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FRANK T. DWINELL 1834-1910

Deputy Grand Master, 1892


From Proceedings, Page 1910-35:

R.W. FRANK T. DWINELL died at his residence in Brookline Jan. 13, 1910. For over forty years he had been a member of our Fraternity, and during twenty-five years has been a faithful and laborious officer in this Grand Lodge. He was District Deputy Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and a member of the Board of Directors. He was one of the committee in charge of the erection of this building, to which interest he devoted. very much time and thought. No words can too strongly express his loving disposition and sterling character, nor the deep respect and love we bore him.

It is with an earnest sense of the great loss sustained by this Grand Lodge and by all those who were fortunate enough to enjoy the friendship of the late Rt. Wor. Brother Dwinell that in response to the request of the Grand Master this Committee has prepared an expression of regard for him as a man and a Brother Mason. And we consider our task a privilege since on account of our long continued association with Rt. Wor. Brother Dwinell we have come to know something of the high and noble principles which animated his life and were embodied in all his deeds. Rt. Wor. Bro. F. T. Dwinell was born at Glover, Vt., Nov. 27, 1834, and died Jan. 13, 1910. His father, Joseph Dwinell, was very prominent in the affairs of the town and also represented the State in the Legislature. Brother Dwinell received his education at the Orleans Liberal Institute in the town of Glover. IIe came to Boston when about eighteen years old and shortly after obtained a position in one of the cotton mills in Lawrence. After remaining for a long period he accepted a position with the firm of Day, Frost & Kimball in Boston, dealers in mills' goods. From there he entered the employ of Francis Skinner' & Co., dealers in cotton goods. He then became treasurer of the Windemere Woolen Company, Dwight Printing Company and the Asiatic Mills, which were under the control of Jordan Marsh Company.

In 1875 he connected himself with Mr. Edmund Dwight, who was treasurer of the Stark Mills and also the Boston Manufacturing Company and the Watertown Bleachery and Dye Works, and was made purchasing agent for all of these mills and remained in that position until the main offices were removed to Baltimore. For more than thirty years Brother Dwinell was connected with Mr. Edmund Dwight in the management of these mills, faithful in all his business affairs as well as in every duty that ever devolved upon him.

Rt. Wor. Brother Dwinell received his Entered Apprentice's degree in Revere Lodge June 1, 1869. He was passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on September 7 and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on October 5, and admitted to membership on November 2 of the same year.

He held office in Revere Lodge as follows:

  • Junior Deacon from December, 1871, to December, 1873.
  • Senior Deacon from December, 1873, to December, 1875.
  • Junior Warden from December, 1875, to December, 1877,
  • Senior Warden from December, 1877, to December, 1879.
  • Wor. Master from December, 1879, to December, 1881.

He was made an honorary member of Revere Lodge in January, 1881. He was elected Trustee of the Charity Fund in December, 1894, and remained on the Board until the time of his death.

In the Grand Lodge Brother Dwinell was appointed on the Committee on Charters and By-laws in 1893, 1894 and 1895. He served as District Deputy Grand Master in 1889 and 1890. He was on the Board of Directors from Dec. 27, 1893, until the time of his decease and he served as Deputy Grand Master in 1892.

He was also a member of the First District Worshipful Masters' Association, having joined in January, 1879. Brother Dwinell was exalted in St. Andrew's R.A. Chapter June 1, 1870, and became a member September 1 of that year.

He became a member of DeMolay Commanclely May 22, 1872, and held office in that body as follows:

  • Warder in 1879 and 1880.
  • Junior Warden in 1880 and 1881.
  • Generalissimo in 1881, 1882 and 1883.
  • Eminent Commander 1887, 1888 and 1889.
  • Was made an honorary member in 1889.

Elected Trustee of the Commandery Fund in 1892 and continued in that position until his death. IIe was elected a member of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Association of Knights Templars Commanders Dec. 16, 1887.

Brother Dwinell was of a singularly sweet and gracious personality. In the various positions be occupied, the duties were invariably performed with accuracy and intelligence. He was graceful, affable and dignified. He regarded his obligations something more than mere generalities; it was to him a solemn compact which he was conscientiously to carry out and he did it. He was thoroughly loyal to the institution, was possessed of traits which endear man to man, of a warm heart, sympathetic nature and genial disposition, so that in the relations with the Brethren he gained the esteem and love of all.

The Grand Lodge never had a truer friend or more loyal and devoted supporter.

In 1863 Rt. Wor. Brother Dwinell married Miss Alice J. H. Gould, daughter of Daniel Gould, M.D., of Malden, who survives him.

Respeetfully and fraternally submitted,
Henry Gregory Jordan,
Frank W. Mead,
Charles E. Phipps

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