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Voted in Grand Lodge, March 8, 1859, to accompany the Act of Incorporation.

"Whereas in the Deed of Trust dated November 5, A.D. 1835, made by John Abbot to Simon W. Robinson and others, of the estate called the Masonic Temple, it was provided substantially that if this Grand Lodge should at any time become legally capable of taking and holding said estate in fee simple and should at any meeting, thereof legally holden elect so to do, conveyed to said Corporation, their successors and assigns, to their own use forever, in fee simple, and whereas pursuant to another provision of said deed of trust, said estate has been sold and conveyed by said Trustees under and in pursuance of a Vote of this Grand Lodge, then a voluntary association, directing the Trustees of said estate to sell the same and hold the proceeds for the same Trusts and for the same uses as they held the said Masonic Temple.

"And whereas said Trustees have received and invested or retained such proceeds, now therefore:

"Voted: That this Grand Lodge, now being incorporated, hereby elects to take and hold in its own name, the proceeds of said estate: and all other property of said Grand Lodge, however invested and by whomsoever now held and the Board of Directors of this Corporation are hereby authorized and instructed to procure the necessary conveyances and transfers of such property to this Grand Lodge, and to give suitable receipts, discharges and indemnities therefor.

"Voted: That the Directors be further authorized to receive by Deed of conveyance the estate known as the Winthrop House estate in Boston, lately purchased and standing in the name of R.W. Edward A. Raymond and now offered in pursuance of the objects for which the same was purchased by him, to this corporation; and to make and perform all agreements in reference to the full conveyance of said property, with the Trustees of the Masonic Temple, as to them shall appear just and expedient, and in full compliance with the terms of the Deed of Trust aforesaid, and with full power in all these premises to act for this corporation."