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SECTION M110: General Masonic Education

SECTION M120: Masonic Research Education

This section includes Research Societies

  • M121: Research Lodges
    • M1211: United States
    • M1212: England and English Dominions
      • M12121: Ireland
      • M12122: Scotland
      • M12124: Canada
    • M1213: Germany
    • M1214: France
    • M1216: Australia and New Zealand
      • M12161: New Zealand
    • M1217: Netherlands
      • M12171: Finland
    • M1218: South Africa
    • M1219: Others
  • M122: Research Societies
    • M1221: United States
    • M1222: Great Britain, Canada
  • M123: Chapters of Research (Royal Arch)
    • M1231: United States
    • M1232: Great Britain, Canada
  • M124: Scottish Rite Research Society

SECTION M130: Schools and Lodges of Instruction

This section includes ritualistic education

SECTION M140: Study Clubs and Courses of Study

This section includes leadership instruction

SECTION M150: Schools and Colleges

SECTION M160: Masonic Charities

  • M161: Hospitals
  • M162: Institutions and Homes
  • M163: Masonic Boards of Relief
  • M164: Charity, Benevolent and Benefit Societies
  • M165: Employment Bureaus
  • M166: Scholarships for Higher Education
    • M1661: Lodge
    • M1662: Royal Arch
    • M1663: Royal and Select
    • M1664: Knights Templar
    • M1665: Scottish Rite
  • M169: Cemeteries

SECTION M170: Insurance and Mutual Benefit Associations

SECTION M180: Impostors on Charity

SECTION M190: Other Masonic Benevolence

  • M191: Aid in Disaster
  • M192: War Work
  • M193: Scottish Rite (SJ): Diplomatic Service at George Washington University
  • M194: Scottish Rite (NMJ); Research in MEntal Diseases

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