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Junior Grand Warden, 1936


From Proceedings, Page 1939-292:

Right Worshipful Brother Randall was born in Newbury, Vermont, April 4, 1884, and died at Altamont, New York, August 10, 1939. The greater part of Right Worshipful Brother Randall's active life was spent in the successful practice of dentistry in Springfield.

Brother Randall took his Masonic Degrees in Pulaski Lodge No. 58 of Wells River, Vermont, in 1911. He dimitted in 1914 and affiliated in 1915 with Springfield Lodge of which he was Master in 1922. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Eighteenth Masonic District in 1925, 1926, and 1927 by appointment of Most Worshipful Dudley H. Ferrell and Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson. He served the Grand Lodge as Junior Grand Warden in 1936.

Brother Randall was very active in the Scottish Rite. At the time of his death he was Commander-in-Chief of Connecticut Valley Consistory and had been made an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, 33rd degree, in 1934.

His great efficiency in all he undertook is strikingly shown by his appointment as District Deputy Grand Master for a third year, a distinction very unusual in the later period of Grand Lodge history.

He was always ready to work and to help. The respect and affection of his Brethren was his in unstinted measure. His comparatively early death is a great loss to us all.

From Proceedings, Page 1939-331:

Born at Newbury, Vermont, April 19, 1884
Died at Altamont, New York, August 9, 1939

Gone from our midst is the familiar face of him who was the friend of all, - respected and loved by every one who knew him. For countless of us, there is the deep personal loss of a true and sincere friend - one possessed of kindness and svmpathetic understanding to a rare degree. For Masonry, in this vicinity, there is the severe loss of an outstanding personality,- a leader and at the same time, the humble and faithful servant of Masonry and Masons.

Right Worshipful H. Greeley Randall was a man of high integrity and impeccable character,- a real Mason in the highest sense of the word. He lived his Masonry, practicing its teachings in his daily life. Imbued with a deep love of Masonry, he served it faithfully, long, and well,-giving to it generously of his time and services and ever willing to serve it in any capacity. Never one to seek the limelight, he much preferred to work quietly in the background and, doubtless, many of his Masonic services never will be known. Never one to seek office, he was sought to fill many offices, and he filled them with distinction. He bore his honors with modesty and humility and no honor, and no high station, could ever mean as much to him as the friendship of a single one of his fellow men. As against high stations, he much preferred, and sincerely, to be at'all times modestly and humbly on the level of equality with all of his Brethren.

Right Worshipful Brother Randall was raised in Pulaski Lodge No. 58, at Wells River, Vermont, in September 1911. He affiliated with Springfield Lodge in 1914, was elected its Worshipful Master in 1921 and served as such with great distinction. During the years 1925 and 1926, he served as,District Deputy Grand Master for the 18th Masonic District. On the division of this District he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the new Springfield 18th District and served as such during the year 1927. During his three years of service as District Deputy Grand Master, he won the affection and esteem of the Masons in Western Massachusetts. He was a member of the Education Committee of the Grand Lodge from 1928 to 1935, inclusive, in which capacity he rendered devoted and efficient advice. In December, 1935, he was elected Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge, and, shortly afterward, received the Henry Price Medal.

Right Worshipful Brother Randall also held membership in all bodies of the York and of the Scottish Rite. He was exalted in Morning Star Royal Arch Chapter in 1918; became a member of Springfield Council, Royal and Select Masters, and of Springfield Commandery No. 2, in 1920. In the Scottish Rite, he received the degrees in Evening Star Lodge of Perfection and Massasoit Council, Princes of Jerusalem, in 1919; in Springfield Chapter of Rose Croix in 1920; and in Connecticut Valley Consistory in 1921. He served these respective bodies of the Scottish Rite as Thrice Potent Master, Sovereign Prince, Most Wise Master and Commander-in-Chief, occupying the latter oftce at the time of his death. Right Worshipful Brother Randall was crowned an Honorary 33rd Degree Mason at Grand Rapids, Michigan, on September 26, 1934.

He attended the schools of his native town and was graduated from its High School. Then, he entered the Medico-Chirurgical College of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was graduated therefrom in 1911, receiving the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. From graduation until his death, he practiced his chosen profession with success in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was a member of the Connecticut Valley and Massachusetts Dental Societies and the American Dental Association.

Right Worshipful Brother Randall is survived by his widow, Estelle Davis Randall, and two daughters, Jean and Virginia. Here indeed was a man who walked in kindness and good fellowship all of his days; who built for himself a monument in the hearts of his fellow men, where the memory of him and his virtues will ever endure.

Gurdon W. Gordon
George W. Gray
Linwood B. Regan

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