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Location: Lynnfield; Wakefield (1962)

Chartered By: Samuel H. Wragg

Charter Date: 06/11/1947 1947-205

Precedence Date: 09/26/1946

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Zetland Lodge to form Lynnfield-Zetland Lodge, 06/17/2002.


  • Duncan H. Donald, 1946
  • Kenneth R. Hill, 1947
  • Everett S. Webster, 1948
  • Wor. Harrison S. King, 1949
  • Maynard M. Ulm, 1950
  • Harold E. McEntire, 1951
  • Allen M. Rideout, 1952
  • Edford A. Seely, 1953
  • Malcolm V. Smith, 1954
  • Harry K. Jackson, 1955
  • Paul A. Hillman, 1956
  • Alfred Robinson, 1957
  • Thomas W. Baker, Jr., 1958
  • Ruel H. Acheson, 1959
  • William B. Bucklin, Sr., 1960
  • Arthur E. Adrien, 1961
  • Charles A. Bishop, Jr., 1962
  • Louis A. Krause, Jr., 1963
  • Clifford I. Markham, Jr., 1964
  • Parker B. Holloway, Jr., 1965
  • William B. Bucklin Jr., 1966
  • Wallace E. Billings, 1967
  • Arthur W. Schofield, 1968
  • Donald W. Winson, 1969
  • George E. Cox, 1970
  • Robert A. Barker, 1971; N
  • Harry C. Wendt, 1972
  • Clifton E. Rawcliffe, 1973
  • Edwin R. VanCor, 1974; N
  • William A. McCloud, 1975
  • Sherwood A. Barrow, 1976
  • Clifford H. Hahn, 1977
  • Van Allen Barker, 1978
  • William P. Stickney, 1979; N
  • Charles R. Austin, 1980, 1994
  • Carl A. Wold, Jr., 1981
  • Lawrence E. Troy, 1982
  • Mark E. Sutherland, 1983
  • Douglas G. Soderberg, 1984
  • William D. Phelan, Jr., 1985
  • George L. Kwmuntis, Sr., 1986
  • Bruce S. Johnston, 1987
  • John C. Harris, III, 1988
  • Charles A. Neall, III, 1989
  • Richard D. Parker, 1990; PDDGM
  • James T. Currie, Jr., 1991
  • Edward A. Sherman, III, 1992, 1993
  • Harlan L. Woods, Jr., 1995; PDDGM
  • Douglas A. Russell, 1996
  • Charles H. Smith, Jr., 1997
  • W. Bradford Bucklin, 1998
  • Daniel M. Sullivan, 1999
  • Carl A. Wold, Jr., 2000
  • Edward A. Sherman, III, 2001


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1946
  • Petition for Charter: 1947
  • Consolidation Petition (with Zetland Lodge): 2001


  • 1971 (25th Anniversary)


  • 1947 (Wragg; Constitution of Lodge and installation; Special Communication)
  • 1964 (Osgood; Corner-stone laying; Special Communication)
  • 1965 (Booth; Hall dedication; Special Communication)
  • 1971 (Jaynes; 25th Anniversary; Special Communication)
  • 2000 (Bauer)
  • 2002 (Hicks; Consolidation; Special Communication)


1950 1959 1967 1975 1981 1990


  • 1971 (25th Anniversary History, 1971-426)


From Proceedings, Page 1971-426:

By Worshipful W. Douglas Whitehouse.

It was prior to the year 1946 that the Town of Lynnfield had an organization known as the Lynnfield Compass Club. The first meeting of the Compass Club was held in the Lynnfield Community Church on February 24, 1938. Fifty-five Masons, good and true, attended and twenty-seven Lodges were represented. The Compass Club flourished and there were approximately one hundred members, which included seven Past Masters.

Brother Louis B. Tuck was the first Secretary and continued in this office until 1946. Brother Tuck had a way all of his own in keeping the records of the meetings. Although Brother Tuck was very methodical, diligent and precise, the records from 1942 until the inception of Lynnfield Lodge are missing. A careful search has been made in and about several apartments of the town, but no knowledge of the records can be obtained. Brother Harold F. Kaler was Treasurer of the Compass Club during its existence. Those who served as Presidents are as follows: Brothers John S. Caldwell, Edward S. Everell, George S. Robinson, Chester Lowe, Ralph N. Brown, Edward C. Pearson and James Y. Lake. The Compass Club had a degree team, and when a resident of Lynnfield was joining our Fraternity, a request was made to the Master of the Lodge which he was joining to do the Degree work.

Due to the fact that so many residents of Lynnfield were joining our great Fraternity, and the degree team of the Compass Club was kept so busy, it prompted some of the Past Masters to look into the possibility of starting a Masonic Lodge in Lynnfield.

Work on this project was started, and a survey was made to ascertain how many Masons resided in the Town of Lynnfield. To our surprise, we found that there were about two hundred Masons living in Lynnfield.

An advertisement was entered in the Wakefield Item stating that a meeting would be held in the Lynnfield Town Hall which would be of importance and interest to Masons of Lynnfield. In addition to this, letters were mailed to all members of the Compass Club and other known Masons in the Town. This meeting was held on Saturday, April 6, 1946, at 10:00 a.m. Ninety-six good men and true, all members of the Masonic Fraternity, sent a petition to the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts, praying for dispensation to organize a new Lodge in Lynnfield under the name of Lynnfield Lodge. "Behold what havoc the scythe of time makes among the Human Race" for some of these Charter Members, who planted the seeds of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, are not with us. They have traveled to the undiscovered country, that House not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens. We pause to pay tribute to their foresight, sacrifice and untiring efforts.

The written records or the printed notices do not show the warm, intimate flowing life of the Lodge, for they only contain the dry outlines or the details of business. Heart to heart intimate relations cannot be put in cold black and white. The real secret and great beauty of our Fraternity is that it helps man to maintain his manhood and to find himself.

The first regular communication of Lynnfield Lodge, A. F. & A. M., (under dispensation) was held in the Lynnfield Community Church on September 26, 1946 for the purpose of instituting the Lodge. Right Worshipful William E. Snow, District Deputy Grand Master of the Melrose Masonic District, ordered Worshipful Lewis P. Sanborn, District Deputy Grand Marshal to read the dispensation granted by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts to Lynnfield Lodge. Having read the dispensation, the lights were opened by the District Deputy Grand Marshal, and at the order of the District Deputy Grand Master, the following officers were installed in Due and Ancient form: Wor. Duncan H. Donald, Master Designate; Wor. Kenneth R. Hill, Senior Warden Designate; Wor. Everett S. Webster, Junior Warden Designate; Bro. Harold F. Kaler, Treasurer; Wor. W. Douglas Whitehouse, Secretary; Bro. Rev. James C. Marshall, Chaplain; Bro. George F. Flewelling, Associate Chaplain; Wor. George S. Robinson, Marshal; Wor. Harrison S. King, Senior Deacon; Bro. Maynard M. Ulm, Junior Deacon; Bro. Harold E. Mclntire, Senior Steward; Bro. Alfred W. Jacobsen, Junior Steward; Bro. Ralph L. Can-field, Inside Sentinel; and Bro. Wesley W. Munroe, Tyler.

At this meeting the following applications for the degrees were read:

  • Burton Bruce Cogswell
  • Walter Henry Fraser
  • Roger Haynes Gerry
  • Clifford Carmichael Ham
  • Clifford Carmichael Ham, Jr.
Harry Kendall Jackson
  • Karl Birger Johnson
  • Gustav Henry Koch
  • William Walter Moxham
  • Paul Donald Robinson
  • Robert Campbell Rourke
  • Wallace Horatio Story
  • Eugene Clifford VanAmburg
  • Kenneth Albert Worthen

At this meeting there were seventy-seven members and one hundred twenty-six visitors present.

The first year of Lynnfield Lodge, under dispensation, was a prosperous one and we had ten Regular Communications and nine Special Communications with an average attendance of fifty-one members and forty-eight visitors. During this year, twenty-four were admitted by degrees and four by affiliation, and three were lost by death, making a total membership on August 31, 1947 of one hundred twenty-one.

The first class consisted of Burton Bruce Cogswell, Harry Kendall Jackson, Karl Birger Johnson, Gustav Henry Koch, and Kenneth Albert Worthen.

On September 19, 1947, in the Melrose Masonic Temple, the business of the Communication was the Constitution of Lynnfield Lodge by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (1947 Mass. 296-299) At 8:00 P.M., Lynnfield Lodge was constituted by Most Worshipful Samuel H. Wragg, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts. He was assisted by the following Grand Lodge Officers:

The Dispensation, containing the names of all the Charter Members, was read by the Grand Secretary. As their names were read, the members assembled West of the Altar and signified their acceptance of the Officers of Lynnfield Lodge.

Following the Constitution of the Lodge, the Most Worshipful Grand Master, assisted by his Officers, installed the following Officers of Lynnfield Lodge: Wor. Duncan H. Donald, Master; Wor. Kenneth R. Hill, Senior Warden; Wor. Everett S. Webster, Junior Warden; Bro. Harold F. Kaler, Treasurer; Wor. W. Douglas Whitehouse, Secretary; Bro. and Rev. James C. Marshall, Chaplain; Wor. George S. Robinson, Marshal; Wor. Harrison S. King, Senior Deacon; Bro. Maynard M. Ulm, Junior Deacon; Bro. Harold E. Mclntire, Senior Steward; Bro. Alfred W. Jacobsen, Junior Steward; Bro. Ralph L. Can-field, Inside Sentinel; Bro. Bernard S. Sleeper, Organist; Bro. Wesley W. Munroe, Tyler.

At the Constitution of Lynnfield Lodge there were eighty-five members and two hundred eighty-five visitors.

As in the life of every Lodge, there have been those who have stood out in their enthusiasm and zeal for the Fraternity. While many of our members have done their utmost in giving living expression to the ideals of Charity, Brotherhood and Service, yet we find it difficult not to mention those who have helped to make all of us finer and better individuals both inside and outside of the Lodge Room. It is not easy to narrow down the choice of those we feel should be given particular recognition in our History, since many have in their own way contributed and accomplished much. However, we could not think of our past without associating it with such names as that of Wor. Duncan H. Donald, who presided as Worshipful Master of Lynnfield Lodge when it was under Dispensation and Constituted.

We could not think of our past without associating it with Bro. and Rev. James C. Marshall, who has served Lynnfield Lodge as its Chaplain since it was instituted. He has spent his time sharing his Church with us as a place to hold our meetings from September 26, 1946 to March 25, 196S. He spends time in bringing the finer things of life to all the members with whom he has contact.

In the past, Lynnfield Lodge had a number of members who have served long and faithfully in one office. Brother Wesley W. Munroe became the connecting link for countless individuals who would otherwise have found themselves unrecognized. Finding a familiar face, to greet and welcome a visitor, makes him feel as though he belonged. This was the task of Bro. Wesley W. Munroe as Tyler of Lynnfield Lodge from its Institution until his death on September 12, 1964. To be made an Honorary Member of Lynnfield Lodge, it must be for distinguished service to Lynnfield Lodge and the Fraternity at large, and he shall be worthy of this honor. Bro. Wesley W. Munroe was made an Honorary Member of Lynnfield Lodge on November 19, 1963.

Wor. Ruel H. Acheson, Worshipful Master in 1960, has been Tyler from September 14, 1964 to date.

One of the most important officers of any Lodge is the Secretary. He carries over from one group of Officers to another. He has direct contact with all the members and is in a position to help each Master as he progresses through the line. Lynnfield Lodge has had four Secretaries. The first was Wor. W. Douglas Whitehouse, who served from September 26, 1946 to September 22, 1955. Wor. W. Douglas Whitehouse was made an Honorary Member on May 27, 1954. The second Secretary was Wor. John H. Kimball, who served from September 22, 1955 to September 25, 1958. The third Secretary was Wor. Kenneth R. Hill, who served from September 25, 1958 to September 22, 1960. Wor. Kenneth R. Hill was also the second Worshipful Master of Lynnfield Lodge, and he was elected to Honorary Membership. The fourth Secretary was Wor. Paul A. Hillman, who has served from September 22, 1960 to date. He was Worshipful Master of Lynnfield Lodge for the year 1956-1957, and was elected an Honorary Member.

Bro. Harold F. Kaler, who died January 15, 1965, served as Treasurer of Lynnfield Lodge from its Institution until August 31, 1960. He was faithful, sincere, and diligent in taking care of the funds and properties of the Lodge, and was elected an Honorary Member. Bro. Clifford C. Ham was Treasurer of Lynnfield Lodge from October 28, 1960 until January 25, 1970. He was also made an Honorary Member. Bro. John Brockbank was acting Treasurer from February 26, 1970 until September 24, 1970. Bro. Burton B. Cogswell has been Treasurer from October 22, 1970 to date.

Wor. Harrison S. King was the first Senior Deacon of Lynnfield Lodge and was Master in 1950. He had much to do with its success. Before the Lodge was Instituted, he procured all the regalia and under Wor. Harrison S. King, a Building Fund Committee was inaugurated with Bro. Elbridge L. Witham as Chairman.

Other members who contributed to the success of Lynnfield Lodge since its Constitution include: Bro. Eliot K. Grant, who was Chairman of the By-Laws Committee when the Lodge was Constituted. Bro. George E. Lambert, Jr., who designed the Lynnfield Lodge Notice, which depicts the Old Meeting House in Lynnfield which was built in 1714. On this notice is also a symbol of the gavel denoting the Master's authority. Bro. Gustav H. Koch, Chairman of the Visiting Committee for many years, served well and faithfully. It is a custom of Lynnfield Lodge at Christmas time to present a plant to all the widows of deceased members of Lynnfield Lodge. Bro. Koch and his Committee delivered these plants. Wor. Allen H. Rideout, during whose term a new Hammond Spinet Organ was installed in the Lodge and a new hot top was put on the Church driveway. He was Worshipful Master in 1952-1953. Bro. Thomas R. Christopher served as Chairman of the Collations Committee for many years. Bro. Donald E. Anderson has served as Electrician for many years, and has been active in the Lodge. He is now a member of the Wake-field-Lynnfield Building Association, Inc.

From September 26, 1946 the Lodge met in the basement of the Lynnfield Community Church. An addition was built onto the Church, consisting of a new room on the first floor. The Lodge held its first meeting in the new room on April 25, 1957. The new room was used for the Lodge Meetings and we had a new kitchen and an adjoining room in which to store the Lodge properties. Wor. Paul A. Hillman was in the East at the time we met in the new room.

On February 27, 1958, Wor. Alfred Robinson was in the East. At this time there was considerable interest in establishing a Chapter of DeMolay, and the Master appointed a Committee consisting of Brothers Roy O. Peterson, Chairman, Louis E. Krause, Elmer C. French, Harold F. Kaler, Wendell F. Goldthwaite, Jr., John F. VanGelder, Jr., and Wor. Edward S. Averell to pursue this matter further. This Committee worked diligently and on November 24, 1958, with Wor. Thomas W. Baker, Jr., in the East, the International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay stated that the Petition for Letters Temporary and Resolution to Sponsor for the Lynnfield Chapter of DeMolay at Lynnfield, Mass., had been approved. The Chapter was authorized to proceed with its activities and the DeMolay Chapter was Instituted on January 23, 1959.

On April 26, 1962, when Wor. Arthur E. Adrien was in the East, he spoke extensively on the work which had been done in gathering information on the possibility of Lynnfield Lodge joining with Golden Rule Lodge of Wakefield in erecting a Masonic Temple on a plot of two acres of land near the Lynn-field-Wakefield line. A Committee of the top four Officers of the Lodge and three Brothers met with the Golden Rule Lodge of Wakefield to discuss possible plans. On October 25, 1962, when Wor. Charles A. Bishop was in the East, Bro. Louis E. Krause spoke on the progress this Committee had made, and plans were made to join Golden Rule Lodge to build a Masonic Temple. Wakefield and Lynnfield Lodges were to change their By-Laws so a Building Association could be established and called "The Wakefield-Lynnfield Masonic Building Association, Inc." On November 19, 1962, new By-Laws were voted and a petition was sent to the Grand Lodge. On December 12, 1962 we were notified by the Grand Lodge that a dispensation had been granted to Golden Rule Lodge of Wakefield and Lynnfield Lodge of Lynnfield to occupy Masonic Apartments jointly within the Town of Wakefield.

The Wakefield-Lynnfield Masonic Building Association, Inc. consisted of nine directors — six for Golden Rule Lodge and three for Lynnfield Lodge. The Directors from Lynnfield Lodge were: Bro. Robert A. Cummings, Clerk of the Corporation; Bro. Samuel B. Hayes, Treasurer; and Bro. William A. MacLeod, Jr., Vice President.

On September 13, 1964, with Wor. Louis E. Krause in the East, Most Worshipful A. Neill Osgood, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, proceeded to lay the cornerstone of the new' Wakefield-Lynnfield Masonic Temple at 370 Salem Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts. (1964 Mass. 226-228) This was a most solemn and impressive ceremony. The Most Worshipful Grand Master was assisted by the Grand Lodge Officers, in accordance with the form followed by our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity for nearly five centuries. The Grand Lodge Officers formed at the Northwest corner of the lot under the direction of Rt. Wor. Robert P. Beach, Grand Marshal, and marched to seats on a canopy-covered wooden platform, which had been temporarily erected for the ceremony at the Northeast corner of the new structure. Most Worshipful Brother Osgood then received from his Marshal a handsomely engraved silver trowel, and knelt beside the opening in which the stone was to be placed. Rt. Wor. Stanley F. Maxwell, Deputy Grand Master, was given the symbolic square; Rt. Wor. Leonard Rawn, Senior Grand Warden, the level; and Rt. Wor. Burton K. Sawtelle, Junior Grand Warden, the plumb. Then followed the Grand Master's ceremony of finishing the work, it having been well made, well proved, and truly laid, emblematic of Peace, Harmony and Brotherly Love. Oil was poured on the new stone, corn followed, following which Wor. and Rev. Harry B. Folger pronounced the Benediction. A sealed metal box was inserted in the space of the cornerstone containing copies of the Charters and By-Laws of both Lodges and a history of each Lodge. At the laying of the cornerstone, there were three hundred present.

On November 30, 1964, Bro. Clifford I. Markham reported on his trip to the Masonic Home, and of their request to have Lynnfield Lodge adopt Bro. Harry Betts, who was a guest of the Home. He was born October 21, 1877. The Lodge voted to adopt Brother Betts.

On May 25, 1965, Wor. Clifford I. Markham, Jr., was in the East when the new Wakefield-Lynnfield Masonic Temple was dedicated. (1965 Mass. 267-269) The Grand Lodge Officers assumed their Stations, and Most Worshipful A. Neill Osgood requested of the Temple Architect, James H. Ballou of Salem, to surrender the implements of construction that the ceremony might proceed. On behalf of both Lodges, Wor. Ralph G. Eames invited the Grand Master to examine the structure. It was found to be in good order and worthy by the square, level and plumb. It was then dedicated according to ancient form and usage. Corn, wine, and oil were the dedication symbols used by the Grand Master in following the prescribed ceremony. Corn was termed the emblem of nourishment, wine an emblem of refreshment, and oil the emblem of joy of completion of the undertaking dedicated to universal benevolence.

On April 25, 1968, with Wor. Wallace E. Billings in the East, part of the ceremonies of the evening were to honor Bro. George Frederick Flewelling, Associate Chaplain of Lynnfield Lodge since its Institution. Rt. Wor. C. Andrew Wing congratulated Bro. Flewelling on being a worthy, true and faithful Mason. Then, on behalf of Most Worshipful Thomas A. Booth, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, Rt. Wor. Bro. Wing, not only brought his personal greetings, but presented to Bro. Flewelling the Distinguished Service Medal, called the Joseph Warren Medal. This medal is one of the highest honors that may be conferred on a Mason. Therefore, only a few are privileged to receive it. The Lodge, through Bro. Gustav H. Koch, Chairman of the Visiting Committee, presented a silver tray suitably inscribed, in appreciation for his untiring service to the Lodge. Brother Flewelling is also an Honorary Member of Lynnfield Lodge.

Lynnfield Lodge has a custom at every meeting called "Masonic Birthdays." Members whose birthdays are the anniversary of when they were made "Master Masons" are called to the East and presented a boutonniere by the Worshipful Master Lynnfield Lodge has twenty-two living Past Masters, nine affiliated Past Masters, eight Honorary Members and one member holding the Joseph Warren Medal.

Since the Institution of Lynnfield Lodge, four hundred and ninety-three members have signed the By-Laws. We have lost one hundred and forty-eight members through death, demits, and other causes, leaving our membership at the present time, three hundred and forty-five.

Over the past twenty-five years we have tried to erect a Temple of Beauty and Wisdom. With renewed vigor, we will try to lay cornerstones in the lives of those who may in time knock at our doors, that they may be a credit to the Fraternity we are so proud to represent.

Hail to Lynnfield Lodge, honored and honorable for twenty-five years. May her future be even more brilliant than her past in good works and deeds for God, our Country, and our Ancient Fraternity.


  • 1962 (Petition granted to occupy Wakefield apartments, 1962-426)




1946: District 7 (Melrose)


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