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CHARLES M. AVERY 1832-1906



From Proceedings, Page 1906-15:

"Right Worshipful Brother Charles Morrill Avery was born in the town of Wolfboro, N.H., Feb. 12, 1832, the son of John and Lucinda (Osgood) Avery. He died at his residence in Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 22, 1906, after a short illness, aged 73 years, ll months, 10 days.

"Brother Avery came to Boston in 1853 and secured employment as a decorator of furniture with Daniels, Kendall & Co. He was an artist in his vocation and continued in that branch of business until the time of his death.

"He married Sarah Alvina Baker Sept. 28, 1854, to whom were born a son, Frank E. Avery, and a daughter, Ella M. Avery. The son only survires.

"Brother Avery was initiated in Star of Bethlehem Lodge, Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 28, 1855; passed Jan. 2, 1856; raised Jan. 30, 1856, and admitted to membership Feb. 27, 1856. Demitted Sept. 16, 1857.

"Brother Avery was an Original Petitioner and Charter Member of Joseph Warren Lodge, of Boston, under a dispensation granted Sept. 23, 1856, and the Lodge constituted Oct. 15, 1857. He served the Lodge as:

  • Junior Deacon, December 1858, to December, 1860.
  • Junior Warden, December, 1860, to December, 1863.
  • Senior Warden, December, 1863, to December, 1865.
  • Worshipful Master, December, 1865, to December, 1867.

Right Worshipful Brother Avery was appointed Grand Lecturer in this Grand Lodge Dec. 27, 1872, and reappointed annually until December, 1882, when he was elected Senior Grand Warden, and served in that office for the year 1883.

"He was again appointed Grand Lecturer December, 1883, and continued to hold the office until December, 1888, and also from December, 1897, to Deeember, 1903, being a period of twenty-one years of active duty as Grand Lecturer; and one year in the honorable office of Senior Grand Warden, thereby becoming a Permanent Member of the Grand Lodge.

"Brother Avery was exalted in the Royal Arch Cbapter of the Shekinah, Feb. 20, 1857, and was its High Priest from 1866 to 1869 inclusive. He was created a Knight Templar in Palestine Commandery of Knights Templars, Feb. 20, 1860, and was elected its Eminent Commander 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. He held the office of Grand Lecturer in the Grand Commandery of Knights Templars of Massachusetts and Rhode Island from 1871 to 1881. He was a Chnrter Member of Naphtali Council of Royal and Select Masters, and was Thrice Illustrious Master in 1870, 1871, 1872 and 1879, and was Grand Principal Conductor of the work in Grand Council in 1874 and 1875.

"Illustrious Brother Avery received the Degrees in the Ancient and Acceptecl Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1863, and, was crowned a Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33° and enrolled an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council Sept. 15, 1903.

"Thus was rounded out the active life of one whose modest, quiet, yet dignified, manner in all his deportment won for him the esteem and brotherly regard of all who knew him' In his life there is nothing to regret. As a Mason, he was ever zealous and devoted to its true Principles ancl Landmarks. His services, so freely given, made him one of the most valued members of our great Fraternity.

"His strong, sterling, manly character, combined with a clear judgment in opinions expressed, carried convictions to the minds of his hearers, whether it be in the business of the Communication or in the ritualistic work.

"An honorable record is closed, but its sublime influence is ever with us.

"None knew him but to love him, None named him but to Praise."

Respectfully and fraternally submitted,

James M. Gleason,
William H.L. Odell,
Arthur W. Burke,

From New England Craftsman, Vol. I, No. 5, February 1906, Page 184:

Rt. Wor. Charles Morrill Avery, a charter member and Past Master of Joseph Warren Lodge, Boston, and Past Senior Grand Warden and Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge for several years, died January 22d at the age of seventy-four years. He has filled many other Masonic offices and was well known throughout the State.

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