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Location: Salem

Chartered By: William Parkman

Charter Date: 03/09/1865 VII-2

Precedence Date: 04/13/1864

Current Status: in Grand Lodge vault

Named for Thomas Starr King.

  • Merged into Jordan, 07/19/2016.


  • George H. Peirson, 1864, 1865; SN
  • Dana Z. Smith, 1866-1869
  • E. Augustus Annable, 1870-1872, 1876, 1877; SN
  • Henry A. Brown, 1873-1875
  • Albert B. Russell, 1878-1880
  • Henry P. Averson, 1881-1883
  • John Pollock, 1884-1886
  • George W. Mansfield, 1887, 1888
  • Alvah H. Warner, 1889, 1890
  • Edward C. Battis, 1891, 1892; Mem
  • Joseph Darling, 1893, 1894
  • Robert L. Almy, 1895, 1896
  • George B. Farrington, 1897, 1898; SN
  • Henry W. Edwards, 1899, 1900
  • Frank L. Decker, 1901
  • Harry Kingsley, 1902, 1903
  • Herbert S. Gilman, 1904, 1905
  • William E. Haywood, 1906, 1907
  • Henry P. Nourse, 1908, 1909
  • Cassius S. Cilley, 1910, 1911
  • Frank B. Ellery, 1912, 1913
  • Frederick N. Mowell, 1914, 1915
  • George W. Blinn, 1916, 1917
  • Harry W. Kimball, 1918, 1919
  • Frank A. Neff, 1920, 1921; Mem
  • Horace E. Hulett, 1922, 1923
  • Clarence F. Ray, 1924, 1925
  • Frederick J. Needham, 1926, 1927; Mem
  • Arthur W. Dorman, 1928, 1929
  • Joseph E. Austin, 1930, 1931
  • Walter S. Johnson, 1932, 1933
  • G. Layton Stearns, 1934, 1935
  • Harry L. Chisholm, 1936, 1937; SN
  • Arthur Hindle, 1938, 1939
  • Leonard B. Ives, 1940, 1941
  • Ralph E. Jones, 1942, 1943
  • George F. Pennington, 1944, 1945
  • Clifford A. Clark, 1946, 1947
  • Neal P. Mitchell, 1948, 1949
  • Walter K. Ray, 1950, 1951, 1998, 1999, 2003; N
  • Wallace L. Henshaw, 1952, 1953
  • Norman B. Macaulay, 1954, 1955
  • Arthur W. Glackin, Jr., 1956, 1957
  • Harley C. Burns, 1958, 1959
  • William E. Skeffington, Jr., 1960
  • Leonard B. Almy, 1961
  • Richard J. Wentworth, 1962
  • Reginald Clark, 1963
  • Peter S. Russell, 1964
  • William U. Marshall, 1965
  • William L. Ives, 1966
  • Robert W. Moore, 1967; N
  • Willard A. Earley, 1968
  • Louis Bokron, 1969
  • Richard E. Currier, 1970
  • Winfred C. Zealor, 1971; SN
  • Harold Shapiro, 1972
  • Robert G. Porter, 1973
  • Edwin B. Lynch, 1974
  • Edwin W. Hatt, 1975
  • William A. Craig, 1976, 1977
  • Frederick C. Zealor, 1978
  • Gerard T. Lennox, 1979
  • Bernard R. Jellerson, 1980, 1981
  • Lawrence D. Clark, 1982
  • Milton Leitner, 1983, 1984
  • James H. Boulger, Jr., 1985
  • John Collins, 1986, 1987
  • William I. Webber, 1988
  • Robert W. Walters, 1989, 1992, 1995, 2002
  • Richard C. Smith, 1990, 1991
  • Ralph J. Pisari, 1993
  • James E. Choy, 1994
  • Richard L. Munroe, 1996
  • Myron C. Osterstuck, Jr., 1997
  • Terrance B. Neylon, 2000, 2001
  • John R. Grimes, 2004, 2005
  • David W. Hardy, 2006
  • James R. Weiss, 2007, 2008
  • Peter Lake, 2009, 2010
  • James S. Stone, Sr., 2011, 2012


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1864 see below
  • Petition for Charter: 1865


  • 1914 (50th Anniversary)
  • 1964 (Centenary)
  • 1989 (125th Anniversary)
  • 2014 (150th Anniversary)



1873 1879 1880 1883 1890 1894 1895 1901 1902 1903 1908 1913 1919 1926 1927 1928 1939 1941 1946 1947 1950 1956 1958 1960 1963 1979 1981 1982 1990 2012


  • 1914 (50th Anniversary Historical Sketch; not in Proceedings)
  • 1964 (Centenary History; 1964-119; see below)
  • 1989 (125th Anniversary History; 1989-39; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1964-119:

By Worshipful George F. Pennington.

The first official record of a meeting of the twenty-one Charter Members on April 9th, 1864 was held in the Asiatic Building at 125 Washington Street.

Inspired by a prophetic vision and with firm resolve and devotion to the principles of Freemasonry, the name "Starr King" was unanimously adopted as the name for the new lodge. Other names had been suggested, including that of the Grand Master, William Parkman, who had declined the honor of having the new lodge named is his behalf.

At this meeting a committee was formed to petition the Grand Master for a dispensation to enter the Masonic world; and on April 13, 1864, much in dreams, hopes and aspirations were soon to be realized.

Our first meetings were held on the fourth Wednesday of the month and on December 12, 1866 the first Monday was selected, and finally on October 4, 1897 it was again amended to be the present meeting night on the second Monday of the month.

On appointment by the Most Worshipful Grand Master and unanimous approval of the Brethren, Worshipful George H. Pierson, a Past Master of Essex Lodge, A. F. & A. M., was selected as the first Master of Starr King Lodge with Brother Dana Z. Smith as Senior Warden and Brother Jacob F. Brown as Junior Warden.

The next meeting was on April 19, 1864, Essex Lodge graciously offering their apartments to facilitate our anticipated pleasure. The completion of organization having been accomplished, the Marshal proclaimed the Lodge duly organized at 8:30 P.M., and the Master declared the Lodge open on the third Degree. The dispensation having been read, a code of By-Laws, with the approval of Grand Lodge, was presented; and the reading was held in abeyance until the May 17th meeting, when the first three candidates, George H. Williams, Sylvester G. Canney and Robert J. Saunders were formally received.

About this time, interest in new apartments seemed much in evidence and at the regular June 2nd, 1864 meeting, a committee was appointed to inquire and seek out quarters that would meet our requirements and could be called exclusively our own.

Winslow Lewis Commandery having been formed soon afterward extended an invitation to share their quarters in the Downing Building on Essex Street. The invitation having been graciously accepted, plans were tentatively made to become effective on April 17, 1865; and the last meeting in the old quarters of the Asiatic Building took place on March 18, 1865.

Here on this April 17, 1865 meeting, Starr King Lodge, A.F. & A.M., was constituted a chartered Lodge, and here too, amid much pomp and ceremony, the Brethren were dedicated and consecrated to the Masonic Influence!

Honored guests included the Most Worshipful Grand Master and his suite, who were extended the full Masonic Honors by Essex Lodge. The names of the chartered members of Starr King Lodge were read, after which the Lodge was constituted and its officers duly installed. The record of thirty-one candidates the first year was a topic of interest and an achievement worthy of mention.

On December 12, 1865, Right Worshipful William Sutton and suite marked the first official visitation. He was made an honorary member of Starr King Lodge and served as District Deputy Grand Master for seven years.

Right Worshipful George H. Pierson succeeded Right Worshipful William Sutton as District Deputy Grand Master, and upon his first installation of officers presented Starr King Lodge with new regalia on January 24, 1866.

The following years proved fruitful and prosperous, and Starr King Lodge, with other Masonic bodies, celebrated with much ceremony the anniversary of the first hundred years of Free Masonry in Salem in 1879.

December 1st, 1880, marked the passing of Our Beloved Brother James Kimball, for six years our devoted and distinguished Chaplain.

On February 8, 1881, sorrow again visited our ranks, and Right Worshipful George H. Pierson was called to the Great Lodge above. It is of interest to mention that Right Worshipful George H. Pierson, also a military figure, succeeded the Most Worshipful Saul C. Lawrence, General, U. S. Army, to various military commands; and his passing occasioned the interest of people in all walks of life, the commital services being held at Harmony Grove cemetery, Salem.

In 1881, the capitation tax was an item of great concern. Upon a visit to Salem by the Grand Master and others for the purpose of discussing the particulars, Judge Wright added much in convincing argument, while Brother Wyzeman Marshall, in his inimitable manner and wit, kept the meeting in good humor. On November 16, 1881 it is recorded Starr King Lodge met the obligations imposed in full, and was rewarded in a personal letter from Most Worshipful Samuel Crocker Lawrence for its prompt and efficient action.

Amid the usual Masonic pursuits, Freemasonry enjoyed many pleasurable social occasions and progressed favorably.

By October 1884 much discontent evidenced itself among many of the Bodies, all seeking more desirable apartments, and by May 1885 the Kinsman Hall is reported to have been leased for ten years for the sum of $800.00 a year.

After many meetings and much discussion concerning the remodelling of the apartments to meet our particular needs, it is said Reverend Brother Fielder Israel, Chaplain, came forward with what seemed to be the exact requirements. They were adopted without delay, and on January 18, 1886 the new apartments were dedicated by Most Worshipful Abraham H. Howland, Jr. Past Most Worshipful William Parkman addressed the Lodge, expressing his particular interest in our achievements and apparent phenomenal growth.

The members of recent years may well express surprise in learning that the Tyler formerly had a job of particular significance, together with the usual assignments required of him today. It is said that it was not unusual for the membership to have a complete copy of its members, and its communication was a personally delivered item on the part of the Tyler, something to think about in this day and age.

Many living today may recall Right Worshipful George B. Farrington; his many affiliated fraternal activities, and a man much respected for his keenly discernible and penetrating characteristics which added in later years to strengthen our position locally. His last important ritualistic performance was that of Senior Deacon on a Past Masters' night during Worshipful Arthur Hindle's administration.

On April 27, 1906 the Salem Masonic Temple Association was incorporated, a dream, it is said, in the mind of the beloved Worshipful Harry Kingsley. No time was lost in its deliberations and the property we now occupy, then known as the Brookhouse property, was acquired for the sum of #55,000 on July 2, 1906, and ground was broken on May 5, 1915. The cornerstone was laid amid much rejoicing and the presence of Most Worshipful Melvin Johnson and suite from the Grand Lodge on June 24, 1915, with Worshipful Frederick N. Mowll. as presiding Master. On June 24, 1916 the Temple was officially dedicated; Worshipful George W. Blinn occupied the East.

Too much cannot be said of the dedication and determination evidenced in the undaunted spirit of the original members of the Salem Masonic Temple Association of which Starr King Lodge had three members. The officers were: President, Brother William H. Gove; Vice-president, Brother William D. Chappie; Treasurer, Right Worshipful George B. Farrington; Secretary and Clerk, Worshipful Harry Kingsley. Those of us privileged to enjoy the results of their effort in humility bow our heads in grateful appreciation, and say "Well Done, Good & Faithful Servant."

Some may possibly recall the "Ladies Nights" of the period from 1909-1914, held at Franklin Hall, Washington Square; the Cassius Cilley event of 1911, and the fiftieth anniversary with Most Worshipful Melvin Johnson and Suite present; and with Worshipful Frederick N. Mowll, as Master. With the advent of the crisis associated with the first World War, much in growth of membership and prosperity resulted. Many activities absorbed all available time, for this was the period of expanse, literally speaking, of our Masonic principles, ideals and cherished philosophy.

Our next honor of distinction was realized in the appointment of Right Worshipful Frank A. Neff. Then in turn came Right Worshipful Frederick J. Needham, Right Worshipful Harry L. Chisholm, and, finally, Right Worshipful Walter K. Ray, our present Secretary. Many of us recall with much pleasure our associations of assisting in the success and achievements of each Deputy, in his particular contribution to the Craft.

On April 13, 1939 we marked the occasion of our Seventy-fifth Anniversary with Worshipful Arthur Hindle, presiding: a memorable occasion with Ladies' Night and an address by "Blacky," the renowned Blackington, as a feature long to be remembered.

A Public Installation was held on our October 12, 1943 meeting with representatives from all Masonic Bodies in Salem, with their ladies present as guests of Starr King Lodge, with Worshipful George F. Pennington as Master. This Installation was under the direction of Right Worshipful Harry L. Chisholm with Worshipful Raymond E. Neal as Marshal; Worshipful Brother Neal succeeding Right Worshipful Harry L. Chisholm, as Deputy. Ladies' Nights were held on several occasions, and semi-public ceremonies also marked the installations of Worshipful William E. SkefBngton, Jr., Worshipful Reginald Clark, and our present presiding Master, Worshipful Peter S. Russell, Jr.

With the advent of changed conditions and circumstances it was necessary to rewrite the By-Laws in 1963. The Committee consisted of Right Worshipful Walter K. Ray, Chairman, Worshipful Arthur Dorman, Worshipful Reginald Clark, Brother William U. Marshall, Brother William L. Ives, Brother Robert W. Moore and Worshipful Peter S. Russell, Jr., who at the time occupied the station of Senior Warden.

Starr King Lodge is proud to acknowledge its membership of 398 members and enjoys an enviable fraternal position among all our Masonic Bodies. Finally, in bringing to a close some events of our past, we, the membership of Starr King Lodge, A. F. & A. M., gratefully acknowledge with a sense of deep appreciation and respect the individual contributions, in time and effort, of our departed Brethren.

This brief historical effort is written in full realization that the common incident of today may be an historical aspect of tomorrow; and to the next historian may his effort be as richly rewarded.

I am indebted to Worshipful William E. Skeffington, Jr. for his assistance in this matter.


From Proceedings, Page 1989-39:

Starr King Lodge was chartered on April 13, 1864 with 21 charter members, and the largest nunibership was in 1926 with 646 members. The history of the Lodge is transcribed in detail in our previous Fiftieth, Seventy Fifth and One Hundredth anniversaries. Please refer to the 1964 Grand Lodge Proceedings, pages 119-124. It is with pleasure that we update this history and bring you these highlights of the past twenty five years —1964-1989.

The Lodge has had 10 Treasurers and 11 Secretaries since its charter with the present Secretary having served for 33 years. Our present Chaplain has served for 38 years. Starr King Lodge has had 20 new Masters in the past twenty-five years. There are 23 living Past Masters of the Lodge, the oldest being Wor. Gilbert Layton Stearns who was raised on September 2, 1919 and served as Worshipful Master in 1934 and 1935 — 55 years ago.

In June of 1968, Wor. William U. Marshall was elected Master of the 28th Lodge of Instruction for the years 1968-1969.

February 10, 1969, a blizzard caused many Lodges including Starr King Lodge to postpone their meetings.

October 9, 1972, Starr King Lodge instituted its first scholarship fund under the direction of its founder, Wor. Harold Shapiro.

May 9, 1977, Rev. Bro. Arthur W. Webster, D. D., was honored by the presentation of the Joseph Warren Medal. Rev. Bro. Webster is the only member of Starr King Lodge to receive such a high honor in the past 40 years.

December, 1977, Starr King Lodge was honored by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts when Wor. Winfred C. Zealor was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the Lynn Eighth Masonic District who in turn, appointed Wor. Robert G. Porter his District Deputy Grand Marshal and Wor. Robert W. Moore his District Deputy Grand Secretary, both Past Masters of Starr King Lodge.

February 13, 1978, a blizzard paralyzed Massachusetts for a week and a state of emergency was declared by the Governor. No cars were allowed on the streets during that week with snow drifts 15 to 20 feet high. Help had to be called in from New York and Maine to assist with the plowing. Starr King Lodge did open their Lodge and conducted a business meeting with only five officers present.

In June of 1978, Rt. Wor. Winfred Zealor was elected Master of the 28th Lodge of Instruction for the year 1978-1979.

February 22, 1982, tragedy struck Starr King Lodge when the City of Salem declared martial law when 3 major fires which were set by an arsonist completely gutted the Salem Armory, the Power Building and the Salem Masonic Temple. All Lodges that met in the Temple including Starr King Lodge lost all of their valuables. Records from all the Lodges except those of Starr King Lodge were destroyed by the fire. The Secretary had the records of this Lodge safely stored at his home.

Starr King Lodge held all of their meetings in Philanthropic Lodge in Marblehead for two years while the building was being rebuilt. Starr King Lodge will always be grateful to Philanthropic Lodge for their generosity.

In December of 1982. Wor. Gerald T. Lennox was appointed District Deputy Grand Secretary by Rt. Wor. Douglas Hulsman, District Deputy Grand Master, for the Lynn Eighth Masonic District.

March 12. 1984 — Starr King Lodge A.F. & A.M. held its first meeting in the newly rebuilt Lodge Room in the Salem Masonic Temple. The Fellowcraft Degree was worked with our Master, Wor. Milton Leitner in the East.

June 10. 1984 — Masonry again began to see the light as the Salem Masonic Temple had been rebuilt and the Lodge Room was rededicated by Most Worshipful David B. Richardson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.

May 13, 1985 — Wor. Gilbert Layton Steams was presented with his 50 year Past Masters' diploma by Rt. Wor. Warren R. Davis, District Deputy Grand Master for the Lynn Eighth Masonic District.

June, 1985 — Wor. Gerald T. Lennox was elected Master of the 28th Lodge of Instruction for the year 1985-1986.

August 11. 1986 — Starr King Lodge A. F. & A. M. traveled to Bristol, Maine to work the Master Mason Degree on our own brother, Bruce B. Wolff who was raised a Master Mason by Wor. John Collins, Master of Starr King Lodge by a special dispensation from Most Worshipful David B. Richardson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.

In December of 1986, the Grand Lodge again honored Starr King Lodge by the appointment of Wor. Gerald T. Lennox as one of the Grand Stewards of the Grand Lodge by Most Worshipful David B. Richardson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.

May 11, 1987 —- Six members were presented with their 60 year veterans' lapel pins, and two members, their 50 year veterans' medals by Rt. Wor. Robert L. Spinney, District Deputy Grand Master for the Lynn Eighth Masonic District. These eight members represented over 460 years of service. There were 13 other members with over 60 years of service who could not appear because of age or illness. Their pins were presented at their homes.

October 17, 1987 — By special dispensation of the Grand Lodge, Starr King Lodge held a special meeting at the home of Bro. John Donald MacArthur who received his Master Mason degree. Bro. MacArthur was seriously ill and was unable to leave his bed. We are saddened to report that Bro. MacArthur passed away a few weeks after receiving the Degree and signing the by-laws of Starr King Lodge.

During these last twenty-five years, Starr King Lodge A.F. & A.M., has held 108 special meetings which include 73 In Memoriams, 13 Installations, 14 Saint John's Day services, I Table Lodge, 1 Visitation to Bristol Lodge in Bristol. Maine and 1 Rededication. Membership statistics for the 25 years include:

  • Membership as of April, 1989, 215
  • Veteran Members living (70 years or over), 4
  • Veteran Members living (50 years or over), 20
  • Deceased Past Masters, 15
  • Candidates raised, 116
  • Affiliations, 14
  • Reinstatements, 14
  • Deceased, 233
  • Demits, 30
  • Suspended, 55

May the next twenty-flve years serve Starr King Lodge with men and ideas for the future and success of the Lodge that they may celebrate their 150th Anniversary with Pride and Joy.

Your History Committee:

  • Wor. William L. Ives
  • Rt. Wor. Walter K. Ray


  • 1984 (Participation in hall rededication, 1984-43)



From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. XXIII, No. 10, August, 1864, Page 296:

A New Lodge has lately been organized in Salem, Mass., under Dispensation bearing the name of Starr King Lodge. We congratulate our Brethren of the new Lodge upon their happy selection of a name. As a general rule we are opposed to the practice of naming Lodges for individuals, but if Brethren have an inclination to do so, let the name selected be that of one whose life has been an exemplification of those shining virtues which characterize the true and consistent Mason. Such an one was our lamented Brother, Thomas Starr King. His ear was ever open to the tale of sorrow and distress, and no worthy suppliant for relief ever went from his door empty handed. His memory will be fondly cherished in the hearts of many a widow and orphan; hearts that, although bowed down with a crushing weight of affliction, were made to sing for joy, not more by his liberal bounty than by his warm, cordial, earnest sympathy. It is good to perpetuate the remembrance of such men by bestowing their names upon our Lodges. —Mercury, San Francisco.


From Moore's Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Vol. XXIV, No. 7, May 1865, Page 200:

This new Lodge was duly constituted by the M. W. Grand Master, assisted by the officers of the Grand Lodge, at Salem, on the 17th ult., in the presence of a large concourse of Brethren; most, if not all, of the Lodges in the District being represented. There was also a full attendance of the members of Washington Royal Arch Chapter. The services took place in the new and beautiful Hall which has just been fitted up for the accommodation of the various Masonic Bodies in the city, viz :— Essex Lodge, Starr King Lodge, Washington Chapter, Winslow Lewis Encampment, and Sutton Grand Lodge of Perfection. The new Lodge having been constituted with the usual ceremonies, the Hall was Dedicated, and the officers of the new body were duly installed. At the conclusion of which the M. W. Grand Master delivered a short and impressive charge, and introduced the Rev. Br. Hepworth of this city, as the orator for the occasion. As we have been promised a copy of so much of the address as would be most appropriate for publication, we shall not attempt any sketch of it in this connection. It is sufficient to say that it was an eloquent and finished performance, and was received with universal approbation. It paid a warm and earnest tribute to the memory and exalted charter of the lamented Brother, whose honored name the new Lodge bears.

The new Hall is another addition to the many elegant and commodious Lodge Rooms, which within the last few years have been prepared to . meet the increased necessities and demands of the Fraternity, in different parts of the State. It is one of the most elegant and commodious in the jurisdiction; richly frescoed and furnished, and of ample size for all the purposes for which it will be required. Besides the ante-rooms, five or six in number, it has a large banqueting room, which can be readily converted into a working hall, should occasion require. We do not know that, in the matter of accommodation for their meetings, our Brethren in Salem have anything more to desire. And we are gratified to learn that, in this, as in many other good enterprises, the Fraternity, in the Second District, are largely indebted to the liberality and energy of our honored Brother, Maj. Gen. Wm. Sutton of Salem. Our earnest prayer is, that he may long live to enjoy the fruits of his many good works.

The new Lodge is composed of experienced and zealous Brethren, and starts into existence with the most encouraging prospects before it. The officers are as follows :—

  • Geo. H. Peirson, W. M.
  • Dana S. Smith, S. W.
  • Jacob F. Brown, J. W
  • John Barlow, Treas.
  • Jonathan Perley, Sec.
  • Henry E. Jocelyn, S, D.
  • George W. Williams, J. D.
  • Augustus M. Haskell, Chap.
  • Jos. S. Glover, Marshal
  • S. C. Weston, Inside Sentinel
  • Edward Wildes, Organist.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. IX, No. 7, May 1914, Page 278:

Starr King Lodge, Salem, Mass., celebrated the 50th anniversary of its organization April 13, with a reception, banquet and post prandial exercises. Frederick N. Nowell, worshipful master presided.

The guests included Melvin M. Johnson, MWGM, and other officers of the Grand Lodge, David G. Bartlett, DDGM, of the 8th Masonic District and the presiding masters of the district. Of the 21 charter members, Capt. Joseph M. Parson, at present in Tryon, N. C., is the only survivor. He is a veteran of the Civil War and a past commander of Phil U. Sheridan Post, G. A. R.

The following have served as Worshipful Master of the lodge: Gen. George H. Pierson, Dana Z. Smith, E. Augustus Amiable, Henry A. Brown, Albert B. Russell, Henry P. Arvedson, George W. Mansfield, Alvah H. Warner, Hon. Edward C. Battis, Robert L. Almy, George B. Farrington, Henry W. Edwards, Frank L. Decker, Harry Kingsley, Herbert S. Gilman, William E. Haywood, Henry P. Nourse, Cassius S. Cilley and Frank B. Ellery, of whom the first five are dead.


From TROWEL, Winter 1986, Page 14:

Starr King Lodge of Salem Visits Bristol Lodge, Maine

Bristol Lodge No. 74 of Bristol Mills, ME, was host on Aug. 11 to Starr King Lodge of Salem and Masons representing six different states who witnessed the conferral of the Master Mason Degree on Bro. Bruce B. Wolff of Beverly and Starr King Lodge. The meeting was held in Damariscotta by special dispensation of M. W. Ernest H. Curtis, Grand Master of Maine, who was received with his Deputy Grand Master, John E. Anagnostis.

Wor. Howard R. Burns, Master of Bristol Lodge, greeted Wor. John Collins of Starr King and his officers and other dignitaries. Bro. Burns once resided in Beverly and often visited the Salem Lodge. Arrangements for the joint meeting were made by R. W. C. Weston Dash, Secretary of Bristol Lodge and D. D. G. M. of the Tenth (Lincoln County) District of Maine and also Secretary of the Maine Lodge of Research, and by R. W. Walter K. Ray who has been Secretary of Starr King Lodge for 30 years.

The visitors' register included names of Masons from 19 different Maine Lodges, 16 Massachusetts Lodges, and others from New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and Ohio. A delicious Maine lobster stew topped off the evening of good fellowship.

Included among the treasured archives of Bristol Lodge is the apron and diploma, dated 1779, once worn by Bro. Samuel Tucker (1747-1833) when he was Raised in St. John's Lodge, Boston. Bro. Tucker was a Naval Commodore during the American Revolution. He was born in Marblehead, ran away from home at age 11, and sailed with the British sloop Royal George. He was in London when the war broke out and, on returning to the colonies, was commissioned a Captain by George Washington. He was credited with capturing 62 English vessels and he commanded the ship that took John Adams to France as minister.

Twice captured, he later served in the Massachusetts General Court (1814-18) and was a member of the convention to form a constitution for the new state of Maine in 1819. He served in the Maine legislature in 1820-21.


From TROWEL, Winter 1989, Page 20:

125th Anniversary Celebration of Starr King Lodge, Salem

By Special Dispensation granted by M. W. Albert T. Ames, the 125th Anniversary Meeting of Starr King Lodge, Salem in the Lynn 8th Masonic District, was held on Thursday, April 13, in the Masonic Temple, 70 Washington Street, Salem, preceded by a baked stuffed breast of chicken dinner at 6:30 p.m.

At 8:00 p.m., R. W. Jeffrey B. Hodgdon, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge, representing Albert Ames, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, was received, along with a suite of distinguished Masons. The Grand Lodge was opened for a Special Communication.

A History of Starr King Lodge was read; the Deputy Grand Master called on some special guests for remarks; he gave the anniversary address and at the conclusion, closing the Lodge along with the Special Communication of the Grand Lodge. An informal reception followed the closing.

On Saturday evening, April 15, the 125th Anniversary banquet and Ladies' Night was held in the temple, where a social hour preceded dinner at 7:00 p.m. The menu consisted of choice of prime rib of beef, stuffed shrimp, or baked stuffed breast of chicken with all the fixin's. Entertainment and dancing followed dinner.

On Sunday, April 23rd, 1989, a service of worship, held to jointly celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the United Methodist Church of Salem, and the 125th Anniversary of Starr King Lodge, was conducted by Rev. Bro. Willis P. Miller, minister, assisted by the lodge Chaplain, Rev. Bro. Arthur W. Webster. The sermon: "The Building of the Temple". The brethren met in the Masonic Temple at 9:00 a.m. together with Essex Lodge, and marched to the church. The ladies were invited and attended the service.




1864: District 2

1867: District 5 (Salem)

1883: District 8 (Salem)

1911: District 8 (Lynn)

1927: District 8 (Lynn)

2003: District 9


Massachusetts Lodges