empowering them to form and open a Lodge after the manner of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons:

  • Isaac Chenery, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • Dr. Anson F. Cobb, Harmony Lodge, Northfield
  • George A. Clapp, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • Jerry W. Dugan, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • Benjamin Fay, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • George F. Richardson, Vermont Lodge No. 18, Windsor, Vt.
  • Gilman A. Moore, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • James S. Richardson, Blazing Star Lodge No. 23, Townshend, Vt.
  • Seymour Rockwell, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • C. Orville Sawyer, Rutland Lodge No. 477, Rutland, Ill.
  • J. Spaulding Pierce, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • Henry H. Taylor, Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • Charles M. Whitmore,Republican Lodge, Greenfield
  • Charles P. Wright, Republican Lodge, Greenfield

Under this dispensation, the Lodge held regular and special communications for one year, a charter being granted dated September 10, 1873.

The building in the rear of the Town Hall which was originally used for a wagon shop and later for a wallet shop was fitted up with a lodge-room on the second floor and rented at $100 per year.

The first meeting that we have any record of is that for January 8, 1873:


Bay State Lodge, Montague, was organized. at seven-thirty o'clock p.m. for the purpose of opening with:

  • Worshipful C. O. Sawyer, Master
  • J. W. Dugan, Senior Warden
  • I. Chenery, Treasurer
  • S. Rockwell, Senior Deacon
  • Rev. David Cronyn, Chaplain
  • G. A. Clapp . Senior Steward
  • Albert Hunter, Junior Warden
  • C. P. Wright, Secretary
  • A. F. Cobb, Junior Deacon
  • G. A. Moore, Marshal
  • H. H. Taylor, Junior Steward
  • J. S. Pierce, Tyler

The Lodge was opened on the 3d degree in due form. By-laws of Republican Lodge read by secretary. Motion was made by Bro. Rockwell, and seconded by Bro. I. Chenery, that a committee of three be appointed for the purpose of revising these By-laws for the government of Bay State Lodge.

No further business appearing, Lodge was closed in due form.

Members present: Brothers G. F. Richardson, J. S. Richardson, Fay, and Dudley.
Visitors: Brothers Watson, Marvel, Whitney, and Alexander.

C. P. Wright, Secretary.

On October 30, 1873, Bay State Lodge was duly constituted, its officers installed, and its first building dedicated by Most Worshipful Grand Master Sereno D. Nickerson.

We find in those early days that at many of the communications the officers would work two Degrees in one evening. The Lodge would open at 7:00 P.M. and close as late as 11:45 P.M.

The phrase, "Quality not Quantity" must have had its origin at that time, as we find at a meeting on December 1, 1873, a ballot was taken on five applications. One was found to be clear and the candidate declared elected. The other four were found to be dark, and the candidates were declared rejected. The Lodge, however, did prosper and as the membership increased, it became apparent that larger quarters were necessary. Various plans were discussed and investigations made, one being the enlargement of the original building, and another, reconstruction of the H. J. Day building, opposite Montague Inn. Finally the present building, known as "The old shoe shop" was purchased of George A. Clapp for $1,000 and fitted up for lodge purposes, and on November 19, 1884, the building was dedicated by officers from the Grand Lodge.

It is interesting to note the large number of Brethren in attendance at Masonic funerals in those early days of Bay State Lodge. Our records show that at the funeral of Worshipful William E. Dudley on November 20, 1892, there were over two hundred Masons in the funeral procession.

Our present oldest living Past Master, Worshipful Lucius S. Field, was installed as Master on November 6, 1893. We are happy to have him present this evening on our 75th Anniversary.

At a meeting on February 19, 1894, the writer was pleased to note that the records read: "Wor. Bro. Haskins, Past Master of Athol Lodge and Bros, from Orange Lodge were present." Wor. Bro. Haskins was the writer's grandfather. The records also show that the Brethren travelled quite a distance in those days to attend Masonic meetings. The attendance at that meeting was fifty-two Brethren.

The officers during that period were very desirous of having perfection in their ritual work, as we find that they invited R. W. Chauncey E. Peck, Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge, to come to Bay State Lodge to instruct them. Three meetings were held at that time — one on March 19, for instruction on the First Degree, one on March 20, for instruction on the Second Degree and one on March 21, on the Third Degree.

At a meeting on September 6, 1896, which was the Official Visitation of R. W. Rollin C. Ward, District Deputy Grand Master, we find that the twenty-fifth Anniversary of Bay State Lodge was observed. Quoting from the records of that evening: "After the work of the evening was concluded, the W.M. made appropriate remarks upon the institution of the Lodge and read letters from Wor. C. O. Sawyer, the first Master of this Lodge, and Wor. D. C. Bangs, the first Mason raised in the Lodge, who became the fourth Master. Wor. Seymour Rockwell, the second Master of the Lodge, entertained the Brethren with reminiscences connected with the Lodge in its quarter of a century's existence. The number present was sixty-seven, including quite a few of the Brethren from Mechanic's Lodge, who were raised in this Lodge and were demitted to form Mechanic's Lodge. Wor. John A. Taggart was presiding Master that evening."

At a meeting held on January 31, 1898, the records state that only five members were present due to the worst storm in twenty years.

On April 9, 1906, it was voted to rent the basement of our building to Armstrong Post No. 150, G. A. R., for the sum of $1 a meeting, with the privilege of the Woman's Relief Corps meeting in the same rooms, on the same date, without extra charge. Bay State Lodge was to furnish light, fuel, use of the kitchen, and janitor service, free of charge.

At the annual meeting on October 1, 1906, it was voted that the dues for the ensuing year be raised from two to three dollars, one dollar of which was to be placed in a relief fund to be used at the discretion of the Relief Committee. It was also voted that the Marshal cast one ballot each for the office of Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Secretary. The sum of $35 was also appropriated toward the transportation of the Brothers from Millers Falls.

At a meeting held May 27, 1907, the Secretary read a letter from R. W. J. G. Stoddard, District Deputy Grand Master of the 13th Masonic District, requesting this Lodge to ascertain by a postal card canvass of each member their opinion in regard to erecting a Masonic Home in this state.

The first Past Master's Night to be held in Bay State Lodge was held on March 4, 1908, during the term of office of Wor. William W. Mathewson. Wor. C. Orville Sawyer, the first Master of Bay State Lodge, presided in the East, and Bro. William J. Parsons received his Master Mason Degree that evening. Since that time it has been an annual event. On May 11, 1908, it was voted that the Secretary write a letter of protest to the Grand Lodge against the proposed change of numbering the Lodges in this district.

A humorous incident was noted in the records of September 12, 1910. At that meeting, it was unanimously voted that the Relief Committee pay to the Worshipful Master $2.82, which amount was paid for a supper, collar and a railroad ticket to Boston to a man asking for aid and claiming to be a member of William Sutton Lodge of Saugus, Massachusetts. After communicating with the Secretary of this Lodge, it was found that he had been suspended ten years previously. It proves that the Worshipful Master not only believed in the virtues of Charity, but practiced them as well.

At a Visitation held on September 16, 1910, with R. W. Charles W. Schuler, District Deputy Grand Master, making his official visit, it was noted that five Worshipful Masters of the district were present, together with members from six other Lodges, making a total of eleven Lodges represented. The attendance at this visitation was 225 Brethren.

In June 1920, a committee consisting of Brothers Austin M. Lawrence, Walter E. Clark and Wor. William M. Stebbins were elected to have full charge of all arrangements in renovating our lodge-rooms and building. The committee worked hard and faithfully with Wor. Earle A. Brown, who was Master at that time. A total of $3,600 was raised by contributions from the Brethren, which assured success of this enterprise. The spirit of giving seemed almost phenomenal. At the meeting held November 14, 1921, the committee reported the remodeling of the hall had been completed and all bills had been paid.

The fiftieth anniversary of Bay State Lodge and the re-dedication of the building was held on May 15, 1922. At this time Most Worshipful Arthur D. Prince, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, and Suite were present. At the completion of the anniversary program, a banquet was served at the Town Hall to 256 Brethren.

The Visitations in the fall of 1922 and 1923 were exceptionally well attended. For the Visitation of R. W. George W. Halligan, District Deputy Grand Master, on September 29, 1922, there were 337 Brethren present, and for that of R. W. Arthur H. Porter on October 26, 1923, there were present 363 Brethren.

On March 20, 1926, the last Charter Member of Bay State Lodge, Bro. Gilman A. Moore, passed away. A Masonic funeral was held for him on March 22.

A Special Communication of Bay State Lodge was held on May 20, 1927, for the purpose of presenting Veteran's Medals to six of our Brothers who had been members for fifty years or more. Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson, Grand Master, made the presentation to Brothers Edward A. Lawrence, Richard L. Clapp, Henry J. Day, Alfred P. Dudley, George H. Eddy and Henry C. Sheppard. Accompanying the Grand Master were R. W. Frederick W. Hamilton, Grand Secretary, and R. W. Robert J. McKechnie, Grand Marshal. At the completion of the ceremonies, R. W. Brother Hamilton spoke to the Brethren.

On October 14, 1929, it was reported that the sum of $334 had been collected and sent to the Grand Lodge for the Masonic Hospital (Juniper Hall) fund.

At a regular meeting on March 30, 1942, it was voted to change our regular communication to the second Monday evening of each month instead of the first Monday on or before the full moon — this in compliance with the request of the Grand Lodge.

In the years 1942 and 1943 we saw with deep regret the passing of three of our Brethren who had done a great deal for the prosperity and good will of Bay State Lodge in this last quarter of a century. On July 12, 1942, Wor. Arthur D. Smith passed away. Wor. Brother Smith served Bay State Lodge long and faithfully as its Secretary from 1909 to 1942 — a total of thirty-three years. On November 20, 1942, Bro. Austin M. Lawrence passed away at the age of eighty-eight. Brother Lawrence was Chaplain for twenty-one years. The beauty of our Lodge-room is due, in a great part, to the effort and ideas of Brother Lawrence. On February 18, 1943, R. W. John A. Taggart passed away at the age of eighty-eight. R.W. Brother Taggart will always be remembered and spoken of with deep affection as the "Grand Old Man of Bay State Lodge." No large Masonic meeting was ever complete in Bay State without R. W. Brother John as toastmaster. His brotherly love and affection was felt throughout this western part of the jurisdiction.

During World War I, we had fifteen Brothers in the Armed Services of our country, and in World War II, we had twelve. One of these, Brother Reuben J. Collins, served in both wars. We are proud of these Brothers and honored that they are members of our Lodge.

We feel a great respect for our three living Past District Deputy Grand Masters — R. W. William W. Mathewson, R. W. Donald E. Mathewson and R. W. Earle A. Brown. We also look with pride to our twenty-two living Past Masters and honor those who have been called by the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

We are honored in having three Brothers who have been members of Bay State Lodge for over fifty years — Wor. Lucius S. Field, Bro. Charles M. Bardwell and Bro. Stillman P. Woodbury.

The future of our Lodge we leave in the hands of our younger members, and we are confident that when we observe our Centennial Anniversary in 1972 that we will look back on another twenty-five years of prosperity and faithful service to Bay State Lodge.


From Proceedings, Page 1972-285:

From 1947 to 1972
By Right Worshipful Warren N. Welch

(A detailed history of Bay State Lodge for the period from 1872 to 1947 by Worshipful Lewis H. Haskins may be found in the Proceedings of Grand Lodge for 1947 — pages 103-109, inclusive.)

The records of Bay State Lodge, on page 534, state, "At this special communication, the following officers were present: Wor. Alvin F. Newton, W. M., Bro. Archie M. Dunham, S. W., Wor. William M. Stebbins, J. W., Wor. Walter Eddy, Treas., Wor. Lewis Haskins, Sec., Bro. Leslie Dalton, Chap., Wor. Arnold Pierce, Mar., Bro. Everett S. Martin, S. D., Bro. Glenn Gillette, J. D., Bro. Robert Pierce, S. S., Bro. Fred Lawrence, J. S., Bro. Lester Pierce, Tyler." The Lodge was opened on the third degree in Masonry, in form, at 5:15 P.M., for the purpose of observing our 75th anniversary. (1947 Mass. 101-109)

After dinner at the Montague Inn, the Worshipful Master appointed as Committee to escort the Most Worshipful Grand Master and Suite to the Lodge Room, R. W. Earle A. Brown, R. W. Donald E. Mathewson and Wor. Lewis S. Field. They presented Most Worshipful Samuel H. Wragg, who presided for the evening festivities. There were 198 brethren present.

Now another 25 years have passed; of the officers present on that evening, six have passed on. Of the presenting committee R. W. Earle A. Brown is still with us and is our Senior Past Master.

In the past two years, it has been our privilege to witness the presentation of Fifty-year Veteran's Medals to "R. W. Earle Brown's boys, the brethren he raised as Master."

In the past 25 years the Lodge has endeavored to carry out the trust of our elder Masons.

On September 10, 1951, on the motion of Wor. Lewis Haskins, in honor of the memory of Wor. Arnold D. Pierce, it was voted to remit the dues of our Fifty-year members, each year that the Lodge was in a financial position to do so.

On June 14, 1954, Wor. Wallace Stebbins appointed Bro. Allen Fiske, Chairman of the committee on repairing the Masonic Building. Bro. Allen Fiske carried this work forward for many years, being primarily concerned with the dining room and kitchen. He became Master on November 9, 1959. Always concentrating on the assignment first given him, it is to Wor. Allen Fiske that we can be thankful for our modern kitchen.

Our present Bible was presented to the Lodge by Bro. Leslie Dalton, Chaplain, on October 18, 1954, in memory of his father.

On September 10, 1956, Wor. Edward Strange of Republican Lodge, presented the Lodge a point within the circle, to be used in our first degree.

On January 13, 1958, R. W. Everett S. Martin, District Deputy Grand Master, paid his first fraternal visit to his home Lodge. On November 2, 1959, he paid his final Official Visit to Bay State Lodge and thanked his Officers. On September 1, 1960, R. W. Brother Martin declined office as he was leaving Montague.

On November 14, 1960, Wor. Walter H. Eddy retired as Treasurer after 20 years of service.

On October 9, 196 1, Bro. Leslie Dalton stated that he would not be able to be Chaplain another year. He was Chaplain Protem first, September 14, 1942, installed November 9, 1942. He served as Chaplain for 19 years.

On March 9, 1964, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts approved a change of the By-Laws. Article VIII - Trust Committee-Section 1. "At the annual communication in October 1964, there shall be elected two members for one year, two members for two years and two members for three years, who with the Worshipful Master shall constitute the Trust Committee. Thereafter two members shall be elected annually for three years. Any vacancies shall be filled by vote of the Lodge after due notice."

On April 12, 1965, Rt. Wor. Winslow Wentworth requested that Rt. Wor. Earle A. Brown be conducted to the East. He gave a very fine record of Rt. Wor. Brother Brown's Masonic career, and his being honored by being a 33° Mason. He then presented him with a Fifty-year Veteran's Medal and Lapel Pin. Rt. Wor. Brother Brown then reminisced of when he received his Third Degree and stated he appreciated very much the honor of receiving his Fifty-year medal. All of the Brethren then greeted Brother Brown.

On September 20, 1965, the Worshipful Master announced that the Lodge had reached its quota on Blood donations. Bay State Lodge has made its quota or better in each succeeding year since, for seven consecutive years a total of 233 pints, an average of 33 2/7 pints a year.

On February 14, 1966, Wor. James Graves, in behalf of the officers of Republican Lodge and himself, presented the Worshipful Master with a "Forty-seventh Problem of Euclid" for Bay State Lodge.

On September 9, 1968 at this meeting a page was set aside in memory of the Wor. Alvin F. Newton, Worshipful Master at the time of the 75th anniversary.

On August 18, 1969 the Lodge was opened on the Third Degree in form at 1:30 P.M. for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late Brother, Wor. Lewis H. Haskins, a Past Master of Bay State Lodge, and Secretary for twenty-six years. On Monday, October 13, 1969, the Lodge was opened on the Third Degree in form at 1:30 P.M. for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late Brother, Wor. Walter H. Eddy, Treasurer for twenty years.

On January 10, 1972, Wor. Joseph N. LaClaire, D. D. G. Marshal was presented, and informed the Worshipful Master that Rt. Wor. Warren N. Welch, District Deputy Grand Master for the Greenfield 14th Masonic District, was in waiting to pay Bay State Lodge a fraternal visit.

In the past number of years, the Lodge has concentrated on preparing the Lodge rooms for our one hundredth anniversary: Wor. Allen Fiske on the kitchen and the hall ceiling; Wor. Robert Washer on the hall ceiling and rooms; and Wor. Arnold Cutler on the complete redecorating of the meeting room. We have been fortunate to have a number of Brothers to work hundreds of hours on this work, and many, many contributions to finance the project. Wor. Robert Campbell and Wor. Joseph LaClaire have done considerable rewiring, including a 100 AMP service and we are thankful to the O.E.S. for their work in the Ante-Room.

Wor. Wilton Stone and a group of Brethren have been working for over a year on the final preparations for this, our 100th Anniversary. Another 25 years have passed. Bay State lodge is proud to have sixteen fifty-year members: Brothers Earle Amidon Brown, Ruben Joseph Collins, James Scot Browning, Albert Franklin Welch, Frank Edward Ferree, Thomas Charles Campbell, Robert Lyman Bartlett, Frederick Virgil Clapp, Robert Dykes, Elvin Edward Finlayson, Harry Lee Thayer, Whitfield Moretti, Glen Councilman Gillette, Franklin Field, Ralph Raymond Bitzer and Alfred Scott Clark.

To them we dedicate the work of the past. They have served their Lodge and Masonry well.

To the younger brethren, the future
It is to you the torch is passed.
As onward you must venture
When we lay down our tools at last.




1872: District 8 (Greenfield)

1883: District 13 (Greenfield)

1911: District 14 (Greenfield)

1927: District 14 (Greenfield)

2003: District 26


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