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Location: Bedford

Chartered By: Whitfield W. Johnson

Charter Date: 09/12/1956 1956-229

Precedence Date: 11/15/1955

Current Status: Active


  • Geoffrey L. Pippette, 1955, 1956
  • Edmund L. French, 1957
  • Walter F. Stephenson, 1958
  • Elton B. McCausland, 1959
  • Leonard A. M. Bean, 1960
  • James B. Laffin, 1961
  • James O. Runkle, 1962
  • Donald S. Gray, 1963; N
  • Clyde T. Miller, 1964
  • Peter L. Petersen, 1965
  • Lafayette G. Currier, 1966
  • David S. Anthopoulos, 1967
  • Richard H. Baker, 1968
  • Robert A. Leach, 1969
  • Paul A. Lund, 1970; N
  • Everett A. Johnston, 1971; N
  • Raymond Ehrenbeck, 1972
  • Donald W. Pfeiffer, 1973
  • John M. Dunbar, 1974
  • Robert W. Brand, 1975
  • Clarence A. Rose, 1976
  • C. Russell Philbrick, 1977
  • Robert S. Brand, 1978
  • Wilbur H. Vance, Jr., 1979
  • Robert C. Rohlfs, 1980
  • David R. Young, 1981; PDDGM
  • Edward D. Parrish, Jr., 1982
  • Manuel R. Parker, 1983; N
  • Nicholas Cardoos, Jr., 1984
  • Robert C. Oates, 1985-1986
  • Willie J. Smith, 1987
  • Edward D. Parrish, Sr., 1988
  • Harold F. Hector, Jr., 1989
  • Daniel W. Kelliher, 1990
  • A. Thomas Rivet, 1991
  • Robert A. Steen, Sr., 1992
  • James A. Maloy, 1993
  • Clarence G. Caesar, 1994
  • Mark R. French, 1995
  • Alexander A. Bird, 1996
  • Richard A. Carson, 1997
  • Victor Garofalo, 1998
  • Richard A. Carson, 1999
  • William R. Young, 2000
  • Brian E. Smith, 2001
  • Kenneth W. Pfeiffer, 2002; PDDGM
  • Daniel E. Silverman, 2003
  • Kenneth W. Kinser, 2004
  • William R. Currier, 2005; PDDGM
  • Harold H. Sargent, Jr., 2006
  • Leland E. Conley, 2007
  • Michael L. Curry, 2008
  • Leo M. Kenen, 2009-2010


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1955
  • Petition for Charter: 1956


  • 2006 (50th Anniversary)



1962 1964 1968 1972 1977 1980 1981 1986 1988 1994 2000 2004 2013


  • 2006 (50th Anniversary History, 2006-55; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 2006-55:

By Rt. Wor. William R. Currier.

Brethren, welcome again to our 50th Anniversary Dinner. I could spend much time discussing our initial meetings before we were chartered, our Christmas Tree Sales to raise money, our community involvement, first Table Lodge and other great events over the years. But I believe that as this is a time to remember the founding fathers of the Lodge, it is appropriate that we look back on the remarks made by Wor. James O. Runkle at our Lodge's 25th Anniversary celebration, in recalling the Ceremony of Constitution of our lodge.

Having been asked to say a few words about the Constitution of Frank W. Thompson Lodge because I was there, we should look around the room to see who else was in Lexington on the evening of November 7, 1956. The number of our brethren who were present then, may reflect on how much this tale gets exaggerated tonight.

As you were reminded last year, the Lodge was instituted in 1955 by District Deputy Grand Master of the Arlington 6th Masonic District, R. W. Charles Harrington of Hiram Lodge. That event occurred in Bedford in this very building in the room where we just enjoyed our Italian dinner. Now R. W. Harrington did the honors because the man that the Bedford Trowel Club had selected as Master, R. W. Geoffrey L. Pippette, was at that time the District Deputy Grand Master of the Somerville 6th Masonic District, but about to retire from the office the year of the Institution.

In the "standing room only" situation, the Lodge came into existence under dispensation of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge. We were Frank W. Thompson Lodge, U. D. (somewhat of a stigma) on all official letters, notices and references. We were, however, legal in every respect and during, that year we raised sixteen brethren as listed in this months Lodge notice, some of whom are still very familiar among us.

The Lodge was not in operation very long when it became obvious that we were "on our way" with a schedule of special meetings, rehearsals, visitations, exemplifications, dinners, courtesy candidates, candidate lectures and the whole bit. Geoff Pippette very early on started to plan the night of the Constitution. He prepared a list of the myriad of details that had to be attended to in order to make this event go. Again, one cannot emphasize too much the organizing genius that Geoff demonstrated for logistics. There were the plans for a time table, the meal, regalia, seating, Grand Lodge visitors, district visitors, and many guests. He delegated much of the responsibilities to many different members. These details eventually filled forty pates typed and can now be found in the Lodge archives. Later Geoff made up a Handbook for new Lodges from these notes and presented it to the Grand Lodge for reference by future potential Lodges.

After the "standing room only" episode at the Institution, Lexington offered their temple for the Constitution ceremony, and this was before they enjoyed their expanded quarters.

The Constitution of Frank W. Thompson Lodge was a smooth operation. The Sixth Masonic District had sensed that this was going to be a once in a lifetime event and they appeared as wall to wall tuxes. We in Bedford were told to take a bath, wear shoes and rest the horse prior to the ride to Lexington. The Grand Master found his reserved parking place right outside of the entrance. And the roast beef dinner was delicious to all those who were not nervous about the forthcoming evening's events.

After the meal the Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers organized and opened Grand Lodge in a room adjacent to the Lodge room. The Master and Wardens of Frank W. Thompson Lodge were presented to the Grand Master and addressed him as follows from the "trestle board":

"Most Worshipful: The Officers and Brethren of Frank W. Thompson Lodge have instructed me to inform you that the Most Worshipful Grand Master was pleased to grant them a letter of Dispensation bearing date the 15th of November, in the year 1955, authorizing them to form and open a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the town of Bedford, Massachusetts; that since that period they have regularly met, and conducted the business of Masonry according to the best of their abilities; that, their proceedings having received the approbation of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, they have obtained a Charter of Constitution, and are desirous that their Lodge should be constituted and their officers installed, agreeable to the ancient usages and customs of the Craft; for which purpose they are now assembled, and await the pleasure of the Most Worshipful Grand Master."

The Grand Lodge Officers then paraded into the Lodge room and took over the officers' chairs. They were all in full regalia and the Grand Master had on his usual gauntlets and tri-cornered hat. After introductions and statements as to the purpose of the meeting, the Charter Members were asked to stand and in effect reconfirm their desire to go through with this "Constitution" as well as their desire to install the elected officers as selected.

Next a three foot by five foot simulated oriental carpet was placed on the floor between the Grand Master and the altar, and a ceremony of dedication took place which included actual pouring of corn, wine, and oil on the carpet using ritual words not included in your "Trestleboard".

The officers of Frank W. Thompson Lodge were next duly installed by the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, Most Worshipful Whitfield Johnson, with assists from the Grand Lodge Officers in parallel stations. Having no Grand Lodge alternative officer, Carl Anker and I were installed by Deputy Grand Master, R. W. Andrew Jenkins, who told us to be prepared to fill any station. As it turned out, neither of us had to fill in for the Master or Wardens.

After an interesting and appropriate address, the Grand Master closed in his usual ample form and proceeded to recess from the room. As he was passing near my position I overheard his whisper to R. W. Andrew Jenkins to "get in step". Andrew Jenkins was our next Grand Master and of course this incident does not reflect on his very able and efficient administration.

Most Worshipful Whitfield Johnson has visited Frank W. Thompson Lodge several times since then and has become no stranger to Bedford as he is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the organization which is building the multi-million dollar multi-level care facility at Llewsac Lodge on Old Billerica Road. This summer he laid the cornerstone for the main building.

In the confusion and multitude after the ceremony, I did not see who had to clean up this corn, wine, and oil on the Master's carpet. Probably one of the Grand Stewards?

Wor. James Oliver Runkle.1981

Brethren, thank you again for sharing this evening with us. It will forever be a special occasion in our history. This evening marks the sixth time that we have had the honor of receiving a Presiding Grand Master. The other Grand Masters were M. W. Whitfield Whittemore Johnson (Constitution), M. W. Donald W. Vose, M. W. Arthur H. Melanson (25th Anniversary), M. W. John Philip Berquist (raising of Ken Gott Jr. by Wor. Ken Gott, the then Potentate of Aleppo Temple, AAONMS), M. W. Albert T. Ames and M. W. Fred K. Bauer. We hope that you will remember your visit to our lodge and be encouraged to attend on an evening when we are conferring the degrees or doing less time-consuming work, so we may have an opportunity to visit with each of you more closely.

And now, Grand Master, if I may ask you and your Grand Marshal to join me here at the podium, I have a pleasant duty to perform. In trying to find a suitable presentation to make to you to thank you for being with us, I looked back to your roots. As a Senior DeMolay, we share a love of the Order. On behalf of Frank W. Thompson Lodge and to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to be with us, I am pleased to present to you and R. W. Bro. Ray your own DeMolay Bible, each embossed with your personal information on the cover. Thank you again for being with us.




1955: District 6 (Somerville)

2003: District 14


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