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Location: Boston; Quincy (1976)

Chartered By: Roger Keith

Charter Date: 12/13/1950 1950-224

Precedence Date: 03/28/1950

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Loyalty-Realty Lodge to form Cosmopolitan Lodge, 06/24/1991.


  • Peter A. Day, 1950; N
  • Joseph A. Sneed, 1951; N
  • Harry L. Rose, 1952
  • George A. Ward, 1953; N
  • Charles M. Elashowich, 1954
  • William George McLeman, 1955; SN
  • Paul Kline, 1956
  • Arthur J. Miller, 1957
  • Robert Pearlman, 1958
  • Murray D. Cole, 1959; SN
  • Stanley Goldman, 1960
  • Morton L. Owen, 1961
  • Leo Rosenberg, 1962
  • Jason Long, 1963
  • Barnett Chartor, 1964
  • Arthur Sherman, 1965
  • Edward M. Lander, 1966
  • Alexander Robbins, 1967
  • Gerald I. Frutkin, 1968
  • Harold Meizler, 1969
  • Seymore N. Ross, 1970; SN
  • Sherman Baker, 1971
  • Bert L. Rovens, 1972
  • Arnold I. Stewart, 1973
  • Leonard Heifetz, 1974
  • Mark S. Miller, 1975, 1983
  • Burton J. Foster, 1976
  • Sidney Spiegler, 1977
  • Haskell Williams, 1978
  • Martin Gilbert, 1979
  • Joel H. Goldman, 1980
  • Barry D. Vogel, 1981
  • Gerald I. Frutkin, 1982, 1987, 1991
  • Joel H. Goldman, 1984
  • Sidney L. Bearon, 1985; PDDGM
  • Arthur W. Aznive. 1986
  • Steven S. Levine, 1988
  • Mitchell Rudnick, 1989, 1990



  • 1960 (10th Anniversary)



1950 1952 1957 1962 1968 1973 1977


  • 1960 (10th Anniversary History, 1960-231; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1960-231:

By Wor. Harry L. Rose.

Shortly after the termination of World War II, it became apparent to a number of Masons in the Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan Districts of Boston that the time was opportune for the creation and organization of a new Lodge in the district.

In the early part of 1949, Wor. Harry L. Rose, the originator of this idea, solicited the advice and assistance of R. W. Joseph A. Sneed and R. W. Peter A. Day, and with their help, obtained an audience with Most Worshipful Roger Keith, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts. As a result of his untiring efforts and the cooperation of R. W. Joseph A. Sneed and R. W. Peter A. Day, and after numerous conferences and consultations, the Most Worshipful Grand Master, being favorably impressed with the ideals and purposes of the contemplated new Lodge, finally agreed to entertain a petition for its organization.

On March 1, 1950, a petition containing the names of 106 Master Masons from all walks of life and from a great number of Lodges in the domain was presented to the Most Worshipful Grand Master, who was pleased to grant a letter of dispensation to Zerubbabel Lodge one week later, March 7, 1950.

Most Worshipful Roger Keith appointed R.W. Peter A. Day to be the first Worshipful Master, R.W. Joseph A. Sneed, first Senior Warden, and Wor. Harry L. Rose as the first Junior Warden of the new Lodge. The ceremony of institution was held at the Masonic Temple, 43 River Street, Dorchester, on March 28, 1950. R.W. Joseph A. Sneed, the presiding District Deputy Grand Master, assisted by Wor. Arthur T. Milligan, District Deputy Grand Marshal, and Wor. Fredrik W. Clausen, District Deputy Grand Secretary, installed R.W. Peter A. Day as Master Under Dispensation.

The selection of a name for the new Lodge was an interesting part of its inception. Several names were considered and presented to the Grand Master for his selection. The name Zerubbabel, suggested by R.W. Peter A. Day, seemed the most fitting and was the one chosen. On the evening of institution, Bro. Rabbi Benjamin L. Grossman related to the Brethren the history of Zerubbabel and the achievements of this great leader of his people.

Zerubbabel was the leader of his people in the time of the second Jewish Commonwealth, when the exiles were brought back from Babylon to their own land. He impressed upon his people that their new national life must have a firm spiritual basis: "Man cannot live by bread alone, but by the spirit of God." It is only then that they will bring into realization the great ideal of being a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. To further this end, he was instrumental in building the Temple to serve as the spiritual center of the people. Here the people found inspiration and idealism. Zerubbabel, therefore, built his new community on the ideal of the prophet of his time: "Truth, justice and peace, you shall judge in your gates." This ideal made for spirituality and solidarity of the nation.

The more we study the work of Zerubbabel, the more apparent it becomes that the ideals and purposes of this Lodge are the spreading of one of the greatest of Masonic teachings: "It is the internal, and not the external qualifications, which recommend a man to be made a Mason."

During the period of dispensation, the Lodge Officers worked untiringly and unceasingly, and gave up many a night at home, and raised forty new members.

On December 18, 1950, Zerubbabel Lodge received its Charter from the Grand Lodge, the ceremony being performed at the Lodge quarters in a most impressive manner by Most Worshipful Roger Keith and an accompanying Suite of Grand Lodge Officers. The following officers were installed by the Grand Master and his Staff:

  • R. W. Joseph A. Sneed, Master
  • Wor. Harry L. Rose, Senior Warden
  • Wor. George A. Ward, Junior Warden
  • Wor. Carl G. U. Alexander, Treasurer
  • Wor. Ralph N. Hurlburt, Secretary
  • R.W. Peter A. Day, Chaplain
  • Bro. Benjamin Friedman, Associate Chaplain
  • Bro. Robert Pearlman, Marshal
  • Bro. Samuel J. Kogos, Associate Marshal
  • Wor. Charles M. Elashowich, Senior Deacon
  • William G. McLeman, Junior Deacon
  • Bro. Melvin R. Perlman, Senior Steward
  • Bro. Paul Klein, Junior Steward
  • Bro. Arthur J. Miller , Inside Sentinel
  • Bro. Alfred F. Foster, Electrician
  • Wor. Willis A. Pyke, Tyler

During the past ten years, the Lodge has grown from 106 charter members to a membership of 615. Attendance has been very good, especially at meetings when the degree of Master Mason was given the Lodge room being filled almost to capacity.

During the administration of R.W. George A. Ward, the Blood Bank was organized, and Bro. Theodore Kingsbury (Holder of the Joseph Warren Medal) was Chairman. P'rom that time up to the present he, Lester Shapiro and the present Chairman of the Blood Bank, Wor. Stanley Goldman, have done an outstanding job. Zerubbabel Lodge has been praised by the Grand Lodge Officers on many occasions at Grand Lodge meetings for their outstanding work in the Blood Bank. Since the Blood Bank has been in existence, Zerubbabel has donated over 1,500 pints of blood.

The financial status of the Lodge is excellent, especially the Charity and Relief funds. The Lodge has been called upon on numerous occasions to assist a Brother in distress, and has done so very willingly. And thus we have completed our first ten years of existence and stand on the threshold of another ten years.

Many times the success of the future must be prefaced by the things that have come out of the past. Foundations have to be placed deep; life does not come to full fruition in a day, or a month, or even in ten years. We believe that we have enjoyed a past of the right sort and that it has given us that foundation worthwhile, to instill in us an incentive to be worthy of the part in our actions of today.

Life is moving ahead of us, and with us, and we must walk ahead. We must keep step; the man who lags behind will be covered with the dust of those who are forging ahead.

Traditions are hard to forget. We do not want to forget them so far as they have built things worthwhile, but there are things ahead, if we have the vision, that will surpass those things behind us, and we are only in swaddling clothes today. It is to the future of Zerubbabel Lodge that we as Master Masons have set our course, and we shall carry on till the end of time if need be, and go forward to bigger and better things.


  • 1976 (Petition to remove to Quincy; granted)



1950: District 4 (South Boston)


Massachusetts Lodges