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ELIJAH MORSE 1785-1831

Deputy Grand Master, 1830


From Proceedings, Page III-221:

The following Resolutions offered by Bro. Joshua B. Flint were passed:

  • Whereas it pleased Almighty God since our last Quarterly Communication to take away by death our honored and beloved Brother Elijah Morse recently Deputy Grand Master of this Grand Lodge, therefore.
  • Resolved, that the Members of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, bear in affectionate remembrance the virtues and services of our respected brother, and that we deeply and sincerely sympathize in the bereavement which his family has by this afflictive dispensation.
  • Resolved, that the altar, jewels, and regalia of the Grand Lodge be invested with the usual badges of mourning for the term of six months, in testimony of our sense of the loss sustained by our institution in the death of our late Deputy Grand Master.
  • Resolved, that a copy of these votes be transmitted to the family of our late brother Morse.


From Heard's History of Columbian Lodge, Page 501:

"Bro. Morse was admitted a member October 15, 5812. He was Senior Deacon in 5813, Junior Warden in 5814, and Master in 5815. On the 2d of February 5815, he resigned the office of Master, in consequence of his having received the appointment of D.D.G.M. of the first district. The proceedings of the Lodge will be observed by the following extract from the records:

Records excerpt follows.

"Bro. Appleton, Sr., was elected in his place, March 2, 5815. The office of D.D.G.M was filled by Bro. Morse during the years 5815 and 5816. He again became Senior Warden, and served in 5817 and 5818. In 5816 he acted as Marshal. He was Corresponding G. Secretary of the Grand Lodge in 5818 and 5819; Grand Treasurer in 5820, '21, '22, '23, '24, '25 and '26; and Deputy Grand Master in 5830. He was born (probably in Medway) September 10, 5875. He was a member of the legal profession, and practised in Boston. He represented ward seven in the Common Council in 5824-5. The notice of him here given is taken from the Memorial of the Masons, by Rev. Abner Morse, A.M.

"Elijah Morse, Esq., graduated with distinguished honors in the class, which has furnished such men as Rev. Dr. Ide, of Medford, and Rev. Dr. Burgess, of Dedham, and others advantageously known. He commenced the study of law with Judge Thatcher, of Thomastown, Me., and finished with Timothy Bigelow, of Boston, whose office and share of its emoluments passed immediately into his hands on being admitted to the bar. He married the daughter of Dr. Jackson, M.D., Edinburgh, whose father was one of the Alderman of London, and passed his remaining days in Boston, in practice of his profession, welcoming numerous acquaintances to the hospitality of his house. He consented, at a sacrifice, to represent Boston one year in the General Court, but declined a second nomination. He was a member of the City Council at the time of his death, and also one of the standing committee of the bar, with Samuel Hubbard, W.D. Sohier, John Pickering, Charles G. Loring, John R. Adam and James T. Austin. When his death was reported, a special meeting of the bar was held, and a resolution adopted to testify their respect for him by attending his funeral. This being declined on behalf of his family, whereupon it was motioned by John Pickering, Esq., and voted that the bar of Suffolk are deeply impressed with the lamented decease of their late Brother, Elijah Morse, Esq. His urbanity of manners and active usefulness will be testified by all, while his seal and fidelity to his clients will be appreciated by those who met with him in the walks of his profession. Voted, That the foregoing resolution be transmitted to his family as a testimonial of sincere sympathy in their loss of a father and a husband, who united the virtues of private to the energies of active life. Attest, Josiah Quincy."

Distinguished Brothers