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Junior Grand Warden, 1943

A member of Paskamansett Lodge; its only Permanent Member among presiding Masters


From Proceedings, Page 1963-201:

Right Worshipful Austin Millard Thresher, past Junior Grand Warden, died in Scotch Plains, New Jersey on August 20, 1963, at the age of eighty-one years.

Right Worshipful Brother Thresher was born at Hardwick, Massachusetts, on May 1, 1882, a descendant of Colonial Ancestry, and was educated in the public schools of Hardwick, folIowing which he entered the employ of the Consolidated Rendering Company serving for ten years as superintendent in Springfield, Massachusetts, New Haven, Connecticut, and New York, New York, following which he located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where from 1922 until his retirement in 1952 he served as Superintendent of Collection and Disposal of City Wastes and various offices of the City of New Bedford.

Being troubled with asthma for several years previous to his retirement, he moved to Casa Grande, Arizona, where he resided until 1962, at which time he moved to Scotch Plains, New Jersey, residing there with his daughter until his death.

His Masonic History is as follows: Received the Entered Apprentice Degree March 20, 1928; Fellow Craft Degree April 17, 1928; I(aster Mason Degree June 29, 1928 in Paskamansett Lodge in New Bedford, Massachusetts, serving as Worshipful Master of said lodge in 1936. He received the Royal Arch Degrees in Adoniram Chapter in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He served as District Deputy Grand Master of the New Bedford 30th Masonic District in !939 and 1940 and as Junior Grand Warden in 1943, and received the Henry Price Medal in 1943. He also served for many years as District Representative on the Board of Masonic Relief.

He was a Past Master of the 26th Lodge of Instruction and supported its activities and those of the DeMolay for many years. He was President of the New Bedford Masonic Temple Corporation and Custodian of the Masonic Temple for many years. Right Worshipful Brother Thresher was a distinguished and dedicated Mason, an upright citizen, a man of keen foresight and sound judgment, ever ready to stretch forth a hand to assist and promote any good cause of Masonry, and. a man whose qualities one would do well to emulate.

Thus comes to a close the career of a dedicated Mason. Funeral Services were held at Hardwick Center Cemetery. He is survived by his widow, the former May Howard; a daughter, Mrs. Irene T. Martin and a granddaughter residing in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

Fraternally submitted,
Roger Keith
Fred S. Wordell
William D. Harris

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