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JAMES FORBES 1699-1769

  • MM 1735, WM 1740-1742, First Lodge
  • WM 1752-1752, Second Lodge
  • Junior Grand Warden 1753-1755, Senior Grand Warden 1755-1756, Deputy Grand Master 1756-1757, Grand Treasurer 1757-1765 (St. John's Grand Lodge)


From Proceedings, Page I-174, 08/09/1769:

Last Saturday Night, departed this Life for a better, after a long Series of Misfortunes and Infirmities, that truly Upright, Faithful, Good Man, The Right Worshipful Capt. James Forbes, who in the early Days of Masonry in America was initiated into the Mysteries of the Craft, was in July 5753 promoted to the Degree of Grand Warden, and in January 5756 to that of Deputy Grand Master: After he had passed through those Offices, (which he discharged with that Steadiness and Prudence, as did Honour to himself and great Service to Masonry,) he was in April 5757, Appointed Grand Treasurer, which Office he held several Years to great Acceptance, till his misfortunes in Business obliged him to shut up;

Notwithstanding which, he restored the Lodges Stock entire to the new Grand Treasurer appointed upon his failing; which conduct argued his Love of the Society, in preference to the rest of the World. From a due Sense of his Integrity in the several Trusts reposed in him, his unblemished Name among Mankind, and the Respect due to him as a past Grand Officer:

By Order of the Grand Master, as many of the Brethren as could conveniently be collected, were desired to attend his Funeral, with white Aprons and Gloves: Accordingly, about forty of the Brethren assembled at the Royal Exchange Tavern Yesterday Afternoon, about four o'Clock, and waited there till the Corps was brought out, when they proceeded in Procession, after the Manner usual at Funerals, dressed in all the rich Jewels belonging to the several Offices in Masonry, and so Marched in that Manner before the Corps to the Burial Ground; when arrived at the Gate the Brethren formed a Lane to let the remaining Procession pass through: When the Interrment was over they returned in the same Order before the Relations of the deceased; after seeing them home, the Brethren returned to the Exchange Tavern to deposite the Jewels and Cloathing, and then were dismissed.

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