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Location: Taunton

Chartered By: Albert T. Ames

Charter Date: 10/14/1989 1989-112

Precedence Date: 06/08/1988

Current Status: merged into Cawnacome Sunshine Lodge, 04/18/2006.


  • Charles E. Phillips, 1988, 1989
  • Sydney Grunberg, 1990; N
  • Harold F. Nye, 1991; Mem; ;N
  • Edward I. Waldman, 1992
  • Vernon S. Bowers, 1993; N
  • Richard W. Phillips, 1994; N
  • Emile J. Rouleau, 1995
  • John C. Sutterley, 1996, 2003
  • Paul Frederick Kimball, 1997, 1998
  • Donald A. Bickel, 1999
  • Charles E. Rouleau, 2000
  • C. J. Ferry, 2001, 2002
  • Robert C. Corr, 2004, 2005



  • 1989 (Ames; Constitution of Lodge and installation; Special Communication)
  • 1990 (Darling; installation)
  • 2006 (Hodgdon; Consolidation; Special Communication)


1989 2001 2003



From TROWEL, Winter 1988, Page 9:

Metacomet Daylight Lodge Instituted

With M. W. Albert T. Ames among its charter members, Metacomet Daylight Lodge of Taunton was instituted September 28 under the direction of R. W. Joseph Russo, Jr., D. D. G. M. of the Taunton 28th District. It is the second daylight Lodge in the state, the first being Euclid of Boston.

Wor. Charles Phillips of Bourne, a Past Master of Social Harmony Lodge in Wareham and a member of George H. Taber Lodge of Fairhaven, was seated as the first Master of Metacomet Lodge. R. W. Sidney Grunberg of Cranston, RI, Past Master of Mt. Hope Lodge in Fall River and a member of Ezra Lodge, Taunton, was installed Senior Warden, and Wor. Harold Nye, Past Master of Pythagorean Lodge, Marion, is the first Junior Warden.

Metacomet, the Indian name for King Philip, who was a rebellious son of Massasoit of Plymouth, will meet in the Taunton Masonic Temple at 66 Winthrop St., the third Wednesday of each month. If there is degree work, the Lodge will open at 10 A.M., otherwise, at 11 A.M., with a luncheon to follow every meeting. When this article was written August 20, more than 85 charter members had been recorded. It is the first instituted Lodge in Massachusetts since the Masters Lodge was chartered in Newtonville in 1983.

A daylight Lodge appeals to the many retired men who no longer choose to travel at night but want their Masonry stimulated through meeting together with men of Brotherly Love and Affection, and whose fraternal interests bind them for a few hours each month.


From TROWEL, Spring 1990, Page 20:

Grand Master Albert T. Ames Institutes Metacomet Lodge

On Sept. 19, 1989, Grand Master Albert T. Ames and Grand Lodge officers visited the Masonic Temple in Taunton to institute and install the officers of Metacomet Daylight Lodge that meets in that temple the third Wednesday morning of the month. R. W. Sydney Grunberg, a Tauntonian by birth and education, and a Past Master of Mt. Hope Lodge, Fall River and Past D. D. G. M. of the Fall River 30th District, was seated as the Worshipful Master. He is also a member of Ezra Lodge of Taunton.

R. W. Harold F. Nye, Past D. D. G. M. of the Nantucket 31st District and Past Master of Pythagorean Lodge, Marion, was installed Senior Warden. Wor. Harold C. Cunningham, Past Master and Secretary of Wamsutta Lodge, New Bedford, was sealed as Junior Warden.

R. W. Arnold B. Shaw, Past D. D. G. M. of the Taunton 28th and Past Master of Netop Lodge, Seekonk, was installed as Treasurer, and Wor. Charles E. Phillips, the first Master of Metacomet Daylight Lodge, was installed as Secretary.

Other officers installed: R. W. and Rev. Oscar Guinn, Sr., Chaplain; Wor. Charles E. Rouleau, Marshal; Wor. Edward I. Waldman and Preston H. Richmond, Deacons; R. W. Richard W. Phillips and Wor. Emile J. Rouleau, Stewards; Bro. Charles Gregory, Inside Sentinel; R. W. Thomas Hill as Organist, Wor. Lesley H. King, Tyler, and Wor. Charles E. Katsanos, Ritualist.

Appointments by the Worshipful Master: R. W. James T. Watson, Jr., Proxy to Grand Lodge; R. W. Harold F. Nye, Masonic Home Representative; R. W. Robert W. Williams, III, Trowel Representative; Wor. William R. Letton, Blood Committee Chairman; Wor. Charles E. Rouleau, DeMolay Representative; Wor. Charles E. Phillips, Service Committee Chairman; Bro. Charles F. Gregory, Jr., Masonic Awareness Chairman.




1988: District 28 (Taunton)

2003: District 20


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