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SECTION M010: Bibliography

  • M011: General Masonic Bibliography

Examples: Vibert - Rare Books of Freemasonry; Drummond - Masonic Historical and Bibliographical Memoranda; Wolfstieg; Kloss

  • M012: Catalogs of Masonic Libraries
  • M013: Catalogs of Private Masonic Libraries

Examples: Carson, Samuel Crocker Lawrence Catalog

  • M014: Publishers' and Booksellers' Catalogs (Sale catalogs)
  • M015: Biblography of Bibliography
  • M017: Bibliography of Special Masonic Subjects
    • M01731: Bibliography of AntiMasonry

SECTION M020: Almanacs and Directories

  • M021: English Engraved Lists of Lodges (1725-1778)
    • M0211: Lists of Lodges: United States
    • M0212: Lists of Lodges: England
    • M0213: Lists of Lodges: Scotland
    • M0214: Lists of Lodges: Ireland
    • M0215: Lists of Lodges: Germany
    • M0216: Lists of Lodges: France
    • M0217: Lists of Lodges: Norway
    • M0218: Lists of Lodges: Australia
    • M0219: Lists of Lodges: Miscellaneous
  • M022: Directories
  • M023: Calendars
  • M024: Almanacs
  • M025: Yearbooks
  • M026: Statistics

SECTION M030: Cyclopedias, Directories, Lexicons

Also includes Q&A Books

SECTION M040: Scrapbooks and Albums

SECTION M050: Periodicals

  • M051: Periodicals: United States
  • M052: Periodicals: England and English Dominions
    • M0521: Canada
    • M0522: Australia
    • M0523: South Africa
    • M0524: India
    • M0525: New Zealand
  • M053: Periodicals: Germany
  • M054: Periodicals: France
  • M055: Periodicals: Italy
  • M056: Periodicals: Spain

SECTION M060: Proceedings of Grand Bodies

This section should include Associate and Concordant Bodies such as Shrine, Grotto, Acacia Fraternity.

  • M061: United States
    • M0611: Grand Lodges
    • M0612: Grand Royal Arch Chapters
    • M0613: Grand Lodges, Royal and Select Masters
    • M0614: Grand Commanderies, Knights Templar
    • M0615: Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
    • M06151: Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction
    • M06152: Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
    • M0616: Grand Bodies, Allied Masonic Degrees
    • M0617: Royal Order of Scotland
  • M062: England
  • M063: Canada
    • M0631: Grand Lodge
    • M0632: Royal Arch Chapter
    • M0633: Royal and Select Masters
    • M0634: Knights Templar
    • M0635: Scottish Rite
  • M064: Australia
  • M065: South Africa
  • M066: India
  • M068: Other countries
    • M0683: Germany
    • M0684: France
    • M0685: Italy
    • M0686: Greece
    • M0688: Spain
  • M069: Masonic Societies, Conventions, Congresses, Conferences
    • M0691: International League of Freemasons
    • M0692: Societies, Conventions, Congresses; Transactions (United States)
      • M06921: Conference of Grand Masters
      • M06922: Conference of Grand Secretaries
      • M06923: Masonic Service Association
      • M06924: George Washington Masonic Memorial
    • M0693: Societies, Conventions, Congresses; Transactions (United Kingdom)
    • M0694: Societies, Conventions, Congresses; Transactions (Other Countries)
    • M0697: Conferences of Masonic librarians
    • M0698: Societies devoted to special subjects (collectors, bibliophiles)

SECTION M070: Libraries, Museums

  • M071: Libraries
  • M072: Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library
  • M073: Museums
  • M074: Exhibitions

SECTION M080: General Collections

Includes Little Masonic Library, Universal Masonic Library, etc.

SECTION M090: General Collections

  • M091: Manuscripts
  • M093: Early Books Relating to Freemasonry
  • M094: Early Printed Masonic Books
    • M0941: To circa 1750 in Ireland
    • M0942: To circa 1750 in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)
    • M0943: To circa 1750 in Germany
    • M0944: To circa 1750 in France
    • M0945: To circa 1750 in Holland
    • M0946: To circa 1750 in other European countries
    • M0947: To circa 1800 in the United States
  • M095: Limited and Deluxe Editions
  • M096: Masonic Bookplates
  • M097: Masonic Bindings
  • M098: Association Items (books owned or written by prominent Masons; special inscriptions)
  • M099: Other Rarities

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