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Deputy Grand Master, 1992


From TROWEL, Spring 1992, Page 4:

When Attorney and Brother Ted Cooledge left Greater Boston to attend the Western New England School of Law. following his attending New England College at Hennicker, NH. Little did he know he was following the sage advice of John B. L. Soule who, in 1851, said "Go West Young Man." It took Horace Greeley, founder of the New York Tribune, to make that quotation famous, but where Greeley had a special aversion to secret societies. Bro. Cooledge has established a law practice in his adopted city and where the light of Freemasonry was reflected upon him.

"One day a law book salesman came in our office (Cooledge and Lauro), and I noticed he was wearing a Masonic ring. I asked him about it and how one might be a Mason. Worshipful David Stone of Indian Orchard Lodge did the rest. He advised me to petition a Lodge near my home 'because you will ati id Lodge more often.' I took his advice and he sponsored me in Newton Lodge. Wilbraham. where I've found Fraternal comfort.

A member of Winthrop Chapter. Order of DeMolay. he graduated from Winthrop High School in 1964. He was installed Master of Newton Lodge in 1964 by R. W. Donald Lohnes. now living in Florida, who was Deputy Grand Master in 1977. He served as the District Deputy of the Springfield 33rd, 1989-90. He is a member of Scottish Rite Bodies of Springfield, and Melha Temple. Shrine.

Husband of Janet M. Cooledge. he also has a romance with a lady named Rebecca, a 1933 vintage Rolls Royce. He is Chairman of the Wilbraham Board of Appeals and a director of our Masonic Home at Charlton.



From Proceedings, Page 1991-197:

Most Worshipful Grand Master, Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters, Grand Lodge Officers, distinguished guests and my brethren all.

This is, indeed, a great privilege and distinct honor to have been appointed Deputy Grand Master for the ensuing year. Now I pledge to you my utmost dedication in the furtherance of the principles of Freemasonry.

When I first sat down down to contemplate about what I was going to talk about tonight so many thoughts came to mind. But realizing the day has been long and that many of you have great distances to travel, I was therefore determined not to write a long speech covering many Masonic topics. However, my purpose tonight is to talk for a few minutes on the modernization of Freemasonry in Massachusetts to meet the needs of mankind in the 21st Century.

You may ask how do we modernize our ancient Masonic fraternity. I suggest to you we have been doing just that through our Masonic Awareness Program. One of the main principles of the Masonic Awareness Program is to educate the public as to what we stand for. We can no longer afford to be known as that silent fraternity because, brethren, we have so much to be proud of. Let us open our doors in 1992 so that the world will be educated as to what Freemasonry now stands for.

Brethren, the lack of education breeds ignorance. Ignorance was the reason for the intense anti-Masonic movement which endangered our very existence in this country. There will always be those who will attack because of the lack of knowledge of what freemasonry truly stands for. Masonic awareness in Massachusetts now encourages all Masons to stand proud and to identify ourselves as Masons in our community, workplace and houses of worship. We stand proud to profess to the world the tenets of our profession, brotherly love, relief and truth.

Brethren, Masonry in Massachusetts is now experiencing a new lease on life. We have made the turning point in our fraternity because of our Masonic Awareness Program and your dedication in promoting our great fraternity. Look at the increase in membership. We raised more Master Masons in 1990 than we have in each of the past five years, and from all indications the year 1991 should far exceed the year 1990. At this rate we will certainly be ready for the needs of the 21st Century with the necessary qualified members and leaders.

Our Grand Master has set his designs down on his trestle board to prepare our fraternity for the future. Just look at our Grand Lodge Building with all its beautiful renovations. We certainly can be proud to open our doors and invite the public in. Brethren, in order to achieve advancement we must change. We must move ahead. We must modernize. This past November when I stood observing the Grand Master conducting the dedication ceremony of our 3.5 million dollar addition to our Masonic Home in Charlton I swelled with pride and had wished that every Mason, his family and his friends could have been there. Brethren, this is most certainly another aspect of our modernization project in order that our facility in Charlton will be prepared for the future.

During the construction at Charlton I had been proud to discuss this project with many non-Masonic friends. They were amazed we have a Masonic Home for our brethren and their wives. Many, in fact, expressed interest in visiting our Masonic Home. Again, what better way to introduce a non-Mason to masonry? Brethren, our fraternity has so much to offer all mankind.

Up to this point for some reason we have been not anxious to go out into the world and to show people what we're all about. Consider for just a moment the D.A.R.E. Program in which Massachusetts Masons support our local police departments and schools in teaching children to resist and say no to drugs and alcohol. Consider our many scholarship programs, Masonic blood programs, hospital equipment, the Ronald McDonald House, and the list goes on and goes on and goes on. We are certainly no longer that silent fraternity.

As you prepare yourself for the 21st Century, I charge that you practice Masonic awareness, not only in your home, but in your community and in your workplace. Brethren, our Grand Master and the Grand Lodge has certainly supplied us with the working tools to prepare us for the 21st Century. Take hold. Move forward with Masonic pride. Never again allow our fraternity to be judged out of ignorance. Brethren, behold how rapidly our lives are drawing to a close. Today we put forth the tender leaves of hope, and when we think our greatness is still aspiring we fall like autumn leaves to enrich our mother earth. Let Masons in Massachusetts set an example for the world. Do not let a day pass that you don't practice the tenets of our profession: brotherly love, relief and truth.

Most Worshipful Grand Master, on behalf of all your appointed officers, we thank you for this opportunity to serve you and this Grand Lodge in the ensuing year.

Brethren, I personally wish each and every one of you a prosperous and healthy Masonic new year. Thank you.

Distinguished Brothers