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Location: Taunton

Chartered By: Charles C. Dame

Charter Date: 12/11/1867 VII-192

Precedence Date: 01/10/1867

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Charles H. Titus Lodge into King David Lodge, 06/17/1998.


  • James Utley, 1867-1869; SN
  • Charles H. Atwood, 1870, 1871, 1875
  • William C. Lovering, 1872, 1873
  • Blanchard B. Kelley, 1874
  • Ansel O. Burt, 1876, 1877
  • Arthur B. Atwood, 1878, 1879
  • Jason H. Hayward, 1880-1882; SN
  • Lloyd E. White, 1883, 1884
  • Milton L. Daggett, 1885, 1886
  • Solon R. Wright, 1887-1889; SN
  • F. Arthur Walker, 1890, 1891
  • Lewis M. Witherell, 1892, 1893
  • Nathaniel J. W. Fish, 1894, 1895
  • George F. Chace, 1896, 1897
  • Frederic E. Johnson, 1898, 1899
  • Alfred B. Williams, 1900, 1901
  • Herbert A. Morton, 1902, 1903; SN
  • Otis C. Chace, 1904, 1905
  • James B. Crossman, 1906, 1907
  • Archie T. Drew, 1908, 1909
  • James K. Totten, 1910
  • Edwin G. Hopkins, 1911, 1912
  • Percy F. Francis, 1913, 1914
  • Edwin J. Mager, 1915, 1916
  • Arthur R. Leonard, 1917
  • Frank W. Poynton, 1918, 1919
  • Lewis M. Witherell, Jr., 1920, 1921
  • Edwin D. Ripley, 1922, 1923
  • Ralph F. MacKendrick, 1924, 1925
  • Marcus A. Rhodes, 1926
  • Albert V. Monroe, 1927
  • John A. Sullivan, 1928; N
  • Walter E. Briggs, 1929
  • John E. Clare, 1930
  • Alphonzo L. Spencer, 1931
  • Lawrence B. Williams, 1932
  • Frederick Kerry, 1933; N
  • Freeman L. Tyler, 1934
  • Roger G. Witherell, 1935
  • Lester B. Wilbur, 1936
  • Robert C. Witherell, 1937
  • Milton A. Lane, 1938
  • B. O. Hackett, 1939
  • R. E. Jenkins, 1940
  • E. H. Atwood, 1941
  • A. M. Stephenson, 1942
  • P. Kohler, 1943
  • W. F. King, 1944
  • Albert F. Higginbotham, 1945
  • P. E. Hall, 1946
  • Stafford H. Hambly, 1947
  • Newcomb A. Reid, 1948; N
  • N. N. Crapo, 1949
  • Fred Daniel Lee Higgins, 1950
  • David D. Blair, Sr., 1951
  • Kenneth I. Kelley, 1952
  • C. E. Crawford, 1953
  • Stephen R. Pollard, 1954
  • Charles T. Schmidt, Jr., 1955
  • Ralph A. Wheeler, 1956
  • Lawrence E. Barr, 1957
  • James A. Tipping, 1958
  • John E. Clare, Jr., 1959
  • Austin D. Dennison, 1960
  • Parker H. Carr, Jr., 1961
  • Donald S. Wright, 1962
  • Herbert M. Malone, 1963
  • Richard K. Stephenson, 1964, 1984; N
  • Harris B. Weston, 1965
  • Archie MacKinnon, 1966
  • Carlton A. Simmons, 1967
  • Linwood W. Turner, 1968
  • John N. Wilbur, 1969
  • E. E. Oldfield, 1970
  • Edward T. Cotter, 1971
  • Ronald M. Brown, 1972
  • Ralph H. Cross, 1973
  • Kendall F. Higgins, 1974; N
  • Robert L. Reid, 1975, 1997; PDDGM
  • Sherwood M. Higgins, 1976
  • Allyn F. Witherell, 1977, 1978
  • Richard R. Mason, 1979
  • Gene B. Sylvia, 1980
  • Paul W. Witherell, 1981
  • Manuel B. Gouveia, 1982
  • George S. Strickland, 1983
  • Gerard R. Buscemi, 1985
  • Alphia D. Gibbs, 1986, 1988
  • Charles O. Baker, 1987
  • George Faria, Sr., 1989
  • Ronald B. LeDoux, 1990
  • Harry R. Westbrooks, 1991
  • Gregory R. Strachoff, 1992, 1993
  • Charles H. Graham, 1994
  • Charles J. Williams, Jr., 1995, 1996
  • Stephen L. Reid, 1998



  • 1917 (50th Anniversary)
  • 1942 (75th Anniversary)
  • 1967 (Centenary)



1869 1870 1871 1875 1880 1885 1905 1912 1916 1920 1927 1936 1938 1940 1942 1945 1954 1962 1970 1976 1993


  • 1942 (75th Anniversary History, 1942-320; see below)
  • 1967 (Centenary History, 1967-477; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1942-320:

By Worshipful Robert C. Witherell.

As the large majority of the present membership of Ionic Lodge have taken their degrees since our Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration, it is well that we review some of the early history of the Lodge at this time.

Ionic Lodge was the second offspring of King David Lodge, the Mother Masonic Lodge in Taunton. The social life of many men at that time centered in their Masonic Lodge and it so happened that on the morning of Friday, October 5, 1866, Brother John Holland met Brother James Utley in his office and their conversation was almost entirely upon Masonry. Worshipful Brother James Utley, in his 25th Lodge Anniversary address, stated that "We then and there planned Ionic Lodge."

The subject of the formation of a new Lodge was further discussed that evening and again on Saturday evening, October 6, 1866, when Brothers Charles H. Atwood, Elijah U. Jones, John Holland, Eben D. Tisdale, George F. Champney and James Utley met to consider the whole matter and it was unanimously agreed that in the interests of Masonry a new Lodge ought to be formed.

Twenty-four other Brethren were invited to meet with these six on Tuesday evening, October 9th, at which time Brother Utley was chosen Chairman. It was also voted to apply to the Grand Lodge for a dispensation. Two of the Brethren invited tq this meeting decided not to sign the petition for a new Lodge. Of the four names, Eastern Star, Guiding Star, Shekinah and Ionic, submitted by a committee for the new Lodge, the name Ionic was chosen. Twenty-six of these petitioners were members of King David Lodge and the other two were made Masons in other jurisdictions. Ten of the group were Civil War Veterans. One Brother who signed the petition failed to sign the by-laws, which left twenty-seven charter members of Ionic Lodge.

The petition for a new Lodge was immediately recommended by the newly formed Alfred Baylies Lodge and on December 19, 1866, by King David Lodge. It was also recommended by the District Deputy Grand Master of the 7th Masonic District, and granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Charles C. Dame, on January 8, 1867.

The first communication of the Lodge under dispensation was held on Wednesday evening, January 30th, in Fraternity Hall (located in Union Block), with twenty Master Masons present, at which time Ionic Lodge was organized with Brother James Utley, Worshipful Master; Brother William Robert Williams, Senior Warden; and Brother Charles Henry Atwood, Junior Warden.

The Lodge met in this hall for two months only, when arrangements were made with King David Lodge to rent Masonic Hall (on the upper floor of the Central passenger station) at $200.00 per year. The first meeting was held there Friday evening, April 12th, at which time the first group of candidates received their first degree—Silas Dean Presbrey, Isaac Russell Hadwen and Charles Augustus Hathaway.

On Friday evening, November 1st, 1867, Right Worshipful Jonathan R. Gay of Stoughton, District Deputy Grand Master for the 13th Masonic District, paid a fraternal visit to Ionic Lodge, preparatory to granting a charter.

The first annual meeting and election of officers was held on Friday evening, November 8th. Brother James Utley was elected Worshipful Master.

There is no account in the records of Ionic Lodge in reference to the constitution ceremonies, but the following report was printed in the Taunton Daily Gazette December 19, 1867:

Institution: — The ceremonies of the institution of Ionic Lodge, F. and A. Masons occurred in Masonic Hall yesterday and last evening. The bestowing of the institution took place in the afternoon at 3 o'clock in the usual form.

The installation of officers took place in the evening with the usual impressive ceremonies, by the Officers of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Grand Master Charles C. Dame, presiding. During the ceremonies there was appropriate singing by the Lodge choir. After the exercises were concluded, the company adjourned to the banqueting hall, where supper was provided by P. Thompson Washburn. Speaking by Grand Master Dame, Grand Secretary Moore and other members of the Grand Lodge, Rev. C. H. Titus, E. B. Towne and Rev. Dr. Pollard of this city, concluded the evening ceremonies.

The officers of Ionic Lodge started early with a desire to render the degree work as nearly perfect as possible and it was on April 12, 1867, that the officers were authorized to hire a lecturer to visit the Lodge whenever they thought best.

After meeting in Masonic Hall for one year, the Lodge voted to move (on account of an increase in rent) to Ionic Hall, located in the Crandell Block, Main Street, at the corner of Weir Street. The first meeting was held there on Friday evening, May 1, 1868, after it had been fitted up and furnished at an expense to the Lodge of over $2,000, $1,200 of which was pledged in a few minutes by twenty-three members at a meeting held on April 3, 1868.

A rather unusual incident took place in connection with the first Official Visitation to the Lodge. The members of Ionic Lodge voted to invite the members of King Philip Lodge of Fall River to meet with them on the occasion of the visit of the District Deputy Grand Master. A letter was received stating that the Brethren of King Philip Lodge had engagements for that evening. As a result, the members of Ionic Lodge voted "to ascertain if the D.D.G.M. cannot appoint some other evening for his visit, in order to accommodate the Fall River Lodge in visiting us at the same time." Right Worshipful J. Mason Everett, District Deputy Grand Master of the 13th Masonic District, very obligingly changed the date and at the Visitation held on October 22, 1868, there were thirty-seven members present, two local visitors and forty-five members from King Philip Lodge, who came by special train.

There have been various ways adopted for notifying the members of meetings. The first method was by publication in the Gazette and Republican, but it was later voted to notify the members by printed notice. On February 5, 1869, it was voted that the Secretary place a suitable box in the postoffice and post therein notice of special communications. On January 14, 1880, it was voted to abolish entirely the practice of sending notices of regular meetings. There is no record of how long this procedure lasted, but I have on hand a printed notice of a meeting to be held on October 12, 1881.

When the Lodge first organized at the meeting on Wednesday, January 30, 1867, it was voted to hold the regular meetings on the second Friday of each month at "1 1/2 p.m."

The prescribed meeting day was changed by vote in December, 1867, to the first Friday of each month; this by-law was in force until February 5, 1869, when it was changed again to the second Friday. After a year, the members voted again, on June 10, 1870, to meet on the second Wednesday of each month. This continued until April 8, 1885, when a change was again made to the first Tuesday of each month. On March 11, 1885, it was voted to move from Ionic Hall to Masonic Hall rented by King David Lodge and located at 76 Main Street, in the Skinner Building. The first meeting of Ionic Lodge was held here on July 2, 1885, and we have met here regularly to the present time. The only other change of meeting dates was on April 6, 1897, when it was voted to hold the annual meeting in November, on the second Tuesday.

At the meeting February 3, 1891, it was voted that the Bible which was awarded to Ionic Lodge as the most popular organization in the city, be accepted and that it be suitably inscribed by the Secretary.

A notable event took place on June 30, 1892, when Ionic Lodge took part with the Grand Lodge in laying the corner stone of the Bristol County Court House in this city, Worshipful Brother Lewis M. Witherell, Sr., being the presiding Master of Ionic Lodge.

The Twenty-fifth Anniversary observance of the constitution of Ionic Lodge took place on December 13, 1892. The principal feature of the program was the historical address by Right Worshipful Brother James Utley, the first Worshipful Master. Worshipful Brother Alfred B. Williams was Junior Steward at that time and is the only one now living of those whose names appeared on the program. Brother George A. Washburn was Toastmaster. Music was furnished by the Masonic Quartette — Louis B. Walker, Thomas Lord, C. F. Chadwick and Fred S. Sprague. Worshipful Brother Lewis M. Witherell was the presiding Master at the time of this celebration.

While King David Lodge was celebrating its One Hundredth Anniversary on June 15, 1898 (in which Ionic Lodge accepted an invitation to join), our Country was at war with Spain, a state of war having been declared by Congress to exist between these two Countries from April 21st, as a result of the United States battleship, Maine, being destroyed in Havana Harbor, Cuba, on February 15th. The only member of Ionic Lodge to participate in this war was Brother Corp. Frank Oscar Dean, who was a member of Battery F, 1st Regiment, Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, and who is still a member of the Lodge.

On October 2, 1900, Ionic Lodge voted to take stock in the Taunton Masonic Corporation to the amount of $500.00. This corporation was formed to take charge of the hall and rent of the various organizations meeting there.

A true copy of the original charter of Ionic Lodge, which states "Precedence from Jan. 8, 1867, (signed) Dec. 11, 1867," was signed by Sereno Nickerson, Recording Grand Secretarv, on September 26, 1900.

A Masonic Home within the limits of the Commonwealth was first spoken of in Ionic Lodge by Right Worshipful E. C. Martin, D.D.G.M., on April 30, 1907, who asked for an expression of opinion regarding the project. A contribution of $100.00 was voted on April 7, 1914, to the Grand Lodge Rainy Day fund and over a period of years Ionic Lodge contributed $700.00 to this fund.

Most Worshipful Melvin Maynard Johnson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, honored Ionic Lodge by his presence on May 12, 1914, and again on Dec. 5, 1916, at which time he presented Henry Price Medals to three of our members. On September 7, 1915, Right Worshipful Herbert A. Morton, D.D.G.M., requested the payment of pledges to the Masonic Home Fund. It was reported that $450 was already paid, and in addition to this, the Lodge contributed $200.00 more in 1916 and 1917, a total of $650.00.

The United States entered the War against Germany on April 6, 1917. On this day in Taunton, the Public Safety Committee was organized and preparations were made that the City might do its share in the conflict.

Ionic Lodge voted on September 4, 1917, the amount of $25.00 to the tobacco fund for those called to arms in the U. S. Army and on October 2, 1917, it voted to remit the dues of the Brethren of Ionic Lodge while serving in the Armed Forces. Again, on November 13, 1917, it voted to send Christmas greetings to our members in the service of their Country. On June 4, 1918, an Ionic Lodge Committee reported that $1,110.27 had been contributed by the members to the Masonic War Relief Fund.

Our Country was involved in this conflict when Ionic Lodge observed its Fiftieth Anniversary, on December 2nd and 3d, 1917. The commemorative service at the Unitarian Church on Sunday, December 2, 1917, was conducted by six local members of the Clergy, who were all members of the Craft, and Rev. Brother A. J. Hutchins, of Prospect Lodge, who delivered the sermon. The Lotus Quartette assisted in the service. On Monday, December 3d, the observance started at 4:15 p.m. in Masonic Hall, Main Street, when Most Worshipful Leon Martin Abbott, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, was received. He presented our Brother Charles Augustus Hathaway with a Henry Price Medal. The Lodge closed at 5:30 p.m. and a banquet was served in Odd Fellows' Hall, Court Street, at 6:00 p.m. for the members, their wives and invited guests,

after which further anniversary exercises took place, followed by a concert. Worshipful Brother Frank Walton Boynton was the presiding Master at this time and Right Worshipful George R. Ellis was the D.D.G.M. Eight of the officers of 1917, Worshipful Brothers Frank W. Boynton, Lewis M. Witherell, Jr., Edwin D. Ripley, Ralph F. MacKendrick, Marcus A. Rhodes and Albert V. Monroe and Brothers George H. Robinson and Richard Wastcoat, and one of the committee, Worshipful Percy F. Francis, are still members of the Lodge.

There were twenty-eight members of Ionic Lodge who took part in World War I and twelve of them are members at this time.

A committee was appointed on May 6, 1919, to arrange a reception to the twenty-seven Brethren of Ionic Lodge who had returned from serving their Country in the World War. The twenty-eighth member, Brother Albert Chester Shepard, died at Camp Burlington, Vermont, October 5, 1918.

A noteworthy meeting of Ionic Lodge was held on June 19, 1920, when the officers, with Lewis M. Witherell, Jr., Worshipful Master, and forty-three other Brethren, visited the Masonic Home in Charlton, Massachusetts, and presented the ritual of the Fellow Craft Degree.

On December 14, 1920, Ionic Lodge held a special meeting and program to commemorate the Tercentenary of the Landing of the Pilgrims. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts established a custom of presenting Veteran's Medals to members of constituent Masonic Lodges who have served their Lodges for fifty or more years, and on October 25, 1927, Right Worshipful Fred W! Day, District Deputy Grand Master, presented six of these medals to members of Ionic Lodge.

On October 31, 1931, Worshipful Brother F. Arthur Walker was presented a Joseph Warren Medal by Right Worshipful Robert L. Cook, for the long, faithful service,which he had given to Ionic Lodge, and again, on January 21, 1936, he was honored by his Lodge at a banquet and reception held in Masonic Hall. This testimonial was to celebrate his fiftieth year as a Mason and he was presented a Veteran's Medal and a purse of over $100.00 by Right Worshipful Frederick Kerry.

Ionic Lodge was honored on December 1, 1936, at a public installation of officers, by the presence of Honorable Charles Francis Adams, former Secretary of the Navy, during the term of President Herbert Hoover. Mr. Adams, who is a son-in-law of Worshipful William Croade Lovering and who was introduced by Honorable Joseph E. Warner, presented Ionic Lodge with Worshipful Brother Lovering's Past Master's jewel, his epaulets, sword and scabbard which he used in the Civil War, and also a book, printed by the Congressional House of Representatives in memory of and as a tribute to Brother Lovering. These gifts were presented in behalf of Brother Lovering's three daughters. The Masonic Hall was filled to capacity at this meeting, which was one of the most outstanding in the history of the Lodge.

On January 19, 1937, Worshipful Robert C. Witherell, presiding Master, by authority of Most Worshipful Claude L. Allen, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, presented his father, Worshipful Lewis M. Witherell, Sr., with a Veteran's Medal. This ceremony took place in Hillsborough Lodge, No. 25, Tampa, Florida, at their eighty-seventh anniversary meeting. Most Worshipful Jesse C. Clark of Pensacola, Grand Master .of Masons in Florida, was present.

The first "Father and Son Night" ever held by Ionic Lodge took place on February 16, 1937. Brother Lieut. John Davis of Newport, R. I., National Commander of the Army and Navy Legion of Valor, was the guest speaker of the evening. Brother Davis is now Lieut. Commander, in command of the U. S. Frigate Constellation.

The Tercentenary Celebration of the founding of Taunton took place in June, 1939. His Worship Charles Harold Goodland, Mayor of Taunton, England, was the guest of our City during the celebration. Mr. Goodland is a Mason of high station in England and he brought his beautifully embroidered collar, cuffs and apron to wear at some Masonic meeting, but it could not be so arranged. A delegation of officers of the Taunton Masonic Corporation paid their respects to him at the home of Rev. Wilton E. Cross, Summer Street, and had a delightful call in the interest of Masonry. Brother Goodland presented Ionic Lodge with an autographed program of the Consecration of the Old Tauntonian Lodge, London, England.

On September 5, 1939, the new organ which was installed during the summer by the Taunton Masonic Corporation was played for the first time in Ionic Lodge by Brother Robert Phillips, who did most of the work of dismantling the organ at the Bates Theatre, Attleboro, and installing it in our hall.

On October 3, 1939, the Lodge accepted a $500.00 legacy from the estate of Worshipful Lewis M. Witherell, Sr., and on October 29, Worshipful Benjamin O. Hackett, presiding Master, planted a tree at the Masonic Home, Charlton, in memory of Worshipful Brother Witherell.

On June 4, 1940, Right Worshipful Frederick Kerry was appointed Chairman of a committee for the observance of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Ionic Lodge.

On October 7, 1941, Resolutions were adopted by the Lodge on the death of Brother Charles Roger Williams, who served Ionic Lodge well and faithfully as Marshal for eighteen years.

On November 3, 1942, Rev. Brother Samuel O. Livingstone was tendered a reception and presented with a gift as a mark of the esteem and affection in which he is held by the members of Ionic Lodge and also in recognition of the honor conferred upon him by his appointment as Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

At the present time our nation is again involved in war (having been voted by Congress on December 8, 1941, against Japan and on December 11 against Germany and Italy) which is affecting the homes and lives of everyone. Ionic Lodge now has ten of its members serving our Country.

Since its organization, 695 Masons have signed the By-laws of Ionic Lodge and become members; 647 of this number applied for their degrees in Ionic Lodge; the other 48 received their degrees elsewhere and later affiliated with us. One hundred ninety-nine of our members have been called to the Celestial Lodge above and eight-five have dimitted from the Lodge.

From the Constitution of the Lodge to the present time, forty-seven of its members have been installed into the honorable position of Worshipful Master of Ionic Lodge. Of this group, twenty-eight are now living. The Lodge has had eleven Treasurers, of whom Brother Victor A. George is the only one living, in addition to Brother Edmund W. Ogg, who has just been installed, and nine Secretaries, of whom Worshipful Brother John E. Clare is the only one living.

Although Ionic Lodge is now seventy-five years old, none of its members have held an elective office in the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. On December 28, 1915, Worshipful Brother Lewis M. Witherell was appointed and installed Grand Pursuivant and served one year.

Five of our Past Masters, Worshipful Brothers James Utley, Solon R. Wright, Jason H. Hayward, Herbert A. Morton and Frederick Kerry, have been recognized by the Grand Lodge and served as District Deputy Grand Masters.

Ionic Lodge has four members of over fifty years membership —Worshipful Brother Alfred B. Williams and Brothers William A. Hamilton, Henry S. Allen and Wilfred D. Harding. Sixty-eight of our number have become Life Members; forty-eight of them are now members. There are fourteen living members who have become life members by paying dues for forty consecutive years.

Onlv one of our members was ever elected an Honorary Member — Brother Isaac C. Howland, who was elected to that honor on February 14, 1872. Brother Howland was the last Charter Member to pass away, his death occurring in Abington, Massachusetts, March 14, 1934.

The membership of Ionic Lodge at the time of its 25th Anniversary was 199, at its 50th Anniversary, 258, and at the present time it is 290. There have been 789 regular communications of the Lodge to date.

Ionic Lodge has always adhered to the high principles and traditions of the Order during its seventy-five years of service to mankind and we trust that in the coming years, the banner of the Eternal God, under whose folds we are all enlisted, will be carried courageously forward to the fulfillment of that ideal, "Peace on Earth, Good Will towards all Men."


From Proceedings, Page 1967-477:


  • 1929 (Participation in corner-stone laying, North Attleboro, 1929-181)



From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XXVII, No. 3, January 1868, Page 69:

This New Lodge, located in the pleasant and thriving city of Taunton, was constituted with the usual masonic ceremonies, by the M. W. Grand Lodge, on the 18th December. The ceremonies of constitution took place in the afternoon; and, in the evening, the officers were installed, in the presence of about a hundred ladies and brethren. The Lodge is a select one, and so was the company. We have rarely been present on an occasion so entirely unexceptionable and elegant in all its appointments. The services were admirably performed by the Grand Master, and the music was excellent. At the conclusion of them, the Rev. Br. Charles H. Titus, placing a rich and costly copy of the Bible upon the pedestal, addressed the Lodge, as follows : —

Worshipful Master, Wardens, and Brethren of Ionic Lodge.

I am commissioned by the ladies of your Lodge, who grace your assembly here this evening, to perform the very pleasant and agreeable duty of presenting, in their behalf, this magnificent copy of the Holy Scriptures, for the use of your Lodge.

By this generous gift they would express to you their affectionate interest in your success and prosperity in conducting the affairs of this new Lodge; and, at the same time, would thus acknowledge their own grateful appreciation of this Divine Truth, to which they are indebted for all that cultivates, refines, ennobles, and elevates, to a true womanhood. For it is the power of this Truth that has made them the lights of your dwellings, and made your habitations homes of refinement and affection. It has proved the sure foundation of their faith, the inspiration of their hope, and the sacred fountain of that charity, which not only beautifies and adorns this life, but extends beyond the grave, and makes glad the city of God.

With this book they would therefore illumine your altar, and shed, a true light through all your Lodge-room. And as often as you meet here, for the labor assigned you here to do, this sacred volume, thus bestowed, will remind you of their affectionate concern for your moral and religious welfare, and thus help you to a true and noble life.

The name you have selected as your distinctive title is not only easy of utterance, pleasant to the ear, and of classic flavor, but is also suggestive of the nature of the work in which you are here engaged. Ionics are, or should be, architects. You are here organized, for the noble purpose of building up a column of true manhood, based in wisdom of design, strong in the principles of truth, and adorned with the beauty of an upright life. In this Holy Word you will find the means and implements necessary for the construction of the human temples you are engaged in building. It provides the square to square your actions, the plumb to test your uprightness, and the level to show you equality and teach you humility. It furnishes the gavel with which to break off the vices and superfluities of life, and the trowel with which to spread the cement of affection and brotherly love. It shows you how the rough ashler may be made ready and fitted for the Master's use; how the cedar of Lebanon can be prepared for the beauteous Temple of our God.

It inspires integrity, fidelity, and truthfulness, in the work of life, by the noble example of the lion of the tribe of Judah, whose triumph over all his foes enables all who trust in him to look beyond the grave, animated with the hope that by him they shall there be raised to the sublime degree of a purer and better life.

It is the earnest wish of these kind donors that you, their husbands and friends, in all your work as architects and builders of a true and noble manhood, will always endeavor to erect your spiritual building agreeably to the rules and designs laid down by the Grand Architect in this unerring Trestle-Board of Divine Truth.

Accept then, Worshipful Master and Brethren, this noble gift. Rich and gorgeous as are its outward adornings, its inward wealth is still more precious. May this Great Light constantly shine upon the heart of every member of this new and vigorous Lodge, clearly defining life's pathway and chasing away the gloom of the grave; and finally guide us all to the world of light, the beauteous Temple of him who has given us this light to shine on our darkness and guide us to heaven.

The W. Master, Br. Utley, of the new Lodge, received the elegant present in a chaste and appropriate address, thanking the ladies for their generous gift, and for the beautiful manifestation of their kind wishes for the prosperity of the Lodge, which it attested. A recess for a few minutes then took place, to allow the company an opportunity to examine the book, which is one of the most highly finished and costly to be found in any Lodge in the State. It bears the names of the donors upon a page prepared for the purpose, and we noticed that they were all married ladies, probably the wives or mothers of the members, with one exception, and this was a little girl of about ten years of age, who seemed to feel a commendable pride in seeing her name in such an unusual connection. We trust she may never have occasion to regret having enrolled it there. She may well be regarded as the "Adopted Daughter of the Lodge."

The company was then invited into the banqueting hall, where the means of refreshment were provided in great abundance, variety,, and elegance, from the "St. George Restaurant," Messrs. Copeland and Tarbell, of this city. At the conclusion of the banquet, the company returned to the Lodge-room, where they were addressed by Brs. Dame, Moore, Dadmun, Titus, Rev. Dr. Pollard, Mayor Rhodes, and others; the speaking being interspersed with music and singing. The officers for the year, are as follows : —

  • James Utley, W. M.
  • Wm. Robert Williams, S. W.
  • Charles H. Atwood, J.W.
  • E. U. Jones, Treasurer
  • J. G. Rowland, Secretary
  • John Holland, S. D.
  • George F. Champney, J.D.
  • J. J. Stanley, Chaplain
  • Philander Williams, Marshal
  • P. T. Washburn, S. S.
  • L. W. Williams, J. S.
  • A. S. Sweet, Organist
  • J. W. Hayward, I. S.
  • A. B. Hodges, Tyler




1867: District 13 (Taunton)

1878: District 19 (Taunton)

1883: District 23 (Taunton)

1911: District 28 (Taunton)

1927: District 28 (Attleboro)


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