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DISTRICTS: 1927-2003

Grand Master Simpson rearranged the districts in 1927, expanding the total from 33 to 47 (along with the Canal Zone, Chile and China). In several cases two districts were created with the same number and in one case (District 4) three districts with the same number were created. This alignment, with some modifications, was in use from 1927 until 2003.

A list of senior District Deputies for this district alignment.


In 1931 Grand Master Dean made several changes to the existing district alignment.

  • Two lodges from District 22 (Solomon's Temple, Blackstone River) were moved to District 20, which was renamed the Blackstone 20th District. Two lodges from District 22 (Montgomery, Charles River) were moved to the 23rd District, and one (Excelsior) to the Attleboro 28th District.
  • One lodge from District 20 (Quinebaug) was moved to District 21.
  • The lodges of the Worcester 21st District were moved to District 22, which was renamed the Worcester 22nd District.


In 1990, the Dorchester 4th District was merged into the South Boston 4th District. In 1995, this District was renamed as the Boston 4th; and the Roxbury 4th District was merged into it, leaving only one District 4.


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