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Location: Changsha, China

Dispensation was never granted.

Current Status: not organized.


Bro. Graham Kearney, who was later Master of Delta Lodge of Canton U. D., wrote a letter to Rt. Wor. Charles S. F. Lincoln, then Deputy District Grand Master for the China District. Bro. Kearney was at the time in the employ of Andersen, Meyer & Co. in Tientsin, and requested information on the manner of petition. Rt. Wor. Bro. Lincoln attached his letter in correspondence with the Grand Secretary, Rt. Wor. Frederick W. Hamilton, along with a petition made by eight Brethren:

  • Harry Storrs (a member of Ancient Landmark of Shanghai)
  • Stuart Deas
  • M. A. Mitchell
  • J. R. B. Branch
  • H. Korner
  • Robert K. Veryard (a member of Sinim of Shanghai)
  • J. H. Thatcher
  • Graham Kearney

The petition was dated 1 November 1921.

Rt. Wor. Bro. Hamilton replied on December 19, 1921, informing Rt. Wor. Bro. Lincoln that the Grand Master had taken "under advisement" the petition, particularly since Lincoln had not completely endorsed it due to the limited foreign (i. e., Western) population. The Grand Master did, however note to Hamilton - and thus to Lincoln - that he wondered if he had "considered the field that lies open among the educated Chinese . . . the policy of the Grand Lodge {was defined in 1915} as being in favor of including in the membership a certain number of Chinese of the higher class . . . As we understand the situation at Changsha the foreign population is at present small . . . it would appear that there might be a considerable number of educated Chinese of very high grade . . ."

Bro. Kearney was involved with the establishment of Hykes Memorial Lodge at the time, and it appears that his attention remained there; this petition does not seem to have been acted upon, though it is noteworthy that the Grand Master and Grand Secretary were in favor of "expanding the franchise" to include suitable Chinese, an attitude that was the opposite of the position taken just a few years later in the Chung Hua matter.


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