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ALVAN R. LEWIS 1856-1930


Senior Grand Warden, 1927


From Proceedings, Page 1930-69:

R.W. Brother Lewis was born in Stirling May 25, 1856 and died after a long illness at the home of his son, Alvan R. Lewis, Jr., in Easthampton January 30, 1930.

After graduation from school and college Brother Lewis entered the teaching profession and remained in it until he retired in 1926 at the age of seventy. For thirty-four years preceding his retirement he was a Superintendent of Schools.

Brother Lewis took his Masonic degrees in John Warren Lodge, of Hopkinton, in 1894, and was its Worshipful Master in 1899 and 1900. He joined Vernon Lodge, of Belchertown, in 1908 and was its Worshipful Master in 1919 and 1920. He was District Deputy Grand Master for the Nineteenth Masonic District in 1922 and 1923 by appointment of M.W. Arthur D. Prince and M. W. Dudley H. Ferrell. He was Senior Grand. Warden in 1927.

Brother Lewis was always a good citizen and was recognized and honored as such. For ten years he was Moderator of the Town Meetings of Belchertown.

Deeply religious in his nature, he was an active Sunday School worker in,his earlier years and later a Deacon in the Congregational church at Belchertown and one of the Trustees of the parish. His broad human sympathies led him to take a prominent part in the activities of the Grange and the Eastern Star.

He was held in the deepest love and esteem by ail who knew him. I{is townsmen showed their respect by closing their places of business during his funeral services. His service as a Grand Warden and permanent member of the Grand Lodge was not active as he was not well at the time of his election and the increasing severity of his illness soon incapacitated him. Those who came to know him, however, recognized a rare spirit whom it was a pleasure and a benefit to have met.

From Proceedings, Page 1930-187:

R.W. Brother Lewis was born in Sterling, Massachusetts, May 25, 1856, and died in Easthampton January 30, 1930. He was the son of Alvan and Hannah Richardson Lewis, and was educated in the Lancaster and Fitchburg schools, and in a western University, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Arls. He was married in 1881 to Miss Laura Helen Wood of Westminster, who died in December 1929.

The greater part of his life, until he was retired at the age of seventy in June 1926, was spent in public school work - ten years as a teacher in the schools of Ashburnham, Mansfield, Hingham, and Natick, and thirty-four years as Superintendent of Schools - eight in the Hopkinton-Ashland District, eight in Provincetown, and eighteen in the Belchertown-Enfield District.

R.W. Brother. Lewis was made a Mason in John Warren Lodge, Hopkinton, April 4, 1894 and was its Master during 1899 and 1900. He later affiIiated with Vernon Imdge, Belchertown, and during the years 1919 and 1920, was its Master. During 1922 and.1923 he was District Deputy Grand Master for the 19th Masonic District by appointment of two Grand Masters, M. W. Arthur D. Prince and M.W. Dudley H. Ferrell. In L927 he served as Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge.

He was a member of Hampden Royal Arch Chapter, Palmer, and of other fraternal and civic societies in his home town, and of the Congregational Church in Belchertown, of which he was a Deacon and member of the Board of Trustees, and in which he took a deep interest. In his earlier years he was an active Sunday School worker of distinct ability and influence. He also served as Town Moderator for ten years and as Chairman of the Republican Town Committee for a number of years.

TaIl and of alert and dignified bearing, his quick decisions and emphasis on punctuality in the conduct of his schools or in public functions will long be remembered, but withal he was kindly and courteous, enjoyed social contacts, and became truly a part of the community he loved and which Ioved him.

One could not fail to be impressed with his high Christian character and integrity whether in casual meeting, in school relations, or in his public and private life, and no one ever doubted his sincerity of purpose or strict uprightness. He was reliable and true. One could not escape this conviction, and it invited confidence and trust. He not only won and retained the high regard and cordial good will of those who came under his tutelage and direction in their attempt to acquire or dispense the basic fundamental of a higher education, but also their abiding esteem and affection.

A son, Alvan R. Lewis, Jr., Principal of the Center School at Easthampton, two sisters, and a brother survive him.

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