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Adopted by Grand Lodge 12/11/1940

The Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts, speaking the unanimous voice of the Fraternity within its Jurisdiction, records herewith its profound sympathy for those Brethren and their families in Europe who have suffered grievous persecution - even in many cases with death, for no other reason that they are Freemasons and, indeed, for all of those of our Craft who are suffering from the indescribable ravages of savage war.

Freemasonry never ceases to teach its devotees loyalty to the lawful government of the countries to which they owe allegiance - in spite of which it is anathematized by those who dominate, regiment and enslave subject individuals and peoples. Freemasonry honors those who suffer and are oppressed because they believe and teach the doctrine of liberty, civil, religious and intellectual, which, based on the two Great Commandments, is not only the foundation but the structure of our Fraternity.

To all those who suffer and are oppressed we offer not only sympathy but such aid as is within the scope of our ability, uniting with them in the prayer to the Great Architect of the Universe that sanity will soon again control and that the blessings of liberty and peace will again be granted to a torn and troubled world.