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Location: Lynn

Chartered By: Samuel H. Wragg

Charter Date: 12/11/1946 1946-350

Precedence Date: 03/04/1946

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Mount Carmel Lodge, 06/15/1989.


  • Frederic Gluck, 1945, 1946; N
  • Alfred L. Parsons, 1947; Mem
  • Lyndon W. Ellis, 1948; N
  • Orville G. Caswell, 1949
  • Nathan Ogan, 1950
  • Nathan Ogan, 1951
  • Charles S. Feldman, 1952; N
  • Joseph Kanosky, 1953
  • Israel Bloch, 1954; SN
  • Frederic Gluck, 1955
  • Abbott H. Sachar, 1956
  • Julian M. Hurewitz, 1957
  • Frank Levine, 1958
  • Sherman M. Kramer, 1959
  • Jerome D. Ogan, 1960
  • Sheldon L. Simons, 1961
  • Jordan E. Krigest, 1962
  • Morris L. Levine, 1963
  • Norman F. Cohen, 1964
  • H. Manuel Dobrusin, 1965
  • Irving A. Estrich, 1966, 1967
  • Bruce N. Sachar, 1968
  • Fred Shulkin, 1969
  • Charles Cronis, 1970
  • Bruce N. Sachar, 1971
  • Oscar Robinson, 1972
  • Paul E. Gerolstein, 1973; N
  • Jordan E. Krigest, 1974
  • Morris L. Levine, 1975
  • Cecil H. Weinstein, 1976, 1977, 1988, 1989
  • Philip S. Weinstein, 1978
  • Carl Bornstein, 1979
  • Malcolm Borden, 1980
  • Irving Shapiro, 1981
  • George A. Rogosa, 1982
  • Donald Maize, 1983
  • Francis M. Knight, 1984
  • Robert L. Marder, 1985, 1987
  • Eric P. Knight, 1986



  • 1971 (25th Anniversary)


  • 1947 (Wragg; Constitution of Lodge and installation; Special Communication)
  • 1971 (Jaynes; 25th Anniversary; Special Communication)
  • 1989 (Ames; Consolidation; Special Communication)


1947 1949 1952 1959 1965 1967 1969 1970 1976 1986


  • 1971 (25th Anniversary History, 1971-140)


From Proceedings, Page 1971-140:

By Right Worshipful Lyndon W. Ellis.

On April 4, 1945, nine Master Masons met in the evening at the office of a centrally located Brother in Lynn, Massachusetts. Those present were Wor. Lyndon W. Ellis, Brothers Benjamin Shulkin, Charles S. Feldman, Nathan Labovitz, Abraham Levy, Israel Margolskee, Arthur Feldman, Joseph Simons and Joseph Kanosky.

The idea of forming a new Lodge in Lynn brought this group together and the thought was thoroughly discussed with complete unanimity and enthusiasm. It was agreed that our main purpose should be channeled so that all in our immediate North Shore area who expressed a desire to become members of the Craft could do so in complete confidence of unbiased consideration and without having to seek admission at inconvenient and far removed locations.

It seems we were all thinking of the Lord's concluding judgements when He said, "also thou shalt not oppress a stranger; for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. Exodus 13:9

Wor. Brother Ellis suggested that this original group expand in size and subsequently discuss all ramifications of the forming of a new Lodge, the responsibility involved both present and future, that devolved on each member, and the ultimate financing of the Lodge.

A second meeting of the original group was held within a week and a decision was made to circulate notice among local Masons that a petition was to be drawn up for establishing a new Lodge in the City of Lynn.

An organizational meeting was held on April 18, 194S in the vestry of Temple Beth El, located at the time on Breed Street, at which fifty-one brethren were present. Brother Charles S. Feldman presided at this meeting and outlined the basic reasons why we felt it was necessary to consider a petition for a new Lodge. All the brethren present enthusiastically endorsed the idea, and pledged to support the proposed petition.

Two committees, one to recommend the principal officers, the other to suggest a name for the Lodge, were formed and immediately retired to separate rooms to deliberate in order to report their findings before the conclusion of the general meeting. The committee charged with the selection of the five principal officers included Brothers Benjamin Shulkin, Jacob Stone, Arthur Feldman, Nathan Labovitz, Dr. William Shub and Nathan Cohen.

Their selection met with the complete accord of the general committee: Worshipful Alfred L. Parsons, Past Master of Mount Carmel Lodge, for Master; Worshipful Lyndon W. Ellis, Past Master of Bethlehem Lodge, Senior Warden; Worshipful Orville G. Caswell, Past Master of Bethlehem Lodge, Junior Warden; Brother Charles Jacobs of Wayfarers Lodge, Treasurer; Rt. Wor. Rufus Titus, Past Master of Philanthropic Lodge and Past District Deputy Grand Master of the Lynn Eighth Masonic District, Secretary.

Most regrettably, Rt. Wor. Brother Titus suddenly passed away before our institution and his office was to be filled by Worshipful Herman W. Smart, Past Master of Golden Fleece Lodge.

As time takes its toll of all men, it is fitting though sorrowful to note that Worshipful Herman Winslow Smart, Past Master of Golden Fleece Lodge and Mount Sinai's first active Secretary, passed away on January 25, 1971. The Lodge was represented at a Masonic Funeral Service conducted by Golden Fleece Lodge on the evening of January 26, 1971.

The committee assigned to select a name for the Lodge was composed of Brothers Abraham Levy, Israel P. Margolskee, Max Zaiger, Samuel Butman and Nathan Brown. Just before the committee retired to deliberate, Brother Feldman suggested for consideration the name of "Mount Sinai." "Mount Sinai" met with the committee's unanimous approval and subsequently with that of the full general committee.

The name "Mount Sinai" readily suggested the main element of the Lodge seal, that of the tablets containing the ten commandments that Moses brought down from the mountain. "And He gave unto Moses, when He had made an end of communing with him upon Mount Sinai, two tablets of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God." Exodus 31:18. We, as a Lodge, are deeply indebted to Rt. Wor. James Krigman, recently Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge, for designing our Lodge seal, of which we are exceedingly proud.

Requests continued to come in from Masons who desired to be included as charter members as the inspiration and interest increased hourly for the proposed new Lodge. Subsequently, Worshipful Brother Ellis wrote to the Grand Master, Most Wor. Samuel H. Wragg, for an appointment for the purpose of presenting a petition for a new Lodge. The meeting was arranged and the petition, signed by 106 Masons, was submitted and the Grand Master graciously assured him that he would give the matter his careful consideration.

The committee charged with formulating a set of By-Laws was composed of Brothers Nathan Ogan, Chairman, Israel P. Margolskee, Abraham Levy, Matthew Cohen, Jacob Loiter and Samuel A. Sherman. Shortly after the second general meeting they submitted a draft of the proposed By-Laws. Rt. Wor. Kendall A. Sanderson, of the Grand Lodge Charters and By-Laws Committee, was of great help and assistance in this important project.

While the Grand Master was considering our petition, the various committees were busily engaged in their duties, defining their respective responsibilities. Arrangements were also being made to finance the Lodge. It was plainly evident that the petitioners desired to establish a firm financial base. It was decreed that a fee of $25.00 be requested from each member who signed the petition; the fee for the degrees to be $121.00 and the fee for affiliation to be $35.00. It was further decreed that no application would be entertained from a member of a Lynn Lodge, unless the applicant agreed not to demit from his mother Lodge. This step was taken in the interest of harmony and cooperation with our local brethren.

Due to the fact that the Lynn Masonic Temple was occupied to capacity by various Blue Lodges and other bodies of Masonic associations, we received permission from the Grand Master to consider meeting in Swampscott as a Lynn based Lodge. However, because of a misinterpretation of the stated restrictions in the Grand Master's permission — that of having to operate as a Lynn Lodge — the then presiding Master of the Swampscott Lodge objected to our becoming tenants in their Lodge quarters. We therefore withdrew our request without prejudice and continued our search for a home.

In our quest, we were most fortunate through the good graces of Worshipful Frederick J. Haydock, Past Master of Bethlehem Lodge, who was a Trustee of the Odd Fellows Hall diagonally across the street from the Lynn Masonic Temple, to be granted quarters there. One of the two Odd Fellow Lodges petitioned their Grand Lodge for permission to eliminate one of their two monthly nights in order that we could be accommodated. Consequently we were assigned the first Tuesday of each month and this arrangement received the approval of Most Wor. Samuel H. Wragg, Grand Master. Eventually, we met at this location until September 3, 1963.

While waiting for the approval of our petition for dispensation, considerable time was devoted to the selection of potential officers who were thoroughly advised in advance of the obligation they would assume. In due time a tentative line was

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Golden Fleece Lodge, with Worshipful Luther D. Crowley as its Worshipful Master, presented the Lodge a set of Square and Compasses. These two valued gifts grace our altar tonight.

At the regular communication on October 15, 1946, the first candidate, Bro. Joseph Erlich, was raised by Worshipful Lyndon W. Ellis. Wor. Julius Stone, Master of Temple Lodge of Boston, and his officers, visited with us that evening to confer the Master Mason Degree on one of our candidates. During the course of the evening, Wor. Bro. Stone presented the Lodge a set of beautiful working tools and expressed the hope that an enduring spirit of friendship would exist between the two Lodges.

Most Worshipful Albert A. Schaefer honored us that historical night by being our after-dinner speaker. Both the banquet hall and lodge room were filled to capacity to welcome our distinguished guest.

During the Under Dispensation Year from April 30, 1946 to February 4, 1947, thirty-five applicants for the degrees were accepted and fifteen were raised. The average attendance, while under dispensation, was ninety-three for each meeting.

A religious service, dedicated to the approaching Constitution of the Lodge, was held on Friday evening, January 31, 1947 at Temple Beth El, with Rabbi Harburg delivering an appropriate sermon with nearly 100% of our membership in the congregation. Five years later, March 28, 1952, the Lodge joined again at the Temple to observe its Fifth Anniversary, the ceremony being conducted again by Rabbi Harburg assisted by Brother Cantor Morton S. Shanok.

February 4, 1947 was a momentous day for Mount Sinai Lodge, as it was the first Lodge to be constituted in this jurisdiction in sixteen years. The ceremonies of the evening were preceded by a dinner attended by the Grand Lodge officers and many guests. (1947 Mass. 31-34)

The Grand Lodge was opened in Ample Form in an adjoining apartment in Odd Fellows Hall at quarter of eight to which the Master and Wardens then repaired and made a formal request that the Lodge be constituted. The request being granted, the Grand Lodge Officers entered the Lodge room and assumed their stations. The Rt. Wor. Grand Secretary read the Charter. In a solemn and beautiful ceremony, the Lodge was constituted according to the ancient usages of the Craft.

Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg then addressed the officers and members of the new Lodge, congratulated them upon their progress Under Dispensation and wished them well in the future.

Many of the guests spoke briefly, complimenting the Lodge and admonishing the officers and members to adhere strictly to the basic principles of Freemasonry in all of their future actions. The Constitution ceremonies inspired the new Lodge officers to perform their duties faithfully with enthusiasm and zeal.

The first class to be raised after the Constitution included Brothers Frank Levine, Melvin Zetlan, George Samuel Clayman and Oscar Robinson. Brother Frank Levine was to become the eleventh Master of Mount Sinai Lodge and Brother Oscar Robinson is our present Senior Warden.

On February 13, 1947, the Lodge officers were guests of Temple Lodge, Boston, and raised the last candidate in due and ancient form. This first work away from home, bolstered the confidence of the officers. They all were grateful to the host Lodge for inviting them to participate in the work.

Saturday, February 15th the Lodge officers participated in their first Exemplification in Salem and though nervous at this exposure before their constituent Brother officers, they acquitted themselves with honor.

Our first regular meeting as a duly constituted Lodge was held on February 18, 1947. Early that first year, in appreciation for services rendered the Lodge, ten men were elected Honorary Members. They were: Wor. Alfred L. Parsons, Wor. Lyndon W. Ellis, Wor. Orville G. Caswell, Wor. Herman W. Smart, Wor. Roger N. Howes, Wor. Harry W. Braun, Wor. Robert Sword, Wor. Frederick J. Haydock, Bro. William M. McKee-man and Bro. Warren G. Vail.

Wor. Bro. Parsons guided the Lodge through its first busy year with a steady, experienced hand, instilling confidence in the officers by patient and sincere leadership. The membership committee was carefully guided in their work in interviewing applicants and were admonished to maintain a high standard of character in their recommendations.

On September 18, 1947, Worshipful Lyndon W. Ellis was installed Master at a Public Installation so that the wives and friends of officers and members could have the opportunity of seeing what the founders of the Lodge had wrought.

Under the new Master, the Lodge began to strengthen its roots as a result of the fine planting established the previous two years of endeavor assuring its firm place in the Masonic garden. Membership applications continued in goodly numbers and the Lodge flourished with new life, under the diligent work of the officers and committees. Fraternal visitations by the Master and Wardens to local and metropolitan Lodges further cemented relations between the established Lodges and the new one.

The officers, members and their families were invited to a special Friday evening Service on January 9, 1948 of Congregation Ahabot Sholom in Lynn. Rabbi Samuel Zaitchik, who was elected to receive the degrees on December 2, 1947, officiated. The Master and several members participated. It proved to be an inspirational evening of happy memory.

Many notable communications were enjoyed during 1948, each of which shared equally in achieving the aspirations of the new Lodge. Two presiding Masters Nights, one dedicated to the Lynn Eighth District and the other to the Salem Eighth District, proved very popular and gave the officers involved an opportunity to fraternize. In each instance the District Deputy Grand Master presided in the East, with the Worshipful Masters filling the stations for the full form Third Degree.

The visit by the original Kilwinning Degree Team, with Worshipful Hugh Goddard as Master, was another highlight and the team in their colorful Scotch dress conducted the Master Mason Degree with dignity and impressive style. As proof of the interest and enthusiasm engendered by our new Lodge, the attendance that night was 166 visitors and 108 members.

The May 4, 1948 Communication taxed the capacity of the Lodge room, when Mount Sinai was to raise its first member of the cloth, Rabbi Brother Samuel Zaitchik. Rabbi Albert A. Goldman of Temple Israel, Boston, delivered a stirring charge to the candidates and assembled brethren. Earlier in the evening at our business meeting, Honorary Membership was conferred on Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg.

Later in May the first Ladies Night was held and this enjoyable custom has continued as an annual event.

As his term of office drew to a close, Worshipful Brother Ellis noted with pride that excellent ritualistic progress had been made by officers who, two short years previous, were on the sidelines of their various Mother Lodges.

The installation of Worshipful Orville G. Caswell in September, 1948, was highlighted by his two predecessors taking charge, Worshipful Brother Ellis as installing Master and Worshipful Brother Parsons as installing Marshal. It proved to be a year of strengthening fraternal relationships and at the same time engaging in a high degree of programming for its members. The year 1948 was also most eventful when Mount Sinai Lodge shared with Bethlehem Lodge the honor resulting from the appointment of Worshipful Lyndon W. Ellis as District Deputy Grand Master of the Lynn Eighth Masonic District by Most Worshipful Roger Keith. His first fraternal visit to Mount Sinai Lodge on February first was enthusiastically greeted by the members of the Lodge. December 6, 1949 was a night set aside to pay honor to Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg. Most Worshipful Brother Wragg was most gracious in his remarks in commending the Lodge on its fine work. A specially bound historical sketch was presented to him as a memento of the evening. Mount Sinai Lodge is deeply beholden to Most Worshipful Brother Samuel Holmes Wragg for his patience and understanding of men, their motives and dreams. We will be forever thankful for his unswerving faith in our cause and will recall with reverence each year the date on which he, as Grand Master, granted us a Charter.

The meeting on May 3, 1949 was memorable as a "Salute to the Service Committee." The result of this comparatively new endeavor brought praise from grateful members. Besides visiting the sick and the bereaved, two particular activities deserve special mention.

The first is the Blood Donor Squad led by Brother Harry S. Myers, which performed such blessed work. Time after time, emergency requests for blood were met immediately with life-giving benefits. The number of donors on call at that time was nearly fifty. This Lodge program has since been taken over by the Massachusetts Masonic Blood Donor Program, conducted by the Grand Lodge through its Service Department.

The second activity was instituted by Brother Abba A. Sales for brethren who observe the ancient Hebrew eleven month remembrance period by the daily recitation of the Mourner's Prayer (Kaddish). Brother Sales and Brother Joseph Simons presented prayer books to the Lodge so that an evening religious service could be held for the benefit of those who desired it at a convenient time during regular communications.

With the installation of Brother Nathan Ogan on September 6, 1951, the first lower line officer from the original designated line of Mount Sinai became its Master. By this event, the Lodge truly felt that it had become of age. The period of stewardship by the original Master and Wardens had been ably and sincerely served. From that time on the Lodge was on its own. The sacred trust was resolutely kept and the months that followed were outstanding. Many distinguished Masons signed the visitors' register that year. Some came to be honored and others to speak or perform in degree work.

A reception to Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg was a stirring event. The words of wisdom by Rt. Wor. Dugald McCallum to a class raised on November 1, 1949 will long be remembered. Rabbi Israel Harburg, Brother Reverend William Wallace Rose of the First Universalist Church, Brother Reverend Garfield Morgan of the Central Congregational Church honored us as dinner speakers during that year.

Our first Past Masters Night, on April 15, 1950, was dedicated to the first three Masters. Worshipful Brother Ogan observed, concerning the trio: "They have worked untiringly for the continued welfare of the Lodge and their guidance and counsel have been of immeasurable assistance."

The night of January 3, 1950 will long be remembered by Worshipful Nathan Ogan. On that evening he had the unique privilege of raising five candidates consisting of two brothers, two nephews and his son Jerome, who later became Master in 1959. Also Mount Sinai Lodge was to be honored by Most Worshipful Thomas S. Roy when he appointed Worshipful Nathan Ogan a Junior Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge in 1953.

Following his second installation as Worshipful Master, Brother Ogan guided the Lodge to further heights in local Freemasonry. Thus each following Master to date has left his stamp of accomplishments by which Mount Sinai Lodge became richer each year in Masonic and moral strength. The bonds that tie our Lodge to the Craft in general and to our neighbors in particular are firm and unyielding.

It was the firm conviction of officers and members alike that Mount Sinai Lodge should create its own image and search the main roads and by-ways for means of establishing our light in the firmament of Freemasonry.

We have been blessed with visits from many outstanding Masons. To mention a few of which we are most proud are: world-renowned Rt. Wor. Dean Roscoe Pound, who honored us by accepting an honorary membership in Mount Sinai Lodge; Most Worshipful Albert A. Schaefer, Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg, Most Worshipful Whitfield W. Johnson, Rabbi Joshua Liebman as well as Masters of local and metropolitan Lodges over the past quarter century.

The succeeding years demonstrated the growth and confidence which enrich our record of accomplishments. On March 15, 1952 the Lodge visited the Masonic Home in Charlton and performed a second degree for the member guests. Interest was high as we toured the Home, conversed wiith the guests at the Home and presented a personal gift to each. Also, in 19S2, by vote of the Lodge, a Building Fund was started so that Mount Sinai Lodge might be ready to do its share if and when the opportunity presented itself in the future to build or buy new Masonic quarters.

In September of 1953, Rt. Wor. Lyndon W. Ellis became the third Secretary of the Lodge. Also, in 1953, Most Worshipful Thomas S. Roy, Grand Master, appointed Worshipful Alfred L. Parsons, first Master of Mount Sinai Lodge, District Deputy Grand Master of the Salem Eighth Masonic District. Our Lodge was grateful in being able to share with Mount Carmel Lodge, Worshipful Brother Parsons' Mother Lodge, the pleasure of having one of our esteemed brethren elevated to this important office.

On April 6, 1954 the three hundredth candidate was raised since our Institution on March 16, 1946. It stipulates in our By-Laws that the Charter members should be relieved of paying dues after three hundred members were raised. At this meeting, forty Charter members were present for this milestone in our growth. The Worshipful Master, Israel Bloch, had this to say in addressing the Charter members: "It is said, the pyramids have forgotten their builders, but your names will be perpetuated in the Charter of Mount Sinai Lodge, which should survive the centuries to come as charters of Masonic Lodges have survived for centuries past."

On April 20, 1954 the Lodge conducted the first Lodge of Table Instruction on the North Shore with Worshipful Israel Block presiding and Worshipful Reverend Frank B. Crandall as guest speaker. The ritual was a translation from the French by Worshipful Brother Crandall. Table Lodges now become occasions for warm fellowship among the Masonic fraternity throughout our jurisdiction.

Ever mindful of the future the Lodge voted on February 1, 1955 to set aside $200. each year for Anniversary celebrations, which, by the way came in most handy on this our Twenty-fifth Anniversary.

December 27, 1956 was a grateful day for Mount Sinai Lodge as Most Worshipful Andrew G. Jenkins appointed Worshipful Charles S. Feldman as District Deputy Grand Master for the Lynn Eighth Masonic District, the first such appointment from Mount Sinai Lodge.

For the Tenth Anniversary of our Lodge a special program was arranged for Most Worshipful Samuel Holmes Wragg, but due to his illness, Most Worshipful Whitfield W. Johnson appeared on his behalf. A private leather-bound edition of our history up to that time was presented to Most Worshipful Brother Wragg with our love and devoted esteem, as a remembrance of his influence over each and every one of us.

When Rt. Wor. Brother Feldman paid us a Fraternal Visit, on April 1, 1958, he presented to the Lodge a personal gift of three pedestals for the East, West and South stations. These pedestals were dedicated to the memories respectively of Worshipful Joseph Kanosky, Past Master; his own father, Max Feldman; and his mother, Alice Feldman. They were used as long as we met in Odd Fellows Hall.

An outstanding meeting took place on May 6, 1958 when Brother Reverend Harry P. Folger was our dinner speaker. He had just returned from Israel where he had been at the time.

Another unforgettable evening was December 7, 1965 when Right Worshipful Charles S. Feldman raised his son, Michael Robert, assisted by a team composed entirely of Past and Presiding District Deputy Grand Masters.

With the passage of time and the realization of the mounting inconvenience of meeting so far from the homes of our members, the Trustees of the Lynn Masonic Temple, approached us about meeting in their Temple.

The consolidation of some gracious related group tenants enabled us happily to return to our native city. Therefore on September 26, 1967, we held our first communication in the Lynn Temple, twenty-three years after our institution. Needless to say, we are grateful to share the same quarters with the constituent Lynn Lodges of the Lynn Eighth and Salem Eighth Masonic Districts. Subsequently we received permission to amend our By-Laws to permit us to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Lustre was again added to Mount Sinai's name when we had the good fortune to have Most Worshipful Herbert H. Jaynes, Grand Master, honor us with the appointment of Worshipful Israel Bloch as District Deputy Grand Master for the Lynn Eighth Masonic District in December of 1968. Mount Sinai's cup was indeed filled to overflowing with the second such appointment from the Past Masters of the Lodge.

It is always refreshing to witness the raising of a member's son and it was our privilege on February 24, 1970 to have Brother Doctor Jacob S. Carp present to watch his two sons raised by the presiding Masters of the Lynn and Salem Eighth Districts. Worshipful Lewis E. Goldberg, Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, and an uncle of Brother Carp, delivered an inspiring charge.

One of the most unusual and interesting meetings held in Mount Sinai Lodge took place on May 26, 1970. The Master, Worshipful Charles Cronis, secured permission from the Grand Master to do a portion of the Second Section of the Master Mason Degree in Yiddish. At this meeting a team of dedicated officers mastered that portion of the Degree and delivered it during the raising of Rabbi Sidney Jacob Thaler. A full Lodge room of over 250 attested to the fact that this endeavor was well received and a subject of fond memories since that night.

The Lodge was saddened in 1970 by the deaths of two of our Past Masters. Worshipful Orville Gifford Caswell, third Master of the Lodge, passed away on May 13, 1970; and Right Worshipful Charles Solomon Feldman, considered by all as the motivating force in the founding of the Lodge, passed away suddenly on June 5, 1970.

The Lodge is proud of its three Past Masters who served as presiding Masters of the 29th Lodge of Instruction: namely, Rt. Wor. Charles S. Feldman, Wor. Sherman M. Kramer and Wor. Morris L. Levine.

Now we come to the present with this chronicle. Time never waits, it is temporary and elusive. However, we do have the opportunity of making each minute radiant by the good we can do for others. Therefore, we have turned back and examined the pages of our past quarter-century with humility, but now our faces are turned to new horizons and greater opportunities to serve our Craft and fellow men.

It is our fervent hope that in the next twenty-five years those who follow us will continue our earnest efforts to build a Temple on a firm foundation and will accept their heritage as a guide for their own future and history.

"Welding the bonds of Brotherhood In a great chain of common good. Bearing burdens, sharing things, Lifting the world with shining wings, All this our creed, our hope, our plan, Keeping the faith with God and Man."



1946: District 8 (Lynn)


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