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FRED L. MOSES 1870-1933


Grand Pursuivant, 1922
Senior Grand Warden, 1928


From Proceedings, Page 1933-19:

R.W. Brother Moses was born in Freedom, N. H., February 11, 1870, and died in Brookline, January 15, 1933. He was a direct descendant in the ninth generation from John Moses, of Windsor, England, who settled at Portsmouth, N. H., in 1639.

He was educated in the public schools of Freedom, N. H., and for three years attended a private preparatory school in Maine. His first employment was in the wholesale hay and grain business, but since 1897 he was in the crude rubber and shellac business, for the last twenty years on his own account.

R.W. Brother Moses was Raised in Carroll Lodge No. 57, of Freedom, N. H., in 1893. Dimitting from that Lodge in December, 1908, he affiliated with Soley Lodge in 1909 and was its Master in 1920 and 1921. He was a Charter member of Samuel Crocker Lawrence Lodge, being Senior Warden under dispensation and Master in 1922. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Sixth Masonic District in 1923 and 1924, by appointment of M. W. Dudley H. Ferrell In 1928, he served the Grand Lodge as Senior Grand Warden.

R.W. Brother Moses was a member of Mt. Vernon Royal Arch Chapter, of Roxbury; of Naphtali-Council, Royal and Select Masters, of Chelsea; and of Joseph Warren Commandery, K.T., of Roxbury. He was Illustrious Master of Naphtali Council in 1906 and, 1907, and in the Grand Council served as Grand Lecturer for six years and as Deputy Grand Master in 1913.

R.W. Brother Moses was a man who made friends wherever he went. None knew him but to love him. We are all the poorer for his going.

From Proceedings, Page 1933-41:

Born at Freedom, New Hampshire, February 11, 1870
Died at Brookline, Massachusetts, January 15, 1933

After nearly a quarter century of devoted and loyal service to Masonry, during which he was greatly beloved by all who knew him, our Brother has been called to the Celestial Lodge above. Less than three weeks before his death he addressed a Lodge of Instruction, and was to have installed the officers of two Lodges in Medford during the following week. He was faithful to the end.

He was a direct descendent of the ninth generation of John Moses, who came from Windsor, England, and settled at Sagamore Creek, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1639. He married Miss Ada B. Gilmore, January 11, 1899. A daughter, Priscilla, was born July 18, 1911.

He received the three degrees in Carroll Lodge No. 57, in his birthplace, Freedom, New Hampshire, in 1893, was dimitted from that Lodge in 1908, affiliated with Soley Lodge, Somerville, in 1909, in the latter year started in line as Senior Steward, and was Master in 1919-1920. He was a Charter member of Samuel Crocker Lawrence, of Medford, was its Senior Warden under dispensation, 1920-1921, and Master in 1922. He was an honorary member of Soley, Samuel Crocker Lawrence, King Solomon's, Russell, and Sagamore Lodges.

In Grand Lodge, he was Grand Pursuivant tn 1922, District Deputy Grand Master for the Sixth Masonic District in 1923 and 1924, was Junior Grand Warden in 1927, in December 1928 was appointed a member of the Board of Trial Commissioners, and held that position at the time of his death. As a member of the Board, he rendered invaluable service.

In the collateral Masonic bodies, he was a member of Mt. Vernon Royal Arch Chapter, of Roxbury, Naphtali Council, Royal and Select Masters, of Chelsea, was Grand Lecturer of the Grand Council 1908 to 1911, inclusive, and 1918 and 1919, and was its Deputy Grand Master in 1913. He was an honorary member of Naphtali, Medford, Cambridge, and Cryptic Councils. He was also a member of Joseph Warren Commandery of Roxbury.

He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Winter Hill Congregational Church for eight years, was President of the Men's Club of the church for three years, and had been a Trustee of the Lawrence Light Guard Veteran's Association since 1916.

He was employed in the wholesale hay and grain business by Scott and Bridge, of Boston, for about three years, and since 1897 had been connected with the crude rubber and gum shellac business, during about twenty years of this time with George A. Alden & Co., of Boston, and since 1913 for his own account.

In his Masonic affiliations, as well as in his business transactions, he displayed an ability and a sense of justice which warranted the confidence placed in him by his Brethren and his associates. This explains why he was continually advanced to positions of greater responsibility. He was most popular in the Somerville and Arlington Sixth Districts as an installing officer.

His was a life of service. Whenever we think of him, we picture a man continually going out of his way to help others. His whole life seemed to be influenced by his Masonic teachings. In any group, when called upon to speak, he always responded in the most cheerful and delightful fashion, bringing out in a forceful way some Masonic truth which left a distinct impression on the lives of his hearers. Those whose load has been made lighter and whose road has been made smoother by his kindly advice and encouragement are numberless.

Now that he has entered a life of larger service, his Brethren have a feeling of pride and satisfaction that they were privileged to associate with him here.

Louis A. Jones
Lawrence Mitchell
Howard E. Custance

Distinguished Brothers