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Location: Springfield

Chartered By: Francis J. Oliver

Charter Date: 03/07/1817 III-94

Precedence Date: 03/07/1817

Current Status: merged with Roswell Lee-Indian Orchard Lodge to form Indian Orchard Masonic Lodge, 09/12/2003.


V-40: Hampden Lodge suspended work from 1835-1844; remitted dues in December 1845.



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From Moore's Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Vol. XXIII, No. 3, January, 1864, p. 87:


The following beautiful and interesting speech was made by Bro. P. M. E. W. Clark, on the occasion of presenting an elegant Past Master's Jewel and Collar to Bro. P. M. F. T. Merrick, Tuesday eveuing, November 3d, 1863 :—

"My Brother—In times like the present, when every eye and ear is strained to catch the first news from our gallant armies, we are apt to forget that, Peace has her victories as well as War.

"The members of Hampden Lodge have often given to their gallant Brothers who have gone forth in defence of our common country, valuable tokens of their esteem, and appreciation of their services in that defence, and it is well that they should do so, for the principles of Masonry are founded on love of God and Country.

"My Brother — we are assembled here this evening, as visiting Brethren of Hampden Lodge; not to pay our homage to the warrior for gallant deeds done in the defence of Country, but to express lo you our esteem for you as a man and a Mason.

"My Brother — you have this evening laid aside the square as a symbol of your office, and again assumed the Trowel, and the visiting Brethren of this Lodge desirous of expressing to you their appreciation of your skill in governing Hampden Lodge, and their thanks for the many acts of kindness which we have received from you, have appointed me to perform that duty, and I can but regret that some one more competent had not been appointed by them.

"For two years, my Brother, you have been Master of Hampden Lodge, and during that time, I think I may say with propriety, no Master could perform his duties more faithfully, being absent but one Communication, I think, and that a special one.

"Your decisions have always been according to Masonic Law, and as such of course acceptable to all. I speak of these things, my Brother, for we, as visiting Brethren, representing thirty different Lodges, (I think) would be apt to discover some imperfections, were it possible. Most of us came to your Lodge entire strangers, we knocked and the door became opened to us, and we have ever received from you, and the members of this Lodge, that courtesy and affability, which we duly appreciate, and for which we express to you our thanks.

"Here have we formed those many pleasing associations which will endear us to this Lodge, not only as Masons, but we have formed many friendships, which will last till life shall end ; and here, under your government have we always found Peace, Love and Unity: thus, my Brother, have you endeared yourself to us as a Mason, and by practising those virtues out of the Lodge, which you have so often inculcated wiihin, you have endeared yourself to us as a man. And now, my Brother, accept these words from me as a token of the friendship of the visiting Brothers towards you, trusting that you may look back on your mastership of this Lodge as one of the bright spots in a well spent life; and wishing you a long and happy life; that you may be blessed not only with this world's goods, but that you may receive that

"Which nothing earthly gives, or can destroy,
The soul's calm sunshine and the heart felt joy."

"There is an old adage, that 'actions speak louder than words,' accept then my Brother this Jewel, not for its intrinsic worth, but as a token of our esteem for you, and when you wear it, may it call to your mind many of these valuable lessons in which you have so often instructed others. The compass extended on a quadrant will remind you that your sphere of usefulness in this life, is only bounded by your ability to perform ; let the Square remind you, although not the symbol of your office, yet God has made all things square, upright and perfect; and the Sun, in the centre, of that great light which God has given us to lead us through life, and when you shall have done with life, and shall have passed to your reward, then may that beautiful passage of Holy Scripture be made manifest to you, which says, "The sun shall be no more thy light by day, neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee; but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory."



1817: District 6 (Central Massachusetts, Worcester)

1821: District 10

1835: District 9

1849: District 9

1867: District 10 (Springfield)

1883: District 16 (Chicopee)

1911: District 18 (Springfield)

1927: District 18 (Springfield)


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