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From Proceedings, Page 1873-337:

REV. ADDISON SEARLE, U. S. NAVY, Episcopalian. 1844, 1845, 1848, 1849.

He was born in Temple, N. II., October 19, 1791. Having finished his preparatory studies at the academy in New Ipswich, he entered Dartmouth College in 1812, and graduated in 1816. After leaving college he was engaged about two years in teaching a school of young ladies, in Boston. He pursued his theological studies at Bristol, R. I., with the Right Rev. Alexander V. Griswold, Bishop of the Eastern Diocese, and was ordained deacon by that prelate, in St. John's Church, Providence, R. I., in September, 1819. During his diaconate he officiated several months in Hopkinton and Concord, N. II. In April, 1820, he was appointed a Chaplain in the Navy, and in the following August was admitted to priest's orders, in St. Michael's Church, Bristol, R. I., by Bishop Griswold.

In May, 1821, he sailed from Boston, for a cruise in the Mediterranean, in the Frigate Constitution, bearing the flag of Commodore Jacob Jones, and returned to the United States in 1824. From 1824 to 1827 his official duties were performed at the New York Navy Yard. During 1827 and 1828 he was rector of St. Paul's Church, in Buffalo, N. Y., and also of a church in Detroit, Michigan. Feb. 8, 1829, he was stationed at Pensacola Navy Yard; in 1830 and 1832, at the Navy Yard in Charlestown; in 1833, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. In October, of 1833, he returned to Detroit. In the spring of 1835 he sailed from New York in the sloop-of-war Peacock, destined (as flag-ship) for the East India station. On her outward passage the Peacock touched at Rio Janeiro, and there Mr. Searle was transferred to the sloop-of-war Erie, the flag-ship of the U. S. Squadron on the coast of Brazil. At the expiration of this cruise, in 1837, he was appointed to the chaplaincy of the Navy Yard, Boston. He continued at this station till the summer of 1849, when he received orders for duty on board the Frigate Cumberland; and in August, sailed from New York in that ship, for a cruise in the Mediterranean. For several years before entering upon this (which proved to be has last) service, Mr. Searle had suffered from disease of the heart. His health, at the time of his sailing, was apparently improved, but, several months after, he had a return of his complaint. Under this he gradually failed, and, on the 2d of August, 1850, died on board the Cumberland, on her passage from Messina, Island of Sicily, to Alexandria, in Egypt.

Some time after his decease a few of his friends, in Boston and vicinity, erected, in Mount Auburn Cemetery, a marble cenotaph to his memory, which bears the following inscription: —

Senior Chaplain in
U. S. N.
Buried at sea, August 2, 1850.
Erected by friends
who, valuing him in life, remember
him in death with true affection
and deep regard.

— History of Temple, N. H.

The following resolutions were passed by the Grand Encampment of Massachusetts and Rhode Island : —

"Sir Daniel Harwood announced the decease of Rev. Addison Searle, and offered the following resolutions : —
"Resolved, That the Grand Encampment have with heartfelt grief received intelligence of the death of the Rev. Addison Searle, late Prelate of this Body.
"Resolved, That the Masonic fidelity, social virtues, and unspotted character of this lamented Knight, have established with us all a warm and enduring attachment; and that, by this dispensation, an important link is broken in the chain of our enjoyments.
"Resolved, That we sincerely sympathize with all the friends of the deceased, and that we would respectfully declare our participation in their sorrows."
"The above resolutions were adopted, and the Grand Recorder was instructed to furnish the family of the deceased with a copy thereof." Brother Searle was raised in Saint John's Lodge, Boston, March 2, 1819; signed the By-Laws, as member, in 1844; and was Chaplain of the Lodge from 1844 to 1849 inclusive.

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. IX, No. 12, p. 384:

We are deeply pained to be called on to notice the death of this most estimable and excellent Brother. He died on board the U S. ship Cumberland, in the Mediterranean, while on bis passage to Alexandria, and was buried at sea.

Br. Searle had been a Chaplain in the Navy for thirty years, and we believe was the oldest member of his profession in the service. He had been attached to the Navy Yard at this station for the eleven years preceding his last voyage, and was universally beloved as a pious, intelligent and accomplished christian and gentleman. He was an active, consistent and faithful Mason, and by none will his death be more deeply lamented than by bis Masonic Brethren. He had filled the offices of Dist. D. G. Master, and Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, and was, at the time of leaving the country, Prelate of the Boston Encampment, and, we believe, Chaplain to one of the Chapters and Lodges in the city.

The Rev. Br. Thomas R. Lambert, his successor and particular friend, preached an eloquent aud feeling sermon on his death, at the Chapel, in the Navy Yard, on Sunday the 22d ult. The Rev. Dr. Eaton and Rev. Mr. Chase of the Navy, were present and assisted in the service. Br. Searle was a graduate of Dartmouth College, and of fine literary taste and talents.

From Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. X, No. 3, p. 83:

Boston, Nov. 4, A.L. 5850.

The Commiitee appointecl at the last meeting of St. John's Lodge, (Boston) to present suitable resolutions on the occasion of the death of Brother Addison Searle, beg leave to report -

To the W. Master and' Bretlwen of St. John's Lodge.

The meluneholy intelligence has recently been received, that our worthy and esteemed Brother Addison Searle, has been removed from us by death.

We are informed that our friend and Brother, while in the discharge of his duty as chaplain on board of the United States Ship Cumberland, within a few days sail of a foreign port, far from kindred and friends, and upon the "ocean wave," was suddenly called upon to render up his spirit, to the Father of all our spirits, and that tenement which we have so often seen warmed and electrified by the "soul within", is now in the "deep bosom of tho ocean buried.

Most of the oldest members of this Lodge, who have been in the habit of attending its communications, will remember with pleasure, the devotion and zeal, manifested by our departed Brother, in the cause of Masonry, and will bear testimony that he possessed in an eminent degree, those virtues which go to make up the character of a "Most Excellent Master.'" For a series of years, Brother Searle held many important offices in the varioug Masonic Institutions in this city, among which was that of Chaplain of this Lodge. In view therefore of the position which our late Brother sustained to the Fraternity generally, and to this Lodge in particular, and of our recollections of the many excellencies of his Christian and Masonic character, we feel, that we should be doing violence to our own sense of justice, to let this occasion pass, without offering for the consideration of this Lodge the following Resolutions :-

Whereas it has pleased Almighty God, to remove from us by death, our Brother the Rev. Addison Searle, Iate a member of this Lodge, ancl for many years its Chaplain, and also Deputy Grand Master for the first Masonic District,- Therefore,

  • Resolved, That in the dearh of our late Brother, this Lodge would bow with entire submrssron to the will of Almighty God, who in His wisdom has seen fit to remove from his earttrly labors, a zealous Mason, a faithful Brother, and an honest man.
  • Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the affectionate sisters, and other relatives ol the deceased, in this afflicting dispensation, and with them. we would "drop a tear to the memory of our depaited Brother.
  • Resolved, That the altar of this Lodge be clothed with the usual badge of mourning for sixty days, as a feeble tribute of the respect and affection which thls Lodge entertain for the high Masonic character of our late Brother.
  • Resolved, That a copy of the above resolutions be forwarded to the sisters of the deceased.

Respectfully submitted,
F. E. White,
John Flint,
John B. Hammatt, Committee.

Distinguished Brothers