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Location: Brighton

Chartered By: Arthur D. Prince

Charter Date: 06/08/1921 1921-277

Precedence Date: 07/28/1920

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged with Fraternity Lodge to form Fraternity & Fuller Lodge, 05/15/1981.


  • James H. Dalton, 1920, 1921
  • Frank B. Granger, 1922
  • Harry K. Newhall, 1923
  • William H. Short, 1924
  • Eben P. MacCannell, 1925
  • Harry P. Kenison, 1926
  • Forrest L. Berry, 1927
  • William A. Sayward, 1928
  • Frank G. Gloyd, 1929, 1930
  • Dartelle V. Fox, 1931
  • Harry V. Everham, Jr., 1932
  • Lincoln C. Lawrence, 1933
  • Harry W. Putney, 1934
  • Howard E. Badger, 1935
  • Henry F. Sayward, 1936, 1937
  • George W. Herman, 1938
  • Hubert B. Dunbar, 1939
  • Herman I. Sanford, 1940
  • John P. McDonough, 1941
  • Rudolph E. Jensen, 1942
  • Hanlan M. Carter, 1943; N
  • Lester S. Short, 1944
  • Harold W. Brigham, 1945
  • Elwood V. Short, 1946
  • John Paterson, 1947
  • Philip R. Hayes, 1948
  • Ralph H. Fawcett, 1949
  • William K. Ash, 1950
  • Andrew C. Hudak, 1951
  • A. Myles Carlin, 1952
  • William H. Moore, 1953
  • James P. Blake, 1954
  • James R. Wilkey, 1955
  • William H. Moore, Jr., 1956
  • George Georgacopoulos, 1957
  • Howard C. Stevens, 1958, 1959
  • Norman R. Simpson, 1960
  • Harold G. Spencer, 1961
  • John W. White, 1962
  • Alexander C. Haldoupis, 1963, 1971
  • William M. Tammick, 1964
  • Roy A. Collins, 1965
  • William F. Young, 1966
  • Nelson E. Mather, III, 1967, 1970
  • Andrew A. Bignis, 1968
  • Charles D. Beard, 1969, 1972
  • Norman L. Holcomb, 1973, 1974
  • Homer E. Gorton, 1975
  • George P. Laubenstein, 1976
  • Wilbur A. Turcotte, 1977
  • Robert W. Dowie, 1978
  • Charles S. Turcotte, 1979, 1980


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1920
  • Petition for Charter: 1921
  • Consolidation Petition (with Fraternity Lodge): 1981


  • 1970 (50th Anniversary)



1921 1922 1926 1928 1932 1934 1941 1949 1955 1963 1972 1974


  • 1970 (50th Anniversary History, 1970-438)


From Proceedings, Page 1970-438:

By Wor. Philip R. Hayes.

The first World War was over and peace prevailed. Men turned their thoughts to the building of their moral and material edifices. Searching for lofty ideals and the strengthening of character, many turned toward Masonic companionship. A great influx of applications were submitted to the various Lodges. As a direct result of the heavy burden thrust upon Bethesda Lodge in 1919 and 1920, a petition was received and read in that Lodge on June 1, 1920 for the forming of a new Masonic Lodge to be known as Ebenezer Fuller Lodge. It was approved and on July 28, 1920 our Lodge was instituted, and allowed to work under dispensation by the Grand Lodge.

In selecting a name for the new Lodge, it was decided by the petitioners, who, with few exceptions, were all members of Bethesda Lodge, that some close tie-in would be most appropriate. Ebenezer Fuller served as Master of Bethesda Lodge during the anti-Masonic period of 1839 to 1848, and was known as the "savior of Bethesda Lodge," so his name was suggested and enthusiastically approved.

The Charter Members of Ebenezer Fuller Lodge include many who were outstanding in the business and professional world. The roll of these workmen has been called, but none has answered to his name, all having been received into that Celestial Lodge above.

Under the new charter, Ebenezer Fuller Lodge was organized with the following officers:

  • James H. Dalton, Worshipful Master
  • Frank B. Granger, Senior Warden
  • Edwin W. Lambert, Junior Warden
  • Irving G. Findlay, Treasurer
  • Orlando J. Sebolt, Secretary
  • P. A. A. Killam, Chaplain
  • Norman J. Raison, Associate Chaplain
  • Harry P. Kenison, Marshal
  • Harry K. Newhall, Senior Deacon
  • William H. Short, Junior Deacon
  • Gardiner E. Thorpe, Senior Steward
  • Eben P. MacCannell, Junior Steward
  • Perry M. Waterhouse, Inside Sentinel
  • Fred E. Dodge, Tyler
  • Milton H. Brown, Organist

The above-named officers served in 1920 and 1921 until the charter was granted on June 8, 1921. The Lodge was formally constituted on June 23, 1921 when a Special Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was held in Brighton. (1921 Mass. 208-209)

Wor. James H. Dalton, Past Master of Bethesda Lodge, and a District Deputy Grand Marshal was our first Master. His enthusiasm contributed largely to the founding of Ebenezer Fuller Lodge. He was in the Real Estate and Insurance business in Allston, and Treasurer of the Brighton Cooperative Bank.

Wor. Frank B. Granger, Past Master of Norfolk Union Lodge, and our first Senior Warden, was a well-known Doctor. Two Chaplains, Dr. P. A. A. Killam, and Rev. Leslie W. Irving, have each served twenty-five years.

Five Secretaries, Orlando J. Sebolt, Gardiner E. Thorpe, Irving G. Findlay, Hubert B. Dunbar and Norman R. Simpson, have accurately recorded our activities.

Our present Treasurer, Wor. George W. Herman, has handled our finances for the last twenty-six years.

Three members, Brothers Leslie I. Williamson, Reginald S. Bowser and William H. Short, have received their Fifty-year Veterans' Medals.

The Joseph Warren Medal was bestowed on Brother William A. Sayward for distinguished service.

In our fifty-year span we have faithfully continued our regular and special communications through depressions, wars and wood times successfully.

Our Past Masters and Officers, elected and appointed, have performed their duties faithfully and diligently with a sincerity of purpose in carrying on the business in which we are engaged.

The quarters of the Lodge from 1920 to 1941 were at the old Warren Hall on Washington Street, Brighton, Massachusetts, until moving to the present location.

In 1951 Wor. Hanlan M. Carter was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the Waltham Fifth Masonic District. Wor. Lester S. Short served as his District Deputy Grand Marshal, and Brothers William K. Ash and Hubert B. Dunbar ably assisted as District Deputy Grand Secretaries.

The life of our Lodge has been limited to the last fifty years; but it has covered what might be considered the most progressive period in Masonic history. This includes our activities as respects charities, contributions to affiliated orders and the development of members who have given much to the enhancement of Masonry.

May the future record continued devotion and service to the Craft.




1920: District 5 (Waltham)

1927: District 5 (Waltham)


Massachusetts Lodges

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