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Location: Marlborough

Chartered By: John Abbot

Charter Date: 06/19/1824 III-484

Precedence Date: 06/19/1824

Current Status: unknown; no record after 1830; historical notes 1934-201, 1934-202.

According to the 75th-anniversary history beginning on Page 1934-200, the last meeting of the lodge was October 27, 1830, and no returns were made in 1831, suggesting that the Charter was revoked that year.


  • Petition for Charter: 1824



From Proceedings, Page 1934-169:

Upon application of a number of Brethren residing in Marlboro and vicinity, a Charter was granted them by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, with the name United Brethren Lodge, bearing the date September 8, A.L. 1824, with full power to appoint their officers. Upon receiving their Charter, the Brethren assembled at their hall in Marlboro, with Wor. Bro. Abraham Gates in the East, Seth Alden in the West, Richard Farwell in the South. They then proceeded to fill the remaining offices. At this meeting a committee chosen to procure furniture proceeded with great promptness and economy, for on September 29th, after their appointment, a bill for furniture amounting to $69.70 was presented for approval and allowed. Wor. Bro. Abraham Gates gave the Lodge many presents, and at this meeting presented the Lodge with a pair of compasses.

The interesting question of where this first meeting was has been answered by our late Bro. Sylvester Bucklin, who informed us that Bro. Sullivan Thayer kept a tavern in the brick house now standing at the corner of Exchange and Main Streets, near the Russell House, occupied at the present time by Bro. Dr. C. L. Cutler, Jr., and that the Mason's hall was in an addition which joined the building on the east side and extended across what is now Exchange Street. This is in keeping with the olden custom of meeting in public houses, or taverns, as they were called.

On December 29, 1825, a committee was appointed to take into consideration the subject of building a new hall. On August 30, R.W. Bro. William Whiting, D.D.G.M., attended the laying of the corner-stone with twenty-two members present. The location of this new hall, or Gates Academy, as it was afterward called, was near where the new high school building is situated. Progress in building was not as rapid in those days as at the present time and it was not until April 24, 1828, that it was dedicated in due form.

Moving into the new Lodge-room infused life into the Lodge for a time, and the members were evidently well pleased with their new quarters; but the Anti-Masonic clouds had begun to gather, a most wicked warfare was made upon as noble and beneficent institution as was ever controlled by man. Lodges located in communities where every person knew every movement of his neighbor could not withstand the fierceness of the Anti-Masonic politician and many ceased to exist, old United Brethren among the rest. The last meeting was on October 27, 1830, seven true and faithful members and one visitor being present. The records of the Grand Lodge show that no returns had been received from United Brethren for the previous year. It may be reasonable to presume that the Grand Lodge demanded the returns or the surrender of the Charter.


  • 1829 (Notice of delinquency, IV-170)
  • 1830 (Notice of delinquency, IV-206)


1824: District 5


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