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Location: Guilford, Connecticut

Chartered By: John Rowe

Charter Date: 07/10/1771 I-188

Precedence Date: 07/10/1771

Current Status: no mention after 1775; according to Tabbert, replaced by St Alban's #38 in 1797.



To ALL AND EVERY our Right Worshipful and Loving Brethren, Free and Accepted MASONS now Residing or that may hereafter Reside in Guilford in the Colony of Connecticutt in New England. WE JOHN ROWE Esquire Provincial Grand Master of the Antient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted MASONS for all North America, where no other Grand Master is Appointed


WHEREAS Application hath been made unto us by Timothy Ward, Bilious Ward, David Landon, Timothy Ludington, Ebenezer Waterhouse, Asher Fairchild, Benjamin Stone, Giles Trubear, and Samuel Johnson, Free and Accepted MASONS now residing in Guilford aforesaid ; setting forth that they live at a great Distance from any regular Lodge, and are deprived of the Benefits of MASONRY on that account, Therefore humbly Request that they may be made a regular Lodge, and Appoint our Brother Mr Bilious Ward to be the first Master of the same, and do promise strictly to observe all the Laws and Regulations of MASONRY, and to the utmost of their Power, Support and Contribute to the well being of the Craft.


That we of the great Trust, Power and Authority, reposed in us by his Grace the most Worshipful HENRY SOMERSET, Duke of Beaufort &c Grand Master of MASONS, have Constituted and Appointed our Right Worshipful and well beloved Brother Mr BILIOUS WARD to be the first Master of the Lodge at Guilford aforesaid, and do hereby impower him to Congregate the Brethren together, and form into a Regular Lodge, he taking special Care that all, and every Member thereof, and all transient Persons admitted therein have been, or shall be regular made MASONS : and that he appoint two Wardens, and other Officers to a Lodge Appertaining, for the due Regulation of said Lodge for One Year; at the end of which he shall Nominate a new Master to be approved by the Lodge, at least two thirds of the Members in his favour, and said new Master shall Nominate and Appoint two Wardens and a Secretary for the ensuing Year, also a Treasurer, who must have the Votes of two thirds of the Members in his favour; and so the same Course Annually.

AND WE DO HEREBY GIVE to said Lodge all the Privileges and Authority of other Regular Lodges ; Requiring them to observe all and every of the Regulations contained in the Printed Book of Constitutions (except such as have been, or may be Repealed at any Quarterly Communication or other general Meeting of the Grand Lodge in London,) to be kept and observed, as also all such other Rules and Instructions as may from time to time be transmitted to them by Us, or our Deputy, or Successors to either for the Time being: And that they do Annually send an Account in Writing to Us, or our Deputy, or Successors to either of Us for the Time being of the Names of the Members of said Lodge, and their Place of Abode, with the Days and Place of Meeting, with any other things they may think proper to Communicate for the benefit of MASONRY ; and that they do Annually keep the Feast of St. John the Baptist, or S4 John the Evangelist, or both, and Dine together on said Day or Days, or as near either of them as shall be most Convenient: And lastly that they do Regularly Communicate with the Grand Lodge in Boston, by sending to the Quarterly Communication such Charity as their Lodge shall think fit for the Relief of Poor Brethren, with the Names of those that Contributed the same, that in case any such may come to want Relief, they may have the preference to others.

GIVEN under Our Hand and Seal of MASONRY at BOSTON the 10th Day of July A : D 1771 and of MASONRY 5771.



  • Petition for Charter: 1771


Connecticut Lodges under Massachusetts jurisdiction

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