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JOHN H. JEWELL 1903-1980


Deputy Grand Master, 1967


From Proceedings, Page 1980-85:

Born in Worcester on February 9, 1903, the son of Albert E, Jewell and Caroline Sampson Jewell, he was educated in the schools of Worcester, graduating from High School in 1920, after which he took special courses in salesmanship, sales-management and public speaking. He was associated with his father as a Partner in the A.E. Jewell Co., later to be known as the Jewell Uniform Company, manufacturers of industrial uniforms, and became its President and Treasurer in 1948.

Much of his spare time was spent working in and for Masonry and for his church. He was raised in Morning Star Lodge in June 1925, becoming a Charter Member of Rose of Sharon Lodge in Worcester in 1928 and progressing through the line, became its Worshipful Master in 1937. FIe was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the Brookfield 21st District in 1940 and 1941 and served as Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge in 1967; and was awarded the Henry Price Medal in 1967 and the Veteran's Medal in 1975. He was elected an Honorary Member of Isthmian Lodge of the Canal Zone and its Proxy to the Grand Lodge in 1965, and was appointed Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Oregon in 1968.

He was a member of the Scottish Rite Bodies in the Valley of Worcester and a member of Massachusetts Consistory, 32nd Degree, in Boston. He was a member of Altheia Grotto and a past President of its Glee Club. He was an Honorary Member of the DeMolay Legion of Honor. He was an active member of All Saints Episcopal church. His dedication to his church is borne out by the fact that he sang in the choir for over thirty years and at the same time served over twenty years on the vestry. This service was concluded by his attainment of the highest lay position in the Episcopal Church, that of Senior Warden. He also served five years as Treasurer.

He was a member of the Worcester School Committee for two years and was a member and Past president of the Kiwanis Club. Our brother passed away on April 19th, 1980. A memorial service, attended by his many friends and associates was held on April 23, at All Saints Episcopal Church.

He leaves two daughters, Ruth Ellen, wife of William R. Bartlett of Norwalk, Connecticut; and Barbara Ann, wife of Walter D. Allen, Jr,. of Glastonbury, Connecticut; a sister, Dr. Edith Jewell Hunter, a resident of Shrewsbury; nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Quiet and unassuming as we knew him, he was to his close friends and business associates, a very outgoing member of society, always ready to assist his fellow man in any way he could. We mourn the loss of a good man who believed and lived as a real Mason.

Respectfully submitted,
William C.B. Bauld
Frederick J. Voltz, Jr.
Thomas A. Booth



From Proceedings, Page 1966-395:

Most Worshipful Grand Master and Distinguished Guests:

I don't know whether that was an introduction or an obituary. When the Grand Master was telling you about the tremendous search, he neglected to say how deep down in the barrel they went to get this man who has enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to serve Masonry over the years. It goes back a long ways, of course. Rose of Sharon Lodge was founded in 1927. I was a charter member and the first Inside Sentinel and then went on to become Master, and, as the Grand Master has said, I was very fortunate when M. W. Joseph Earl Perry appointed me District Deputy Grand Master in 1940 and M.W. Bro.Schaefer repeated it in 1941.

I went back to the Lodge of Instruction for three years and then because of the war some of our Officers in Rose of Sharon Lodge were overseas and I went back and was Junior Warden and then Senior Warden for a couple of more years. So I was active for about twenty years. I have been inactive for twenty years and now according to the program that the M. W. Grand Master has outlined to me I am going to be very busy for at least one year.

When the Grand Master talked about people who perhaps should be more interested in Masonry and more active in it, I think now we have a retread who was active and enjoyed every minute of it and tried to contribute just a little to the success of the work of Masonry. It is an opportunity. It is a challenge. 1 have been honored by this appointment as Deputy Grand Master. I pledge to the Grand Master and to the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts my best efforts in the year ahead. I look forward to it with a great deal of pleasure and again it is an honor that I appreciate. Thank you.

Distinguished Brothers