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Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Chartered By: Jeremy Gridley

Charter Date: 01/18/1757 recorded on I-61

Precedence Date: 01/18/1757

Current Status: Now St. John's #1P, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island



  • John Burges, 1757


From Proceedings, Page I-61, recorded at a Quarterly Communication, 04/13/1759:

[SEAL] Jeremy Gridley G M

To all and every Our Right Worshipfull and Loving Brethren Free and Accepted Masons now residing or that may hereafter reside in Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island

The Right Worshipfull Jeremy Gridley Esqr. Provincial Grand Master of the Ancient and Honorable Society of Free & Accepted Masons in North America


Whereas application has been made unto us by John Gerish and Sundry other Brethren of the Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons now residing at Providence aforesaid that we would be pleased to Constitute them into a Regular Lodge that Masonry may increase & Flourish in those Parts

Now KNOW YE That We have nominated ordained Constituted and appointed Our Right Worshipfull and well beloved Brother Capt. John Burges to be the First Master of the Lodge at Providence aforesaid and do hereby impower him to Congregate the Brethren together and Form them into a Regular Lodge, He taking Special care in Chusing Two Wardens and other officers necessary for the due regulation thereof for one year at the end whereof the Lodge shall have Power to chuse & appoint their Master, and other officers and so annually, The Master & Wardens for the time being taking Special care that all and every Member admitted into said Lodge from time to time have been or shall be made regular Masons, and that they do cause all and every the Regulations Contained in the Printed Book of Constitutions (Except such as have been or may be repealed at any Quarterly Communication or other General Meeting in London) to be kept and observed as also all such other Rules & instructions as shall from time to time be transmitted them by us, or by our Deputy, or the Grand Master or his Deputy for the time being and that they do annually send an account in writing to us or our Deputy or to the Grand Master or his Deputy for the time being of the names of the Members of said Lodge and their place of abode with the days and place of Meeting with any other things that they may think proper to communicate for the Benefit of their Lodge, and that they do send Two Guineas for their Constitution to be paid into the Stock of the Grand Lodge in Boston, and further that they do annually keep or cause to be kept, The Feast of St. John The Baptist and dine together on that day or near that day as shall be judged most convenient, and Lastly That they do regularly communicate with the Grand Lodge in Boston by sending to the Quarterly Communication such charity as their Lodge shall think fit for the Releif of Poor Brethren.

Given under our Hand and Seal at Boston This Eighteenth day of January Anno Domini One thousand Seven hundred & Fifty Seven and of Masonry Five thousand Seven hundred & Fifty Seven.

By the Grand Masters Command, John Leverett G S


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