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Location: Everett

Chartered By: Arthur D. Prince

Charter Date: 12/13/1922 1922-308

Precedence Date: 12/09/1921

Current Status: merged with Mount Vernon Lodge to form Mount Vernon-Galilean Lodge, 12/05/1997.


Needs living PMs

  • Charles Bruce, 1921, 1922
  • David S. Huey, 1923
  • George E. Hunt, 1924
  • J. Albert Baader, 1925
  • Joseph Lovegren, 1962
  • Edwin Hobbs, 1927
  • Harry B. Tabor, 1928; N
  • Ralph K. Manning, 1929; N
  • William C. Leslie, 1930
  • Raymond C. Dexter, 1931
  • Frederick A. Ashley, 1932
  • Harry E. Hall, 1933
  • Clarence Beard, 1934
  • John E. Little, Jr., 1935
  • Peter D. Duncan, 1936
  • Percy R. Bradbrook, 1937
  • Albert R. Margeson, 1938
  • Albert F. Ensor, 1939
  • Russell T. Smith, 1940
  • John A. Haughn, 1941
  • Oscar H. York, 1942
  • Carroll B. Bickford, 1943
  • Levi Wells, 1944
  • Gardner H. Shattuck, 1945
  • Milton A. Mackay, 1946
  • Harry T. Hamilton, 1947
  • Ralph B. Grace, 1948
  • Frederick D. Bryson, 1949
  • Eugene Snook, 1950
  • Richard E. Ablin, 1951
  • Clarence W. McCarthy, 1952
  • Wright H. Hopkinson, 1953
  • Charles Koval, 1954
  • Sumner G. Holdthwaite, 1955
  • Neil A. Elder, 1956
  • J.J. Lloyd North, 1957; N
  • William C. Brown, 1958
  • George H. Wheeler, 1959
  • Leon J. Vogt, 1960
  • Douglas H. Smith, 1961
  • Edward J. Fitzgerald, 1962
  • Carl W. Wood, 1963
  • George Fotos, 1964
  • Laurence G. Brown, 1965
  • Frank H. McDewell, Jr., 1966; N
  • Dana E. Shattuck, 1967
  • Kenneth H. Ledbury, 1968
  • Robert G. Stewart, 1969
  • David L. Richards, 1970
  • Frank Wanko, 1971
  • Frederick N. Stevens, 1972
  • O. Rae Goodwin, 1973
  • David L. King, 1974
  • Donald F. Roberts, 1975
  • John W. Flight, 1976
  • Kenneth J. Scott, 1977
  • Thomas J. Gorgone, 1978
  • Richard H. Brown, 1979
  • Gregory Fasoulas, 1980
  • Walter C. Brown, Jr., 1981
  • James G. D. Marley, 1982
  • Richard A. Bruder, 1983
  • Lester L. Tuck, 1984, 1985
  • Wayne D. Barme, 1986
  • Albert E. Robinson, 1987
  • Harold W. Bodman, 1988
  • John R. Gear, 1989, 1990
  • Michael F. Terry, 1991, 1992
  • John W. Pinksten, 1993
  • Laurence G. Brown, 1994
  • Harry E. Broman, Jr., 1995
  • Benjamin H. Bugbee, Jr., 1996
  • Michael J. D'Ambrosio, Jr., 1997



  • 1947 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1972 (50th Anniversary)
  • 1997 (75th Anniversary; held in Saugus)



1927 1938 1940 1941 1946 1947 1952 1964 1975 1978 1980 1981 1988 1991


  • 1947 (25th Anniversary History, 1947-16; see below)
  • 1972 (History 1947-72, 1972-4)


From Proceedings, Page 1947-16:

By Right Worshipful Harry B. Tabor.

Petition for Dispensation filed December 8, 1921
Granted December 9, 1921
Instituted January 5, 1922
Constituted October 5, 1922

When we look back, twenty-five years seems such a short space of time. How quickly the sands of time have run; how much of joy and satisfaction has intermingled with sadness and regret. This is the natural way of life and we are powerless to change what has taken place if we would.

Someone has aptly written: "The past is ours no longer; its acts are done and can never be undone, but the future is ours to make of it what we will."

Any Masonic Lodge history should, to be of value, assist in building stronger character, greater beauty, greater and more lasting worth through a more thorough knowledge of how best to fashion out of the abundance of material of life monuments that will receive the respect, and command the admiration of men yet unborn.

May we, in this spirit, review our past and look forward to our future.

In common with other communities, the City of Everett faced a serious Masonic problem at the close of World War I. In support of this statement, this history needs only to record that in the year of 1921 alone 155 candidates were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, in Palestine Lodge, the only Masonic Lodge in Everett.

We do not need to wonder why on October 13, 1921, at a regular meeting of Palestine Lodge, a committee of seven members of the Lodge were appointed by the Worshipful Master to consider the advisability of applying to the Grand Lodge for the granting of a dispensation for the establishment of a new Masonic Lodge in Everett. This committee was composed of:

  • Wor. Charles Bruce
  • Wor. John R. Dexter
  • Bro. George E. Hunt "
  • Bro. Francis W. Perkins
  • Wor. Charles O. Howe
  • Bro. David S. Huey
  • Bro. J. Albert Baader

At a regular meeting of Palestine Lodge held on November 10, 1921, this committee unanimously recommended that Palestine Lodge favor the granting of a dispensation for the holding of a new Masonic Lodge in Everett. At this same meeting, the committee was requested to prosecute plans necessary to the formation of the new Lodge.

The committee first met for this purpose on November 25, 1921, and chose Wor. Charles Bruce as Chairman and Wor. Charles O. Howe as Secretary. There followed several meetings, all of which were held in the Masonic Apartments of Palestine Lodge, and finally a petition was prepared for presentation to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts signed by the following Master Masons:

  • Elmore Andrews
  • Melville A. Arnold
  • Frederick A. Ashley
  • J. Albert Baader
  • Harris Bass
  • Ernest J. Bailey
  • Fred A. Beal
  • Fred A. Beal, Jr.
  • Harold Beard
  • Robert C. Beard
  • Oscar B. Benson
  • Eugene I. Blount
  • John G. Blount
  • John G. Blount, Jr.
  • Frank E. Boyd
  • Percy Bradford
  • Charles H. Brown
  • James B. Brown
  • Charles Bruce
  • George W. Buntin
  • Joseph E. Burden
  • Albert J. Burton
  • Charles P. Chase
  • Lester D. Chisholm
  • Frederick W. Choat
  • John A. Corliss
  • Wesley G. Collinos
  • Frederick M. Cutlip
  • William Davis
  • Horace A. Derry
  • John R. Dexter
  • Raymond C. Dexter
  • Henry Duncan
  • Thomas B. Fale
  • William L. Fisher
  • Edward W. Goodale
  • Arthur F. Goudey
  • James A. Goudey
  • Ralph B. Grace
  • Henry R. Grant
  • Clarence W. Harvey
  • Walter F. Harvey
  • Fred C. Hatch
  • Chester A. Hayes
  • William A. Hayes
  • R. Murray Haynes
  • Samuel W. Haynes
  • Jesse E. Henderson
  • Clinton E. Hobbs
  • Edwin Hobbs
  • Fred Hobbs
  • Ernest F. Hodgdon
  • Charles O. Howe
  • Lewis G. Hudson
  • David S. Huey
  • George E. Hunt
  • Alton A. Jackson
  • Coleman J. Joel
  • Walter A. Jones
  • Fred J. Lamson
  • Peter L. Lesslie
  • William C. Lesslie
  • Fred E. Lombard
  • William P. Lombard
  • Joseph Lovegren
  • Joseph E. Maxcy
  • Richard H. McLaughlin
  • William H. Miller
  • Alvin A. Nichols
  • Walter H. Nichols
  • Nathan Nichols
  • Edward B. Noyes
  • John C. Nuttall
  • Albert W. Parsons
  • Edward E. Peasley
  • Francis W. Perkins
  • George A. F. Perry
  • Joseph W. Philbrick
  • Henry A. Rendell
  • Alexander Renfrew
  • Charles E. Restall
  • Elbridge B. Sawyer
  • Harry E. Saxton
  • Brenton L. Shields
  • James H. Shillady
  • Edward B. Slocum
  • Willis W. Stover
  • William A. Strangford
  • E. Leroy Sweetser
  • Harry B. Tabor
  • Albert A. Thompson
  • Elmer E. Tobey
  • Carl George W. Torngren
  • Irving D. Vaughn
  • Alvah H. Warren
  • Herbert P. Wasgatt
  • Charles A. White
  • George E. Whittier
  • James F. Williams
  • Hermann F. Wood
  • Edgar W. Young
  • Arthur F. Zappy

Wor. Charles O. Howe proposed the name "Galilean" which was adopted. It was voted to hold the regular communication on the first Thursday of each month. It was also voted to set the membership fee for petitioners at $15.00 and the fee for degrees at $65.00.

This petition was filed with the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts on December 8, 1921, and Dispensation was granted by Most Worshipful Arthur D. Prince, Grand Master, on December 9, 1921.

By arrangement with Right Worshipful Edward B. Wentworth, District Deputy Grand Master (Maiden) 7th District, it was decided to hold a meeting for instituting Galilean Lodge on Thursday evening, January 5, 1922, and a notice to that effect was mailed to the petitioners under date of December 27, 1921.

On the night that Galilean Lodge was instituted, R. W. Edward B. Wentworth was escorted to the East and stated that he was deputized by Most Worshipful Arthur D. Prince, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, to institute Galilean Lodge and called upon his District Deputy Grand Marshal, Wor. George A. Chisholm, to read the dispensation.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Bro. Richard H. McLaughlin, after which the District Deputy Grand Marshal conducted Wor. Charles Bruce to the East where he was received as the Master of Galilean Lodge Under Dispensation. Bro. David S. Huey was received in similar manner as Senior Warden, and Bro. George E. Hunt as Junior Warden. Wor. Charles Bruce then named the following as officers as Galilean Lodge Under Dispensation:

  • Wor. John R. Dexter, Treasurer
  • Wor. Charles O. Howe, Secretary
  • Bro. Rev. Richard H. McLaughlin, Chaplain
  • Bro. Melville A. Arnold, Marshal
  • Bro. J. Albert Baader, Senior Deacon
  • Bro. Joseph Lovegren, Junior Deacon
  • Bro. Edwin Hobbs, Senior Steward
  • Bro. Harry B. Tabor, Junior Steward
  • Bro. John G. Blount, Jr., Inside Sentinel
  • Bro. John K. Snyder, Organist
  • Bro. William A. Strangford, Tyler
  • Bro. William C. Lesslie, Assistant Tyler

These officers were received with appropriate ritual by the District Deputy Grand Master and conducted to their several stations, after which the official proclamation was given by the District Deputy Grand Marshal.

Thus was Galilean Lodge made ready for a life of Masonic service.


The first business of Galilean Lodge Under Dispensation consisted of the appointment of the following committees:

  • Permanent Quarters for Lodge Meetings, Bro. George E. Hunt, Bro. David S. Huey and Wor. John R. Dexter;
  • Finance, Wor. Charles Bruce, Bro. David S. Huey, Bro. George E. Hunt, Bro. George W. Buntin and Wor. John R. Dexter, ex officio;
  • Regalia, Wor. John R. Dexter, Wor. Herbert P. Wasgatt, Bro. John G. Blount, Sr., Bro. Frederick W. Choat and Bro. Coleman J. Joel;
  • Lodge Seal and Set of By-Laws, Wor. Charles O. Howe, Wor. Herbert P. Wasgatt, Wor. Harry E. Saxton, Wor. Robert C. Beard and Bro. Joseph W. Philbrick.

At this first meeting Under Dispensation, Galilean Lodge received eighteen applications and six dimits. The first application read was that of Francis Raymond Vincent, who later was the first candidate to be received, and also the first candidate to be raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Galilean Lodge.

The first full class of five candidates to be received were Francis Raymond Vincent, John Faunce Wasgatt, Howard Richardson Sweetser, Carl Gorham Fowler and Granville Leigh Anderson.

It is interesting to note that among the applications received at this meeting was one from Ralph K. Manning, who later became the first Worshipful Master of Galilean Lodge who had received his three degrees in the Lodge to which he was elected and installed as Worshipful Master. Wor. Ralph K. Manning served as Worshipful Master in 1929.

Among our Charter Members at the time Galilean Lodge was instituted were the following Past Masters:

  • Wor. Robert C. Beard, Temple Lodge
  • Wor. Charles Bruce, Palestine Lodge
  • Wor. John R. Dexter, Palestine Lodge
  • Wor. Fred Hobbs, Palestine Lodge
  • Wor. Charles O. Howe, Palestine Lodge
  • Wor. Alton A. Jackson, Riverside Lodge No. 135, Maine
  • Wor. Nathan Nichols, Palestine Lodge
  • Wor. Edward B. Noyes, Palestine Lodge
  • Wor. Harry E. Saxton, King Solomon's Lodge
  • Wor. Willis W. Stover, Palestine Lodge
  • Wor. Herbert P. Wasgatt, Mount Tabor Lodge

One presiding Master at the time Galilean Lodge was instituted was a Charter Member—Wor. George A. F. Perry of Palestine Lodge.

The early history of Galilean Lodge was greatly enhanced because of the service of these loyal Masons. Our Lodge owes them a debt of gratitude which can never be fully paid.

Other Charter Members who distinguished themselves in Masonry are R. W. John A. Corliss, Master of Palestine Lodge in 1927 and District Deputy Grand Master of the Melrose Seventh District in 1933 and 1934; R. W. Willard P. Lombard, Master of Palestine Lodge in 1923, Senior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge in 1926, and District Deputy Grand Master of the Maiden Seventh District in 1927 and 1928; Wor. Joseph E. Maxcy, Master of Palestine Lodge in 1925 and District Deputy Grand Marshal of the Maiden Seventh District in 1927 and 1928; Wor. James H. Shillady, Master of Palestine Lodge in 1930; Wor. James F. Williams, Master of Palestine Lodge in 1924; Wor. Herman F. Wood, Master of Palestine Lodge in 1926.

The following Charter Members have served Galilean Lodge as its Worshipful Master:

  • Wor. Charles Bruce, 1922
  • Wor. David S. Huey, 1923
  • Wor. George E. Hunt, 1924
  • Wor. J. Albert Baader, 1925
  • Wor. Joseph Lovegren, 1926
  • Wor. Edwin Hobbs , 1927
  • R. W. Harry B. Tabor, 1928
  • Wor. William C. Lesslie, 1929
  • Wor. Raymond C. Dexter, 1930
  • Wor. Frederick A. Ashley, 1931

Another Charter Member, Bro. Ralph B. Grace, is the present Senior Warden of Galilean Lodge.

The night of April 6, 1932, will linger as a cherished memory with the members of Galilean Lodge who were present. It was the occasion of our third regular communication. Seventy-four of our members were present and 260 visitors, of whom 51 were Past Masters. After the close of the short business meeting, a committee, with Wor. Herbert P. Wasgatt as Chairman, escorted into the Lodge R. W. Edward B. Wentworth, District Deputy Grand Master of the Maiden Seventh District, accompanied by a large suite of presiding Masters and Past Masters of his District. Upon assuming the Oriental Chair in the East, R.W. Brother Wentworth proceeded to have his Marshal conduct the presiding Masters of his District to the various stations, with Wor. George A. F. Perry, Master of Palestine Lodge, in the Master's station. The aprons, collars and jewels of our officers were presented as gifts of the various Lodges of the District. Each presiding Master presented this regalia to the officer of Galilean Lodge whose station he was occupying for the time being.

R. W. Frederic L. Putnam, acting for R.W. Benjamin J. Hinds, President of the Past Masters' Association of the Seventh District, who because of illness was unable to be present, presented Galilean Lodge with the Three Great Lights, on behalf of the Association.

Other gifts received by Galilean Lodge that night were: The Setting Maul from Bro. George Havey, Charter Member (Bro. Havey joins the ranks of Charter Members who have distinguished themselves in Masonry by reason of serving Palestine Lodge as its Worshipful Master in 1928.); Tyler's Sword was a gift from Bro. William C. Lesslie, Charter Member; Master's Gavel, a gift from four Charter Members — Coleman J. Joel, John G. Blount, Sr., Elmore Andrews and Frederick W, Choat; Treasurer's book, a gift from Wor. John R. Dexter, Charter Member. Here was concrete evidence that Galilean Lodge was surrounded by loyal Masonic friends who welcomed the opportunity to help in the building of Masonic worth.

At our fourth regular communication, held on May 4, 1922, a letter was read from our Grand Lodge Secretary which stated that October 5, 1922, had been reserved by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts for the purpose of constituting Galilean Lodge.

On June 1, 1922, at our regular meeting, our By-Laws were considered article by article and adopted, subject to the approval of the Grand Lodge.

On September 7, 1922, at a regular meeting of the Lodge, it was voted that the present officers continue to serve until the annual meeting and election in December, 1922.

Thursday, October 5, 1922, was the date that we received our Charter and what a joyous evening that was— 123 members and 140 visitors filled the lodgeroom to witness the final approval by the Grand Lodge. How proud we were in the knowledge that our efforts had made us worthy to receive in charge our Charter.

One of our Charter Members, Bro. Henry R. Grant, was the caterer for our banquet and he left nothing to be desired by any who attended.

Brother Forman K. Robbins, who was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Galilean Lodge on April 12, 1922, caused a beautiful bouquet of flowers to be placed on each table and also furnished a rose boutonniere for each officer. At eight o'clock, the Grand Lodge Officers, with R.W.Dudley H. Ferrell, Deputy Grand Master, as Acting Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, entered the Lodge, and in due and ancient form, proceeded with the Constitution Services. The Grand Lodge Officers were:

After the ceremony of Constitution, Wor. Charles Bruce was installed Worshipful Master of Galilean Lodge by the Acting Grand Master. Bro. David S. Huey was installed Senior Warden by the Senior Grand Warden, and Bro. George E. Hunt was installed Junior Warden by the Junior Grand Warden. Wor. John R. Dexter was installed Treasurer by the Grand Treasurer and Wor. Charles O. Howe was installed Secretary by the Grand Secretary.

Worshipful Charles Bruce named the following as his appointive officers:

  • Bro. Rev. Richard H. McLaughlin, Chaplain
  • Bro. Melville A. Arnold, Marshal
  • Bro. J. Albert Baader, Senior Deacon
  • Bro. Joseph Lovegren, Junior Deacon
  • Bro. Edwin Hobbs, Senior Steward
  • Bro. Harry B. Tabor, Junior Steward
  • Bro. Ralph K. Manning, Inside Sentinel
  • Bro. John K. Snyder, Organist
  • Bro. William A. Strangford, Tyler
  • Bro. William C. Lesslie, Assistant Tyler

The Marshal was installed by the Grand Marshal and the remaining officers were installed by the Deputy Grand Master. Galilean Lodge was declared duly officered, after which an inspiring address was delivered by Acting Grand Master, Right Worshipful Dudley H. Ferrell. The Grand Lodge Officers then retired and Galilean Lodge proceeded with the unfinished business of the evening, the first business under our Charter.

The first nominating committee of Galilean Lodge was appointed by the Worshipful Master on November 7, 1922, and consisted of Wor. Fred Hobbs, Wor. Robert C. Beard, R.W. Willis W. Stover, Bro. Forman K. Robbins and Bro. Edward A. Hilton.

Our first annual meeting was held on December 7, 1922, and from the reports that were read, we find the following financial condition: Receipts $5412.68 Disbursements 3359.44 Balance on hand $2053.24

The Secretary's report revealed that ten regular meetings were held, with an average attendance of 132. Eighteen special meetings were held, with an average attendance of fifty. Forty-nine candidates were elected through the month of November, 1922, and of this number, forty-seven had received their third degree.

At this first annual meeting, the nominating committee recommended the following as officers of Galilean Lodge for the ensuing year:

  • Bro. David S. Huey, Worshipful Master
  • Bro. George E. Hunt, Senior Warden
  • Bro. J. Albert Baader, Junior Warden
  • Wor. John R. Dexter, Treasurer
  • Wor. Charles O. Howe, Secretary
  • Bro. Elmore Andrews, Finance Committee
  • Bro. John F. Wasgatt, Finance Committee
  • Wor. Charles Bruce, Proxy to Grand Lodge
  • Wor. Fred Hobbs, Associate Member, Board of Masonic Relief

All of the elected and appointed officers were installed by Wor. Fred Hobbs, who was assisted by Wor. Henry E. Gilford, presiding Master of The Lodge of Stirling, as Marshal.

The following officers were appointed by Wor. Brother Huey:

  • Bro. Richard H. McLaughlin, Chaplain
  • Bro. Melville A. Arnold, Marshal
  • Bro. Joseph Lovegren, Senior Deacon
  • Bro. Edwin Hobbs, Junior Deacon
  • Bro. Harry B. Tabor, Senior Steward
  • Bro. Ralph K. Manning, Junior Steward
  • Bro. William C. Lesslie, Inside Sentinel
  • Bro. John K. Snyder, Organist
  • Bro. William A. Strangford, Tyler

Our first full year was over and we looked back upon our Masonic labor with much satisfaction.

From the date of our Charter up to the present, Galilean Lodge has lived an active Masonic life and has contributed as light was given to the betterment of our Fraternity. During this period we have been thrice honored by the Grand Lodge:

  • Wor. Raymond C. Dexter, Junior Grand Deacon in 1937
  • R. W. Harry B. Tabor, District Deputy Grand Master of Malden Seventh District, 1941 and 1942
  • Wor. George E. Hunt, awarded the Distinguished Masonic Service Medal on May 7, 1942

The honors were very much appreciated by Galilean Lodge and are cherished by the three members who received them. Wor. George E. Hunt, who was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal, is our Senior Past Master, whose Masonic labor covers more than fifty years of loyal service. His counsel and advice have played an important part in the history of the past twenty-five years of Galilean Lodge. His Brethren were made very happy to see this service recognized by the Grand Lodge on May 7, 1942.

Early in our Masonic life, Galilean Lodge determined to prove its worth, and while its life has not been spectacular, it has been filled with the spirit of brotherly love. All through the twenty-five years that have passed, our Lodge has tried to discharge every Masonic responsibility, and in particular, has tried to lift, by its spirit of cordiality, every burden of members and visitors alike who have come within its influence.

It is not necessary to record in this history all the details of our twenty-five years of Masonic service. We do have some cherished memories of which the following are a few.

One of the pleasant occasions of each of our Masonic years has been our Ladies' Night, which started in 1924, the year that Wor. George E. Hunt was our presiding Master. On that night we were honored by the presence of Most Worshipful Dudley H. Ferrell, Grand Master, and Right Worshipful Frank H. Hilton, Grand Marshal.

At another Ladies' Night held in 1936, the year that Wor. Peter D. Duncan was our presiding Master, we were honored by the presence of Most Worshipful Claude L. Allen, Grand Master.

On December 5, 1924, the officers of Galilean Lodge were installed by Most Worshipful Melvin M. Johnson, Past Grand Master, assisted by R. W. William M. Farrington as Marshal. Wor. J- Albert Baader was installed that night as our Master.

June 23, 1924, Donald Cushing Hunt was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason by his father, Wor. George E. Hunt.

September 24, 1925, Clarence Beard, who served Galilean Lodge as its Master in 1934, was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason by his father, Wor. Robert C. Beard.

In 1928, the Worshipful Master of Galilean Lodge, together with the Worshipful Master of Palestine Lodge, assisted in the laying of the corner stone of the First Baptist Church in Everett, at the request and invitation of the Pastor, Rev. Bro. A. Judson Hughes. The Worshipful Master of Galilean Lodge was Harry B. Tabor and the Worshipful Master of Palestine Lodge was George Havey.

April 7, 1938, William Chadbourn Hall was raised by his Brother, Wor. Harry E. Hall, who served as Worshipful Master of Galilean Lodge in 1933.

Joseph Roy Ensor was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on March 3, 1938, by his son, Wor. Albert F. Ensor, who at the time was the Senior Warden of Galilean Lodge. Wor. Brother Ensor was Master of Galilean Lodge in 1939. This is the only time in our history that a son has had the privilege and pleasure of raising his own father in Galilean Lodge.

We will never forget the joint meeting of all the Lodges of the Maiden and Melrose Seventh Masonic Districts, held in the Masonic Apartments at Melrose on May 7, 1942, and presided over by Most Worshipful Albert A. Schaefer, Grand Master. At this meeting, Most Worshipful Brother Schaefer presented Veteran's Medals to those who were eligible to receive them in any of the twelve Lodges of the two Districts. As stated before in this history, this was the date and place where Wor. George E. Hunt received his Distinguished Masonic Service Medal.

We can never forget the dates that our members left one by one for the purpose of defending our way of life. In those days, our hearts were heavy and our minds ill at ease. We thank the Great Architect of the Universe that we can cherish the dates that these same boys returned to our fellowship. The members of Galilean Lodge who served in World War II were:

  • John H. Allen
  • Samuel D. Allen
  • Robert D. Burgess
  • Floyd N. Butler
  • Charles Button
  • Leonard B. Cornish
  • Rene J. Dawe
  • Harold L. Erskine, Jr.
  • Richard G. Evans
  • James Perry Foster
  • Milton M. Frisch
  • William Gerber
  • Arthur D. Gorshel
  • Irving A. Goudey
  • Charles A. Graffam
  • Nils G. Grunberg
  • Robert E. Hall
  • Richard F. Holland
  • George W. B. Hunt
  • Arthur R. Johnston
  • Maurice E. Kassels
  • Franklyn H. King
  • Carl F. Lannquist, Jr.
  • William R. Lesslie
  • Sidney S. Listernick
  • James E. MacNeil
  • John S. Mara
  • Albert A. Marcoux
  • Franklin P. Moore
  • Ivar B. Moss
  • Ernest D. Murray
  • Collins B. Newell
  • Lloyd North
  • Hugo V. Olson
  • Reeves W. Phillips
  • Edward S. Randall
  • Walter E. Rees
  • Robert E. Sanborn
  • Gardner H. Shattuck
  • Arthur W. Snow
  • Arvid L. Sund
  • Norman Thompson
  • Harold Weiner
  • John L. Westlake
  • Forrest L. Whitehouse
  • Sumner G. Whittier
  • Whitfield P. Wood
  • Harry Yacobian

Had it not been for the service of these forty-eight loyal sons of our Country, along with millions of others of similar character and determination, we might not have the privilege of enjoying this twenty-fifth anniversary of Galilean Lodge. We cherish not only the dates of their return to our fellowship, but also the things they accomplished for the Country we all love and determine always to guard and protect.

We cherish the record of our Lodge regarding our membership and which reads as follows:

  • Charter Members, 103
  • Initiated, 385
  • Affiliated, 42
  • Reinstated, 7
  • TOTAL: 537


  • Death, 68
  • Dimitted, 60
  • Suspended, 67
  • TOTAL: 195

Membership August 31, 1946, 342

These are only a few of the things that have made our twenty-five years of history a happy period in our lives. The most important things that make up our history can never be written.


Our ritual tells us that a Lodge is a certain number of Masons, duly assembled, legally constituted, having the Holy Bible, square and compasses, with a Charter or Warrant, empowering them to work. Galilean Lodge has all of this and has had it all for twenty-five years, but there are no complete records of the failures or the successes and there never will be. Unless one could read the hearts and minds of the members of Galilean Lodge, a complete history could not possibly be written.

Our real history, therefore, is largely a hidden one. The acts of carelessness, thoughtlessness and indifference are known fully only to the individuals who have failed to live up to what their Masonry teaches, and the magnitude of their offense may not be known even to them as it lies in the lives of others, hidden largely from view.

The acts of brotherly love, relief and truth are also for the most part unknown. Many of our members have constantly looked for ways to make their Masonry a real living factor in their own lives and in the lives of others. They never fail to extend a helping hand or to lend a sympathetic ear. Discouragement, despondency and even despair have melted away because of their practice of brotherly love and affection.

Yes, we have made our mistakes and we have also builded well. Whatever our experiences over the past twenty-five years, may they fit our minds and hearts for better work in the future. May we constantly be reminded and influenced by the knowledge that each of us, in his own time, will be commanded by the Master of the Universe to lay down our Masonic working tools and to take off" our Masonic aprons and report to the Celestial Lodge above.

May the apron show no stains unless placed there by acts of real love and affection on behalf of our fellow man. May the working tools show no nicks or dullness unless caused by their use in fashioning out of the material of life something of worth and beauty for the use of those who take up the Masonic tasks we are commanded to relinquish.


From Proceedings, Page 1972-4:

By Worshipful George H. Wheeler and Worshipful Charles Koval.

(A detailed history of Galilean Lodge for the period from 1921 to 1947 by Right Worshipful Harry B. Tabor may be found in the Proceedings of Grand Lodge for 1947—pages 16—30, inclusive).

The twenty-fifth anniversary of Galilean Lodge was observed with proper ceremonies at the Masonic Temple, 538 Broadway, at a special communication held on January 23, 1947 with the Presiding Master, Worshipful Harry T. Hamilton in the East. Following the reception of Grand Officers and a Suite of distinguished Masons, the Master resigned the East to Most Worshipful Samuel H. Wragg, Grand Master, who presided during the remainder of the evening. (1947 Mass. 13—30)

An excellent history of Galilean Lodge was written and read by Right Worshipful Harry B. Tabor. A memorial service was conducted for our departed Brethren and a eulogy delivered by Worshipful George E. Hunt, charter member and third Master of Galilean Lodge. In response to a roll call of the charter members, twenty-three of the thirty living members answered.

The anniversary celebration was concluded appropriately by Divine Worship at the Glendale Baptist Church. The address was delivered by Reverend Brother Ulysses S. Milburn, Chaplain of Galilean Lodge.

Past Masters' Night, in honor of those who have been privileged to occupy the Oriental Chair, which has been held each year since 1924, is one of the highlights of a Presiding Master's year. The opportunity to again participate in the ritualistic work is appreciated by the Past Masters and the occasion provides an interesting and enjoyable evening for the members. It is interesting to note that three Past Masters, Worshipfuls Charles Koval, John E. Little, Jr. and Gardner H. Shattuck have been privileged to raise their sons to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. Worshipful Brother Little raised his sons, John R. and Oliver T. and Worshipful Brother Koval raised his son, Donald G. and Worshipful Brother Shattuck raised his son Dana E. Wor. Dana Shattuck, who served Galilean Lodge as Worshipful Master in 1966-1967, had the distinction of being the only Master to be installed by his father.

At the Regular Communication in April, 1954, a Charter Member's Night was held. As a gesture of appreciation for their service to Galilean Lodge, the following Charter Members have been voted the distinction of Honorary Members:

  • Bro. Frederick A. Ashley
  • Bro. Harris Bass
  • Bro. Harold Beard
  • Bro. John G. Blount, Jr.
  • Bro. Frederick W. Choat
  • Wor. John A. Corliss
  • Wor. Raymond C. Dexter
  • Bro. Thomas B. Fale
  • Wor. Ralph B. Grace
  • Bro. Clarence W. Harvey
  • Bro. Chester A. Hayes
  • Bro. Edwin Hobbs
  • Bro. Fred Hobbs
  • Bro. Fred J. Lamson
  • Wor. George E. Hunt
  • R. W. Willard P. Lombard
  • Wor. Joseph Lovegren
  • Wor. Joseph E. Maxcy
  • Bro. Albert W. Parsons
  • Bro. Alexander Renfrew

In recognition of the donation of 101 pints of blood to the Masonic Blood Program, Right Worshipful Lloyd North, District Deputy Grand Master, presented to Worshipful George Fotos a certificate from the Grand Lodge Service Department. This was the first time this recognition was conferred on the Lodge.

Members of Galilean Lodge who have received Fifty-year Veterans Medals are: Wor. George E. Hunt and Wor. Frederick A. Ashley, Charter Members. Also, Brothers Frederick W. Choat, Fred J. Lamson, John G. Blount, Jr., Harold Beard, all Charter members. Also the following Brothers Raymond Cal-pin, Ulysses S. Milburn, Daniel L. Moore, Joseph Hammond and Leslie Jones.

Members ot Galilean Lodge who have served with distinction in other Blue Lodges include: Wor. Albert F. Ensor, Third Worshipful Master of Canaan Lodge, Past Master, 35th Lodge of Instruction; Wor. Alfred Gorshel, Past Master of Canaan Lodge, Chaplain, 35th Lodge of Instruction; Wor. Jacob H. Hoffman, Past Master, Canaan Lodge; Wor. Sumner F. Goldthwaite, Second Worshipful Master of North Reading Lodge, Past Master, 35th Lodge of Instruction; Wor. Wesley D. Moore, Past Master, Kyushu Lodge #4, Military Lodge, Chofu, Japan; Wor. Frank H. McDewell, Jr., Present Junior Warden of the 35th Lodge of Instruction.

The ability and devotion of the members of Galilean Lodge has, on several occasions, been recognized by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts. These honors reflect credit on the individuals upon whom they were conferred and to the Lodge:

Wor. Raymond C. Dexter, Charter Member, Junior Grand Deacon; R. W. Harry B. Tabor, Charter Member, District Deputy Grand Master, Malden Seventh Masonic District, First Worshipful Master of Canaan Lodge, and Junior Grand Warden; R. W. Ralph K. Manning, District Deputy Grand Master, Malden Seventh Masonic District; R. W. Lloyd North, District Deputy Grand Master, Maiden Seventh Masonic District; Wor. Gardner H. Shattuck, Grand Pursuivant; Wor. Sumner F. Goldthwaite, Senior Grand Steward; R. W. Wil-lard P. Lombard, Charter Member, District Deputy Grand Master, Melrose Seventh Masonic District, Senior Grand Deacon and Deputy Grand Master. Wor. George E. Hunt, Charter Member received the Distinguished Service Medal.

Galilean Lodge is proud to have joined with Palestine Lodge and Canaan Lodge as joint sponsors of an Order of DeMolay in Everett.

Through the years many members of Galilean Lodge have given of their time and talent as Dad Advisors, Chairman of the Advisory Board and members of the Advisory Board. Brother William Cooper, the present Dad Advisor, has served in that capacity for many years and is a member of Galilean Lodge.

Galilean Lodge has also contributed to the establishment and growth of the Order of Rainbow for Girls in this community. Many members have served on the Advisory Board.

We can never forget our members who have served in the Armed Forces and defended our way of life in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. We thank the Grand Architect of the Universe for their return to our fellowship.

As we conclude our first half century and reflect on those events which have reflected credit on Galilean Lodge and the Masonic Fraternity, we pray that the lessons of the past will lead us to greater accomplishments in the future and that Galilean Lodge will continue to grow and to prosper. If we are faithful to our past, we shall not have to fear our future.

Fifty years have passed—what have they brought?
A little deeper and a little wiser thought
A little truer sympathy of friend for friend?
And a more earnest striving toward a common end?
If this be so, blessed were these years indeed!
Other years are coming—what can they give?
A little longer for each of us to live,
To love, to learn, to work and then to play
And so grow stronger, wiser, happier day by day.



From New England Craftsman, Vol. XVIII, No. 1, October 1922, Page 21:

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts constituted the new Galilean Lodge at the Masonic Temple in Everett Thursday, October 5th, with Right Worshipful Dudley Ferrell of Lynn as acting Grand Master. The worshipful master of the new body is Charles Bruce, former mayor of Everett, a past master of Palestine lodge, with a record of never having missed a meeting in 15 years.

Other officers installed were: Senior Warden, David S. Huey; Junior Warden, George E. Hunt; Treasurer, John R. Dexter; Secretary, Charles O. Howe; Chaplain, the Rev. Richard H. McLaughlin; Marshal, Melville A. Arnold; Senior Deacon, J. Albert Baader; Junior Deacon, Joseph Lovegren; Senior Steward, Edward Hobbe; Junior Steward, Harry B. Tabor; Inside Sentinel, Ralph K. Manning; Organist, John K. Snyder; Tyler, William A. Strangford; assistant Tyler, William C. Lesslie.

Galilean Lodge was instituted on January 5 with 103 charter members. Enrollment of 47 new members has brought ths total to 150. It is the second lodge in Everett, the other, Palestine, having a membership of 150.



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