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Location: Lynn

Chartered By: Frank L. Simpson

Charter Date: 12/12/1928 1928-414

Precedence Date: 03/13/1928

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; merged into Wayfarers Lodge, 05/08/1984 (1984-21).


This lodge was named for Benjamin F. Arrington, Deputy Grand Master 1927, who died at the end of his term as Deputy. The lodge was chartered shortly afterward.


  • Alonzo E. Quick, 1928-1929
  • Henry O. Silsbee, II, 1930-1931
  • Elbert N. Fuller, 1932-1933
  • Henry J. Harch, 1934-1935
  • George T. Hart, 1936-1937
  • Clair T. H. Woodall, 1938-1939
  • Frederick A. Wood, 1940-1941; N
  • Leroy W. Chapman, 1942-1943
  • Elbert N. Fuller, Jr., 1944
  • Thomas Wheeler, 1945
  • J. Norman Panall, 1946; N
  • Charles M. Marshall, 1947
  • Robert T. Eldridge, 1948
  • George V. Keller, Jr., 1949
  • Albert G. Johanson, 1950
  • Elmer Z. Haggman, 1951
  • Wesley S. Gahagan, 1952
  • Arthur M. Gray, 1953
  • Hayward MacWhinnie, 1954
  • Albert J. Ralph, 1955
  • Carl Caefer, Jr., 1956
  • George Barnes, Sr., 1957
  • George W. Estes, 1958
  • Dudley Bacon, 1959
  • Frank W. Dore, 1960
  • Roland A. Ruggles, 1961
  • Charles S. Nugent, 1962
  • George D. Eastman, 1963
  • James I. Starratt, 1964
  • Stanley J. Wydra, 1965
  • William H. Doughty, 1966-1967
  • Walter Stepleton Jr., 1968
  • Harold M. Myers, 1969
  • Arnold P. Iveson, 1970
  • Carl C. Crowell, 1971-1972
  • Russell W. Hennan, 1973, 1982
  • Douglass R. Grant, 1974
  • Francis W. Melendy, 1975, 1981
  • David S. Eynon, 1976
  • Warren C. Hyam, 1977
  • Gerald L. MacLean, 1978
  • James F. A. Chapman, 1979
  • Earl N. Coombs, 1980
  • James N. Liberato, Sr., 1983-1984


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1928
  • Petition for Charter: 1928
  • Petition for Consolidation (with Wayfarers): 1984


  • 1953 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1978 (50th Anniversary)



1928 1946 1954 1955 1965 1976


  • 1953 (25th Anniversary History, 1953-107)
  • 1978 (50th Anniversary History, 1978-54)


From Proceedings, Page 1953-107:

By Worshipful Clair T. H. Woodall

As we celebrate our Silver Anniversary, let us pay homage to the men whose courage and foresight were instrumental in organizing Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge. In retrospect, we view those eventful years when the Lodge was conceived, instituted and progressed, that it may illumine the past, establish the present and inspire the future.

On the 18th day of January, 1928, Damascus Lodge received from Worshipful Alonzo E. Quick and fifty-one other Masons, a request for recommendation for a new and fifth Lodge in Lynn to be named "Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge," which was unanimously granted at the next regular meeting. This was the culmination of a movement which had been under way for some time.

A month previous, on December 21, 1927, the Worshipful Master of Damascus Lodge had announced the passing from all earthly activities on December 4, 1927, of

Right Worshipful Benjamin Franklin Arrington
In Loving Remembrance — Our Secretary
Born in Leominster, Mass., July 6, 1854
Master of Mount Carmel Lodge 1896-1897
First Master of Damascus Lodge 1906
Secretary, 1907 to date.

"The first among his equals and a Mason."

Our esteemed Brother was Deputy Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts at the time. His zeal, energy and ability gained him the highest respect and love of hosts of friends and Brothers. It may be said that he devoted his life to Masonic service. By nature he was a great man and of extraordinary ability.


All requirements for recommendation and consent having been complied with, a petition for the formation of the new Lodge was forwarded to Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, who, under date of March 13, 1928, granted a dispensation authorizing the petitioners to be formed into a Lodge by the name of "Benjamin F. Arrington."

On Monday evening, April 2, A.L. 5928, A.D. 1928, the initial meeting was held in Masonic apartments, 68 Market Street, Lynn, for the formal organization for the interval covered by the dispensation, and the reception of applications for the degrees. The signers of the petition for institution of the Lodge to the number of fifty-six were present.

Following the reading of the dispensation, Right Worshipful Frank T. Goodell, District Deputy Grand Master for the Salem Eighth Masonic District, installed the officers named to serve under dispensation into their respective stations:

  • Wor. Alonzo E. Quick, Worshipful Master
  • Bro. Henry O. Silsbee, 2nd, Senior Warden
  • Bro. Elbert N. Fuller, Junior Warden
  • Bro. Richard J. Black, Treasurer
  • Bro. Earl M. Lawrence, Secretary
  • Bro. Edward M. Barney, Chaplain
  • Bro. Melvin W. Gurshin, Marshal
  • Bro. Henry J. Hatch, Senior Deacon
  • Bro. William J. Reed, Junior Deacon
  • Bro. Leonard L. Lowe, Senior Steward
  • Bro. Harold H. Jillson, Junior Steward
  • Bro. E. Andrew Byron, Inside Sentinel
  • Bro. J. Henry Paige, Organist
  • Bro. Winfred M. Sanborn, Tyler

The District Deputy Grand Marshal made the proclamation and Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge was a reality under dispensation. Ten applications for the degrees in Masonry were received, and the Lodge had started on its career.

Candidates comprising the first class to receive the degrees were initiated June 4, 1928, crafted October 1, 1928, and raised at a special communication on November 30,1928, in the following order:

  • Wilbur Annable Lane, by Wor. Alonzo E. Quick, W. M., Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge
  • Clair Towling Housley Woodall, by Wor. Harry W. Davis, W. M., Damascus Lodge
  • Charles Arthur Worthen, by Wor. Robert E. Ramsdell, P. M., Golden Fleece Lodge
  • Chester James Legro, by Wor. Harry E. Trask, W. M., Jordan Lodge, Peabody
  • James Wesley Swoger, Jr., by Wor. J. Lawton Whitlock, P.M., Mystic Valley Lodge, Winchester

Other candidates receiving degrees under dispensation were:

initiated July 2, 1928 — crafted October 30, 1928:

  • Joseph Blumberg
  • Harold Kniznik
  • Whit Haron Soper
  • Joshua Ross Johnson
  • John Norman Panall

initiated November 5, 1928:

  • Charles Edward Burill
  • George Vallerchamp Keller, Jr.
  • Saul George Harris
  • David Lane Dailey
  • Robie Eason Nichols

Initiated December 3, 1928:

  • Kenneth Archibald McKillop
  • Fred Andrew Wood, Jr.

Thus ended the work under dispensation. There had been twenty-eight applications for the degrees, twenty-two of which had been accepted and six rejected. Nine meetings had been held.


The next momentous event was the constitution of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge. Under date of December 12, 1928, the Grand Lodge had granted a Charter to the Lodge, the following being a list of the petitioners, whose names appear on the Charter:

Chester A. Bacheller, 
Edward M. Barney
, Nathaniel Bartlett
, Walter Bell
, Richard J. Black, 
Earle A. Byron
, E. Andrew Byron, 
Mial D. Chase, 
Samuel H. Clinch, j Charles H. Cunningham, Walter H. Dolphin, John J. Eade, Elbert N. Fuller, Albert M. Gerrish, Clarence M. Gibbs, Melvin W. Gurshin, George T. Hart, Henry J. Hatch, Carl L. Hoffman, Jesse M. Holder, Harold H. Jillson, Edward C. Kimball, Ernest S. Larrabee, Earl M. Lawrence, Frank E. Legro, William D. Chester V. Lewis, Leonard L. Lowe, John B. MacArthur, Ernest H. MacLeod, Ernest G. Mitchell, John W. Morgan, Theodore P. Nordin, J. Henry Paige, Charles F. Pendergrast, Alfred H. Piper, Charles H. Pinkham, Daniel R. Pinkham, Alonzo E. Quick, William J. Reed, Willard C. Richardson, Arthur A. Robertson, John Robertson, James M. Roscoe, Winfred M. Sanborn, Henry Silsbee, Henry O. Silsbee, 2nd, Frank L. Simpson, Harry Sunberg, Frank E. Swain, Alexander Walker Whitmore.

On Wednesday, December 26, 1928, the Grand Master and members of his suite were met at the railroad station and conveyed in automobiles to Masonic Apartments, 68 Market Street, Lynn, where an excellent dinner was served in the banquet hall at 6:30 o'clock. Following the dinner, a special communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the Communication of Massachusetts was held in a convenient apartment for the purpose of constituting Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge. Most Worshipful Frank Leslie Simpson, Grand Master, and Grand Officers to the number of thirty, and seven Past Grand Officers, guests of the Grand Lodge, were present.

The Grand Lodge was opened in Ample Form at eight o'clock in the evening. The Master and Wardens of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge, U.D., were admitted and made request that the Lodge be constituted. A favorable reply having been returned, they retired. The Grand Lodge then proceeded to the principal lodge-room and the Grand Officers assumed their stations. Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge was then constituted, and the officers who had served for the period under dispensation were installed with full form and ceremony in accordance with the ancient usages of the Craft:

  • Alonzo E. Quick, Worshipful Master
  • Henry O. Silsbee, 2nd, Senior Warden
  • Elbert N. Fuller, Junior Warden
  • Richard J. Black, Treasurer
  • Earl M. Lawrence, Secretary
  • Edward M. Barney, Chaplain
  • Melvin W. Gurshin, Marshal
  • Henry J. Hatch, Senior Deacon
  • William J. Reed, Junior Deacon
  • Leonard L. Lowe, Senior Steward
  • Harold H. Jillson, Junior Steward
  • E. Andrew Byron, Inside Sentinel
  • J. Henry Paige, Organist
  • Winfred M. Sanborn, Tyler

The Grand Master made the address of dedication and presented the Charter. An address was also made by M.W. Dudley H. Ferrell. Both addresses dealt largely with the life and services of the late R. W. Brother Arrington, and the example and inspiration of his life as a manifestation of Masonic character.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Grand Lodge withdrew and was closed in Ample Form at ten minutes before ten o'clock, while Worshipful Master Alonzo E. Quick, in the Oriental Chair, closed Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge in form at 10:05 p.m. Thirty-eight signers of the petition for the Lodge and the five Brethren raised under dispensation were present on this occasion.

The new Lodge was the recipient of many useful and beautiful gifts. At the regular meeting held January 7, 1929, a Trestle-board was presented by Bro. Charles C. Handy of Essex Lodge. On February 4, 1929, Worshipful Master William H. Peare and a Committee from Bethlehem Lodge presented a complete set of Working Tools. At the March 18, 1929, meeting of Golden Fleece Lodge, Wor. Homer D. Ricker, C. Harry Hannaford, and Joseph R. Vatcher, the Master and Wardens, were named as a committee to procure a suitable gift, and other useful equipment was presented. On December 2, 1929, Wor. David W. Fogg, presiding Master of Mount Carmel Lodge, and Wor. Harry W. Davis, presiding Master of Damascus Lodge, representing their respective Lodges, were received in Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge and presented the Lodge a complete set of Officers' Collars and Aprons.

A highly prized and unique gift presented on March 3, 1930, by Bro. John O. Ballentine when his son, Bro. Ralph Owen Ballentine, was raised, is a set of Square and Compasses with a gold nugget mounted on the hinge of the compasses and bearing this inscription:

Presented to Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge
John O. Ballentine
Mar. 3, 1930
Made from gold
taken by him from
Klondyke in 1898

The donor's story of events which happened while he was there was most interesting. There was a rough and unruly element among the miners and a bad situation prevailed. One day he noticed a sign posted, calling on all Masons to report at a stated place that night, and as a result, the situation was remedied. This so impressed Brother Ballentine that he afterwards became a Mason.

At a regular communication of the Lodge on May 4, 1936, R. W. Fred H. Nichols was present and spoke with reference to the late R. W. Brother Arrington, in whose honor this Lodge is named, commending him as a wonderful man, a wonderful friend, ever congenial and loyal. He stated that Mount Carmel Lodge was now engaged in the task of preparing a biographic record of all Past Masters of that Lodge, and that in the course of such effort, the history of R.W. Benjamin F. Arrington had been written, and requested that the same be read by its author, R. W. Harlan S. Cummings, who was also present and was pleased to comply.

Right Worshipful Benjamin F. Arrington

The thirty-seventh Worshipful Master of Mount Carmel Lodge, A.F. & A.M., was born in Leominster, Mass., July 6, 1856, the third son of James and Marrett (Gibson) Arrington. In the autumn of 1859 his parents moved to Lynn and with the exception of a brief residence in Springfield in 1884, in a newspaper venture there, he lived in Lynn until his death December 4, 1927, in his home, No. 9 Trinity Avenue, where his widow, Mrs. M. E. Arrington, still resides. He was educated in the Lynn Public Schools, and then entered the office of the Lynn Semi-Weekly Reporter, where he mastered the trade of a printer, rose to the position of foreman in that office, and when the paper was changed to the Lynn Daily Bee, he became business manager of that publication. In 1881 a change of ownership of the Daily Bee prompted him to accept the position of managing editor of the Salem Evening News, where he remained, except for one year's interlude, until his retirement from active business in 1920.

He was initiated December 12, 1887, crafted January 9, 1888, and raised February 13, 1888, and became Worshipful Master in 1896-97. He was elected Secretary November 12, 1900, and was re-elected until 1906, when he became one of the leaders in founding Damascus Lodge, of which he was Master (under dispensation) for the first year. In 1907 he was installed as Secretary, when the Lodge was constituted, and in this office he served continuously until his death. He received the Capitular Degrees in Sutton Royal Arch Chapter in 1889, and was knighted in Olivet Commandery, K.T., February 3, 1892. He was appointed Deputy Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts in December, 1926, which office he held at the time of his death. The newest Masonic Lodge was named for him: "Benjamin F. Arrington."

As a writer and a Masonic speaker he had keenness of insight, and a rich sense of humor. As a friend he was tolerant and staunch. He saw good in everyone, and was a source of inspiration to the younger members of our Fraternity.

While holding membership in Chapter and Commandery, he always held his interests in the basic institution, the "Blue Lodge." He spread sunshine all along the pathway of life, and fully exemplified the democracy of Freemasons. "In his hand a sword for evil, in his heart a bit of song. Glad to live, but not afraid to die." He was as loved in life as he is revered in death.

From the pen of
R.W. Harlan Scott Cummings

At the following meeting of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge, on June 1, 1936, Worshipful Master George T. Hart stated that his effort to secure a picture of R. W. Benjamin F. Arrington had been successful. Displaying a portrait suitably framed, a gift to the Lodge from Mrs. M. E. Arrington, widow of the late R. W. Brother, he presented a prepared paper, reading as follows:

Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge is honored this evening by being the recipient of a beautiful gift, the picture of one of the leaders of Masonry in both Lynn and the State for many years. With the thought in mind that with the passing of time questions would be asked as to who was Benjamin F. Arrington, what was his appearance, and what sort of man was he, your Master took steps to secure the loan of the most striking likeness available that we might have an answer to some of the questions in the form of a portrait to adorn the walls of these apartments. To this end, I called on Mrs. Arrington, told her what we had in mind and asked for the loan of the picture that seemed best suited to the purpose.

Mrs. Arrington graciously expressed her pleasure that we should want a picture of "Benjamin Franklin," the name by which she several times referred to him whom we style Right Worshipful Brother Arrington, and said that if it met with our approval, she would be pleased to present this Lodge with a framed copy of the selected picture.

This she has done. The picture is here before us. We not only have a picture that is a splendid likeness of Benjamin F. Arrington, but one that bears a fac-simile of his signature, a signature that is as individual and strong as are the features of him who is portrayed.

With respect and affection for the sterling, lovable qualities of Benjamin Franklin Arrington, whose name our Lodge is privileged to bear, we accept this gift and order that it be hung in the place prepared for it in these Masonic Apartments and that our Secretary convey to Mrs. Arrington a copy of these sentiments, together with a letter expressing our most sincere appreciation for the generous gift to us and to the Masonic Fraternity.

George T. Hart Worshipful Master

Then, by his order, a procession was formed and the Brethren marched to an adjoining room where the picture, with appropriate ceremony, was placed in position upon the wall, after which the Brethren returned to the lodge-room.

One of the Charter Members of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge, Brother Xavier Andrew Byron, was raised on June 4, 1914, in Damascus Lodge by Wor. Bro. Arrington giving the ritual in the French language, it being the first time in 109 years of constituted Masonry in Lynn that that language had been so used. This was another of his scholarly attainments, mastering the French language.

On Wednesday evening, September 8, 1937, the first Worshipful Master to be chosen from the elected membership, Brother Clair T. H. Woodall, was installed by Worshipful Harry W. Davis, Past Master of Damascus Lodge, who had raised him on November 30, 1928. The preceding Masters had been Charter Members.

Tenth Anniversary

On Monday evening, April 4, 1938, the tenth anniversary of the institution of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge was observed in Masonic Apartments, 68 Market Street, Lynn. At 6:30 p.m. one hundred and thirty-three Brethren and their ladies formed in procession, and under the leadership of the Marshal, Wor. George T. Hart, marched to the banquet hall, where an excellent dinner was served under the supervision of Wor. Elbert N. Fuller.

Included in the gathering were Wor. Alonzo E. Quick, Wor. Henry O. Silsbee, 2nd, Wor. Elbert N. Fuller and Wor. George T. Hart, Past Masters; Wor. John J. Eade, presiding Master of Bethlehem Lodge; Brothers Edward M. Barney, Walter Bell, Richard J. Black, Earle A. Byron, Albert M. Gerrish, Ernest S. Larrabee, Earl M. Lawrence, Frank A. Legro, Theodore P. Nordin, J. Henry Paige, Charles F. Pendergrast and Winfred M. Sanborn, all Charter Members, numbering seventeen, the entire group comprising the first class raised in the Lodge.

Quoting from the record of our former Secretary, Bro. Earl M. Lawrence:

In opening the postprandial exercises, Wor. Bro. Woodall, in extending greetings, expressed his own and fellow members' pleasure in the fine attendance, and a hope that the evening's entertainment which had been arranged for the pleasure of the guests would prove to be fully up to the high anticipation. He next introduced the organizer and first Master of the Lodge, Wor. Bro. Alonzo E. Quick, who, speaking briefly, modestly disclaimed a personal contribution of effort in launching the organization, and paid a loving tribute to the late R.W. Bro. Benjamin F. Arrington, who was at the time of the inception of the Lodge Deputy Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, and for whom the Lodge is named, and to whom Wor. Bro. Quick gave all credit for the necessary pre-organization work which contributed largely to the success which to date has attended, lamenting the fact that he could not have been spared to see a realization of plans in the establishment of the Lodge.

An elaborate entertainment of magic was presented by Bro. Ernest W. Williams and assistants. This was followed by moving pictures of rare interest, the work of Wor. George T. Hart, who in presenting them, made interesting comments on the various scenes, bringing to a close a long-to-be-remembered and enjoyable event.

In compliance with a request from the Grand Lodge under date of April 23, 1941, a list of our members in the armed forces was compiled. At our meeting on November 3, 1941, Bro. J. Norman Panall, Chairman of our Service Committee, stated that the Grand Lodge had signified its position regarding the United Service Organization and had called for support of its work for the men in the military service by volunteer contributions from the Brethren under its jurisdiction. A substantial sum was realized and forwarded to the Grand Lodge.

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked, and on the following day, the United States entered World War II. The Trustees of the Permanent Fund of the Lodge purchased United States War Bonds. Members responded to the call of their country for military service.


Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge In the Armed Forces, World War II

  • Edgar E. Baine
  • Ralph O. Ballentine
  • Alfred L. Beane
  • Warren A. Briggs
  • Luther B. Campbell
  • Newton S. Courtney
  • G. Stephen DePaula
  • Ralph H. Field
  • Alexander J. Kopstein
  • Charles T. Lane
  • Wilbur A. Lane
  • Edward Lipson
  • Robert E. Newhall
  • Richard S. Pierce
  • Grenville Prideaux
  • Morris Reingold
  • Edward G. Shute
  • Henry O. Silsbee, 2nd
  • Michael Videtta
  • Ernest F. Williams
  • Ernest W. Williams
  • Fred A. Woods, Jr.

At a regular communication of the Lodge on June 5, 1944, the District Deputy Grand Master, R. W. Mial D. Chase, in behalf of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, presented an outline of the nation-wide effort being made by the Masonic Service Department for the benefit of service men, contact being made through Masonic Service Centers, particularly directed for the benefit of persons of Masonic relationship, but open as well to all men in the service. In this work it was explained that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts was taking a leading part, and had recently opened several Service Centers, the latest and largest being at Fort Devens. It now became necessary to raise an additional considerable sum to finance continued operations, all Masons throughout the jurisdiction to be solicited. Worshipful Master Elbert N. Fuller, Jr., named as a Masonic Service Centers Committee: Wor. Clair T. H. Woodall, Chairman, Brothers Frederick H. Hart, Gottfrid J. Emberg, Earl M. Lawrence, Roland A. Ruggles, Harvard B. Emery, Howard J. Emery and Emil V. A. Svensson. The Chairman announced an anonymous gift of $300 had been pledged by a member during the evening. The Committee contacted the membership by letter with subscription card enclosed. This was followed up later with personal calls by Committee members. With a quota of $400, the Committee's final report showed subscriptions of $631, all subscriptions having been paid in full, a per capita contribution of $4.85 from the members of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge, the highest in the Eighth Masonic District. A Certificate of Merit was awarded by the Grand Lodge.

At the meeting on October 2, 1944, the Treasurer, Bro. James McKinnon, announced the receipt of a letter which showed thoughtfulness for the Lodge and its members from Worshipful Master Thomas Wheeler, enclosing a check for $1,000 as the basis of a special fund to be known as "The Warden's Fund" and stating the purposes for which it was to be used.

At that meeting our retiring Secretary, Bro. Earl M. Lawrence, was escorted to the East, and on behalf of the officers of the Lodge, Bro. James A. McKinnon presented Brother Lawrence an appropriate gift as a token of their high esteem and affection, and. paid tribute to the faithful and efficient services rendered during the sixteen years he had filled that important post since the institution of the Lodge. Bro. Lawrence feelingly responded, expressing his thanks and assuring the Brethren that the Lodge would always be dear to his heart.

The Lodge has had only two Secretaries, Brother Lawrence and Wor. Clair T. H. Woodall, who was installed at that meeting. By an odd coincidence, each was the second candidate raised in the first class, Brother Lawrence in Bethlehem Lodge and Brother Woodall in Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge. Our Treasurers have been Wor. Richard J. Black, 1928-1941, Wor. George T. Hart, 1942-1944, Bro. James A. McKinnon, 1945-1948, and R. W. J. Norman Panall, our present Treasurer. At the annual meeting on September 5, 1946, the retiring Master, Wor. J. Norman Panall, was presented a beautiful diamond-studded and unique Past Master's jewel, the square, compasses and quadrant being from the Past Master's jewel of the late Worshipful Robert E. Ramsdell, 33°, former City Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer of the bank where Wor. Brother Panall had been associated with him for many years. The jewel bears the original inscription, giving the years of Wor. Brother Ramsdell's term, 1892-1893, as Master of Golden Fleece Lodge, and on a hinged back, the inscription of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge to WTor. J. Norman Panall, P.M., and the year of his service as Master. R.W. Kendall A. Sanderson, P.D.D.G.M., who made the presentation speech, paid a glowing tribute to WTor. Bro. Ramsdell, whom he had known for many years.

The by-laws were revised, adopted by the Lodge on November 4, 1946, and approved by the Grand Lodge on December 9, 1946, and the full code printed and mailed to the membership,
 the work of revision being performed by a special committee —
 Wor. Clair T. H. Woodall, Chairman, Brothers Morris Crosky, 
Wesley S. Gahagan, Wilbur A. Richards and George V. Keller,
Jr. The date of the annual meeting was changed from the first
Monday in September to the first Monday in October.

A notable occasion was the reception accorded R.W. J. Norman Panall, District Deputy Grand Master for the Salem Eighth Masonic District, the first Past Master of Benjamin F. Arrington Lodge to receive this high honor, on his first Fraternal Visit, when he was received in his home Lodge on January 6, 1947, and presented a beautiful District Deputy Grand Master's
jewel by Worshipful Master Charles M. Marshall in behalf of
the Lodge. During the evening, a telegram was delivered R.W.
Brother Panall from our first Master, Wor. Alonzo E. Quick,
 who was unable to be present, extending his congratulations.

At the next meeting of the Lodge, on February 3, 1947, the Worshipful Master referred to our 25th Anniversary and then read a paper submitted by R.W. J. Norman Panall, its object being to raise funds for the 25th Anniversary celebration, the aim being to have sufficient funds available in April, 1953, so that the Lodge could celebrate its 25th Anniversary, allowing two tickets for each member on application for the same, without cost. Wor. Charles M. Marshall appointed as a Twenty-fifth Anniversary Fund Committee: R.W. J. Norman Panall, Chairman, and Brothers James A. McKinnon, George V. Keller, Jr., and Albert G. Johansson. R.W. Brother Panall has continued as Chairman. The Fund started with voluntary contributions.

A novel feature, our First Annual Fair, was introduced by Worshipful Master Robert T. Eldridge on February 2, 1948. A bountiful buffet lunch and entertainment were enjoyed, and gifts donated for the Fair were sold and auctioned off. It was a big success, a credit to the Entertainment Committee and their able assistants, with the cooperation of their wives and friends, one-half of the net proceeds going into the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Fund. The Fairs have been continued each year, one-half of the net proceeds going into that Fund until this year when the entire net proceeds are for the Fund.

Two of our Past Masters, Wor. Charles M. Marshall and Wor. Robert T. Eldridge, have served as Master of the 29th Lodge of Instruction; and Wor. George V. Keller, Jr., as President of the North Shore Active Officers' Association.

On March 3, 1952, Bro. Allston M. Gray presented the Lodge a handsome black walnut gavel, the wood being from a Council Chamber desk in the old City Hall of 1867.

April 7, 1952, Bro. George Barnes, Sr., presented blue plush paraphernalia as a memorial from the parents to their son, Pfc. George Barnes, Jr., killed in action in Korea on September 13, 1950.

At the annual meeting on October 6, 1952, R.W. J. Norman Panall was named Chairman of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Committee to have charge of arrangements for the celebration of that event in April, 1953.

Washington Masonic Bicentennial

As the meeting on November 3, 1952, the 200th anniversary of the initiation of our illustrious Brother, Worshipful George Washington, in "The Lodge at Fredericksburgh," Virginia, on November 4,1752, was portrayed by presiding and Past Masters of the six Lynn Lodges and Wayfarers Lodge of Swampscott in Colonial dress and powdered wig. The Lodge was opened, the Entered Apprentice Degree exemplified, and the Lodge closed, all in the ancient ritual in use during that period. Colorful, historic and instructive, it was an evening long to be remembered. The manuscript for this drama was from the Library of the Grand Lodge, loaned for the occasion.

On December 1, 1952, Bro. Albert J. Ralph, our Junior Warden, and a group of members presented the Lodge needed paraphernalia.

Our Sixth Annual Fair on February 2, 1953, was another big success. Thanks to those who worked so hard and contributed so liberally with merchandise and money for the 25th Anniversary Fund during the past six years, the desired amount was realized.

At the regular communication on Monday, April 6, 1953, Bro. Allston M. Gray, our Tyler, presented the Lodge a beautiful set of Altar Square and Compasses as an Anniversary gift.

Over a period of years, generous gifts from a Brother member have totaled over $2,000 for various purposes.

Careful attention has been given to ritualistic work and in carrying out the principles and purposes of our Fraternity. Well-planned programs of entertainment, including Annual Ladies' Nights, have given added interest and enjoyment. We are having a steady, healthful growth, our membership being 245 at the present time.

Now, on April 17, 1953, we are celebrating our Twenty-fifth Anniversary. We are honored by having with us on this occasion Most Worshipful Thomas S. Roy, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, Grand Officers, and other distinguished Masons, with their ladies, as our welcome guests.

In retrospect, we have surveyed the past. A well-earned prestige has been established. May the progress and achievements of this quarter-century of our history, and the loyalty so manifest, inspire the future.


  • 1933 (Petition to reduce fees)



1928: District 8 (Salem)


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